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    My Tesla Experience So Far

    Too bad -- obviously not a good experience. Sounds like you would be wise to invest in some driver training...
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    Photos of my 2022 MSP

    Looks fantastic! However, how can you drive it at night with 5% tint on side windows? I had 5% on the rear windows of my last ride and I couldn't see anything out the back that wasn't brightly lit.
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    EV Offer Power Frunk Issues

    Read this for others who have had a similar issue (albeit with 2021+). Power Frunk Group Buy - MS Refresh LR/Plaid
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    Tesla Paint is Horrible 2023 Model S

    I have been fortunate and my 2021+ MSLR has decent paint, fit and finish. However, I have yet to scan any forum for any car where enthusiasts did not complain about how soft the paint was or how much orange peel etc. was present, be it MB, BMW, Porsche, Audi..... Having owned those brands...
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    2021 Tesla Model S Refresh Roof Rack Installation Nightmare!

    I installed both. Problem with the hitch is it does not assist you if you ski (unless you don't care about road grime getting all over your planks). A roof rack is essential for a box. Thankfully, I've had no difficulty to date and I've had my rack on and off many times.
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    Aftermarket Spoilers for Refreshed Model S

    Yes, I'm still happy with it. It has stayed put and the finish has held up well. For a cheap strictly cosmetic part, I'm quite happy.
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    Floor Mats Again

    You may want to post your ads in forums for which you actually make products. The OP is seeking mats for a MS, not a 3 or Y.
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    Retrofit for Steam

    Don't get me wrong, I enjoy the infotainment when I am stuck somewhere for whatever reason. However, infotainment is not the principal reason I purchased my car and life is too short (IMO) to lose your *sugar* or sue Tesla over steam not working or missing a tilting screen, or having the old...
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    Retrofit for Steam

    I'm not quite sure what all you guys do in your cars. I drive my car, not hang out in it to play games. If I want to play games, I do it at home, not in a car. The reality is that Tesla overpromised many features on the 2021 refresh that are only slowly creeping into the builds. I choose to...
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    2021 Model S Frunk hard to close?

    I've actually found this one to be quite good (EVOffer variant of power frunk). It seamlessly integrates with the car, meaning it can be activated from either the touchscreen or the app. It made the frunk about 1000% more useful (don't have to worry about bending the hood, don't have to get...
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    Looking for T E S L A emblem on New Model S Plaid/Long Range

    I think Tesla stopped putting the "TESLA" on the black bar when they started supplying the 2022s with the updated tail lights. Mine is a 2021+, it has the old tail lights and the black strip has "TESLA" on it.
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    2021 Model S Frunk hard to close?

    This is one of the reasons I opted for an aftermarket power frunk kit. It latches the frunk by pulling down via the power struts. I use the frunk semi-regularly and no issues to date.
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    Help: Wiring a harness for a trailer

    This does not work on a 2021+ MS. As for where to put it, the Tesla hitch has a plug mount on it.
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    2022 Model S Long Range Yoke shaking at highway speeds

    Definitely a balancing issue. Get them balanced again.
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    Functionality lost with 2022.40.4.2

    Thanks for this. I tried it and unfortunately, it didn't solve either issue. I may schedule a service appt but I'm not optimistic they will do anything.
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    Functionality lost with 2022.40.4.2

    Hi, I have a 2021+ MSLR and recently loaded 2022.40.4.2 into the car. With this: 1. The auto-close function on Homelink stopped working (location based auto open works, but close does not); 2. The predictive drive direction is always wrong in my garage where before it was always correct (I...
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    How to find total mileage indicator

    This must be model or year specific as there is no such connector in my 2021+ MSLR. I had to wire my own to get 15V access in the trunk area.
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    How to find total mileage indicator

    12v outlet is in the centre console.
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    I cannot find 12 volt socket in 2022 MS

    See post #36 in this thread. 12V Access: Model S 2021 Refresh I've wired the exact same setup in my MSLR and it is convenient.
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    2022 Model S - Screwed with Summer Tires in New England

    I'm running a 275/35R20 square setup with Nokian R3 for my winter tires and it works perfectly. As long as you stay close to the OEM tire circumference and have correct clearance / offsets for your wheels, going non-OEM size is fine.
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    2022 wheel size and TPMS compatibility

    I believe they changed with the 2021+ refreshed version when they switched to the bluetooth sensor. My 2021+ uses the bluetooth TPMS.
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    2022 Model S Winter Tire Question

    There is no need to run a staggered setup. For my winter setup, I'm running Nokian Hakkapeliitta R3s in a 275/35R20 square configuration on my 2021 refresh and they work great. The only critical factors for size are strut/fender clearance (function of ensuring you have a wheel with acceptable...
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    Trailer hitch on 2021 refresh?

    Thanks for this. Do you know how he programmed / configured the unit? I spent hours with this thing and hours on the phone with Tekonsha's technical support and could not get it to work.
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    Refresh Square Rims for Winter

    I can't comment definitively on that setup, but I run 20x9.5 ET35 for my winter setup and have more than 5mm inner clearance in the rear. Accordingly, a 9.5 ET40 should fit no problem. If you are really concerned, test fit a front rear on your rear.
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    Refreshed S roof rack photos and feedback

    Search is your friend... 2021 Tesla Model S Refresh Roof Rack Installation Nightmare! Has anybody installed roof racks on their Plaid/New LR? 2021+ Model S Roof Rack Clips Too Short? new 2021 Model S - can you install a ski rack?
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    Rear Seat Lock

    Bizarre. However, I'd suggest that a thief of this nature would not look into the car to ascertain whether the rear seats can be folded down or whether that functionality has been disabled by some means. As such, there would still be a broken window.
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    Rear Seat Lock

    I don't understand this thread. The MS is a hatchback, so there is little to no purpose to locking the rear seats in the upright position since they do not stop access to the trunk.
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    Front Parking Camera - My $150 / 15 min. installed Solution

    Looks great and glad to hear it works well. This is a much simpler solution than hardwiring. Here's my hardwired version 2021+ Front Parking Camera Installed . I use it almost daily.
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    Trailer hitch on 2021 refresh?

