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  1. fajitamondays

    Ordered M3P coming from FBO E85 Golf R...hope the Model 3 can check the same boxes

    I just came here to say that I miss the hatch on my old MKV GTI :cool:.
  2. fajitamondays

    Black Model 3s. Tint or no tint? Anybody have pics?

    Team DDL all the way. Mine's a 2018, but I did chrome delete with 20% on just the side windows. Here it is parked near a stock newer Model 3 in the same color.
  3. fajitamondays

    Replacing Rear Glass after Stress Crack Formed

    Uggggh, fck! Second stress fracture on mine. Went almost three years after my last replacement. I have less than a year left on the warranty, and I'm getting that sinking feeling that it's just going to keep happening after the warranty is up.
  4. fajitamondays

    How many times has your car been in service?

    Too many times. MCU died with less than 200 miles on the odometer. Rear roof glass stress fracture. Driver's side door handle fell apart (A gear fell off somewhere into the door panel). Charge port door failed. 12 volt battery failed around 5000 miles on the odometer. Rear axle bolts started...
  5. fajitamondays

    Any configuration regrets?

    You'll like the black interior. Nobody complains about denim stains on the black seats.
  6. fajitamondays

    Any other VW GTI or Golf R converts?

    I had a MKV GTI for ten years before I got my 3. Revo stage 2, bunch of suspension mods. I don't miss that oily FSI engine. I do miss that hatch though, and interior trim that never rattled like my Model 3 does.
  7. fajitamondays

    BoomBox Model 3

    If your Model 3 was manufactured before Sept 2019, it won't have the speaker.
  8. fajitamondays

    [Do] Wheel Spacers Void Warranty?

    12k miles on my Blox spacers (15mm front, 20mm rear). Rides fine, looks great. I recently had Tesla Service do the front upper control arm sealant service/service bulletin on my car, along with a parking brake inspection + alignment, and am sure they saw my spacers. No complaints from them.
  9. fajitamondays

    ST Suspensions Coilovers (Made by KW) anyone tried?

    I ran ST coilovers on my previous car (2007 VW GTI) for several years with zero issues. It had a great ride for daily driving. I don't have any experience with their Tesla/Model 3 offerings though.
  10. fajitamondays

    How many charging stations on I90

    Find Us | Tesla has an interactive map where you can explore charging options along I-90.
  11. fajitamondays

    Waiting 2 months for Tesla 3 back window, no end in sight

    I had to wait about 1.5 months back in 2019 (Same issue as yours - Rear glass stress fracture), and had the same experience. Week after week of them not knowing when the part would be available (via app/text message communications with Tesla service). I got tired of waiting after the crack grew...
  12. fajitamondays

    New Model 3 - Rattling / Noise Issues

    On my 2018, the driver's side seatbelt adjuster rattles, and the top plastic cover of the steering wheel column rattles due to loosened fit (if I rest a finger on it, the rattle goes away). My local service center's policy on fit/finish issues is to only diagnose/fix under warranty if within...
  13. fajitamondays

    Refilling M3 with Windscreen Fluid

    The genuine VAG wiper fluid has a lemony scent doesn't it? Just having a nostalgic moment from my previous car. :cool:
  14. fajitamondays

    personal license plates

  15. fajitamondays

    Showroom coming to Fife, WA

    Ah, the old Larson Powersports location.
  16. fajitamondays

    When will you upgrade?

    I nearly made it to the 10 year mark with my previous car. Will be interesting to see how long I resist the urge to sell the 3. I don't see myself going back to new ICE, but they are kind of peaking right now.
  17. fajitamondays

    Bubble in headrest, Tesla might be caused by interior cleaner/conditioner

    The lower outer bolster on my seat did the same thing. No cleaners, body oils, or hair products involved. In the attached picture, it looks more like wrinkles, but they started as bubbling/delamination of the faux leather. Renton Service Center basically told me to pound sand because I'm not...
  18. fajitamondays

    New Model 3 Long Range screen went frozen for five times within two weeks

    I hope so too. At the peak of the issue, my screen would keep crashing and going dark every couple of minutes. It even happened while I had Autosteer enabled on the freeway once. Of course, the car was still controllable and exterior lights functioned, albeit silently. It took them a full day...
  19. fajitamondays

    New Model 3 Long Range screen went frozen for five times within two weeks

    It could be as "simple" as a corrupted software install, or it could be something more serious. I had similar happen to my car (right after delivery as well), and they had to replace the MCU.
  20. fajitamondays

    Steering wheel leather coming loose

    Not exactly a steering wheel, but I was denied warranty replacement for a delamination of my outer seat bolster. It started as a wrinkle, and is now a hot mess of blisters. Apparently if this had happened within the first six months of ownership, they would have covered it. I was told they can...
  21. fajitamondays

    The MCU for my 2018 P3D needs to be replaced. How common is this?

    They had it ready for me right before closing the next day. I was in touch with the service manager ahead of time (while Tesla Engineering was remote diagnosing the issue), and they were able to line up a replacement MCU ready to swap in when I brought the car in. The MCU deteriorated to the...
  22. fajitamondays

    The MCU for my 2018 P3D needs to be replaced. How common is this?

    Mine fried itself with less than 200 miles on the odo. It was a real joy having the screen go dark while on freeway with Autopilot on. 12/31/2018 build (LR AWD).
  23. fajitamondays

    Supercharger - Federal Way, WA

    Still no change at Federal Way as of about 11 this morning. We're gonna have weeds growing over the cabinets and pedestals before this transformer gets here.
  24. fajitamondays

    New headlights retrofit

    Interestingly, the parts catalog doesn't seem to have projector, vs non-projector part numbers. Tesla may have moved away from supporting the old reflector ones altogether. For the US, the "00-L" versions may be the new projector style for the US (I'm guessing). A quick online image search shows...
  25. fajitamondays

    Tesla 19” sport wheels on Model 3 Performance with PUP?

