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    Loud "helicopter" sound from fan below frunk (cold weather)

    Its related to the fan hitting the shroud. It can be caused by ice buildup or a loose balancing weight. If it was in your garage its probably a fan blade weight. Its an easy fix for service.
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    1Up bike rack and trunk clearance on Model 3?

    I have a 50 lb. ebike too and I use the Kuat 2.0 NV base.
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    Model 3 Tint (pictures?)

    80% windshield, 30% on sides and rear. All sunteck ceramic
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    Do I buy used M3P or New LR ?

    I would go with the 2021 LR just for the new changes that came this december.
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    Any Model 3 with new projector headlights in the USA?

    I saw a new model 3 on the 101 freeway in Sherman Oaks this week with the new headlights. I noticed the change right away. They looked good, slightly noticeable but definitely not obvious to anyone other than a enthusiast.
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    YouTube TV

    Thanks for this info!
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    Model 3 New Power Trunk Photo (Fremont Factory)

    When these cars are delivered the black trim is covered in white plastic with the the exception of the rear triangle window trim. That rear piece is not covered.
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    2021 Model 3 and differences from 2020

    No, its for winter times when weather is very cold. I live in Los Angeles and my wife's car has a heated steering wheel. It is nice a few months of the year when its cold in the morning. Like below 45º. It gets warm but not hot and combined with the heated seats it warms you up fast before...
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    120v Mobile Charger reducing amps

    Thank you for this info. I had no idea that there was a red light and that it indicates a code. Today I was planning to go take a look at the light to see exactly what the problem was. But, it stayed below 100 degrees in the valley and the charger never dropped below 12amps. So I am...
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    120v Mobile Charger reducing amps

    Wow, I did not know there were temp sensors in all 3 parts. It is plugged in with direct sunlight and 100*+ temperature. So that makes sense that it works fast during the early morning and afternoon but slows down during the hottest part of the day.
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    120v Mobile Charger reducing amps

    To be honest, I don’t really charge at home. I work 60 hours a week and with a 35 mile round trip commute, charging at work 12 hours daily should be all I need. So I guess everything is working as designed. Is the reduction in amps because of the temperature of the mobile charger body, or the...
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    120v Mobile Charger reducing amps

    I am having trouble determining why my Tesla mobile charger is reducing the amps while charging on 120v. I charge while at work. I work 12 hour shifts and I am using a 120v 15 amp standard outlet. When I plug in the app shows I am charging at 122v 12/12amp and getting 5 mi / hour. Then a few...
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    All Model 3s built since 9/1/2019 have a pedestrian warning speaker installed

    Yes, reverse sound was so annoying I unplugged the speaker the second day I owned the car.
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    Stealth Hitch for Model 3

    I am interested in just the hitch. Not interested in the other parts. But your price is out of my range.
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    Redesign? New frunk, headlights and power trunk?

    These were not the wide EU plates. These were the width of the US license plate holes. But they appeared to be too short for the bottom holes. They would only connect to the top 2 license plate holes (or connect to another bigger bracket).
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    Redesign? New frunk, headlights and power trunk?

    Today I saw about 5 car haulers on the I5 traveling from Fremont to Los Angeles all hauling model 3 with black trim. One thing I was surprised to see is that they all had a small black rectangular license plate bracket bolted to the center of the front bumper. This means that if you want to...
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    2021 Model 3 and differences from 2020

    I saw a delivery of new model 3s being unloaded in Los Angeles today with the black trim and the new console. One other new addition I noticed is that there is a black rectangular license plate bracket screwed into the center of the front bumper. Yes bolted in to the center, not under the front...
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    EAP (Enhanced Auto Pilot) for $4k. Who’s in?

    Now that I own EAP and it’s locked to my particular car I wonder if my insurance will add the additional $4000 to my car’s policy. I hate to think that someone could crash into me and total the car and I’m out the $4000.
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    EAP (Enhanced Auto Pilot) for $4k. Who’s in?

    I purchased EAP today while at work. I used NoAP on the way home and was very happy with it. The lane change is great. Worth the money IMO.
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    Amazon announces new Sentry Mode and Ring integration

    I 100% guarantee that this device will have Terms of Service you must agree to that will allow Amazon to: -Track your location all the time -Listen to all audio in the car including your voice all the time -Share video and audio with police, insurance... -Use and sell this data for marketing...
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    Cabin camera and mic; Elon!

    Yes, Ring can share your videos. Its in their terms of service you must agree to. They also have agreements with over 600 police departments to share your videos and once shared the police own the video. Amazon says police can keep videos from Ring doorbells forever and share them with...
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    SoCal Crystalline Tint >$1000?

    I just used Concours Auto Spa for my new Model 3. They really did a perfect job. Couldn't be happier. Locations in Marina Del Rey and Torrance. Suntek CIR ceramic tint, Windshield, Rear (one piece) and all side windows for $680. Vendor - Concours Auto Spa - Model 3 - PPF, Ceramic Coatings...
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    EAP (Enhanced Auto Pilot) for $4k. Who’s in?