    Read posts #117 and #135 from this thread.
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    Trailer hitch on 2021 refresh?

    Looks like it could work, but it's 4 times the price of an MX hitch.
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    Slow wireless charging?

    I have a 13 pro with an apple case and it charges quickly in my 2021 MSLR.
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    Alternative tire sizes for 20" wheels

    Sorry, I inadvertently had a typo. I'm 275/35/20 not 275/35/20. I agree that 275/30/20 would be too small.
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    2021 Tesla Model S Refresh Roof Rack Installation Nightmare!

    I had no difficultly installing a rack myself. However, definitely go the SC route if you encounter difficulties getting the clips in. My roof cracked from a rockchip (rock hit just on the leading edge of the roof) and had to be replaced. I put my rack on when I took it in to get the roof...
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    Alternative tire sizes for 20" wheels

    I'm running a 275/30/20 square setup for my winter tires and have zero issues. My wheels are 20x9.5 ET35 so I can confirm you'll have no issues on the fronts. I'm running a square setup with identical wheels, so I can't confirm anything on your rears, but a 275 is a little small for a 10.5...
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    Wheel locks on the 21”…

    Anyone that really wants wheels will take them with or without locks. I stopped using locks years ago for this reason. If you are concerned, either self-insure, purchase insurance or don't park in places where loss is a material risk.
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    Plaid front on 275/35/21 tires.

    Looks great. Any rubbing, scrubbing or difference in steering feel?
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    Accessories that you absolutely MUST have for the Tesla Model S Plaid/LR 2021-2022?

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    12V Access: Model S 2021 Refresh

    Question for the ignorant, if you used a hotspot rather than premium connectivity, is the car still constantly connected? For example, would you still have dynamic traffic routing in navigation via google? My understanding is no, but I'm not very knowledgeable in these things.
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    Adjustable Seat belts in Model S from now on?

    This is a terrible idea. In a frontal crash, the little clip will immediately snap and then the belt will be too loose to be effective. Expect the occupant's head to hit the steering wheel / dash if these are used. As well, as soon as the clip snaps, the belt will move to wherever it...
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    12V Access: Model S 2021 Refresh

    Open the frunk and take the cover off that is behind the box / in front of the windshield. The "red cap" is the jumper post underneath that cover and is constantly powered with approx. 15v.
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    Plaid For Daily Driving In San Francisco

    If feasible, you may want to rent an S for a day or two. The refreshed S is a very wide car and makes tight turns and narrow streets a bit of a pain. That said, the comfort is far beyond a M3 or MY. Only you will know if for you the maneuverability hassle on narrow streets / congested traffic...
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    Trailer hitch on 2021 refresh?

    Tongue weight is the amount of weight that rests on the ball (i.e. the very front of the trailer's tongue). Trailer weight is the total weight of trailer and all cargo. A property built and loaded trailer should have a tongue weight that is 10% of total weight (hence why the tongue weight...
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    Don't get in an accident in your Tesla unless you like waiting for repairs

    Sorry to hear your experience. The only advice I can offer is to not get too excited about it. I thankfully learned years ago never to sweat too much about anything money can fix -- after all, it's just a car. Save the sweat and tears for things that money can't fix. That said, hope you can...
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    Trailer hitch on 2021 refresh?

    I think I may have a solution for those that want/need trailer wiring on a 2021+. After spending hours with a product specialist from Tekonsha, it appears that their units cannot distinguish between the brake and signal wires in the rear light housings. As I noted in a previous post, both the...
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    Model S delivery soon. Second Tesla. Two Home Chargers or not?

    This totally is dependent upon your usage needs and/or your desire for convenience vs. cost. If I had 2 Tesla's, then I would install a second wall charger, but that is just me.
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    12V Access: Model S 2021 Refresh

    I copied what KevinY did and it is constant on in my car. I power my blackvue camera from it (among other things) and it is always on.
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    Moving from Mercedes E450 to Model S

    Maybe its because your S is a pre-refresh. I had a W212 E63S and now have a refreshed MSLR. The MSLR feels like a sofa compared to the E63S -- way more plush and compliant. I'm on 21"s as well.
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    Power Frunk Group Buy - MS Refresh LR/Plaid

    Hmmm, maybe they sent you different struts. When my frunk is open, if I put downward pressure on the top of the frunk (i.e. like you would have closed it prior to installing this kit), it doesn't budge. If I were to force it, I anticipate that either the struts would break or the frunk would...
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    Power Frunk Group Buy - MS Refresh LR/Plaid

    I installed mine yesterday. It took about 2 1/2 hours but I took my time. Now that I have installed one, I could do it in 45 minutes or less. All in all, it is very straightforward with the information others have supplied in this thread. If your frunk fits well from the factory (like mine...
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    Power Frunk Group Buy - MS Refresh LR/Plaid

    Great video -- thanks for this. I'm going to tackle my installation this weekend -- it looks super simple (other than fiddling with the latch like some members have had to do).

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