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  1. RHinCT

    Discussion: Tesla Energy / Auto Customer Service

    Reading about the experiences posted here, I thought I would add my own experience here in Connecticut. On the negative side, I put in the order for solar and Powerwalls at the end of July 2021. The install happened on Dec 1 & 2, 2022, 16 months later. As for the rest, the installation crews...
  2. RHinCT

    New iPhone Pairing Problem

    SOLVED. To be all set to all tech support I took both the old and new phones to the car, as well as my laptop and mouse. The old phone's Bluetooth was off, so I used the card to unlock. This time I wanted the dome light, so I used the card to get access to the screen. Then I hunted around on...
  3. RHinCT

    New iPhone Pairing Problem

    I looked at Manage Drivers in the app on the old phone. I couldn't find any way to delete it. Which is to say, to delete myself. I sent myself an invite. It told me I could not be added because I was already there.
  4. RHinCT

    New iPhone Pairing Problem

    Thanks. I haven't tried deleting the old phone. I would really like to keep being able to use it to use the car without pulling out the card. But I'll keep that in mind.
  5. RHinCT

    New iPhone Pairing Problem

    That should be 2022.44.30.5.
  6. RHinCT

    New iPhone Pairing Problem

    My iPhone 8+ was paired when I got my Model Y in November 2021 (2022 model year). Today I bought a new iPhone, a 14. Everything transferred over from the old phone, When I run the app I can access my solar/Powerwall system as before. However for the car it tells me I have to pair it. I...
  7. RHinCT

    Glovebox USB Drives

    Thanks! I searched the manual, obviously not very well.
  8. RHinCT

    Glovebox USB Drives

    My MYLR is an early 2022, delivered late November 2021. At some point I read some messages on this site about upgrading the USB drive in the glovebox. I bought a USB hub, and ended up with three drives plugged into it. Today I came back to the car and found the usual sentry mode incident...
  9. RHinCT

    Up and Running, and a Powerwall Question

    My question on where to set the battery had more to do with avoiding damage to the battery than anything else. Once I can send excess to the grid after the Powerwalls are at 100% I think I'll set to 100% and do give-and-take from the grid with the difference between what the house needs and the...
  10. RHinCT

    Up and Running, and a Powerwall Question

    My Solar install was last week, Thursday and Friday Dec 1&2. (Ordered late July 2021, so 16 months. This is in Connecticut.) 32 panels on a south-facing roof, and two Powerwalls (2 and +). It went great! The two crews, roof and electricians, were excellent from all I could tell. Of course...
  11. RHinCT

    Solar installation shutting down in certain markets.

    https://electrek.co/2022/11/10/tesla-cancels-solar-projects-scales-back-division/ Now we learn that Tesla is canceling many solar projects, including some in advanced stages, and the company is saying that it shutting down operations in some markets. I'm hoping that the emails and texts...
  12. RHinCT

    Got powerwall 2 instead of powerwall +?

    I have a December first install scheduled, solar (10.75 KW) and two powerwalls. Your comment has be wondering whether both will have the inverter, or just one.
  13. RHinCT

    Ethernet to Tesla Solar Inverter?

    Good idea about the pizza, though I might have to do delivery. How big was the crew? It sounds like the panels and powerwalls are different crews.
  14. RHinCT

    Ethernet to Tesla Solar Inverter?

    I know this is really OT, but every have one of those things you just have to tell someone?!?!? The installation of my solar panels, and two powerwalls, is scheduled for December 1, which is 16 from when I entered the order. Hooray!
  15. RHinCT

    iPhone 14 Pro

    Do others carry one of the cards with them Just In Case? I do.
  16. RHinCT

    Site survey - Scheduled date moving around?

