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    Model 3 LR not currently available to order (USA) [posted 08.12.2022]

    Cool - good to know they’re still making them. I’ve been driving our #2 car a lot lately and have realized our MY has ruined my tolerance for driving ICE. Got my finger on the trigger for replacing it with an M3 (can’t see waiting maybe forever for the “M2”) ………… gonna keep my eye on inventory...
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    Is now REALLY a good time to buy a new Tesla? [Jan 2023]

    Go ahead and order. There will ALWAYS be something new coming in a couple months. The jump from ICE is such a major and positive change that a “coming” improvement is actually minor in comparison. And, no matter when you buy, you will get on board for the constant flow of incremental...
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    Ok to charge at CCS 20KW station regularly ?

    Well, the Wall Charger puts out 11.5 kw and that is okay for daily use. That means your 10kw ccs option is fine. My guess is 20kw would be alright too.
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    Is now REALLY a good time to buy a new Tesla? [Jan 2023]

    My opinion? ANY time is a good time to buy a Tesla. My Tesla is not an investment. It is a car. Best one I’ve ever had. Worth every penny.
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    Wipers and Headlights

    Yeah …. What command works for you ….. none work for me
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    Wipers and Headlights

    Nope. Wish there was.
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    Side camera view

    Probably because you are facing forward and the camera is facing back ………. Just a guess that the image might need to be mirrored so it is correct when presented to the driver
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    Please make the light icons responsive.

    Actually ……. Two simple steps: 1 - Pull left stalk towards you briefly (brings up lights card) 2 - Tap to turn on fog lights I’m hoping for some voice commands one day ……. But for now this is fine
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    Snow Shatters Back Window

    Yikes! Sure hope the hotel has some sort of insurance that will cover that repair
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    Screen free up’s on my 2023 LR Model Y

    Happened to me a couple times way back at the beginning ….. but not since then.
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    Federal Tax Credit Rules - Will drive Model Y price down to $54,000

    Interesting! Hadn’t thought of that scenario. This will be fun to watch!
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    Camera error in bright sun

    I’ve pulled over to check …. Never have seen anything. I get the exact same message on my passenger side, fairly regularly, when the sun is in the “right” place. Usually the message disappears within a few seconds. I think sometimes the message can be triggered by a very brief sun-glare event...
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    Camera error in bright sun

    No need to be concerned. Sun glare will do that.
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    Repairing small paint chip

    I have found that using the Tesla kit requires much patience and many (many) coats ….. especially if chip is all the way down to the base.
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    Options to open after accident, dead 12V battery

    No - 9v will definitely work ……. But if not in your case, time for roadside ….
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    First Road Trip in Alabama

    You should be fine. We drive ours all over the place up here in NE Mississippi (we’re up in IL visiting grandkids right now …. Pretty frosty up here). Same as you - superchargers are pretty spread out. Drive around a little in the cold and then put your destination in the Navigation system...
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    Are these things normal on the newly picked up Y or defects

    1 is technically a defect but if gap is slight (like mine) I wouldn’t sweat it 2 is the way it is ….. not a defect or a problem 3 …….. well it seems some feel more force is required to close Tesla doors than they are accustomed to. Wife and I got used to it pretty quick ….. and just...
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    Can’t unlock doors using the mobile app

    Hmmm…. I think there’s a setting on the car that will only unlock the driver door when an unlock request is sent by the app. Maybe that got set somehow? Check in the Locks section of the Controls menu
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    Why do so many Tesla owners back in to park?

    Well ….. I guess I’m out of sync here ….. but I’ve tried backing in …. And find I prefer to “front in” parking. I have no trouble seeing (or perhaps sensing) where the nose of my car is. Maybe because I’ve been practicing parking all my life with all sorts of vehicles …. Some of which have had...
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    Screen bugs out. How many times do you see it?

    Doesn’t sound right. I’ve only had to reboot mine maybe 3 times since picking it up in May 2021.
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    iPhones overheat when using console wireless charger on my Model Y

    Same here …. Whatever ….. not worrying about it.
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    First time using schedule, car won't run initially

    On the regen error, what level did you charge the batter to? Can you tell us what the error said? We’ll prob need more info on the “would not run” scenario to help you. Can you give us more description of how you set the schedule up and the symptoms of the problem?
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    Model y autopilot does not recognize cars when i use blinkers

    Yeah ….. the feature you are looking for is only available on EAP or FSD. I have EAP and it works exactly like you are expecting it to. If you don’t have EAP or FSD, it won’t happen for you.
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    Should New Owners Get EAP, FSD, or Stick with Basic AP?

