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    Software versions for Powerwall 2?

    Telsa Installs are very expensive. And, in my case they damaged my main panel, claimed they’d fix it, then delayed six months, ignoring my repeated requests for help. Weeks would go by. Months went by. They NEVER fixed what they damaged. They claimed they never agreed to do the work. Now...
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    Yeah, they’ve been singing that song since July of last year: “just a few more weeks!”
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    Software versions for Powerwall 2?

    Bwa ha ha ha ha. Wait? Which month? Which year? Deja vu. Every month since June of 2017: “It’s only a month to six weeks away.” Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me fourteen times, Bartender, pour me another.
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    Time of Use Power Shifting for Powerwall 2

    ROTFL. can’t breathe... laughing too hard!!! oops... now I’m crying... Something... something... five stages of grief.,,
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    Time of Use Power Shifting for Powerwall 2

    Q: "What does 'shortly' mean?" A: "The TOU feature will ship before a Tesla Roaster gets to Mars' Orbit. Probably."
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    Time of Use Power Shifting for Powerwall 2

    Not true. I took a screenshot on September 22nd (see below). It wasn't until more recently (October or November?) said that that feature was "coming later". When I signed my contract it still said it was a feature. I was verbally warned that it wasn't done yet, but assured (by the...
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    Time of Use Power Shifting for Powerwall 2

    I think you misspelled "next year".
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    Time of Use Power Shifting for Powerwall 2

    My grid-charging of 4 Powerwalls is limited to 6.7kW. Maybe the Grid-Charging is limited by the AC-->DC conversion?
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    Time of Use Power Shifting for Powerwall 2

    37.8 MWh... That's over 2800 Powerwall2s. :-)
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    Software versions for Powerwall 2?

    My new Powerwall2 install (Sept 21, 2017) upgraded itself to v1.7.0
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    Time of Use Power Shifting for Powerwall 2

    I don't see any way to adjust and/or edit anything in the Powerwall app. All I can do is view "power flow", and "backup History" (17 in the past 24 hours!?!) Tesla Motors app? Or is there a separate Powerwall app? Web page?
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    My new solar and Powerwall installation

    Yes, and no. It isn't being installed in the garage. It's an exterior wall of the house. My (separate) garage is too far away from where the power comes into the house. And free-standing isn't really a possibility without pouring a pad (in the next three days... Which is possible... maybe I...
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    My new solar and Powerwall installation

    Any Noise? I'm about to have my Powerwalls installed, and one of the possible locations is attached to the outside wall of my bedroom. Do the Powerwalls make any noise at all? Even a low hum? Pumps for the cooling system? Basically, if you put your ear on the Powerwall unit, would you...
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    Firmware 4.1 Issues

    Or perhaps a better DEVELOPMENT strategy. You can't improve quality by "testing it in" at the end. Yes, all software has bugs. But this isn't a word processor or an mp3 player. This is a 4700 pound, potentially deadly machine. If software in a Vehicle fails—even something simple that...
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    Media: is there a quicker way to play an artist?

    No Shuffle?!? Arrrrrrgh. Music player Fail. Is there a way create a playlist on a USB stick? I guess I can faux-shuffle them myself.
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    Bug: Loss of audio after using bluetooth for phonecall

    Just wondering if anyone else has experienced this bug: - Pair a phone with the car (in this case, and iPhone 4 or 5) - Listening to Music (probably via USB stick of mp3 files) - Make (or take) a phone call - End phone call Expected Result: -- Audio from music returns. Actual Result: -- No...
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    Tesla is communicating better.

    Have you tried to hire in the Bay Area recently? The "economy" here in the bay area is still strong, and there are lots of jobs unfilled because the Right Person can't be easily found. Besides that, I'd imagine that financial constraints still are a concern for the company, so maybe (and I...
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    Programming charge times

    My rates are different (E9-A): Tiers 1 through 5 vary from a 5 cent to 14 cents difference. Percentage-wise, that's roughly 60% to 100% more expensive to charge during peak hours than off-peak...
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    Programming charge times

    We just took delivery of our Model S, and we're a little confused. We can't find out how to set the Time to Start Charging. Obviously with PG&E's TOU Billing rates, I want to charge starting at midnight, when it is cheapest. Did the specifications change? (I see multiple mentions here on the...
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    do any j1772 level 2 chargers plug into 14-50?

    I've been using the SPX portable charging station with my ActiveE for a few months. We carry it in the trunk of the car (along with 3 short adapter cables for other plug types), and it gets used about once a week. No problems with it.

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