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    Reservation number

    By that formula I am 1,781,821 down the list. I can not believe they have 1.7 million pre-orders First Model S 2016 70 Black totaled Second Model S 2018 100D Red still driving
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    CT Steering Wheel Replacement

    I am old also and I love it
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    Web sites for cars for sale

    Thanks I found it teslacpo.io
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    Web sites for cars for sale

    I have used ev-cop last time I bought a car and one other site. I think it was io something but can’t remember. Anyone know the other web site that lists inventory and used teslas
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    unlimited supercharging disabled

    I bought my S100D in June 2019. It was an inventory car and at that time Tesla advertised free unlimited supercharging as long as original owner owned the car. So I bought my second Tesla Model S, I am the original owner, It came with unlimited supercharging. I took delivery before the end of...
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    cancelled my order

    Got that right. My wife just looked at me with disbelief every time I talked about not buying another Tesla
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    cancelled my order

    Well I got over my anger and still missed driving a Tesla. I spoke with the local OA and told her what I was looking for. I also watched EV-CPO, Teslacpo.io and Teslainventory.stats. The OA called me about three weeks ago with a 2018 (November build) red MS100D with cream interior and carbon...
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    Question about Purchasing Extended Warranty

    I had the 8 year service plan on my 2016. When it was totaled last November TESLA reimbursed me for the unused portion.
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    What is better deal

    No it is not I like the interior better on the 2019 but think the 2018 is a much better deal because it has FSD
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    What is better deal

    2019 is 82900. Both cars are same exterior color and full glass roof
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    What is better deal

    2018 MS100D cream interior carbon fiber decor FSD November 2018 build for 76800 or a 2019 MS100D with autopilot and premium white interior grey slipstream wheels. 2018 has silver slipstream and 736 miles. 2019 has 50 miles. Everything else is same
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    Ordering Cream Interior

    I love the cream interior but am not a fan of the Oak decor. I did see some on ev-cpo with the carbon fiber decor and cream interior
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    2017 Model X 90D For Sale

    Is the car still available
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    Told by Advisor that I can’t downgrade wheels on inventory car

    I was looking at a 100D with 21 inch grey slipstream Being a previous owner I knew I wanted the 19 inch wheels and asked to have the 21 inch switched to 19 inch. I was told on the phone on two separate calls to different advisors that it is not possible and also told the same thing by my local...
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    Walked in for a new shirt at the mall and left with this...

    I was/am looking for a 100d. I found one with 21 inch wheels and asked if we could switch to 19. I was given firm answer No. Congrats on getting that discount also
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    2018 MS Purchase – debacle!

    It had been sold and never delisted on any cites like ev- cpo or teslacpo.io. I am looking again
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    How did you get credit for removal of 21 inch and were 19 inch
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    2018 MS Purchase – debacle!

    I cancelled my order and no one seemed to care. I cancelled because of poor communication from DS. See my post in this forum cancelled order. When I sent a ranting email about poor communication and I was cancelling my order I received notice that day that the order was cancelled and the...
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    Used Tesla Model S 70 2015 situation

    Go into your online account and read the terms of the original motor vehicle purchase agreement. Mine said you could cancel up to time of delivery with a full refund. That may have changed since then
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    cancelled my order

    I have to give some credit Tesla my deposit was refunded today. Cancelled Friday and deposit refunded next business day. To bad they could not have been as responsive in delivery. The other thing that surprises me is no calls emails or texts. It would not have taken much to keep me as a...
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    cancelled my order

    I know I asked a lot of questions and was very demanding My questions were. What is the final price/bottom line Can you please complete the form for my Bank
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    cancelled my order

    Because you are given a delivery date but do not have a bottom line and my Bank USAA required paperwork and we were told it would come from DS. I also needed to sell securities do I needed a bottom line so I would know how much to sell I know first world problems but buying a Tesla is a want...
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    cancelled my order

    I am not sure as it doesn't seem anything else compares. Will take my time and look around
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    cancelled my order

    I cancelled my order this morning after repeated failures by the delivery specialist to respond to telephone calls, emails and my visits to the Delivery center with questions. This would have been my second Model S. What I really find hard to believe is that no one seemed to care that I was an...
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    Door Misalignment Warrantable?

    The problem is not just the alignment issue but how horrible customer service has become.
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    My CPO Process so far.. with questions..

