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    Model S/X Yoke steering wheel upgrade

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    Model S/X Yoke steering wheel upgrade

    You can get aftermarket yoke steering wheels on AliExpress, $600-800.
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    Convert 12V Outlet to Unswitched ("Always On")

    Reviving this thread with my solution for an a post 2016 model S. I could not find the accessory relay, nor any documentation on it's whereabouts. I tapped into an always-on wire in the right 1/4 above the subwoofer. There are two modules, the parking brake module and (I believe) the gate...
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    Do you have a tow hitch on your Tesla Model S - TorkLift or Uhaul?

    the U-Haul version does not appear to have a removable receiver, which would account for a majority of the price difference.
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    External Hard Drive For Dash Cam For My Model S ?

    This SSD works beautifully and holds a lot of clips before needing a reformat. Amazon.com: SSD SATA 2.5" 128GB Dogfish Internal Solid State Drive High Performance Hard Drive for Desktop Laptop SATA III 6Gb/s Includes SSD 32GB 60GB 64GB 120GB 128GB 240GB 250GB 500GB 960GB (128GB, 2.5"-SATA3)...
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    Any direct control to battery pre-condition?

    If you use some vehicle monitoring app, you can read the cell temps. I use Scan My Tesla, but you need to be within BT range, that is how the app communicates with the car (via a BT dongle). At average cell temp of 62F I have full regen.
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    Any direct control to battery pre-condition?

    There is no other way to turn on the battery heater, than to turn on climate. Either manually through the app or by "depart at".
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    Hansshow Power Frunk

    No issues in 6 months.
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    Anyone know how to enable this menu?

    You can view all of this data, and much more, with Scan My Tesla. scan my tesla
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    Goodyear Eagle Touring tires worn out at 25k miles

    OEM tires often come with a shallower tread depth, the tires in question did. Instead of the standard 12/32nds, these tires were 9/32nds (I measured mine). Basically they are 25% "worn" when new. But, since nobody ever goes to zero, you could argue that it's more like 30-40% of the tire's...
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    Who has installed their own chrome delete?

    Nikola Pro here too, turn out great! Their videos make the product what it is. I was going to try doing it myself without the kit at first, but a couple pieces (the mirrors and tailgate "TESLA" specifically) would be VERY hard without the kit. If you have a blue car, don't bother with the...
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    Charging interrupted... High temp error

    It is very easy to improperly install the wires into the cable clamps inside the charger because of the angle and lack of visibility. I had one hot on the wrong side of the clamp, it worked for months and then quit. I eventually figured it out with a voltage meter, but a small mirror will...
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    Model S Phone Mounts

    I use this https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B0754NDNT8/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o05_s01?ie=UTF8&psc=1&tag=tmc064-20 attached to the tiny triangle window on the driver's door. I tapped into 12v inside the door. I could not be more please, charges both android and IOS, easy to see the display...
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    Recommendations on how to measure max power output of non-performance Model S

    Vendor - Scan My Tesla, a CANBUS reader for Android
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    Vendor Scan My Tesla, a CANBUS reader for Android

    I forgot to mention that I updated to the latest firmware and ran the ST sleep commands, my LX still fails to reconnect to bluetooth on occasion, requiring a power-cycle (pull from OBD plug and replace). Have we explored the firmware versions? IOW, what is the firmware edition of LX's that...
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    Vendor Scan My Tesla, a CANBUS reader for Android

    I have had it hang on the PERF or TEMPS tabs, but I don't use the other tabs much, never use ALL.
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    Vendor Scan My Tesla, a CANBUS reader for Android

    So I have the dreaded LX problem too. Decided to try the MX, it is worse! At least the LX would work after connecting, but the MX will fail mid trip. Sorry if this work-around idea has been covered, this is a LONG tread, but would closing down some of the data points help? I wonder if that...
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    Wireless Phone Charger for Tesla Model S

    Was yours attached to the windshield? I believe there are laws against prohibiting that. The one I am using is attached to the tiny triangle side window.
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    Wireless Phone Charger for Tesla Model S

    That is a horrible place for a phone. You cannot see the screen and it goes flying if you drive the car aggressively at all. I use this one, attached by the suction cup to the tiny triangle of window on the driver's door. I ran power off of the harness inside the door...
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    Do I have the shudder of death? 2020 Raven LR

    My 2019 Raven LR makes that exact sound, tech said it is normal. It sounds to me like the traction control trying to prevent front wheel spin, but I did not ask the tech why it makes this sound. The vehicle had been in for a strut replacement, it had developed a TON of racket over bumps and...
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    Is it safe to connect a large inverter to the 12V battery?