    My experience is that patience may be necessary. I ordered solar and two powerwalls in late July of last year, 2021. At one point it had to be re-engineered, setting it back*. I send an email every month or so asking how things are going. The July reply (7/22) was that it was submitted to...
  17. RHinCT

    Keeping windows open while parked

    I've been parking out in the sun the last few days, but never getting more than a few yards from my car. I was tired of getting into a hot car at the end of the day, and would rather not run the AC, so I wanted the windows open. Of course after a few minutes the windows closed. A search...
  18. RHinCT

    Tires advice please

    I know this is an old thread, but anyway... Rather than go by the tires that are on the car, or by what Tire Rack or other retailer tells you, there is always the option of looking at the sticker on the car for what the manufacturer said when it was sold. On my MYLR it is on the frame, visible...
  19. RHinCT

    Cautionary tips for new drivers of the Tesla

    When using regen it is also the decelerator pedal. 8-)
  20. RHinCT

    Software Updates Issue

    So, restart rather than reboot. And restart the touchscreen, not the computer or the car. Thanks! That did it. (I could not view the attachment: The requested page could not be found.)
  21. RHinCT

    Software Updates Issue

    I just visited my brother for a couple of weeks and my Y could not see his WiFi at all, even when in his garage where the signal was pretty strong. Today I arrived home, and now it can't see my own WiFi network. So a search brought me here. I want to reboot, but the Owner's Manual doesn't...
  22. RHinCT

    Sentry Mode Overloaded?

    That cleared it up.
  23. RHinCT

    Sentry Mode Overloaded?

    I pulled the drive and plugged it into my PC. It is half full. There hundreds of folders from the last few days. I deleted all the folders that were created while parked in that garage. Time to put the drive back in the glove box.
  24. RHinCT

    Sentry Mode Overloaded?

    I'm visiting family and parking in their garage to charge. The first night the car accumulated over 300 Sentry Mode reports in the closed garage with nobody around. I was offered the choice of erasing them all, and did. Last night it accumulated over 200, but the button on the screen to...
  25. RHinCT

    Ethernet to Tesla Solar Inverter?

    Thanks, everyone! I only installed ethernet jacks in three rooms - office, TV, stereo - with an eight port switch at each. They all run to the internet gateway, at the other end of the basement from where the powerwalls and such will live. I found a bit more on the Tesla site: I assume...
  26. RHinCT

    Ethernet to Tesla Solar Inverter?

    I'm hoping that my solar install (ordered last July) will actually start happening, so I'm reading up a bit. The instructions on connecting to the solar inverter only speak of WiFi. I have WiFi of course, but I've also run Ethernet to various places around the house, and running one to the...
  27. RHinCT

    Keep it plugged in while I'm away?

    With two cars and one charger that is an interesting question. Is therea 110V outlet available? That should be more than enough to keep the second car charged when idle.
  28. RHinCT

    Tesla 12V Accessories

    The owner's manual for the Y has an item that seems rather silly. I am not aware of any Tesla accessories that plug into those sockets. So if there are no Tesla accessories, but you should only use Tesla accessories... something is wrong with this picture. (I said it was silly.)
  29. RHinCT

    400 Server Error?

    Add me to the list.
  30. RHinCT

    Will (did) structural pack vehicles have different crash test results?

    If it hasn't then it will be before they go to customers. I assume that is part of the "approval" of cars from Germany and Texas that we are all waiting to hear about.
  31. RHinCT

    Preconditioning - Am I Missing Something?

    Cool stuff! I've only read a bit about scanmytesla, obviously I need to read more. I have to admit the special wiring harness is a bit intimidating. Thanks to all who replied.
  32. RHinCT

    Preconditioning - Am I Missing Something?

    That was what thinking also.
  33. RHinCT

    Preconditioning - Am I Missing Something?

    Thanks! Learn something every day!
  34. RHinCT

    Preconditioning - Am I Missing Something?

    Thanks. Yes, I see that is a way to make me warm without making it repeated. I was thinking more about conditioning the battery.
  35. RHinCT

    Preconditioning - Am I Missing Something?

