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    Fix your door that won't open

    Anyone know what size torx bit is used to secure the two micro switches?
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    Hillbilly fix for rear seat squeaking - Refreshed S

    I have that annoying side squeak coming from both front seats in a 2016.5. I hear it a lot more when my friend who's 6'3 210+lb sits in the front passenger seat. I hear it constantly anytime he moves around. My driver's seat also seems to be getting worse with the creaks. Super annoying but it...
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    Low Voltage Battery

    Late reply but I just got the low voltage warning. Battery is $165+tax and labor is quoted at $72. Labor seems steep but I just replaced my HEPA filter and don't feel like taking the frunk tub out again so I'll probably just pay the $72 and have them come to me and replace it at work.
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    Rotten egg smell.

    The Model 3 is the only car I've EVER had to spray ac coil condenser cleaner on because the ac stinks so bad. I call BS on your statement that every car you've ever owned had a funky gym sock smell coming from the ac. Acting like this is a normal part of owning a car is ridiculous. I just sold a...
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    Update 2022.24.5 No music streaming

    Have you put in a service request to reactivate your slacker account? That worked for me. Took a few days from when they said they submitted it. Apparently they batch process them once a week so if your request goes in Friday it takes a few days before you'll see it activated. At least that's...
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    Tesla Orlando claiming front license plate mounts can no longer be removed?!?

    If you get a small pair of bent needle nose pliers from harbor freight or something you can turn those stupid screws enough to get them off. My 3M tape was 6 years old by the time I went to remove it so it came off in bits and pieces but heating the entire plate holder up with a hair dryer...
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    Update 2022.24.5 No music streaming

    You need premium connectivity to access any type of music streaming via the MCU (slacker, spotify, tidal) then you need the premium account for spotify and/or tidal to even log in via the Tesla MCU. Sorry to say but they're not going to goodwill you premium connectivity unless your car was...
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    Voice Command not working after MCU2 upgrade

    Mine is a 2016.5 with AP1 and MCU2. I was able to activate service mode from home.
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    Voice Command not working after MCU2 upgrade

    From the car's main menu choose - software - then press and hold the Model S symbol for like 5-10 seconds. A pop up will appear asking for a password. Type "service" (all lowercase no quotes). From there you should see a software reinstall button. I pressed that and did the full reinstall after...
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    Voice Command not working after MCU2 upgrade

    Quick update voice commands and TuneIn working two days after the reinstall.
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    Lost Voice Commands

    Two days after my full software reinstall via service mode my voice commands and TuneIn radio are all functioning. Not sure if that was the fix or Tesla did something on the backend since I had a service ticket open but worth a shot to anyone having this issue post MCU 2 upgrade.
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    Update 2022.24.5 No music streaming

    It’s not really an update but more them submitting a request to reactivate your “slacker” account that’s tied to the car. SC was able to fix my account remotely and it started working one day. Took a couple days from when they said they put in the reactivation request.
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    Lost Voice Commands

    The fix is go back to MCU 1. I’ve done every reset procedure, even reinstalled the firmware via service mode. I regret dropping nearly $2k for this upgrade when my MCU 1 was working perfectly fine. Even my mobile connect via the Tesla app was nearly instantaneous. Now it takes a good 20-30...
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    Voice Command not working after MCU2 upgrade

    Just performed the service mode software reinstall and still no voice command or TuneIn radio. Even worse I can’t log into Spotify anymore. This MCU 2 upgrade has been a nightmare.
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    Service Mode- What can I do with it?

    Any idea if "service mode lite" will allow me to reload my car's firmware post MCU 2 upgrade from home? I've been having issues with TuneIn music and Voice Command after upgrading and I've read that Tesla simply reinstalls the firmware as a fix. Would like to avoid a SC visit if possible.
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    Anyone installed refreshed oem spoiler on older Model S?

    FYI RPM Tesla will install the spoiler for free if you ask. I know it’s not hard to install but I trusted they’d get it aligned perfectly, which they did.
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    Voice Command not working after MCU2 upgrade

    Any idea if reloading the firmware via service mode factory resets the car?
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    Issues after MCU upgrade

    Yea, I tried the scroll button reset and changing the wheel configuration but no luck. I'm pretty sure they also factory reset my MCU after the upgrade since all my driver settings, homelink, etc...were gone when I picked up the car. Good to know about the estimate likely being corrected. I...
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    Issues after MCU upgrade

    Watch them charge you a $115 diagnosis fee for each issue post MCU 2 upgrade. I lost voice command and TuneIn music after my MCU 2 upgrade 2 weeks ago. They tried pushing a OTA update which did nothing. Now they want me to bring my car in with a $115 diagnosis fee for each issue. Both were...
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    Update 2022.24.5 No music streaming

    I got a message that they’ll push a ota update that should reactivate my slacker or whatever it’s called, account to get the streaming music to work. I created a Spotify account for the time being. They also bricked my voice command after the upgrade which they said would also be fixed via ota...
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    No more Uber Credits or loaners after warranty expiration

    Did the MCU 2 upgrade and was given $100/day Uber credit. Car’s out of warranty.
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    Fan Speed Button

    Do you still get the stinky ac smell having driven in AUTO mode for so long? I heard this setting helps reduce the smell issue.
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    Voice Command not working after MCU2 upgrade

