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    Possible Location - Vaudreuil, QC

    Any updates on this one … would be great for me when travelling from Ottawa to Dollard to avoid Pointe Claire in my 2019 SR+
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    What's your rated range again?

    Mine is the same. June 2019 about 330 range at 100% compared to 380 new.
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    2019 SR+ Battery Degradation Concerns

    My 2019 SR+ with 22000km is now showing a range of 322km at 100% versus 386 when new. Only done about 15 supercharges. I did ask Tesla and they said it was fine and due to charging patterns and to not charge straight away and run down the charge too. Didn’t really work. I also get some...
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    Supercharger - Nepean, ON - Robertson Road

    Interesting that the rates are around the 60kw number, as that is where the pricing changes. 22cents per min below 60kw and 44cents above!
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    Supercharger - Nepean, ON - Robertson Road

    Forgot to do that yesterday! - but had been driving about 20 mins before arriving at the SC. There was also a model s a few stalls down who was only getting 50kw too.
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    Supercharger - Nepean, ON - Robertson Road

    I went yesterday in my SR+. At 20% charge it started around 75kw but soon dropped to about 50kw. Only did a quick charge to 40%.
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    Supercharger - Nepean, ON - Robertson Road

    You may be able to set the Nav to the another charger (eg Ottawa) to trigger preconditioning.
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    TACC following distance

    Just checked on a drive. Option has gone from my menu too now!!
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    TACC following distance

    2 second rule has kept me alive! I keep mine at 7 but sometimes still feels too close! The option is still in the autopilot options for me.
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    GTA drivers, when are you switching to winter tire this year?

    Did mine yesterday .. but am in Ottawa! Driving is a bit noisier today!
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    FOR SALE: Various Model 3 things, Ottawa

    Thanks for the info - sounds like waiting a year and putting extra km on is the way to go!!! My trade in has gone up around $800 from a month ago! Shame we haven't got Carmax or the like in Canada! Was going to go lease on the model Y, but not sure if trade in tax benefit works for lease...
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    FOR SALE: Various Model 3 things, Ottawa

    Hi Richyrich. How was the trade in - am in Ottawa too and the trade in value on 2019 SR+ from Tesla was low at $37k.
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    EAP (Enhanced Auto Pilot) for $4k. Who’s in?

    When I bought my car in June 2019 FSD was 6600 Cad. Shows how much the pricing has moved. I am still waiting for the subscription model for FSD that is meant to be out by end of year.
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    Experiences going from a 3 to a Y? Considering trading my 3

    That’s low too. Did you find any other places to get a better quote?
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    Experiences going from a 3 to a Y? Considering trading my 3

    Offers seem low at the moment. I just got a quote for a june 2019 sr+ trade in of CAD35k! (All in purchase price around CAD$60k). Doesn’t make trade to Y a viable proposition!!
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    Experiences going from a 3 to a Y? Considering trading my 3

    There is an option on the Canada site _ just click the menu at top right and there is an option for trade in. I did it the other day but haven’t hear back yet...
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    Experiences going from a 3 to a Y? Considering trading my 3

    Am contemplating upgrading M3 SR+ 2019 to MY moving from loan to lease if the monthly payments can be about the same. Did you get your trade in quote before placing the order or after?
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    Full self driving capability

    Congrats ~ my SR+ just turned one and I still can’t wait to drive it every day! Tesla recently said there would be a subscription plan for FSD by the end of the year. No indication of cost yet though!
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    I miss driving my Model 3

    Was very sad to hear that Fred. My thoughts are with you and your family.
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    I miss driving my Model 3

    Great shot. Was in Julian on holiday last May. Awesome.
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    Model 3 Range decreased again...

    I am seeing a projected full charge range of around 355km on my SR+ with 11000km. daily charge to 90%. Hasn’t been below 50%for a couple of months I think this is 9% loss. Not that worried — hasn’t affected any trips or my commute.
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    Tire Life

    Just got my winters taken off and my summers back on and the technician measured the treads. I estimate I did about 8000km before changing them to winters. Tread was 6mm (7.5/32)on back and 4mm (5/32) on front!!! Seems like I have 5000-10000km left. That seems like crazy wear to me. I don’t...
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    when is good time to swap to all season tire from winter tire ?

    Booked mine with Tesla for Monday.
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    The Telsa smile, have I joined a cult ?

