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  1. J

    Tesla Failed to Send in my Registration

    I bought my M3 in mid November and still have not received my plates.
  2. J

    Supercharger - Huntsville, AL

    Any updates on this Supercharger? My son may be moving to Huntsville soon so I hope this one gets built.
  3. J

    New SR+ tire question

    Agreed. The fact that I cant drive the car under 40 degrees temperature is frustrating but I am more bummed that my range will take a hit when compared with the all season MXM4 tires.
  4. J

    New SR+ tire question

    I stand corrected, the tires are Michelin Pilot Sport 4. Nevertheless, they are still summer tires.
  5. J

    New SR+ tire question

    I am the OP. My tires are the Pilot 4s summer tires. They came on my brand new 2021 SR+ with 3 miles on it that I picked up last week. I took a couple of pictures of the tread to confirm.
  6. J

    New SR+ tire question

    SR+ or Performance?
  7. J

    New SR+ tire question

    That’s interesting. I did look at another new SR+ they had there and it too had the Pilot 4S’s. The sales guy didn’t know the difference in the tires and said the Pilot’s were all season. They are most definitely not.
  8. J

    New SR+ tire question

    The title was supposed to be SR+ tire question…. Not ST+.
  9. J

    New SR+ tire question

    I picked up my new 2021 Standard Range Plus today. 18 inch wheels/tires. I noticed the tires are Michelin Pilot 4s instead of the all season MXM4’s that came on my 2019 model. Did this change recently? Im not loving the fact that it is a summer tire and the less range the car will have with...
  10. J

    Supercharger - Knoxville, TN - Neyland Drive

    I live in Knoxville. They were removed long ago.
  11. J

    Engine hum

    Not normal since you don't have an engine.
  12. J

    Service Center - Knoxville, TN

  13. J

    Service Center - Knoxville, TN

    I just rode by there. There are several cars in front as others have stated but most have license plates (some Tennessee, Some California). They mostly look like they are already owned (tinted windows). I took a few pictures of the two superchargers and six destination chargers and the power...
  14. J

    Supercharger - Greenville, AL

    I have never seen a Supercharger be out of service for this long. This is going on for close to two months now.
  15. J

    Should LFP batteries be charged to 100%?

    I have read that the new LFP batteries have the old "memory effect" that the old Nickel batteries had. If this is the case, it seems like a step backwards. I assume that's another reason Tesla is promoting charging to 100%.
  16. J

    Apple Watch/Tesla question

    Thanks for the replies
  17. J

    Apple Watch/Tesla question

    I have an Iphone 11 that works fine with my M3 with calls and texts. If I were to get an Apple Watch (which will be linked to my Iphone) and have the watch on while driving, will my messages and calls still show up on my Apple Watch? Or will it show on the car only? Or both? Does anyone have...
  18. J

    Voice command to make calls not working?

    Same here. I did several reboots too. I use an iPhone. I think it started happening after the iOS update 14.4. Maybe just a coincidence but it seemed to happen to me about the same time I updated my phone software.
  19. J

    Model 3 Standard range Plus question

    I also own an SR+ and would strongly advise you to get the Long Range model if possible. I am lucky to get 160 miles on the highway doing 70-75 mph in the summer. In the winter, I cant even make it between superchargers if they are more than 120-130 miles apart. In the winter for trips I drive...
  20. J

    Supercharger - Knoxville, TN - Neyland Drive

    Yeah. I thought this was a mistake when I saw it on my Tesla App.
  21. J

    Pirelli Cinturato P7 All Season (not Plus or Plus II)

    I just put these new tires on my Model 3 18 inch SR+. If anyone is interested, here are a few points of interest: Pirelli Cinturato P7 All Season | 235/45R18 (tirerack.com) First, these apparently are the older p7's which are EcoImpact rated. They are LLR tires which was very important to me...
  22. J

    2020 Model 3 18” Aero wheels and tires $950

    Thanks for the offer. I really need ones with the TPMS. Good luck!
  23. J

    WTB: 18 inch Model 3 OEM tires

    Looking for 4 tires or tires and wheels with TPMS.
  24. J

    FS: M3 OEM 18” tires CAD$450 - Toronto - barely used

    I know you specified pick up only but if you would reconsider about shipping, I am interested. I am in the USA zip code 37932.
  25. J

