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    2020 SR+ Foglights

    Question. Will the euro fog lights work on a US model?
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    New SR+ Satelitte Maps / Live Traffic disappeared.

    Yes it’s broke. Same for me. Was about to go out and reset the car but checked here first.
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    Mine stopped working for me today. Tesla finally turned off our extra access?
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    Tesla gave my car away to someone else

    LOL. You sir have more self control than I do. I the week and a half I’ve had mines: Windows tinted 30% Aftermarket spoiler Wrapped console in leather matching other leather. Wireless charging. Mud flaps in matching color. White. Usb drive. next up: ceramic coating with ppf in front...
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    MASTER THREAD: 2019.36.2.1 - new HOLD mode and other features

    Are all of you FSD or EAP? I only have auto pilot.
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    Tesla gave my car away to someone else

    yes. Went through picking the service center. The update was pushed to me in 24 hours. You may get it soon. Mines was on a weekday, not sure if the weekend makes a difference.
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    Tesla gave my car away to someone else

    Open a service ticket in the app that you are not getting updates. They will push it to your car. Worked for me.
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    No Frunk Bag Hooks

    That's a $20K car by looking at just the frunk. I love my Tesla, but...they need to do better than this.
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    No Frunk Bag Hooks

    It's not just the frunk hooks. It's the cumulative things that have gone missing in a $40K+ vehicle. What peeves me is the fog lights are installed, yet I have to pay $9K more to have them enabled. The fog lights are more useful to me than 310 range and dual motors. Question about the missing...
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    Tesla gave my car away to someone else

    Got my fingers and toes crossed for you that the inspection goes well. I picked mines up on Oct 29th. Perfect condition. Been to busy driving, buying accessories, and quoting Tint, PPF and Ceramic coating. Just because you got the car doesn't mean you'll stop spending money.
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    Tesla gave my car away to someone else

    @luso07, Whats the latest?
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    Video of accident shows incapacitated driver using AP nag defeat device

    This dude is retarded. He’ll be the next major Tesla headline to cause us and the company grief.
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    can u imagine how bad Tesla service will be in 2022?

    Tesla only requires a high school diploma and a drivers license for service technicians. I agree that someone has to learn, but without more education, you'll continue to get technicians that don't know jack. A teeny weeny part of me thinks that a dealership model would help Tesla in this...
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    I drive 20% of my battery; percentage response

    Most people just ask me how far I can go on a single charge. Then the conversation usually goes into long distances and I have to educate them on supercharging.
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    Custom order with 50 miles on the odometer?

    Funniest thing I read all week.
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    New Model 3 floor mats

    They're just posting the link to get the discount.
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    Custom order with 50 miles on the odometer?

    Got mines today. 7 miles on OD. Paperwork showed 50. Common.
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    Tesla gave my car away to someone else

    Hearing these issues with people buying from inventory I feel blessed. Got mines in 11 days. Only complaint; still on V9. They didn’t update it.
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    Bought FSD today

    My current MS has AP1. I use it so sparingly that I knew I wouldn't buy FSD when I ordered my M3. I enjoy driving. I enjoy the thrill of driving my Tesla. I'll pony up for FSD once its truly a level 4 experience. AP is all I need at the moment.
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    New Model 3 floor mats

    Just purchased these earlier today. For the price, I won't be too bummed if they turn out to be crap. I'll just replace them later with something more durable. Road Comforts Tesla Model 3 Custom Fit Floor Mats
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    Picture of new grey wheels?

    Thats gonna be a denied delivery if they try to give that to a customer. LOL
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    Buying used Tesla process through Tesla

    I got a CPO when CPO was a thing. 2 weeks from order to delivery. I'm not sure if they care as much about the used cars now that there is no CPO program.
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    Tesla gave my car away to someone else

    Nah, I really got more things going on in my life than to obsess over it. Had I not called and went there for no reason tomorrow, that would have been a different story. And the really sad part, I would never put up with any of this with another automaker/dealership. I did search for...
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    Tesla gave my car away to someone else

    Well about that. Today I called to see if I could pick up my car early. Appointment is scheduled for tomorrow but I'll be in the area later today so figured I'd try since the delivery center is about 45 mins from my house. Person on the phone proceeds to tell me that the rim was scratched...
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    Tesla gave my car away to someone else

    The white SR+ I got from inventory was located in Cherry Hill, NJ. I'm glad you didn't want that one because they would have probably given it to you instead of shipping it to NC.
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    How long does email customer support generally take to get back to you?

    They get back to you? I thought it was just an email black hole.
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    What are you guys doing while waiting for delivery ?

    Planning the details of our trip to the mountains the day after I take delivery.
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    Small problems. Longevity

    Owning a Tesla is like having a hot girlfriend with various small issues. You love her, you don't wanna leave. Every time you try, you get in and drive. You fall in love all over again. It's a vicious cycle. /s
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    What’s coming next in V11?

    Agreed on the CarPlay, but Siri reads my texts and dictates my responses just fine.
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    Tesla Model Y Looks Hot In Red: More Real-World Sightings

    Ok I’m sold. My wife is getting one regardless if she wants it or not.
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    Homelink ordering issues?

    To be very honest, I'm not in the process of buying my second Tesla because of their customer service. After dealing with them for the past few years, I set the bar low when it comes to getting complete satisfaction from customer service. That said, there are a few at my local service/delivery...
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    Demo vehicle pricing

    I would take a look at inventory. There are some out there. I configured mines, realized there was a 6-10 week wait, checked inventory. Found on in NJ with the same configuration. Called my local service center and they assigned it to me. Shipped for free. Ordered last Friday. Delivery this...
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    Battery degradation hidden in energy consumption?

    Rain does affect your vehicles efficiency as well.
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    Debating 20” Wheels

    19's for the happy medium?
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    Service center loaned me a 75D...I love it (comparing Model 3 to Model S)

    I own a Model S and love it as I prefer larger cars. Trading down for a Model 3. 3 is the better daily driver. S is the better family car. Both are fun to drive for me but for different situations.
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    Here's My Dilemma

    Had the same problem. Got the financing from my CU and Ordered a LR on 10/17. Thats when I found out I wouldn't get it until December sometime. Searched existing inventory, found a White SR+ with 19s. Called my local service center and had it assigned to me. Now page shows "within 2 weeks." I...
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    Looks like V10 infotainment features not supported by MCU1 (video)

    Shame they didn't make MCU2 backwards compatible with older Teslas. They're missing out on some revenue. Too many times I'm stuck just sitting while my wife is shopping and my daughter has my phone.

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