    Did your homelink, driver profiles, etc... remain intact after reloading the software upgrade? I just did the MCU 2 upgrade yesterday and none of my settings were restored. I had to redo homelink, driver profiles, bluetooth, wifi, every single thing you can imagine. Wasn't happy about that. Now...
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    Update 2022.24.5 No music streaming

    Same boat. I upgraded to MCU 2 today. On the drive home no streaming music available. Thought the pending software update would fix it but no luck. Have a service request now with the rep saying they’ll relay to the main technician. I wouldn’t have upgraded if I knew I’d lose free streaming...
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    OEM CCS adapter now available to order in North America, Retrofit for older cars coming in 2023

    I've read from another poster in the Model S forum that the CCS Adapter plus the CCS Retrofit will be bundled for $499. So that's basically $250 for Tesla to retrofit plus $250 for the adapter. Hoping this is true.
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    Dipped my rims in Anthracite Grey

    Looks great! I’m about to hyperdip all my chrome trim with the anthracite grey. Hope it comes out as smooth as your’s did.
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    CCS - buy now or wait?

    Is the ccs retrofit free? I saw this message for our 2020 M3 and 2016.5 MS.
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    Anyone apply the 2022.8.10.5 update yet?

    Thank you, sir!
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    Anyone apply the 2022.8.10.5 update yet?

    Just got notification for an available update to 2022.8.10.5. I’m still on MCU1 with AP1. Can’t find any release notes online to see what’s changing.
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    Rotten egg smell.

    I've owned about 17 cars in my lifetime. My wife's Model 3 is the only one that's had an issue of the AC smelling like stinky gym socks. Every year I have to spray the AC coil cleaner. Is it difficult, NO. But should not be necessary. My 6 year old Model S has never had this problem so it's safe...
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    Tesla owner costs

    I'd check if the car's infotainment system is running MCU1 vs MCU2 (currently a $1,750 or more upgrade) MCU2 is supposed to be much more responsive and has a functional web browser, Netflix, and some other Apps. I have MCU1 but do not have any issues with it. Maybe I got lucky but some people...
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    A dilemma about a Ford Mustang Mach E on Order - What would you do?

    I’m in a similar situation. I put an order in for a MME CA Route 1 last November and it’s finally ready for delivery. I came across a 2016.5 Model S 75D with 55k miles for $35k in Feb 2022 and jumped on it. I love this car so much. It’s faster, better styling, free unlimited supercharging and I...
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    Tesla no longer uncorking vehicles?

    Had my 2016.5 75D uncorked at the Burbank, CA Tesla SC. They charged me $84 which I figured was better than going else where and fighting for the uncorking like others had to do. The invoice says “Correction: Update Configuration Variables And Vehicle Firmware to Increase 75D Performance.” The...
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    Recall vs MCU1 upgrade or LTE upgrade

    Any idea if the price for the mcu 2 upgrade is projected to go up or down? Might be a good bday present to myself to upgrade!
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    Scheduled charging not working for me :(

    My wife's M3 began having charging issues this week. Started with an unresponsive MCU where she couldn't use the climate controls via the screen. She was turning on the AC via the phone app for half a day. A reset (holding down both scroll wheels) fixed that problem but that night her scheduled...
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    2017 100d uncorking

    I was able to get my 2016.5 MS 75D uncorked a few days ago. They charged $85 for labor which was a bit of a surprise because I thought it’d be free. Anyway $85 seemed worth it since I’ve heard some SC’s give you the run around and claim it can’t be uncorked. I went to the SC in Burbank, CA so...
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    2016 P100DL or new model 3 performance

    My wife has a 2020 M3 and I have a 2016 MS. I’d suggest getting her a new M3. The battery/drive unit warranty on the 2016 is expiring in 2 years and for $70k you can get a Model Y or a top of the line M3.
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    Transfer of Ownership Process - Supercharging

    I was able to transfer ownership of a 2016 in January without sending Tesla any paperwork. The previous owner just logged into his Tesla account on his computer and did the transfer by putting my email. I received a confirmation email which I accepted and the car showed up in my app within a few...
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    Need advice on door handle

    Yea the interior of the handle is a birds nest of wires. If Tesla had the V3 handles stocked I would be more than happy to pay them. But every time I near my service date they reschedule it for a month later due to lack of parts. My Feb appointment for the eMMC recall has been delayed twice and...
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    Need advice on door handle

    Well after the Tesla SC rescheduled my handle repair to the end of April due to lack of parts I ordered a paddle gear from eBay for $15. It’s made of reinforced steel and has a 10 year warranty so it should not fail again. Took about two hours to replace. It was my first time doing this repair...
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    Need advice on door handle

    Driver's door handle broke a couple days ago. Will not auto-present. Have a piece of tape wrapped thru the handle to manually pull it out. Looks ridiculous but it works. Have a service visit in a couple days and hopefully the Gen 3 handle upgrade fixes it for around $300 or so. Will report back...
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    What's your S 75 range at 90%?

    2016 MS 75D with 59k 211 miles on 90% SOC
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    Car status missing?

    I see the same tire pressure readings under Car Status at all times. Find no way to scroll it to show any other details. Maybe if I had the adaptive suspension it would have more data.

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