    I just bought my second MS. The first was a 2016 that I ordered. The OA talked to me constantly through email, text and voice all the way up through delivery. Just ordered an inventory call 10 days ago. I can not get DS to respond unless I go over his head. If this had been my first...
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    Sentry Mode catches door dinger and saves me $1000.

    I almost always park in the back of lots away from other cars REgardless of which vehicle I am driving. (Tesla or 2018 Ford Expedition). It amazes me how many people will park not only next to me but so close Ihave to pull out so my wife can get inthe car. Recently we finished grocery...
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    Choosing an insurance company w/a Tesla?

    Daviddavid. I live in sw suburbs of Orland Park. If you want a good Americam Family agent I can give you the name and number of mine in a PM. If you want it just PM me
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    Just put deposit on inventory 100D

    Received Text that the car would be delivered to me on April 20. Tried calling DS to insure they got paperwork from my bank no one called back and website account did not show I was financing. After several voicemails I went in and spoke with DS in person. After that conversation I got three...
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    EV-CPO.com CPO Consolidator support thread

    I agree with cmdr Thor. That you have to check the tesla page. In my case the page did say auto pilot. It did not say FSD or EA. This is not an EV-CPO fault. If anything it is a Tesla problem in that they continually change the names of everything. Now all cars come with AP whereas three...
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    Model S New Inventory windshield chip

    My experience with chips is that after a change in the weather the chip becomes a nice large crack
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    Choosing an insurance company w/a Tesla?

    I insure with American Family. My agent included New Car Replacement coverage which is only for the first 24 months of ownership. My Tesla was totaled in month 29. American family was very good during the claims process. I processed through my own insurance company and paid the deductible...
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    EV-CPO.com CPO Consolidator support thread

    I ordered a car that said FSD on ev-cpo but the tesla page said autopilot. I talked with quite a few people at Tesla and the common answer was it has FSD capability but to activate it I had to pay the before purchase activation fee of $5K ( if I remember the price right) I am fine with just...
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    Tesla Used Inventory Down 30%?

    I found the same thing they would get to within 1k of what I wanted to pay and then they disappeared. I thought someone just purchased the car I was following. At the end of the quarter over 100 cars on teslacpo.io sold at the same time. No way. But it had its affect on me as I bought an...
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    EV-CPO.com CPO Consolidator support thread

    I have the options recorded sheet that comes up when you click on the Wheel symbol. Would that be enough to fight with TESLA to get the FSD
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    EV-CPO.com CPO Consolidator support thread

    Thanks for looking. Love the site
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    EV-CPO.com CPO Consolidator support thread

    Can you tell if it did on sunday
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    EV-CPO.com CPO Consolidator support thread

    286570 Bought it on Sunday afternoon
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    EV-CPO.com CPO Consolidator support thread

    I want to start out that I am not complaining. I really like the EV-CPO website and am recommending it to people I know that are thinking of buying. This week-end I bought an inventory car that I found on EV-CPO.com. The listing on EV-CPO stated that it was FSD. When I got my spec sheet it...
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    Just put deposit on inventory 100D

    It is replacing my MS70 that was totaled in November
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    Just put deposit on inventory 100D

    I just ordered a 2018 MS100D inventory car. Red on white. Went back and forth between used MX or new MS. Been watching EV-CPO for months and teslacpo.io. This car was on ev-cpo for over a week but not on teslacpo.io. It was discounted by 13300. Listed as 2.5 and FSD I am a little...
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    Tesla Used Inventory Down 30%?

    Just bough a 2018 MS100D inventory car. Will wait for delivery specialist to call
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    I am Missing my Tesla :-(

    I can relate. After totaling my MS in November we bought another expedition as t MX was so expensive. Our loaded expedition is a good looking car plush interior and great ride. However, it can not compare to my MS70. We now have a work van. 2007 Expedtition and 2018 Expedition. Our thought...
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    Not sure which Tesla to buy

    My2016 MS70 was great except in snow and ice. Was okay in snow and ice with snow tires. I live outside chicago so lot of winter driving. 56k miles. My next one will be D
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    All Model X Performance Gone from Tesla New Inventory?

    If they did sell to a third party anyway of finding out who that party is
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    Missed EOQ but still want an X - is this a decent deal?

    I was told all cars have 1200 charge and delivery is dependent on distance to get car to you
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    Tesla Used Inventory Down 30%?

    I have been watching teslacpo.io. It lists price reductions for the vehicles and also when they were sold. I noticed within the last day there were 50 to 100 vehicles all of which sold 21 hours ago. It appears that Tesla took these off the market. In my opinion there is no way they sold that...

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