    I believe Tesla roadside assistance uses the 19" sport wheels as a "universal loaner" for Model 3s in many cases. My 19s from late Dec 2018 have the stepped lip that will fit a P. You're looking for this (I think):
  26. fajitamondays

    Looking for Hansshow Power Trunk and Frunk installer around Seattle

    I have not, but a lot of people on the local Model 3 and Tesla Facebook groups have had nothing but good things to say about his business. I had my chrome delete and window tint done by Midnight Window Tint down in Kent, which I believe is a sister business and not managed by Brett.
  27. fajitamondays

    If you could change one thing about the Model 3...

    Elimination of the rattling driver's side seatbelt adjuster! An overall quieter cabin would be nice. I have a 2018, so perhaps it's gotten slightly better in newer builds.
  28. fajitamondays

    Looking for Hansshow Power Trunk and Frunk installer around Seattle

    Contact Brett at Midnight Window Tint in Shoreline. He has experience installing both the trunk and frunk kits.
  29. fajitamondays

    Supercharger - Federal Way, WA

    I did a Total Wine run today, and swung by out of curiosity. It looks like status is generally the same as before the holiday break. It is nice of the property owners to throw those L2s into the mix.
  30. fajitamondays

    South King County Electrician

    Wilderness Electric always seems to come up in local neighborhood discussions. I have not personally used them, but several of my neighbors have used them for service upgrades and emergency services, and I have not heard a bad thing about them yet. Plus, they are located right near Shawn's, so...
  31. fajitamondays

    Unnecessary acceleration ticket

    Bogus allegations. Sorry you have to deal with this. Our "engine noise" is like a modern washing machine on spin cycle (a balanced load, of course) at best. The only times I've managed to spin my tires is on wet pavement (or ice), and even then, the traction control kicks in immediately. Who...
  32. fajitamondays


    I come from the VAG/VW scene, so it's nice to see a familiar look :cool:. Hey, one nice benefit of the "lay frame" setting is that it makes it pretty hard for a wheel thief to get a usable jack point.
  33. fajitamondays

    How dumb are spacers?

    I have Blox 15mm up front and 20mm out back on my stock 19" wheels. They look great, and I have not noticed any perceived difference in steering effort or handling dynamics.
  34. fajitamondays

    Ingenext Boost Modules [aftermarket]

    I have a 12/31/2018 build LR AWD with a 990 rear motor.
  35. fajitamondays

    Does your 3 "click" at all?

    Sounds like the Model 3 "axle click". Had it on mine, and had the service center take care of it.
  36. fajitamondays

    Torture. Loaner P90D with ludicrous+....but nerfed

    Been there done that. The greyed out Insane+ button is such a buzzkill. They should enable a loaner "Get a taste of the good stuff mode" that gives you one uncorked 0-60, and then reverts back into Chill Mode.
  37. fajitamondays

    body flex glass crack?

    Replaced under warranty, no tint on mine. VIN 186xxx.
  38. fajitamondays

    body flex glass crack?

    Late 2018 was a bad time for rear glass. I have a Dec 2018, and had the stress fracture on mine.
  39. fajitamondays

    Waste basket (trash) solution?

    I just had to...:D
  40. fajitamondays

    Hard, random highway breaking on autopilot

    Yeah, this is no fun when there's a fully loaded semi right behind you at 70 MPH, and AP decides to slams on the brakes out of the blue. I'm lucky I don't have a Peterbilt hood emblem embedded in the rear of my car after one particularly close call. I went a solid 6+ months where there were no...
  41. fajitamondays

    Existing Warranties are starting to end. Everyone ready for repair costs?

    Perhaps seek some solace in considering how many gallons of gas your Model 3 has negated the need for you to purchase, and also the comparable ICE maintenance costs over the 66k miles thus far.
  42. fajitamondays

    Random Reboots

    If it happens with any frequency, submit a service appointment request and have Tesla remotely scan your car to ensure the MCU isn't starting to fail. Mine started doing this very often (sometimes on the freeway with Autopilot engaged!), and it turned out my MCU was going bad.
  43. fajitamondays

    Urgh...my new car

    It popped up after a couple of unseasonably hot days here in Seattle a month or two ago (it's an outside car as I don't have a garage). I'm also a shorty at 5'6", so when I swing my legs out to step out, my left foot doesn't touch the ground and it puts a bit of pressure on the bolster...
  44. fajitamondays

    Urgh...my new car

    Yeah, I'm on the fence about longevity of the seat material myself. I'm nearing 1.5 years into ownership of mine, and the seat developed a small bubble/delam on the outer bottom bolster of the seat. Unfortunately not covered under warranty. ...but hey, at least we get to use Lysol wipes to...
  45. fajitamondays

    Musk said all cars would get HW 3.0, according to InsideEVs Article

    He also said this - https://twitter.com/elonmusk/status/1111762533520531456?lang=en
  46. fajitamondays

    Ingenext Boost Modules [aftermarket]

    I believe Car and Driver magazine had a long term test Model 3 equipped with the 990 rear motor, which suffered an inverter unit failure. Our Tesla Model 3 Is Up and Running Again after Sudden Breakdown Their test car was a 2019 model year LR AWD, which puts it in 990 territory. Mine is a 2018...
  47. fajitamondays

    After FSD upgrade, stop at stop light/sign feature has disabled.

    When I had my HW3 retrofit, my pillar cams got stuck calibrating at 97% or something like that. I had to take it in for service, where they found a vague "incorrect configuration", and it resolved the issue.

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