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  1. Tesla 940

    Model Y referral program for Roadster Owners

    A friend is considering buying a Model Y and was wondering if there was any referral program for existing Roadster Owners - aka ME. Anyone know anything? Thanks
  2. Tesla 940

    HELP - need service and Tesla App problem

    My roadster needs servicing and I learned that scheduling is only done via the Tesla App. I loaded the App on my phone and when I attempt to login I get the message "Sign-In Failed - There are no products linked to your Tesla account". I tried resetting my password - no help. I sent a...
  3. Tesla 940

    Any early Roadsters with the original battery?

    Just an update - I literally just finished range charging and it turned off at 224 ideal miles - that's 90%+ of the original range. I'll let it sit a few minutes before I take off.
  4. Tesla 940

    Any early Roadsters with the original battery?

    A little over 9 years, 35k miles, range charge about 215 miles. I've have range charged numerous times and raced it about 20 days so some hard driving / charging between track sessions.
  5. Tesla 940

    2.0 / 2.5 Roadster / Roadster Sport Tire Thread

    Can anyone suggest the best tires for track racing. I have Michelin Pilot Super Sport and I was hoping for something better. It's a little scary when the rear end is in front of me.
  6. Tesla 940

    Roadster 3.0

    I do NOT believe that is correct. I usually charge at 40/240 and the rate at which the yellow ring flashes slows down as the battery "fills" - this is noticeable long before that charging rate tapers.
  7. Tesla 940

    New Rotors - what to do with the old ones?

    Total weight savings for all 4 rotors was/is 10 lbs. I kept mine just in case I need them in the future.
  8. Tesla 940

    SS Roadster AutoX Setup

    I've never done autox but have raced Willow Springs - Streets and Big Willow, and 3 days at Laguna Seca. It's fun but scary putting a valuable car into some of those turns.
  9. Tesla 940

    SoCal Roadster Rally... soon?

    That was ME !
  10. Tesla 940

    Quick clip of me messing up turn 11 at Laguna Seca

    Laguna Seca is a BLAST - 3 days in June.
  11. Tesla 940

    Initial impressions: Nitron 46mm NTR Race 1-way shocks

    Any idea of who in So. Cal could instal these?
  12. Tesla 940

    Battery Charge Maintenance for Garage Queen

    I'm not going to dispute what any of the experts have said because they certainly know more than I ever will ... but... FWIW, my car is 7+ years old, 30k miles and while I have NOT abused my battery, I have in no way "babied" it. After a HARD 3 days of racing in June at Laguna Seca my range...
  13. Tesla 940

    Roadster 3.0

    Thanks, I would have thought that ETs would have been in 1,000ths - Hell, in the early 70s my ETs from Great Lakes, US 30, et. al. was in 100ths.
  14. Tesla 940

    Roadster 3.0

    Curious if you have more precise times? With rounding a .1 second difference could be relatively small or large.
  15. Tesla 940

    Approaches for cooling the motor?

    Nick, My best time was on day 3 at 2:03.6 using a SOLO timer. I had new AD07's front and moderately worn MPSS on the rear. I'm rather cautious with the car so I don't expect my times at any track to ever be impressive - but I do have fun. All my other track days (about 12) have been on Streets...
  16. Tesla 940

    Approaches for cooling the motor?

    I was at Laguna Seca all three days of the Refuel event - had a blast. I usually ran 6 or 7 laps before noticeable reduced power. The first session each day was full power the entire 25 minute sessions. Interesting that you are losing power so soon.
  17. Tesla 940

    Roadster SoC <-> Mileage <-> Mode decoder

    Based on nearly 10k miles of recorded history - my weighted average wh/m is 229. On trips in excess of 100 miles the wh/m has ranged from 227wh/m to 232 wh/m.
  18. Tesla 940

    Roadster 3.0

    Timothy, Months! I believe Torrance is where the work is done and several months ago I was there and saw at least 12 Roadsters literally just sitting outside collecting dirt.
  19. Tesla 940

    Aerodynamic impact of going topless?

    With the top off the windows were down. With top on the windows were up.
  20. Tesla 940

    Aerodynamic impact of going topless?

    Several years ago I made numerous identical 140 mile round trips - some with the soft top on and some without. At 70mph the top on reduced consumption by 5% - 7%. The mesh top was in between the two.
  21. Tesla 940

    Very Orange vs Magma Orange

    Rather than looking for the perverbial "needle in the haystack" - why don't you have the car repainted or wrapped? You're not getting any younger!
  22. Tesla 940

    2.0 / 2.5 Roadster / Roadster Sport Tire Thread

    Thanks guys - I just ordered from Tire Rack - can't believe the price difference. Both tires for the price of one. Don
  23. Tesla 940

    2.0 / 2.5 Roadster / Roadster Sport Tire Thread

    Thinking of replacing my front tires - nearly 7 years old, 28+k miles, 4/32" tread. I called my favorite local tire store and they said that Yokohama stated that the TESLA tires are on a nationwide back-order but the same identical tire - branded from Lotus was available. The Lotus tire was...
  24. Tesla 940

    Has anyone ever received an alert from Tesla warning of a low battery?