    FS: (Canada) 4 tires - $980CAD - Michelin Primacy MXM4 235/45R18 OEM Tires 8/32 100% tread

    Would you consider shipping to the USA. Knoxville TN? If so, how much?
  26. J

    160 miles on charge 92%-4%

    Thanks for all the replies. I will be making this trip a lot more in the future. I will not be able to make it in the winter. I guess I rent an ICE for winter trips.
  27. J

    160 miles on charge 92%-4%

    2019 SR+. I made a trip from Knoxville TN to Kingsland GA. Round trip. Averaged efficiently was 260ish. My speeds were 70-75 mph. A/C set on 71 degrees. Two people in the car. Here is an example of the problem. All other charges were similar. I charged up in Columbia SC to 92% and barely made...
  28. J

    FS: 18'' Model 3 Aero Wheels/Tires/Caps/TPMS

    Will you ship to Tennessee?
  29. J

    Expiring Free Supercharging Miles

    Great timing, Tesla....
  30. J

    Need some help. Serious range problems. LR, Dual

    After speaking with multiple Tesla owners, most are disappointed in their range (me included).What I have been able to gather is that on average, real world range in summer is about 75% of what Tesla advertises, In winter, that number is about 50% (sometimes much worse) of what Tesla advertises...
  31. J

    SR owners only (NOT SR+) What is your max range at 100% SOC?

    Tesla still has work to do on their batteries. Their batteries are not up to the task yet.
  32. J

    Lowering Charge Remotely

    Turn the heat on high. It will be below 90% I less than an hour.
  33. J

    Charging Nema 6-20?

    On a 5-20, I get 7 mph. On a 5-15, I get 4-5 mph.
  34. J

    Moisture condensation in taillights, fog lights, etc

    Tail light water intrusion
  35. J

    Moisture condensation in taillights, fog lights, etc

    Is anyone else having this issue? The bad one is the right side. Tesla agreed to replace that one but not the left side which is not as bad.
  36. J

    Car needs service - Unable to Charge

    I got a text today from Tesla stating they will need to replace the charge port control unit on mine. I had the exact same error while supercharging recently. They said I had an internal error show up.
  37. J

    Car needs service - Unable to Charge

    I recently got the same error pop up while supercharging on a trip to Florida. The car continued to charge and I supercharged several times after that. I scheduled a mobile appointment and got a text stating they needed to know the exact time and date of the error so they can investigate. Still...
  38. J

    Tesla in Tennessee

    I live in Knoxville, TN and I didn’t pay an extra $100 registration fee. That’s ridiculous.
  39. J

    Supercharger Curve for SR (downgraded from SR+)

    Can you tell a major difference in the acceleration? Does the downgraded model feel as strong as the SR+?
  40. J

    How do I disable the noisemaker in my Tesla Model 3

    That sounds absolutely ridiculous. If mine had that I would trade it tomorrow.
  41. J

    Waiting for SR downgrade

    Window sticker always wins. Price is always negotiable. If Tesla tries to alter or in any way deny you a sticker at delivery, they lose.
  42. J

    Waiting for SR downgrade

    If your window sticker states it is an SR+, you may get lucky and not be downgraded. Federal law is violated if they don’t keep the car the same as the window sticker. Many posts on this.
  43. J

    SR charge to 100%, Multiple charge cycles ok?

    Now that you have been converted to the SR, how big of a difference is the power? Does it feel much slower?
  44. J

    Tesla finally downgraded me from SR+ (240 miles) to SR (220 miles)

    Is the power decrease very noticeable?
  45. J

    Tesla finally downgraded me from SR+ (240 miles) to SR (220 miles)

    Did it change via software update?
  46. J

    Downgrade SR+ and get $2000 back?

    Did the downgrade come via a software update or did they send it over LTE?
  47. J

    Downgrade SR+ and get $2000 back?

    Does your screen show Standard Range now or does it still show as a Standard Plus?
  48. J

    Frequent supercharging killing my battery range? Only 1800 mileage.

    WOW. You probably have a bad battery if you have a SR+.that's a 26 mile loss. NOT normal.
  49. J

    Tesla model standard upgrade to standard plus

    I have read that if the window stickers reflect SR+, the car can not be downgraded. Federal law dictates window stickers must match the car sold and can not be altered.

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