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  1. jpwe10

    Xpel Stealth/Ultimate Healing Power and Touch Ups

    What tint level and product did you use to smoke the headlights? I had one installed by my local guy who did my chrome delete and window tint (I believe he used an Xpel product). He used the lighter of the two options, but it's still way darker than yours, and I have trouble seeing at night, but...
  2. jpwe10

    Model S Window Fogging

    MAKE SURE AIR RECIRCULATION IS TURNED 'OFF' (highlighted blue is on, white is off). What is happening is the HVAC system is recirculating the water vapor you exhale, which causes the fogging after a few minutes of driving. Problem solved.
  3. jpwe10

    Used P100DL or new model Y performance

    P100DL. Looks wayyyyy better, faster, much more contoured seats, air suspension (so higher clearance than the Y when in 'Very High'), better interior IMO. If you can swing it buy a Raven Performance. It's such a night and day difference between the Ravens and the pre-raven cars. If not, at least...
  4. jpwe10

    Model S to the Nürburgring Next Week!

    New video uploaded of the Blue Plaid car driving at the limit
  5. jpwe10

    New: Adjustable camber bushings.

    Any update on the rear subframe bushings? Really looking for a much stiffer rear end to reduce the amount of squat in hard acceleration and the wallowing feel in the corners.
  6. jpwe10

    2014 Model S 85 - $39,900 or best offer

    FYI, Car has sold
  7. jpwe10

    2014 Model S 85 - $39,900 or best offer

    Yes I suppose
  8. jpwe10

    2014 Model S 85 - $39,900 or best offer

    The only things I had to do to it out of warranty was a door handle switch which was about $120. I have service records if you'd like. The powertrain (expensive stuff) is still under warranty for the next 5 years.
  9. jpwe10

    2014 Model S 85 - $39,900 or best offer

    Yeah I'll take a pic and post it of 90% range later once my wife gets home. We charge to 80%-90% throughout its life and it has rarely visited superchargers. Then again, displayed rated range doesnt mean much as it will adjust over the lifetime of the car based on average efficiency and often...
  10. jpwe10

    2014 Model S 85 - $39,900 or best offer

    Well, I haven't checked that specific scenario, but I know at 47.2F average throughout a trip, with 16000 mile winter tires cruising at 82.6 mph, a 14.3 mph headwind, with a +463 ft elevation change, climate set with range mode to fan speed of 3 at 74F, DRLs on with a screen brightness of 73%...
  11. jpwe10

    2014 Model S 85 - $39,900 or best offer

    FYI, snow tires are available.
  12. jpwe10

    2014 Model S 85 - $39,900 or best offer

    High 220s to 90% (226-228). Mid 250s for 100%. Haven't checked 100% in a while as we very rarely charge to that.
  13. jpwe10

    2014 Model S 85 - $39,900 or best offer

    No AP1. It is an spring 2014 build. If it had AP1 would be selling for $50k :)
  14. jpwe10

    2014 Model S 85 - $39,900 or best offer

    Selling my Model S 85 to get another Model S. It has 97k miles on it, driven by my wife and mostly highway miles, 5 years left on the infinite mile powertrain warranty, one owner. - Black exterior with Tan leather interior - Tech Package - Panoramic Sunroof - Ultra High Fidelity Sound System -...
  15. jpwe10

    Project: Glowing LED Front Air Intake for Facelifted S

    Hi All- I have my new Model S on the way, which, being my first facelifted one, gave me the idea of installing an LED light strip inside the front air intake where the Tesla "T" is on the nose. It would activate when the headlights turn on and create a really unique look for the car at night...
  16. jpwe10

    First drive on Thusday....BMW Alpina B7 to Tesla P85D?????

    See this. Ludicrous definitley makes a big difference at passing speeds. And this is a ludicrous P85D, not even a ludicrous P90D, which is even slightly quicker: One Week in to Ludicrous
  17. jpwe10

    X reservation is in. Volvo out. What can I do for salesperson and forum?

    Definitely write a nice thought out note to the store manager or regional manager telling them that she is the reason you decided to go with Tesla. That's way more encouraging than any commission could ever be to a salesperson (especially since they don't make commission at Tesla).
  18. jpwe10

    Calling P85D owners world-wide for survey and complaint letter

    Lol you guys are funny. How come drag times got better than the 3.1 0-60 tesla advertises? This video shows 0-60 in 3.05 verified by VBOX. BTW, remember that Tesla claims 0-100 KPH as 3.3 seconds. 3.1 seconds is the 0-60 MPH time. Also, most american car companies and magazines that I know of...
  19. jpwe10

    Black Model S with Black Wheels - should i get a black spoiler or carbon fiber one?

    By black wheels do you mean the charcoal grey 21's? And Tesla doesn't make a black spoiler, only matte carbon fiber. Of course there are aftermarket options which you could probably see pictures of if you searched around on this thread here: Show off your aftermarket wheels.
  20. jpwe10

    Show off your aftermarket wheels.

    Is this the one that apparently has 900 HP? There was a rumor going around that Larte Design was working on a white P85D with 900 HP. Larte Announces 900 HP Tesla Model S Elizabeta, Shares New Photo Gallery of Carbon Kit - autoevolution
  21. jpwe10

    Pano roof rubber seal getting chewed up

    Same thing has happened twice to me, both on the drivers side. The SC just replaced it as well as re-aligned it to prevent any future rips from opening the pano roof
  22. jpwe10

    Next Generation Headlights?

    Hopefully they'll look something like the Audi A7's LED headlights as a finished product. IMO the headlights are the one thing that look a little antiquated on the Model S for how advanced the rest of the car is. Also the black headlight housing should be an option. IMO the silver ones look too...
  23. jpwe10

    This is dangerous - for my wallet. Another should I thread.

