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  1. ditzpro

    3rd row one seat not lifting up - pls help due to kids needs to sit there

    Me too ? 2017 X ..Tesla won't repair under warranty ..I don't use the 3rd row much so I'm living with it . Seems to be a known problem ..I didn't ask the cost here in Michigan .
  2. ditzpro

    FSD impending 5th strike

    Add me to the false strikes department ..All of mine were on the highway and only one warned me ..3 strikes for me and now no FSD ..I paid for this and it did not have any rules about strikes that took it away ..This is a rip of the first order . I have a 2017 X with no camera ..
  3. ditzpro

    Beta FSD false strikes

    This is really annoying ! I paid for FSD and shouldn't be denied the use of it because of false strikes .(Or any strikes ) . The strike system is not a good thing anyway Don't penalize me for driving my car ..After the FSD stopped working, I then was getting autopilot disengagements that were...
  4. ditzpro

    Spontaneous windshield crack?

    Same here , Michigan ..temp in the 30's ..Parked in garage overnight and in the morning had 3 cracks running up from the bottom of the windshield towards the middle ..That's right , 3 separate cracks .. No evidence of any damage . I called Tesla service and they have to see it to evaluate if...
  5. ditzpro

    interior lighting - front row ceiling light?

    Totally agree with the poster about "missing features "..I bought a cheap stick on LED light with a push switch and stuck it over the existing light . Looks odd but works great .. Try Amazon or you can get them at most auto parts stores .
  6. ditzpro

    Talk button on Steering Wheel Not Working

    Mine has quit as well ..The push scroll button on the left side broke about a year ago and now the talk button. Poor suppliers I guess . I never thought the voice recognition worked very well anyway , but I did use it sometimes .
  7. ditzpro

    DashCam Drive Setup

    Thanks , Now I have to figure out why i can't launch the built in player . Seems simple , car in park , touch the icon.. It just downloads the last snippet . At least that works .
  8. ditzpro

    DashCam Drive Setup

    Anyone find out if it works with X sept 17 upgraded to mcu2 ?? How do you get in touch with Roadie ?
  9. ditzpro

    DashCam Drive Setup

    I have a 2017 X that will not launch the dash cam viewer (2020.24.6.11) ...Maybe I need this instead of the usb stick . I can view the files on my computer though .
  10. ditzpro

    Autosteer speed restricted after HW3 upgrade

    My "X" mostly has no idea what the speed limit is .(At least in my area ) . Sorry , Elon , but I can't test this feature with the speed limit imposed. Too slow and embarrassing . Also I don't understand what the change is about ...5 over works pretty good . When the FSD is implemented ...
  11. ditzpro

    2020.16 and Stop Sign and Stop Light Recognition

    Just looking at it , maybe the car must be in Park position to activate or disable . I've tried it but it seems a nuisance when you encounter a green light .
  12. ditzpro

    2020.16 and Stop Sign and Stop Light Recognition

    How do you turn it off ...Once enabled it's grayed out on my X....
  13. ditzpro

    Right front AP camera fails in heavy rain while on freeways

    Happens to me , too ..Only the right camera ..Just started in october 2019 . And it is in bad weather , Michigan . Annoying !!
  14. ditzpro

    New HOLD mode for increased Re-gen

    2017 2.5 model X 2019.32.2. update ...I don't seem to have this ..Is it restricted to mod 3 or the new computer HW3 ?
  15. ditzpro

    Regen braking dramatically reduced.

    I agree that there is less regen after V10..No question in my mind , cold weather or not ..AND , I don't like it .. One of the downsides to the "Update thing" is , You are at the mercy of the "God" Tesla .. However , there are many upsides . Three years of this , I ' m getting used to it .
  16. ditzpro

    Accessories wire for Tesla MX radio

    I tapped my radar detector with a acc type (car on , detector on ) from a wire on the passenger side inside the center console . I can't remember the color and it was in a small bundle . Sorry , should have taken a pic . I did find this info somewhere in the forum back in 2016 ...Good luck (if I...
  17. ditzpro

    Autopilot Lane Change

    After some experimentation with this (mine never once changed lanes automatically) I just touch the turn signal to go around the slow guys . I regularly drive 200 miles mostly freeway to our summer home and it has never worked "as advertised "...Someday perhaps . Most fun car I have ever had ...
  18. ditzpro

    "doorstop" noise sometimes when AP is breaking 'harder'

    I've had this for months ..Car has been in for service(I was not present ) and not fixed ..They claimed they could not create the noise ,even though I explained in detail ...Stop behind a car at traffic light ,engage autopilot , Hit gas(?) pedal to make car go forward quickly ..Does it every...
  19. ditzpro

    What rating did you do to wire your HPWC, and should you future-proof?