    Buy car with basic AP ….. drive a while …… subscribe to FSD ……. Drive a while ……. Then decide if EAP or FSD is what you want. That’s what I did, and ended up buying EAP after a year or so. I do a 1500 mile road trip to visit grandkids about every 6 weeks. I just sit back, relax, and confirm...
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    Is now the worst time to accept delivery of a Model Y?

    The vast majority of us (Tesla owners) love our cars, find the issues you mention to be minor, and don’t experience any of the horror stories you read about hear. If your fears are based on reading the forums it would be good to remember that the forums are where the unhappy, unlucky, and vocal...
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    CCS adapter case?

    Yeah … just threw mine in the back cubby with the J1772 and lock ring. Not like it’s going to bang around in there much. But I do like the case from Korea. The others .. not so much …
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    Headlights defaulting to auto high beam

    You checked your driver profile too, right?
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    Headlights defaulting to auto high beam

    Have you tried rebooting? Check your profile?
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    New MY door trim for NAmer…retrofit?

    Thank you!
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    2022 Model Y frunk water puddle

    Here’s the kit I bought. BASENOR Tesla Model Y Door Seal Kit Soundproof Rubber Weather Draft Seal Strip Wind Noise Reduction Kit 2020 2021 2022 https://a.co/d/14SvzaE But I just mentioned it because it remedies the condition you are concerned about. That’s not why I bought it. Water has...
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    Random car locking noises when at home?

    Or just the car waking up and engaging the HV battery. Kind of a clack-clack sound. If locking/unlocking, wouldn’t it also be wiggling the mirrors?
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    Tesla software: Not quite there yet..

    Well …. I’ve just sort of gotten used to doing things my car’s way. But real easy to leave the charger “early” by watching the arrival SOC at the next stop. Especially on last leg home I just shoot for around 10%. Just unplug and go … I have used ABRP in tandem in the past ……. But in the end...
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    New MY door trim for NAmer…retrofit?

    Yeah ….. I’d pay money for a door trim upgrade. Definitely. And then top it off with one of the Hills finishes. Wish I could pre-order the trim upgrade right now.
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    2022 Model Y frunk water puddle

    One of the door seal strips in the Basenor kit I just installed goes around the inside edge of the frunk. Hood closes nice and snug now. No more water getting in there.
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    Autopilot issue

    Not a phantom braking issue. Autopilot is VERY cautious with cars or other obstacles crossing its path. If you are using AP when on 2-lane or even 4-lane (but not limited access) roads stay alert for crossing traffic up ahead (like you always should anyway). Car will always be more cautious...
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    New Model Y Frunk Close Issue

    Easy DIY job, too. Just remove plastic tub and adjust position of latch via two bolts holding it in place. Maybe bolts are/were loose and shifted slightly on first few uses.
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    Windshield Squirter Stopped working

    Many others on here have reported similar experience with first wash attempt. You might also want to check that all the hoses are connected. Also a common first try issue.
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    Windshield Squirter Stopped working

    Don’t think cars are delivered with full washer fluid reservoir. Probably just empty.
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    SLC, UT to Jackson Hole, WY

    ABRP says go through Tremonton and Pocatello 🤷‍♂️
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    One thing you LOVE and DISLIKE about your Model Y

    Love: Hard to narrow it down Dislike: ummm……..
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    How do you get rid of the cartoon depiction on the left?

    Yeah …. Some essential functions there for EAP and FSD
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    First time tire change mileage.

    I’m currently at 25,846 and have plenty of tread left. I’ve rotated them 3 times so far. Fronts had a tad more wear on inside edge last rotation so I just had an alignment done. Most miles are highway.
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    Charge Your Non-Tesla

    I can see it …… just one Tesla in my account.
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    Under seat storage, air vent and floor mat

    I love these …. Have them in car with 3D Maxpider mats. Plenty big, don’t block vents, stay put, and easily pulled out. TEMAI Tesla Model Y Front Seat Tray
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    In-car camera question

    Um …. Pay attention to the road?
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    What's your next EV after Tesla?

    Hmm…… now you’ve got me thinking. Might even have saved me some money, too ……..
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    What's your next EV after Tesla?

    The only reason it won’t be a Tesla (likely an S) is if I decide I just want a new beater …… in which case it will be a Bolt ……. Unless a cheaper but functional alternative shows up. But every time I think about doing that, I figure I’ll just end up with another beater I never want to drive...
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    AC intake cover needed ‘22?

    However …… there is a big air intake up under the hood in front of the passenger. Definitely a good idea to cover it so leaves etc don’t get down in the system. Great solution here: https://teslamotorsclub.com/tmc/threads/21-my-air-intake-vent-cover.233874/
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    Enhanced AutoPilot (EAP) Has Returned!

    I hated the stoplight ding when I rented FSD a few months ago. Found myself trying to beat it by pressing the accelerator just in time. 🙃

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