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  1. Impaler

    Lots of refinement between 2020 and 2022 Model Y

    Are they just more solid-feeling? Or does it have to do with double-pane glass?
  2. Impaler

    Tesla MY safer than even the M3?? (interesting read)

    I watched that yesterday. Great video. The bottom line is we can all feel good knowing we're driving in what are considered among the safest cars on the road. The roof strength makes sense to me, given the M3 has the bar across the middle for strength, and the MY doesn't.
  3. Impaler

    Model Y price cut may come when demand is satiated?

    You never know. When I ordered my MYLR in June 2020, after I placed my order, and while I was waiting for a VIN, the price dropped $3K. FSD also went up by $1K, to $8,000. Tesla honored the new price but stated I also had to take the new price for FSD, which I did...and still saved $2K. If you...
  4. Impaler

    New Heads Up Display for Model Y / 3

  5. Impaler

    Any compelling alternatives to a Model Y?

    I have had the MYLR since June 2020, and while I keep an eye on the market, I haven't seen anything that has the combo of features, tech, charging infrastructure, and overall satisfaction that I'm getting from the Y. I just looked at a review of the BMW i4 and as is the case with many of the EVs...
  6. Impaler

    Why CarPlay?

    I’d like CarPlay too but I haven’t had it for over a year now and don’t even think about it any more.
  7. Impaler

    Premium Connectivity question

    I can’t imagine not having the live traffic. Mine just went to paid after a year and for $10 it’s a no brainer.
  8. Impaler

    Do Not Understand Tesla Rationale for Why There is No Sirius/XM in Model 3 or Y

    Probably costs too much to license the right to have it in the car. Just stream from the phone.
  9. Impaler

    How about a drive in movie mode?

    Ty hat would be cool. I did a drive in combined with a camping weekend in the Model Y. I put the screen in screen cleaning mode and it kept it dark, as I needed the radio on to hear the movie.
  10. Impaler

    Autopark People!

    It’s garbage anyway. It barely works and is very buggy. You’re not missing much.
  11. Impaler

    Model Y "Expected Delivery Date" Craziness

    My advice to anyone ordering a car - don't change anything. It will totally mess with the delivery date.
  12. Impaler

    Towed with 20 MYP today = abysmal

    Yeah, plenty of videos on the abysmal range for towing. Not a great use case for Teslas.
  13. Impaler

    No park assist with update 2021.4.16

    Does park assist actually work for some of you? I gave up on it a long time ago. It never sees spots in a parking lot that are obvious and should be sensed, and at times it suggests a parking spot if I'm in a drive thru or at a traffic intersection. The software for that seems poorly written, or...
  14. Impaler

    More Y Competition

    I think making an EV is far easier than building out a reliable, nationwide infrastructure. It's the key. That said, I also know Elon has talked so often about how scaling up production is the most difficult thing, and that building a prototype is comparatively easy.
  15. Impaler

    How many Y do you spot in a day?

    Used to be, I barely spotted any. Now I might see 1-2/day.
  16. Impaler

    Model Y Range LR Vs Performance

    I went with the Long Range. For me, range was the most important consideration. It's still the fastest car I've ever owned, and I've owned Mustang GTs. I tried the $2K boost, but felt while fun, I really didn't need it and the extra wear on the tires if/when I got on the accelerator. I tend to...
  17. Impaler

    Took Delivery Today

  18. Impaler

    MY LR, when to order?

    Install was super easy for the service center. So worth it. Best garage opener I've ever had in a car.
  19. Impaler

    Model Y repairs

    Tesla does body repair through the app now. Try that.
  20. Impaler

    MY LR, when to order?

  21. Impaler

    MY LR, when to order?

  22. Impaler

    cruise brakes automatically in traffic? is this normal?

    Ahhh...that makes sense, that the divided highway is what the Autosteer uses to determine when to set the above mileage restriction.
  23. Impaler

    Alert warning: "Vehicle may not restart. Service is required" Code BMS_a035. "Electrical ...."

    Yikes, how long have you had your car? I hope you can get it safely to a service center, or a mobile appointment.
  24. Impaler

    Should they add stalkless driving to Model Y?

    That was a great podcast, totally worth checking out. #1609 - Elon Musk
  25. Impaler

    MY with new console spotted today

    I got these, and they don't have any ugly logos on them. They seem identical to the Tesla ones. I like them a lot, and I've been using them since last August, so I've gotten the warm weather and snow experience. 2020-2021 Tesla Model Y Floor Mats Interior Liners
  26. Impaler

    cruise brakes automatically in traffic? is this normal?

    Great description above! Technically, "Autopilot" is a family of capabilities, which included with all new Teslas, includes both TACC and Autosteer, and for some, the optional $10K FSD features. So really, whether you're using TACC alone or Autosteer (which essentially is TACC plus lane...
  27. Impaler

    MY LR, when to order?

