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    Am I supposed to receive an e-mail confirmation or?

    My Tesla updated before I received email - now have both confirmations - but no actual reservation number yet. Took just under 24 hours. Strike that - logged in using another browser other than Chrome - see reservation number up top within My Tesla - checked email again - it did not include...
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    Priority Given to MS&X Owners

    "I'm not sure why preference is being given to people who already own a Tesla." It has always been this way since day one. Not sure why anyone would flip out about it. Keep in mind these owners get priority - because without them development of vehicles that came after Roadster might have never...
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    Front End... Hmmmmmm

    I like it - maybe my eyes are out of whack - but I think it has a bit of Tesla Roadster in that look. A bit of a hat tip to the past where it all started.
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    Model S/X Owners Have Priority Model 3 Orders Over Non-Owners

    "Tesla has always valued their "early adopters"" Not sure why anyone would be surprised or angry about this. It's the way things have been since day one. These owners are also part of reason there will be future models - including upcoming Model 3. Of course us stockholders - large and small...
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    Less than four days to go, No reports of lines outside of Tesla stores

    This Black Friday - lets mimic Apple mentality is absolutely a horrible idea. I don't want to wait out in cold rain hot Sun etc in line for my chance to place reservation. Some of us planned ahead - booked hotel - train ride etc to store location = some of us were smart and over a month and 1/2...
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    Are you reserving at the reveal, at a store, or online?

    Just called - no heads up email no phone call - Although representative claimed we should have gotten one. Those of us smart enough to plan ahead and make an appointment to place our deposit - just got screwed. Tesla prefers a first come first serve zoo instead of orderly no drama process -...
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    Are you reserving at the reveal, at a store, or online?

    "I think most (all?) of us were just joking about making an appointment" Per my previous reply - I wasn't - I figured it just made sense to not just walk in and expect to be served. If things go like most of us want - crowds may form at stores - so having a reservation should get you served...
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    What will Model 3 do to Chevy Bolt sales?

    "Uhhhh... Kind of late breaking news, but Chevy already sells a normal BEV compliance vehicle. Sub 100 mile range, cheap, quick, good handling." And I'd love to share my videos and ride in a Chevrolet Spark EV here - but MODS always hating on me here when I share my content. Interesting...
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    Conspiracy Theory

    "Tesla has offered open access to their patents. Why in the hell would they do that? Frankly I have no idea." I was actually one of the few on my part of Internet and Twitter to advocate for doing this - years before others even considered it. 2 really simple answers. 1 Tesla wants electric...
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    Are you reserving at the reveal, at a store, or online?

    Just made an appointment to make deposit. Figured it would smart to call and make an early morning appointment to beat crowd. As far as I'm aware person who handled it today for me stated it would be to make a Model 3 deposit - no one seemed to state that this wasn't cool and that we would have...
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    Are you reserving at the reveal, at a store, or online?

    Just made an in-store appointment today for March 31 Chicago downtown - was there for opening day in 2010 ( January 26, 2010 ) not previous evening event - so only proper I place our reservation there. Amtrak up day before - overnight stay - appointment booked.
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    Tesla Superchargers Springfield Illinois

    I've been taken to task for promoting my own content here previously. I won't go into how funny I found the warning - considering I've had a site much longer than this one etc. Either way won't post a direct link. Anyone interested in seeing progress of Superchargers being built in Springfield...
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    Superchargers in Normal, IL

    Total Cable Solutions S owner asked me about the elevators. I was so tired that day I gave a horrible reply. Basically one set of buttons takes you to city offices. The other set lets you exit the elevator backdoor to parking garage. It confuses almost everyone even though buttons are marked...
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    Normal Get Together

    National Plug In day event in Normal is cancelled for this year. They are doing an event in Uptown on September 11th. Drive Electric BloNo Thursday, September 11 at 5:00pm - 8:00pm Uptown Normal Illinois This Saturday there is an event in Historic Downtown Atlanta, IL. Join us for the 2nd...
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    2014 - St. Louis Auto Show - Jan 23rd to 26th

    Well I missed the boat on this - was aware of the show - taxi driver mentioned it as he drove me to hotel. Would have been down there on the last day - wish I would have read here before I took that trip. Could have sworn at one time I was on email update list for Gateway EV Club events. There...
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    Catch Tesla LA-NY Trip Team

    This trip has been a disappointment to me so far. The 2010 Roadster cross country event was better promoted - especially with the dedicated website. This made it much easier for enthusiast and local EV clubs to plan events around the trip. Doesn't seem to be easy to do this time around. I'd be...
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    Illinois Tesla Sightings....