    Yes, at least once maybe twice but it has been several years ago. Don't remember anything else about it.
  25. Tesla 940

    UMC Overheats

    Thanks for the replies. A Can SR is NOT an option because my car is one of a handful that it does not work with (the Can JR is fine). I'll look into the JuiceBox. I periodically need to charge away from home and the 50amp outlet is what is available - either at RV campgrounds or Willow...
  26. Tesla 940

    UMC Overheats

    For a while now my UMC gets warm/hot when it is plugged in - NOT even plugged into the car or charging - simply plugged into the 40/240 outlet. I put an IR to it and the surrounding areas and measured a 20 -25 degree difference on the front of it and a 30 degree difference on the back of it...
  27. Tesla 940

    Roadster 3.0

    The Service Rep specifically stated they were all there for battery 3.0s - didn't say anything about other types of service. On Thursday late afternoon I got a call from the Service Dept saying my car would be ready 1st thing Friday morning - the car spent the night there - wasn't really happy...
  28. Tesla 940

    Car Dead - Now Alive Again

    UPDATE - picked up the car today after the annual service and the SC Manager said there was nothing noted in the logs regarding the problems I had. On one hand I'm happy it wasn't something serious - aka, expensive, on the other hand I wasn't imagining the problem so what caused it?
  29. Tesla 940

    Roadster 3.0

    UPDATE - when I was at the Torrance SC this am to pick up my car - I got a better look at the parking lot - there were 11 Roadsters waiting for battery 3.0. The Service Manager said that Torrance (and Costa Mesa) does all the battery upgrades, however, several of these cars have been sitting...
  30. Tesla 940

    Roadster 3.0

    I was at the Torrance SC this morning and there were at least 5 Roadsters behind the fence. The Service Manager stated they were all waiting for 3.0 battery upgrade.
  31. Tesla 940

    A 1 Million Dollar Roadster

    Price to match the VIN / or year makes sense to me. In 2001 I paid $2,001 for a belt!
  32. Tesla 940

    Car Dead - Now Alive Again

    As usual - thanks for your thoughts. Maybe I'll replace the 12 volt - it's nearly 3 years old. Thanks again, Don
  33. Tesla 940

    Car Dead - Now Alive Again

    First, I should have written down all the error messages when they occurred but I didn't so bear with me. I was leaving town and put the car into Storage Mode with the battery at probably about 50+ miles. I was gone 6 weeks. When I returned the battery was 23-25 miles and I wanted a...
  34. Tesla 940

    Roadster 3.0

    Before I get the 3.0 upgrade - which hopefully won't be for several more years - I will drag race the car using my AIM. Then do it again with the new battery.
  35. Tesla 940

    Track Racing

    Been doing some track racing - up to now only at Willow Springs "Streets" and "Big Willow", and have been thinking of trying some really soft tires for extra grip. Since I like to drive the car periodically on the streets I was thinking of purchasing another set of wheels. Any comments...
  36. Tesla 940

    Repaint with new color

    While I'm no "expert", from what I've seen repainting a collector car with any color other than original generally hurts its resale value. My limited experience is based upon 60s muscle cars.
  37. Tesla 940

    How many Powerwall batteries are people getting?

    I'm looking at off-grid in Hawaii and have been talking to several installers - none of them recommend the Tesla powerwall at this time. It seems a whole lot cheaper to use other battery types (not lead-acid). Any reason you seem so dead-set on Tesla (other than the name)?
  38. Tesla 940

    ESA for 2010/2011 Roadster

    $900 for annual service??? I remember when it was in the $600 range. I laugh, in financial pain, when I think of Tesla's comments that the service centers aren't profit centers!
  39. Tesla 940

    Model X just released review from April 2016 Consumer Reports??

    Reliability is "updated" annually based on the surveys that over 100k subscribers submit.
  40. Tesla 940

    To Buy & Sell, To Cancel or To Hope and Pray for the Best

    While I take what Consumer Reports with a large grain of salt - until CRs changes their recommendation I wouldn't touch another Tesla with a 10' pole!
  41. Tesla 940

    Hawaii - COSTCO Waipio installed a charger

    Your home electricity is LESS than 30 cents a Kwh? I thought most of Hawaii was 40 - 50 cents per Kwh.
  42. Tesla 940

    Hawaii - Let's Count Teslas!

    I asked "... on Hawaii" as in "The Big Island". I ask because I'm moving there in another year or so when we build.
  43. Tesla 940

    Hawaii - Let's Count Teslas!

    Any Roadsters on Hawaii?
  44. Tesla 940

    ICE car jokes...

    Politicians are a joke - but most people don't find them funny enough to laugh!
  45. Tesla 940

    JdeMO for the Roadster?

    I find the thought of having this option in the car interesting. However, just for kicks I looked at the PlugShare map for the greater Los Angeles area and it was shocking how many CHAdeMO's were non-operational and for extended periods of time or dealerships were limited their use to only...
  46. Tesla 940

    Now Shipping: Custom Tesla Roadster 2-Piece Slotted Rotors

    Using a pair of needle nose plyers you simply twist it (turn it) and it will go back in. I had the same problem.
  47. Tesla 940

    Maine Coast Supercharger?

    Have you ever heard of "Island Time"? Well, there is Island Time and then there is Tesla (Elon) Time! Basically, don't hold your breath!
  48. Tesla 940

    Breed of dog Tesla Owners and Fans have.

    Two retired racing greyhounds - perfect for a roadster! Only once did I try to have one take a ride with me. It went OK but despite trying to level the seat with the floor to provide some additional space she only "tolerated" it because she could be with me.
  49. Tesla 940

    Roadster charging at Pebble Beach

    Back in late July I charged at the Pebble Beach Market. The only issue was the plug was upside down and it put a strain on the cord.
  50. Tesla 940

    Roadster 3.0

    I also got the call from Laura a couple weeks ago. Stated I might be interested in a few years but at 5+ years I'm still at 93% of new. I didn't get into any of the other issues like chargers at Supercharging locations, weight/acceleration vs. distance, cost, etc. As for Bonnie (et al)...

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