    Hi JMG and welcome to the forums! I was in the same position as you a year ago. I was driving a 2002 Tahoe with 200k miles on it (now my son's beater car), and before that I was in a 1996 Tahoe. I run a non-profit where most of my clients cars are between the $15k-35k mark (though one of them...
  24. jpwe10

    Show off your aftermarket wheels.

    Looks awesome! Just curious, but if you don't mind could you share what that setup cost you?
  25. jpwe10

    Widebody Aerokit + 22" Wheels Fitted

    How did the wheel arches attach to the body of the car? did they screw it into the body panels?
  26. jpwe10

    Random Model S sightings

    Saw this white one on highway 5 in Chanhassen MN
  27. jpwe10

    Show off your aftermarket wheels.

    They are both ADV.1's, I know that. It looks like those are a 3 piece construction rather than the two piece or monoblock construction that's on the red car.
  28. jpwe10

    Show off your aftermarket wheels.

    Those look amazing! Best aftermarket rims i've seen on the Model S yet! If you don't mind, could you share the price and specs of your adv1s? (width, tires used, etc.)
  29. jpwe10

    Pics: Model S w/ Lightweight Aftermarket Wheels

    Whats the absolute max width you can go for the front wheels/tires without severe rubbing? I want a wider tire that the 8.5 stock width but really don't want to do a staggered setup so I can still rotate.
  30. jpwe10

    P85D styling not distinctive enough?

    Dude... Get unplugged performance's stuff. Subtle, looks good, and isn't too pricey: unpluggedperformance.com
  31. jpwe10

    Teslas in Movies & TV

    That's a Ford Fusion, not a Model S
  32. jpwe10

    my new CF splitter, grill and wing

    Looks really good and a lot more aggressive! Grey/black wheels would bring the whole thing together though.
  33. jpwe10

    How do you close the frunk? Have you creased it?

    Got mine as an inventory car and the frunk was already creased
  34. jpwe10

    Dreaded Drive Train Clunk - FALSE ALARM

    Mine just started doing that at a little over 7000 miles. Got me a little worried until I saw this thread. Will be getting it serviced soon.
  35. jpwe10

    New Custom Front & Rear Diffusers, Side Skirts, Spoilers

    Looks like Unplugged Performance just showed a car with upgrades at TMC Connect. I really like what they've done. It's not too over done but adds subtle differences to the Model S to make it appear more like a supercar. Teslarati did an article with pictures here: Unplugged Performance Debuts...
  36. jpwe10

    Bets on When 6.0 Update will be Released...

    I want to see different visual themes with 6. It would be awesome to have a SpaceX themed instrument cluster while launching the car to the stars! Also 3rd party apps would be cool.
  37. jpwe10

    New Alcantara Dashboard

    I believe this option is only available on right hand drive cars now.
  38. jpwe10

    Charging Speed Reduced on Level 2 Public Chargers

    I've charged twice at two different public charging stations, one Chargepoint and another at a BP. Both times the car gave me a message that the charge speed was reduced because of "faulty wiring or extension cord". I was getting about 13-16 miles of range per hour versus the 30 or so I should...
  39. jpwe10

    More aftermarket wheel pics, with specs to get the fit dialed in.

    Nice wheels! They go great with the red and matte nosecone! Cant wait to see them in person!
  40. jpwe10

    New Custom Front & Rear Diffusers, Side Skirts, Spoilers

    Unplugged performance is Bulletproof Automotive's line of Tesla custom parts.
  41. jpwe10

    New Custom Front & Rear Diffusers, Side Skirts, Spoilers

    Here are some pictures of the parts on Model S. Front Diffusers Side Skirts Rear Diffuser
  42. jpwe10

    New Custom Front & Rear Diffusers, Side Skirts, Spoilers

    I just found this today. It's from a company called Bulletproof Automotive. These new aftermarket parts look very good, keeping the character of the Model S but making it more unique. They are also very reasonably priced. Model S - Tesla - Cars
  43. jpwe10

    Teslas in Movies & TV

    Model S on the last Tonight Show! Spotted a brown Model S in the background of the Tonight Show when Miley Cyrus was giving Jay advice on what to do with his life after the show. Too slow to snap a picture :(
  44. jpwe10

    To spoiler or not spoiler?

    Honestly, in my opinion, it depends on your wheels. If you have dark wheels (like you do) I would definitely install the spoiler. It pulls it all together and makes it look sportier. On a white car the contrast of the black spoiler looks absolutely amazing! If you have silver wheels though, it...
  45. jpwe10

    Tesla Minivan

    I guarantee this will never happen. Elon stated that when you buy a minivan you "sell your soul". He hates minivans. As long as hes with the company, no minivan will be made, and I'm glad for that. It wouldn't make Tesla look good.
  46. jpwe10

    Model S Celebrities

    Eva Longoria just got a grey Model S
  47. jpwe10

    Questions before considering an order

    1. Driven both, but the P85 is significantly faster. That said, the 85 was mind-bogglingly fast too. Its just the P85 is absolutely insanely and ridiculously fast ;) 2. 4G is coming soon. The cars have the hardware and all that is needed is a software update. 3. I doubt the acceleration hum will...
  48. jpwe10

    Random Model S sightings

    Saw this beautiful, though dirty, Sig red in Excelsior, MN last night. Oddly, it still had its 21s on. Most of the cars in MN have had 19s put on with winter tires.
  49. jpwe10

    Who here bought their Model S with Bitcoin??

    Just saw this article today. Apparently someone in Cali just bought a P85 at a Lamborghini dealership with Bitcoin! Hahaha! Someone Bought A Tesla Model S With Bitcoin

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