    Not an electric guy so question ..Where is the ground wire to the hpwc on the left side ..Am I just not seeing it ? Received my hpwc but not installed yet ... Thanks
  20. ditzpro

    MX Smart Summon worse than other models?

    gas station scene ...First time I tried Smart summon it drove directly into the gas pump guard ,(before I could react ) ... $850 dollars and I have not touched it since ...Needs work ...
  21. ditzpro

    My solution for increasing HVAC effectiveness when for solo (and pass)

    Pretty Cool (Pun intended ) Great thought for more efficiency
  22. ditzpro

    USB music : multiple genres per file?

    Beats me , I have wrestled with this USB music in the 3 years I have had the car ..Despite making many Usb drives in several configurations I have never been happy with the interface . Tesla needs to put a guy on this ...
  23. ditzpro

    2019.28.3.1 breaks Christmas Show

    Bummer , My nieces really like that one (even better than the emissions) .. Also , very entertaining once in a while at summer parties . Fix it , Elon
  24. ditzpro

    Very Stiff Steering Wheel Issue

    Here it is 2019 and my model x has this issue (2017 x 100d 30K miles) .. I have been trying to get to tesla service for 2 days now with no luck . My SC (cleveland) does not answer and the mailbox is full . Called roadside service and was told 2 weeks to get a diagnosis . Looking for answers...
  25. ditzpro

    Sun visor rattle?

    coil up a piece of paper and slip it in around the magnet...
  26. ditzpro


    After I got 4.1 the steering wheel seem to stick on left turns ...Maybe my imagination but still I had to pull it at times .
  27. ditzpro

    Model X/S hands free smart trunk and Model S power lift gate

    I agree ..The install seems very complex but I think the install video is terrible ..Moving the camera al around like that makes it impossible to see what he's doing ..I suspect that the install is not that hard but you would have a tough time following that procedure from the video .
  28. ditzpro

    Shudder when autopilot brakes

    My car never did this until recently .. So something is out of whack ...The sound on mine is loud and a definite shudder ..Also sounds like it's coming from the right front only ...
  29. ditzpro

    Shudder when autopilot brakes

    I have the same problem ..Funny , it only happens when on Autopilot ...The tech on an unrelated repair told me that it was probably the anti-locks /// I could not make it do it while he was at the house ... Next time I'm at the SC , I'll have them check it . Mine started with 24K on the car ..
  30. ditzpro

    Navigate on Autosteer question

    Totally agree ,.. Some of the new features are more trouble than the manual activation ...All necessary on the way to FSD, I guess .. On that note , I think that the majority of FSD will be too annoying to use except in some situations ..(Like the AutoPilot is wonderfull on freeways , but not so...
  31. ditzpro

    USB music sorting of songs

    Actually, Folders do not show up on my USB anymore ..also I have noticed the random order of the songs now ...I have never got the USB interface to work to my liking ..Seems that Tesla would have a dedicated software person spend some time on this as most other cars have it under control ..I...
  32. ditzpro

    Most consistent (and annoying) autopilot error

    Yes , This behavior has been active for quite a while ..Always upsets my wife when it happens ..I thought Tesla would have fixed it by now but still waiting ..Minor but annoying ..
  33. ditzpro

    Battery no longer charging to 100%

    Update::: After reading much info on the forums (Thanks Guys ) I ran the car down to 20miles (scary) and charged on my home charger to 100% ..Took 12 hours but the first effort returned 282 miles at 100% and the second time it charged to 292 ,nearly the new battery amount . I am relieved and...
  34. ditzpro

    Battery no longer charging to 100%

    Same problem as the thread starter ...100D with 27K on it ...I have been trying various answers here with no results . Still waiting for the service tech to help ...I'm down to 247miles at a setting of 100%... It seems to be progressing downward ...My green indicator is at about 83% which does...
  35. ditzpro