    None taken. I don't consider my decision to be pot luck, though. I researched for months before taking the plunge. It was based on easing my range anxiety, developing a charging strategy, prepping my house for a wall connector, and thinking through the next 5-10 years of my life...where I'll be...
  28. Impaler

    Elon Musk: Model Y will outsell the Model S, X, and 3 COMBINED... really?

    Boy, you're so right about the F-150 being so central to Ford's sustainability. Sandy Munro talks about the issue the big three truck makers have. The CT is really a radical design, and as amazing as I think it looks and is, I think a lot of traditional truck buyers (most are just normal truck...
  29. Impaler

    New features arriving for Model Y in 2021

    What jcanoe said! :-)
  30. Impaler

    No more album art after 2021.4.3 :-(

    I always read the release notes in detail. The only thing my notes said was basically a generic bug fix note.
  31. Impaler

    Tesla friendly campgrounds

    You have a point there. Could be. I was the only car in a sea of huge RVs. I think the one-off, small, family owned sites are the way to go. This one was a major RV place...kids running all over, pool, lots of facilities. Where we wound up felt more like camping.
  32. Impaler

    Acceleration Boost Still Available?

    Does the AB retain its settings between owners? Or is it software reset if ownership changes? I've seen people's posts indicating both.
  33. Impaler

    Tesla friendly campgrounds

    ‎RV LIFE - RV GPS & Campgrounds
  34. Impaler

    Tesla friendly campgrounds

    Quick story...last August, the missus and I decided to take a weekend and go "camping" in the Model Y. We got the mattress set up, the 14-50 and TT-30 adapters, and hit the road. We booked a campground. When we showed up, the guy at the RV place said we couldn't stay there, due to "liability"...
  35. Impaler

    New features arriving for Model Y in 2021

    Air suspension is not in the works, that I'm aware of, for 3/Y, for 2021. Also bear in mind, Tesla doesn't do "model years" like other manufacturers do. They do incremental updates when they're ready.
  36. Impaler

    cruise brakes automatically in traffic? is this normal?

    There is a known "stealth braking" issue with Teslas. I know in my 2020 MY, I avoid using TACC/Autosteer on certain roads, because it will brake with no warning - and it's quite jarring. For instance, on a road with cars on the shoulder, it will do that sometimes, even though I'm nowhere near...
  37. Impaler

    Auto pilot in stop and go freeway traffic

    I think stop and go traffic is the perfect time to use TACC and/or Auto Steer. I use the following distance of "4", and it's fine. The only abrupt stopping behavior is when I'm on a road where the speed limit is 50 or 55, and I come to a light. It rolls in so fast to the stopped traffic; I...
  38. Impaler

    No more album art after 2021.4.3 :-(

    I just noticed after installing 2021.4.3, that the countdown time for the current track now shows...I don't remember seeing that before...on an iPhone using the Music app and Overcast podcast app, and it works great. It's small text, so maybe that's why. Am I out of my mind, or is this new?
  39. Impaler

    Winter tires needed for a MYP March delivery in Boston?

    Those 21" tires will really stink in deep snow. The 20" inductions with the all-weather tires aren't great, either.
  40. Impaler

    Test driving Model Y as Model 3 owner

    NHTSA rated it as a 7.9% chance of rollover, the lowest of any SUV/crossover ever tested. Rollover rating is 5 stars. Actually the MY is 5 stars all around. You can't get safer, statistically, than any other SUV/crossover on the road. Add in the built-in safety features and you simply can't do...
  41. Impaler

    MY with new console spotted today

    They look identical to the Tesmanian mats I got last summer, that have elevated edges. Wonder if Tesla just ordered them from Tesmanian and re-branded them.
  42. Impaler

    MY with new console spotted today

    How is the service center in SLC?
  43. Impaler

    MY LR, when to order?

    My advice is to not overthink it. Just order the MY when you're ready. Teslas are, by design, iteratively improved vehicles; you will never get something that will be "future-proofed" forever. Just get what you want, when you want it. I ordered mine last July, and I don't have dimming outside...
  44. Impaler

    Elon Musk: Model Y will outsell the Model S, X, and 3 COMBINED... really?

    Ohhh...I don't know. With the big three looking to electrify their trucks, I can see someone on the fence on what is a radical design with the CT, and the reliable and venerable F-150, for non-Tesla owners, most people may be inclined to go with what they know. In fact, I think most ICE truck...
  45. Impaler

    Should they add stalkless driving to Model Y?

    I'd like it. I like the yoke look on the MS. I'd take that.
  46. Impaler

    Why a Y Needs Mud Guards/Flaps

    Got them!
  47. Impaler

    Trying to buy but really?

    Wasn't a battle for me. I got mine in late July - it had a few fit/finish issues, fixed on the spot and with one service visit. Seemed easy to me. idk
  48. Impaler

    Elon Musk: Model Y will outsell the Model S, X, and 3 COMBINED... really?

    I totally believe it, given the nature of the crossover market.
  49. Impaler

    2020 Model Y Upgrade

    I'm particularly interested in #3. I would replace my mirrors with auto-dimming if offered by Telsa.

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