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    Month old 90D won't start.

    sorry to hear. sounds like tesla's very first lemon.
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    CPO bonus or just a typo?

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    Black with Silver Color Roof. Opinion??

    looks like this: - - - Updated - - - or maybe...
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    Funny smell in my Model S when AC is turn on

    man... i hate hearing about mildew smells. my 14' prius had the same issue and that's why i got rid of it. i hope this doesn't last on the ms.
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    3 day old import P85D crashed while using TACC

    it's funny how op mentioned about how the car accelerated by itself, mine had the same issue on several, but rare, occasions. pretty scary stuff. when mentioned, the expression on my sa's face seemed like he's heard about this complaint before.
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    50,000 Mile Club

    holy moly. 50K in a year!? sir drive-a-lot!
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    I have Teslaomnia

    is it the lighting? did they come out with a darker version of 21s?
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    Hotwheels Model S

    can't wait.
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    Finally came to peace: 85 it will be, not 70D

    I voted for 70D when it launched and after reviewing its capabilities. However, there are just too many instances where I drove my 85 till it had only 20 miles or less left in one day. I think if I had to do it all over again, I'd likely still go with the 85 like OP... Just less room for stress.
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    (Video) Launching the P85D in a parking garage

    just wait for the P85D+.
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    The 85 does not make sense with the release of the 70D

    There will probably be a 75D soon enough to make the 70D less bang for the money. e.g. from 40 to 60 to 85 to P85 to P85+ to P85D and now the intro of 70D. from pre-auto pilot w/o auto pilot, non auto folding mirrors to auto folding mirrors, non-ionic to ionic ac, non-parcel shelf to parcel...
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    Do you ever go to a gas station to clean your windows?

    never. save myself from the fumes. i'll just windex it with a clean squeegee at home.
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    Photos - Ocean Blue 70D

    very nice!
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    MODEL 3

    nice wish lists. you'll love the price tag though... and it's not likely going to be in the 30, 40, but likely high 50 to low 60K's. all option in, you're probably going to end up at around mid to high 70K's to justify their model segments and pricing... unless Model 3 is highly stripped...
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    best response!
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    Tesla Model C Concept Design Study

    now that looks more fitting for a 35K price tag.
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    Drive unit, new or refurbishishid?

    i hope i don't have this issue in the future though some consider it to be normal. then maybe it does, but i just never noticed it.
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    Anderman predicts Model 3 will cost between $50k-$80k, far above Tesla estimated $35k

    no way to be in 30k range. even if possible, it won't be. lol.
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    Audi R8 e-tron

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    P85D sighting / test drives

    goodness, i am so glad that i don't get those rear seats. those don't look comfy whatsoever.
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    Tesla on a mission to hire veterans

    very nice!
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    P85D styling not distinctive enough?

    +1. Then again, I don't mind that my car looks exactly like one that's thousands more. :smile:
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    bank "stole" my $7500 tax credit

    Prior to my purchase, I was informed that when leasing, you'll receive no $7500 tax credit. You do only when you are buying or financing.
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    Newer models have an LED plug on passenger side rear (Vin 40k+)

    great info!! how did you know it's VIN 40K+?
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    Model S Convertible

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    Squeaky fan?

    LOL. Same here. I've had several occasions where some $20k cars parking asking me if the car had been hit before that's why it is making that noise. Not a good feeling after paying over 100K for a great car with sounds of a beater. Apparently they did because the SC in Costa Mesa seemed...
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    Squeaky fan?

    Not in california, it looks like.
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    Squeaky fan?

    I seriously don't know how all these units are getting replaced. when i had mine serviced last week and they said they had no parts for it. When i asked if there's anyway i can get an eta as the issue existed from day 1. The response i got was a silent pause, "again, i don't have an eta for...
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    no more lacewood

    that's my favorite other than carbon fiber.
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    Used Model S Vehicle History

    If that's what the rep wrote, then I think many would have interpret it the same way OP did. Good to know to request for vehicle delivery prior the event to sell. :)
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    Koncept S Coupe

    woah... though i'd keep the nose cone original, but that's one nice looking coupe!
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    Vendor XPEL Ultimate saves Model S door from repaint

    interesting. where are you located?
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    A Tesla Hater just told me "Batteries Cause Cancer"

    can everyone please stay on topic? i'm curious to know, too.
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    my new CF splitter, grill and wing

    can i get a straight shot from the rear for the spoiler? thanks!
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    Random Model S sightings

    was at south coast plaza yesterday. was exiting the bloomingdales parking lot and was on the phone, but a red MS. my fiancee told me that the driver waived but i missed you. "hi!!!" :)
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    One Year Anniversary! Add your anniversary photos here?

    it's only been 8 days for me and i already have about 1000 miles.
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    RYDEEN RDV360 degree Bird's Eye view plus Integrated 9500ci Display

    looks like something you'd find in pepboys. very generic, imo.
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    dual charger thoughts

    Completely agree.
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    Delivery Delay - 2014 Model S

    Just got a call 2 minutes ago. Taking delivery this saturday at 11am instead of 1st week of September! Very exciting.
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    Mysterious "design" on window switch

    there's nothing a hello kitty sticker won't fix.
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    Do You Want TSportline to Produce 20" Turbine Wheels?

    think this aftermarket brand is a little over priced considering it's aftermarket. especially when you have many different options to choose from. just saying.
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    Does Fuel Savings really make that much of a difference?

    @yobigd20, What they said. You're probably referring to if a solar system was installed. Otherwise, cost is about the same if not more by a margin... well, in south orange county anyway for all I know.
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    Does Fuel Savings really make that much of a difference?

    I had an e92 335i, from my recollection I pay about $60-$65 per tank and I was able to get about 230 miles out of it. I used to fill up once every 4 days to a week so my fuel costs was roughly about $260~$300 a month. I just called my utilities company and they did a ballpark estimate that...
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    Tesla Design Studio Now Showing Full Price

    I wouldn't call it an improvement. Though I want to support Tesla and have recently ordered mine, my opinion is that the numbers on their site have always been deceiving and unrealistic until now. I guess someone up top finally come to their senses and decided that it's not the image they want...
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    Anyone taken delivery of new steel grey?

    Wow. That looks exactly like BMW's Sparkling Graphite.
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    Drop-In Center Console now in the Tesla Model S online store

    Woah. I wonder if this will happen to my all black interior. I hope not.
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    Tesla Model S accident in china

    bummer... i don't see how it's funny though.
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    Massively ICE'd

    +1. I don't know what I would've done. Very irritating to see the photo. It's like purposely parking an RV in effort to block all the gas station pumps and off you go to a picnic. - - - Updated - - - +1 ^

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