    It will probably not be available on October 1. They add stuff like this at the end of the quarter to boost revenue if they are falling short of Wall Street expectations. It may show up again in future quarters if they need a quickly boost in sales revenue.
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    Wiki Model 3 Order Tracking Spreadsheet

    I have seen that report too. I took delivery today (9/9) of my Model 3 LR AWD. It did not have the new button icons. It did not have the electronic trunk lifts or the new headlights. The delivery experience was good. They set up a "pop-up delivery center" in Sherman Oaks due to the high...
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    West Coast Deliveries

    In the Burbank area. Ordered 7/21 2 texts received, both in August. VIN received and delivery scheduled on 9/6. Delivery on 9/9.
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    Wiki Model 3 Order Tracking Spreadsheet

    I got the text today! “Tesla Update - Your Model 3 is on its way to the Sherman Oaks Pop-up Delivery Center and is ready to be scheduled for delivery!” I had scheduled a Burbank pickup but as user HarpoonS said they are not doing deliveries at Burbank now, they have a Pop-up delivery center...
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    Wiki Model 3 Order Tracking Spreadsheet

    Not luck. Performance models are consistently getting delivered a few weeks before other models.
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    Hit & Run Southern California / Pasadena - Ameriprise Insurance / Tesla Service?

    Hit and run can be a felony if there is injury or death.
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    Wiki Model 3 Order Tracking Spreadsheet

    There are a few changes that are coming but there is no way of knowing when they will all be added. Probably some will be added over the next 3 months. I would assume all changes would be completed be end of year. But none of these changes are related to the Battery Day presentation. Things...
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    Hit & Run Southern California / Pasadena - Ameriprise Insurance / Tesla Service?

    This is interesting because I was considering switching to Connect insurance today. I got a quote and the premium is about $900 cheaper per year than my current auto insurance. Currently my wife and I use California Casualty insurance but we have never had to file a claim. $900 is a big...
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    Wiki Model 3 Order Tracking Spreadsheet

    I think the SoCal vehicles will start shipping the 2nd and 3rd weeks of September. They are probably trying to get the east coast and mid-west vehicles shipped out on trains now. Remember, they are highly focused on getting the maximum number of cars delivered to customers by midnight...
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    Comprehensive List of Model 3 Updates

    Yes, and redesigned headlights, powered lift truck, new smaller frunk, possibly to add the heatpump. Redesign? New frunk, headlights and power trunk?
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    My Girlfriend Ordered a Model 3 AWD Long-Range!

    Great story. I live in Santa Clarita too and I ordered a MGM LR AWD in July. Should be ready in September.
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    Do I have a heat pump?

    This video shows the heat pump in the Model Y. The first thing you notice is that the chiller is moved to the passenger side and the heat pump has a large orange Power wire on the front. The model 3 a/c compressor has the chiller on the driver side and the compressor is incased in a black...
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    LR AWD Waiting Room

    Ordered 7/21. Got the 2-4 week text today.
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    Model 3 Factory Chrome Delete coming soon!

    I was wondering about this. How hard is it to remove the window trim? I have already learned how to and planned to remove the door handles and paint them black.
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    Model 3 Factory Chrome Delete coming soon!

    I am torn because I love the model y black trim and I wanted to wait until the Model 3 offered the black trim to order. But in July I was tired of waiting and ordered a 3. I have been watching dozens of videos of how to do the chrome delete and I am planning to do the chrome delete the day my...
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    Model 3 Factory Chrome Delete coming soon!

    According to this article, Tesla will offer the Model 3 with the same black trim as the Model Y starting at the Gigafactory Shanghai soon. It is expected to be available at Fremont in the future too. Tesla Giga Shanghai Model 3 Will Soon Come from Factory with 'Full Chrome Delete'
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    Facelift Model3 Teaser

    Tesla introduces newly designed headlights and power trunk on the Model 3 [Photos] - Update - Drive Tesla Canada And Redesign? New frunk, headlights and power trunk?
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    Redesign? New frunk, headlights and power trunk?

    Thanks, But we need someone willing to remove the cover and take some pics so we can see if you have the A/C compressor or a heat pump.
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    Redesign? New frunk, headlights and power trunk?

    According to some “insiders” on Twitter (back in July) there was a planned plant shutdown the first week of August. The rumor was that they had some redesigns including updating the model 3 to use the same battery packs as the Model Y. This means the model 3 packs would have to use the same...
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    Redesign? New frunk, headlights and power trunk?

    I would like to see those headlights on, both regular, high beam and DTRL Only. great question. We need pics under the plastic liner.
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    LR AWD Waiting Room

    I ordered a LR AWD on 7/25 as well and I got a text today saying it would be ready 4-8 weeks from today. So Tesla is probably going to jam out the orders the last week of September to impact the Q3 earnings report just like they did the last week of June.
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    Is 8-12 Week Delivery Estimate accurate these days?

    I ordered a LR AWD on 7/25 and it had a 5-9 week wait when I ordered. Today I got the text saying it would be another 4-8 weeks from today. During the last week of June we saw a huge push to deliver every order before midnight June 30 so they could increase the Q2 deliveries. I think we will...
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    Haven’t heard anything from Tesla

    It’s supply and demand. Tesla cannot build cars fast enough to keep up with the demand. They are spending all of their money, time and effort on manufacturing. No need to waste time and effort on people who already bought a car when there is a 4-8 week back order for people saying “please take...
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    Model 3 Zero G Referral wheels for sale $3000

    I’ll pick them up Saturday for $2500
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    Maybe he just created the first convertible model 3? I wonder if 4 million views pays for the car?
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    Painted black out trim on New Model 3 with Color match door handles

    Here is a video of how to remove the door handles. It’s a big job. But this guy could probably have skipped a few steps.
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    Model 3 Heatpump?

    There are rumors of a 1 week long assembly line shutdown soon. I would be interested in seeing if they add the heatpump, octovalve and allow the Model 3 and Y to have the exact same parts. In other words, the battery pack will be swap-able between cars. This could cut down on cost for Tesla...

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