    Saw one yesterday right before the snow a bit before we were checking out of our hotel. Greektown Walgreens - not sure if it was the same one I recorded before. It was charging at the Level 2 charger - no front license plate - just checked my video - the previous Model S I recorded there had a...
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    Breakout Session Videos

    Just a thought in regards to video size. Converting the content into WebM codec - which is what Google uses for all high-end video on YouTube would help in regards to file size with little effect on quality. I've used WebM for a couple of years now. I'd link to my explanation of the best tools...
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    Illinois Tesla Sightings....

    Just saw Model S 547 EL at Greektown Walgreens here in Chicago. Was just getting ready to close the blinds in our hotel room when I saw it pull in. On the way to the Chicago store in few to hopefully get my first ride in one.
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    Rockford, IL Supercharger

    ICEing like the van at the Superchargers in Normal Illinois? In that article I explained what I was told in regards to why the signage is the way it is. Seems rather silly to me and also seems like a good way to cause unnecessary conflicts / drama. Especially with a very large parking garage...
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    EV plates getting popular

    1216 EL is located in Normal Illinois 1975 Sebring-Vanguard CitiCar National Plug In Day Normal Illinois 236 EL is in Springfield Illinois Red Nissan LEAF Wabash Avenue Springfield Illinois Model S 585 EL Normal IL https://iggyz.com/?p=25522 White Model S https://iggyz.com/?p=25444
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    CHAdeMO Adapter (coming this winter)

    This gives owners traveling through Central Illinois an extra option. At the Normal Supercharger location - there is also 1 Eaton CHAdemMO Level 3 - located near the 5 Eaton Level 2. Eaton Level 3 Charging Station on Level 2 Uptown Station Parking Deck Normal IL
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    Superchargers in Normal, IL

    Kept on rolling that you did. Unfortunately attendance was light all day. It was a great day for such an event and the rain held off. You didn't go unnoticed by everyone who was still hanging out or running the gathering. I barely got to the road in time - but I got your rolling...
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    Is this a Model S Normal Illinois

    Thanks for the reply - yes low light on that camera bites. And I had no time to get setup. From what I saw when it pulled out of the garage - it looked like an S - but I could be mistaken. Wouldn't have bothered running for camera if I had thought otherwise. This video definitely leaves...
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    Is this a Model S Normal Illinois

    This is definitely not the best video I have ever taken. I'm thinking I recorded the car around 9:30 or 10PM ( may have been later ) on September 28 2013. It was shot from the Marriott Hotel directly across from the parking garage that houses the Superchargers. When I saw the car pulling out...
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    Superchargers in Normal, IL

    Illinois plate 668 EL charging right now. Got a look at it while heading back to hotel from National Plug-in Day event in Normal. Tesla Model S Supercharging Uptown Station Parking Deck Normal Illinois video
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    National Plug-in Day Normal IL (SUPERCHARGER TOWN)

    Thanks to Clprenz for the good conversation at the event today. You missed a Model S at the superchargers. Got video of it on the way back to the hotel.
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    National Plug-in Day Normal IL (SUPERCHARGER TOWN)

    Hopefully tomorrow will have a decent amount of cars. I'd guess all the owners must be local. I'm not seeing any Model S at the superchargers. Only a city owned i-MiEV is charging at one of the Eaton Level 2 chargers tonight. Other two city owned i-MiEV are on Level 4 of the Uptown garage.
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    Superchargers in Normal, IL

    The empty brackets now have signs that state General Parking is allowed by the first two superchargers. Tonight there are no Model S charging at any of the four available chargers. There was suppose to be a local S owner at my hotel - haven't seen it out front yet. A City of Normal i-MiEV is...
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    EV plates getting popular

    Found 382 EL today - white Nissan LEAF SE charging inside Memorial Medical Center parking garage Springfield Illinois. Will have video of that one live later on tonight. Video below shows the location. There was another Nissan LEAF that has been there for two days not hooked up to any of the...
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    Superchargers in Normal, IL

    I covered the validation in my link above. "Supposedly if you are an electric car owner and go to the information booth inside Uptown Station – you can get your parking garage ticket validated – so you pay no fee for parking. The first hour is free for everyone – gas or EV." The desk is near...
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    They took a Model S test drive St Louis

    The Roadster and the current Model Ss at the Chicago store all have Illinois dealer plates. I've never seen any other license plate on the vehicles. Maybe when they first ship to a location they are tagged with different plates. The Missouri dealer plate just didn't look like what I am use to...
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    EV plates getting popular

    Got 229 EL and 518 EL last night. Have recorded 226 228 229 haven't found 227 yet. 229 EL Black Mitsubishi i-MiEV charging at Illinois Green Industry Association 518 EL Silver Mitsubishi i-MiEV Washington Park Springfield Illinois
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    They took a Model S test drive St Louis

    At first I wasn't sure this was test drive. A bit later that day I decided it was a family taking a Model S for a test drive in St Louis. Video quality suffered during the "chase". Child seats are in use. Tesla Model S St Louis
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    National Plug-in Day Normal IL (SUPERCHARGER TOWN)

    Unfortunately I won't have an EV to show off. But I've already booked my trip on Amtrak and will be staying at the Marriott for the event weekend. Just went to Tesla St Louis service center location today for some video. Didn't make it before closing time.
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    Illinois Tesla Sightings....