    Model X will not charge to set limit

    Somewhat similar , 2017 X100D with 27K miles ..Car charges to 247 miles and says "charge complete " when set to 100% ..Green indicator shows 85% and will not go to the end with repeated charge requests ...Tried the "down to 5% and letting it go to 100% " with no change . Same thing on home...
  36. ditzpro

    Model X 90kWh battery pack degradation

    talked to a tech today after trying yesterday ..He said he could get a virtual(?) tech to look at the battery specs ,but , not til Monday . He did agree that something was wrong ..My first "X"90D (255 mile range ) that I had for 16 months never got below 250 miles ..It never concerned me ...Now...
  37. ditzpro

    Model X 90kWh battery pack degradation

    Thanks for the info...I'll try charging on my home charger to 100% a few times .. Results in a few days ..
  38. ditzpro

    Model X 90kWh battery pack degradation

    Does the little battery symbol charge indicator show 100% even if your car only shows 256 miles when "Charging Complete " shows . Mine (battery symbol) never goes to the end anymore ...Maybe this indicates a problem with the software that is stopping it from charging to full ..Forkee's green...
  39. ditzpro

    Model X 90kWh battery pack degradation

    My 100D X with 27K on it and 18 months old went from 285 miles full charge to 256 full charge in the last 3 months . It was fine in December 18 at 285 and now 256 ...Weird , to happen after 15 months with very little degrading ... Always respected the 20-90 rule when charging .
  40. ditzpro

    Range Failure

    Hopefully this is pertaining to this thread ..I am a little freaked ..I have a 1 year (26K miles) X...Very little issues with it ..I make a 250 mile trip about 3 times a year which is the only time I use a supercharger . In December I charged to 292 miles at home to make the trip , stopping at a...
  41. ditzpro

    Model X 90kWh battery pack degradation

    My 100D with 26K and 18 months old just went from full charge 286 to 256 full within 3 months..New it was 294 .... . I rarely use superchargers , about 8 times a year ..Always charge to 80% (225 mi) each night at home .. So , not the norm , I guess ..Degradation is 11% in the 18 months ..Not...
  42. ditzpro

    Tesla Store, ever have anything in stock?

    Seat hooks do not stick on my MX ...I did get mine 2 years ago so ???..Hanging clothes just not an option ... Mine came with the J1772 ...
  43. ditzpro

    Tesla's algorithms still out off whack

    I'm thinking about road trips only ...
  44. ditzpro

    Tesla's algorithms still out off whack

    All of this should go away when charging stations are as ubiquitous as gas stations ! Range is still a really big deal when traveling ..
  45. ditzpro

    Love - Hate - Apathetic Version 9

    I have pretty much adjusted to V9 ..Took some getting used to... Camera position doesn''t bother me . Just figured out how to turn off the climate completely ..Frustrating for a bit .(long press the symbol) ...Autopilot seems somewhat more secure ..I don't see much improvement in the UI , (one...
  46. ditzpro

    Duh ... v9 & passenger side climate?

    Tried that and didn't seem to work ..I'll go back at it . Thanks
  47. ditzpro

    Climate-control bug in V9?

    how do you control the driver / passenger climate ..The 8.0 version had separate temp controls ..I do see a sync button but no way to separately control the two . Thanks
  48. ditzpro

    Speed limits

    So , obviously I had a map update that screwed up the limits ... THanks for all the comments ...I am going to keep complaining about it to Tesla (bug reports ) I am due to visit the SC in June and will make a stink about it there however the roads in question are in Michigan and my SC is in Ohio .
  49. ditzpro

    Speed limits

    I have waited through the latest release hoping for a better experience ...currently on 18.20...I have the new mcu update ,or at least the maps load much faster ...I don't see much difference if , in fact, I have the new maps . Speed assist has always been off ..And the problem is with the...
  50. ditzpro

    Speed limits

    I have had my "X" for 18 months now .I live in a rural area (out in the country ) in Michigan . THe X has never had the speed limits right on some roads , namely the ones that unposted state limits . However in the last month , it has lost all it's sense of the limits ..Almost all the limits on...

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