    It’s a great cult. Here in Ottawa other we cult members still give the occasional wave. 9 months since delivery I still love booting it and seeing everyone in my dust and I “only” have the SR+ !!
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    Lady hits my car and drives away. Tesla cam FAIL

    You can report this as a hit and run to the nearest reporting centre in Ontario.
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    Significant range drop

    I have a June 2019 SR+ In chilly Ottawa. I usually keep my battery on % display. Recently I flicked across to distance and at 90% it showed around 324km. I remember at the beginning of ownership it showed around 342km. I haven’t charged to 100% recently but if I extrapolate my 90% or any...
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    Excessive vampire drain in cold

    I was in Montreal a few weeks ago it was -10C. Overnight from around 7pm to around noon the next day my range went from 70% to 60%. Sentry was off. I don’t know how much was locked up in the snowflake icon though - some people say some range comes back as the battery warms.
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    What did you name your Tesla?

    Mine too! Great name.
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    How much range are you losing parked in subzero temps?

    Yes sentry is off and no smart summon. It’s only in the cold this has happened. Not sure if the car is doing anything to keep the battery from getting too cold in the low temps. The app shows asleep in the widget screen which I don’t think wakes the car. Yes a complete shut down would be good.
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    How much range are you losing parked in subzero temps?

    I did have the snowflake. Is the indicated range reduced by the snowflake unavailable range?
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    How much range are you losing parked in subzero temps?

    Hi. This weekend I was parked outside in Montreal and let the car with 70% charge and the next morning it was down to 60%. It was around minus 10 degrees c overnight and sentry was off. Today it was -8C in Ottawa and over 8 hours I lost about 6% charge. Wondered what kind of range loss you...
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    Premium connectivity in SR+ After installing 2020.4.1

    Spotify still works on 4.1
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    With all the Petro Can and CTC EV growth do I invest in a CHAdeMO?

    WoW. That’s amazing! How many do you have and where do we pick them up and how much is the membership?
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    Canadian CHAdeMO charging

    How many fast chargers are at Brockville?
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    Surround view

    I would have thought given what the current movable arial view shows it should be possible with some additional software power to generate a fairly good picture. Not sure what extra cameras the Leaf for example uses for its Birdseye view?
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    Model 3 Standard Range Plus or Long Range AWD in the Ottawa Area?

    Glad you beat the storm! Yes Brockville will make it much easier in the SR+ to Toronto. Am trying a winter trip Ottawa to Montreal next weekend. Will be interesting to compare it to the summer trip.
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    Model 3 Standard Range Plus or Long Range AWD in the Ottawa Area?

    Good luck with the trip and watch out for the snow tomorrow!
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    Model 3 Standard Range Plus or Long Range AWD in the Ottawa Area?

    It would be good to hear how the back route was Bijan. Sounds like an especially good call as it seems like the Kingston SC is out of service (or severely reduced) at the moment.
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    Supercharger - Kingston ON

    Looks like Kingston SC is pretty much out of service at the moment.
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    Model 3 Standard Range Plus or Long Range AWD in the Ottawa Area?

    It’s just possible in summer but with winter range loss it isn’t unless you go the back route!
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    Electrify Canada

    I don’t understand why the Chademo adaptor costs over $600. It seems excessive!
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    Model 3 Standard Range Plus or Long Range AWD in the Ottawa Area?

    Don’t forget $1600 of extra hst on the price too! I was tempted by AWD but couldn’t justify over $16k extra so went with SR+. Range hit on the cold days for short trips is high, but this would also cut into the extra km of the AWD. Handling was very good in today’s snow in Ottawa. Have...
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    Anti-ice treatment feebdback

    What is the cost of the treatment?
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    Does Canada get all the features of 2019.40.50.1?

    I wonder when Canada will get the Full Self Driving preview? Anyone heard any rumours yet?!
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    Maxpider 3D Mats on Sale at Costco [$40 off]

    Mmm... I ordered them and then a day later got an email saying my order was cancelled. Do you have to be a member?
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    Outside temperature accuracy

    As the temps are getting cooler now, I notice mine is showing around 4-5 degrees C warmer. This morning was 3 degrees on accuweather/weather network/radio and around 7-8 C on the car display. However when I look at my trip reports on Tezlab, it shows the temperature the same as accuweather etc...
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    Ottawa - recommendations for winter tires and good installers?

    thanks. Do you know of a good installer too?
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    Ottawa - recommendations for winter tires and good installers?

    Thanks for the Costco tip! Where did you set your replika from?
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    Ottawa - recommendations for winter tires and good installers?

    Hi there. Thinking about winter tires in Ottawa. Have it narrowed down to Tesla’s winter tire package or putting together Replika + Michelin X-ice. Has anyone tried either of these? And can you recommend a good Ottawa tire shop who knows how to install too? thanks!
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    Extra interior lights on SR+ during update!

    I was checking on the 12.1 update today and got in the car when it was loading the update (progress line on black screen). I noticed the interior lights in the front door pockets were on as well as the front footwell!!! Once the reboot was finished the lights were gone again! Would be good to...

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