    I see how I can schedule the car to be conditioned at a certain time every day, or every weekday. Is it possible to schedule it to just happen once? Is it possible to tell it to just do it NOW? And to let me know when it is ready? I will be leaving in 20 or 30 minutes. The car is freezing...
  36. RHinCT

    2022 Model Y - USB Data Ports - USB-A Glovebox Only

    As I understand it the lack of USB data connectivity is the result of the chip shortage. As someone who ordered a Y on 7/30/21 and didn't get delivery until 11/28 (with the singe glove box dataport), I can say I would rather not have waited even longer for parts to be available. Likewise as a...
  37. RHinCT

    2022 Model Y - USB Data Ports - USB-A Glovebox Only

    I went to read the manual - online version using my browser on my PC - and the page that would cover this comes up BLANK. I wonder if they took it down because it is not correct for recent and new 2022 Model Y, as has been discussed here.
  38. RHinCT

    TIDAL App Not Available after 2021.39.103.2 update

    Were you parked at home, or out driving? I believe I read that when the car is on WiFi we will be getting Tidal's High Resolution, but when using the car's cellular connectivity it will be Tidal's ordinary resolution. Or perhaps not. The wording was a bit ambiguous, and I haven't relocated...
  39. RHinCT

    IOS Bluetooth Volume Increases When Turning Steering Wheel

    I've tried activating voice control while doing tight maneuvers in my driveway, and inevitably I hit the wrong scroll wheel because the steering wheel is turned. But that's me.
  40. RHinCT

    Audio system changed to 13 speakers?

    I'm a new (less than one month) owner of a Y and I have no idea because this is the only Tesla I have any experience in. I imagine most new owners will be in a similar situation.
  41. RHinCT

    . . . but what do you miss from your old car?

    I don't keep the Tesla app open, but it unlocks the car for me and allows me to drive. Once in a while it takes a few seconds to recognize that the phone is there, but that has been very uncommon.
  42. RHinCT

    High beams not working

    Yeah, the way I want Auto to work is that when I choose to use high beam it dims for oncoming traffic.
  43. RHinCT

    High beams not working

    I tried using my high beams last night, the first time since taking delivery of my MYLR a week ago. Pulling it toward me worked as long as I held it. Pushing away from me did not turn it on... at first. Eventually it did give me continuous high... until it stopped working again. Yes, it is...
  44. RHinCT

    Installation time line pushed back due to Supply chain issues

    I started the process to get solar panels (12.4) and two Powerwwalls back in July. A couple of months ago it looked promising - "1 to 2 weeks" it said on my account. That went on for maybe a couple of months, then disappeared. Today came an email. Supply Chain Delays May Impact Your...
  45. RHinCT

    Head lights not coming on when wipers are on

    Didn't have a car yet when I wrote that. I suppose I am naive to quote the docs.
  46. RHinCT

    Head lights not coming on when wipers are on

    Not according to the list of voice commands here: Voice Commands
  47. RHinCT

    Tiny bit of body work, guess the estimate

    Parts? To fix a scratch?
  48. RHinCT

    Tesla EV Tax Credits coming back?

    I'm guessing it is because of all the orders being put on hold to get into the next year, but whatever the reason my ED just changed from November 26 - December 24 to November 16 - November 30! I think I'll forget about tax credits and just get the car.
  49. RHinCT

    Tesla EV Tax Credits coming back?

    My basic MY LR was ordered at the end of July so it comes in under the $69k line even with FSD. But my ED is this year, November 26 - December 24. Now I need to find out about the possibility of a delay.
  50. RHinCT

    Tesla EV Tax Credits coming back?

    I'm just coming in on this and haven't read all the way back. I apologize in advance if this has been covered. I found a reference that said According to the latest text of the bill, the new benefit could only be used on cars that cost up to $55,000, vans that cost up to $64,000, and pick-up...

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