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    Model Y Rear Ended - Others Experience?

    Replacement of any welded-on unibody panels compromises the structural integrity of the unibody. As yours is a "frame-damaged" car, expect to lose almost half of the car's value.

    Need some help from anyone with a brand new Model 3 Performance and question on diminished value

    FYI, an accurate, real-world diminished value, assuming no structural damage, will be about 10% - 15% of the trade-in value.

    Diminished Value in NY

    I was just made aware of this post and called Nick to explain that we never did see an email from him. Any Tesla owner who has hired us can attest to the fact that we are responsive. I was also glad to hear that this case is ongoing and hope that a positive result is attained.

    Got Hit n Run in Parking Lot - TeslaCam caught it!

    Regarding auto diminished value, not that it applies in this case, sometimes it is the quality of the evidence you provide proving the existence and approximate amount of diminished value. Of course, the first claim examiner you speak to has his or her marching orders, deny, deny, deny. It is...

    Deer Head Butted MY…Diminished Value Claim?

    Why would a diminished value claim be denied on the basis of "minor damage"?

    Deer Head Butted MY…Diminished Value Claim?

    It is unfortunate that your deer hit won't give you standing to submit a diminished value claim in most states, not just RI. I just left there on Saturday after spending the last two weeks. Definitely on the lookout for deer, especially dawn and dusk. One thing that most people don't know is...

    2021 Model Y Rear-Ended, literally does not turn on and adjuster says damage is 9k- need help with DV claim

    In all states, you can make a third-party diminished value claim against the at-fault driver's insurance company. However, only in Georgia and North Carolina is it possible to make a first-party diminished value claim against your own insurer. From the photos I can see that your car did not...

    The BlueS may have played it's last song

    Yes, you lucked out. The change in diminished value laws in Massachusetts was long overdue. I'd like to see this happen in New York as well. That state still has case law supporting either repairs or diminished value but not both.

    PLAID damaged by TESLA minutes before delivery!

    It became too frustrating, so I couldn't go on reading the responses that you were getting from other members of the forum. Bottom line is, if you go to trade the car in to another dealer, let's say, a BMW dealer - or sell it to a savvy private buyer - they will spot the repair that was done and...

    Over 20K worth of front end damages, not including paint or other parts the body shop might find.

    A $20,000 initial estimate can easily turn into double that amount. Wait until the insurance appraiser assesses the damage after which you'll have a better idea. You will be better off with a total loss because after having a repair history, the car is going to be worth half of its pre-accident...

    Model 3 rear-ended by driver insured by Leader/Infinity/Kemper Insurance in GA

    A few quick clarifications. In no state with the possible exception of Michigan, is there a regulation prohibiting car owners from filing claims for diminished value and loss of use as long as the accident was not your fault. A car owner can file a diminished value claim any time; even prior...

    Model 3 rear-ended by driver insured by Leader/Infinity/Kemper Insurance in GA

    If that quarter panel is replaced you've now got a structurally-repaired car. It will take a big hit when you sell or trade it in.

    My poor baby, someone rear ended me, anyone know what to expect in cost and time?

    Be sure to note whether any unibody panels (such as the rear body panel) are replaced. If so, you've got a structurally-repaired car that will lose almost half of it's pre-accident value. If not, the diminished value won't be more than 10%-15% of the FMV.

    Diminished value claim?

    FYI, many folks whose cars have suffered significant damage but find that their insurer wants to repair vs. total the car, can obtain Diminished Value Reports and even Loss of Use Reports prior to authorizing repairs. When insurers realize that they could be on the hook for an additional...

    Model 3 loss of use claim

    $125/Day for a Tesla 3 or similar car on a long-term basis.

    YADVT: Yet Another Diminished Value Thread

    It's unfortunate that many insurers occasionally, and with no rhyme or reason, decide to force some people to litigate. At the very least, your evidence of the existence and approximate amount of diminished value is far superior that anything that the insurance company can counter with. Also...

    Diminished value claim -- any successes?

    Get a second independent appraisal. Cheaper than an attorney (which you may still eventually need). Your car had structural damage so it has lost about 40% of it's pre-accident trade-in value. Make sure the appraiser does not use a formula or algorithm. Also, steer clear of appraisers that say...

    Diminish value claim - need referral

    Good job and a lesson for anyone who feels that being compensated for diminished value is a lost cause.

    Totaled or repaired Model 3 - what to wish for?

    Your experience isn't a one-off. Trying to go it yourself, without competent representation (appraiser, advocate, lawyer if necessary) most often ends up settling for ten cents on the dollar. While the process can drag on, it shouldn't be all that stressful or expensive. The independent...

    Diminished Value Claim (CA) for minor damage in 4-car Pile-Up?

    Good job. We tell all clients that you'll need two things, a good appraisal and persistence. If you hadn't supplied the second part your efforts would have failed.

    Totaled or repaired Model 3 - what to wish for?

    Presenting the insurer with a DV appraisal for $20K (Not a lot for a structurally-damaged car) they might be willing to total the car. There are other reasons for totaling a badly damaged car vs. repairing it. This pertains to cars with even minor damages - insurance companies are playing the...

    Diminished Value Claim (CA) for minor damage in 4-car Pile-Up?

    KingKong5, The accident does not need to show up on Carfax or Autocheck in order to qualify for a diminished value claim. To prove this, ask GEICO if they are telling you to sell the car without disclosing the accident. Ask them to respond in writing. There's no way that they would say yes so...

    Establishing diminished value for insurance

    It may be too late to do you any good but I'll post this anyway for those who may benefit from it in the future. As a matter of fact, it was a Tesla owner who first suggested this novel approach. He asked us to prepare a diminished value report prior to authorizing repairs in an effort to...

    Diminished value claim -- any successes?

    We have just joined the TMC forums and are so happy to read the positive reviews and recommendations. Thank you. And all who have questions are invited to call and ask.

    Diminish value claim - need referral

    It is a pleasure to read your comments and especially gratifying to see our company be so highly recommended by forum members. Just want to extend an invitation to the OP to call me. Look up The St. Lucie Appraisal Company in Fort Pierce, FL. Perhaps I can help you on the proper way to respond...

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