    Does anyone know what this fuse is for or it's value? It's integral to the positive post terminal on a 2019 MS. I want to connect a 1500 watt inverter, but don't want to blow the fuse. Of course I can connect the inverter to either side, presumably to the car side since the battery charger...
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    2019 Model S Raven Suspension Noise

    Update: Test drove with a tech, he immediately heard the noise, and isolated it to the front left. He and the counter-guy believed it was a sway-bar link, which they had in stock! About an hour later he came out to advise it was actually the strut, which they did not have in stock. I...
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    2019 Model S Raven Suspension Noise

    I have a rumble-rattle coming from the front suspension on the Raven when driving on rough pavement, I took delivery of the vehicle in June. The sound has always been there, but I chose to wait before asking service to check it out for a couple reasons; One, in case I had other issues and all...
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    Adding a hitch for a bike rack to a Model S

    2012-2019 Tesla Model S EcoHitch Stealth It's pricey, but stealth.
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    Annoying to Full Press Break to Avoid Rolling?

    From the manual: When Model S is stopped, Vehicle Hold can continue to apply the brakes even after you remove your foot from the brake pedal. When driving on a hill or on a flat surface, brake as you normally would. After coming to a complete stop, simply press the brake pedal again (until the...
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    Chicago superchargers all inside parking garages?

    We always read the Google reviews (and leave our own review) on superchargers out of town to find out about access. nearby facilities, and if there are broken chargers. We also use ABetterRoutePlanner to look at highway access and plan overall. FYI, if driving through Chicagoland use I294 to...
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    See what's inside a Tesla Model S motor

    Dopes for sure, they never even opened the motor itself, opened the GEAR BOX and had a cow. Rich Rebuilds videos are vastly better.
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    Can't patch 21" Continental Contisport?

    Same here, have been plugging my own tires since I was a teenager. You can buy a kit at any automotive store.
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    New insurance bill increase 39%

    Insurance agency owner here, this is what goes into developing an auto rate quote: vehicle year, make, model address vehicle garaged (zip code) coverages - which ones (there are many), coverage limits, and deductibles discounts - multi car, multi line (depends on which lines), accident free...
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    Slacker Plus - $10 for a year or free 4mo trial

    I purchased my car in early June. I tried to get the Tesla Slacker login credentials, was denied over email, chat and on the phone. Everyone said they no longer give credentials. I mentioned this to my salesman, he said he was not supposed to give it out but would get it for me...then called...
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    Fey fobs not found for 2019.32 security update

    I had this problem, kept moving the fob a bit, eventually the update found both fobs.
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    Anyone still rocking a Pi Zero W smart drive for TeslaCam on Sentry Mode?

    Google drive does not work for me either. Re-flashed several times, pretty sure it's not me.
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    New soft closing door kit for Model S

    I clicked on this thread out of curiosity, I have zero problem with the sound my doors make, it's extremely solid. My S is only a couple months old (Raven), so it has all of the current "upgrades". Apparently the solidity of door closing was another issue Tesla addressed.
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    Spotify/slacker audio glitches

    I started to get them on my Raven, rebooted the display and the glitching went away.
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    Naonaks 3D Printed Tesla Accessories

    Not created by me, just sharing. Tesla Model S Footwarmer / Heat divider by zetzsche
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    Phone car mount for the Tesla S

    I am using this: https://www.amazon.com/iOttie-Dashboard-Windshield-Samsung-Smartphone/dp/B076B27WP6 it is attached to the small fixed window on the driver's door. They also make a model with wireless charging too. Though I'm right-handed, it still works well for me. You can attach/detach...

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