    Original Chicago store had swag when they had Grand Opening. That cabinet now has carbon fiber parts in it and has been moved to a wall that didn't exist in 2010. I wanted new Tesla swag this weekend but quickly found out it is no longer available at that location. No Tesla's seen in the wild...
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    EV plates getting popular

    Saw 531 EL White Tesla Model S at downtown Chicago store on Saturday. Haven't gotten through all my 52GB of video from this weekend - to see what other EL plates I recorded. 531 was in the service bay front and center. All Model S. A regular Florida plate. 357 Illinois plate - looked like U of...
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    EV and Sustainability Event In Normal IL. OWNERS NEEDED

    You might send an email or make a call to Illuminati Motor Works in the Springfield IL area. They might be willing to bring their electric car Seven that was a Automotive X Prize competitor. I think they might have finished their reworking of the body by now. Illuminati Motor Works display...
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    EV plates getting popular

    I must have gotten some early adopters for the new EL Illinois license plates if they are going in numerical order. 226 EL Silver Nissan LEAF Springfield Illinois 228 EL Nissan LEAF I-55 Springfield Illinois Specialized plate Cat Toy 8 Nissan LEAF Springfield Illinois Most of the vehicles...
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    Superchargers in Normal, IL

    For those who have yet to visit this location. Tesla Motors Model S Superchargers Uptown Station Parking Deck Normal Illinois WebM video Haven't read all the way through this long thread yet. I am aware that at least one local has been active within the topic. The wind farm does NOT power any...
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    Random Roadster Sightings

    Only sort of random - because I wasn't aware this person would be at this EV event. Also it was only a guess that they would be charging the vehicle the next day when we checked out. Tesla Roadster charging inside Marriott hotel parking garage Normal IL This Roadster owned by Revenge of...
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    Model X Will Have Greater Comparative Advantage

    Somewhat related to the topic. At the very least it shows what one group has accomplished in this area. Electric Car Tows Rocket Trike, Making History http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5RPKKN-gLa0
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    Model S - Chicago

    With the Chicago weather forecast calling for snow - unfortunately I'll most likely skip taking a trip to the store tomorrow. Really wanted to get my own pictures of the prototype but don't have enough time layover wise to risk bad weather making me miss my connection. Aggravating to be just...
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    Model S - Chicago

    No special day for those of us who own small amounts of stock or who covered the Chicago store opening? I should be in Chicago on Tuesday. May have enough time of a layover I could catch a cab down the street to the Tesla store for a quick viewing. The store is a fairly short cab ride from...
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    Tesla Keychain

    The one I got at the Chicago store opening day event is pretty worn out. The company URL on the back is fading fast. But I can take a picture of it if your that interested. What I purchased at the Tesla Motors store in Chicago I did a quick article that has two photos of my keychain. Tesla...
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    Duxbury student's quirky EV lands him a job at Tesla

    Tesla hasn't given our local Comuta Car driver a job. But this vehicle has been written about a few times locally. Electric Comuta-Car outside Sierra Club tent Illinois State Fair 2009
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    Nissan Leaf

    I'm on the list - as soon as Google pays me what little money they owe me the $99 deposit is down. Purchasing isn't in the equation. When the car becomes available in our area we will be going for the lease option. Girlfriend still isn't sold on the Leaf - has the concern I do that 100 mile...
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    Auto X Prize

    I have done several articles on our local Progressive Automotive X PRIZE team. I've always linked to these within my Tesla articles. Illuminati Motor Works is actively looking for sponsors and support. This is a team of people who built a garage just for this project. Who would have guessed...
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    Other Blogs about Tesla

    Off topic a bit. "annoyingly the forum converts all the links to titles" Personally I think this is a great feature. Gives the forum less clutter.
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    New tech extends li-on battery life

    "It's wierd, once you own an EV amd get over range anxiety" I'll have to take your word on that. But I would say if I can't make a trip from the middle of Illinois to Chicago in an EV then I'm going to have a problem. Currently the Tesla Roadster would leave me stranded in Joliet. Granted it...

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