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  1. msanborn08

    Crap on windshield! does it look like glitter or soap scum

    Agree with others, sounds like paint over spray. I just helped my father in law with this exact same issue (not a Tesla but still was a new car). Since i was traveling i didn't have access to my polisher so i tried a clay bar as others mentioned. That helped but still wasn't enough. Since time...
  2. msanborn08

    My Foray Into Waterless Washing

    Unless you hardly drive your car and use it after each drive with minimal contamination.... Enjoy your scratches. Lol
  3. msanborn08

    Lifting pucks

    I literally posted a section from the Tesla service manual a few months ago on this topic. The 1 second version is "lift pads". We all assume that Tesla already has these lift pads (since in the service manual context is that they are talking about a 2 post lift) that are set to a optimal height...
  4. msanborn08

    Lifting pucks

    Your car, your choice. Your not jacking up my car without one thanks.
  5. msanborn08

    Lifting pucks

    I keep a set in the trunk. Never know what jack you might end up with on the side of the road or tire place on a road trip that isn't aware of the design.
  6. msanborn08

    PPF Matte Options

    The shops around here charge the "Tesla" tax. You know, like when you are having a wedding and everything is at minimum 40-50% more just because you used the word "wedding". Same thing happened when I took delivery. I was getting quotes for 5-6k... Its like, you must have been stuck in a small...
  7. msanborn08

    PPF Matte Options

    Or you could save the 10k and get your car repainted in 3-5 years cuz your going to need to anyway since Tesla's paint is garbage.
  8. msanborn08

    Software Updates Issue

    Do a reboot and try again. I had the same issue the other day and rebooting resolved the issue. Hold down the brake pedal while pressing down both steering wheel scroll buttons down for 5 seconds.
  9. msanborn08

    2022.16.1.2 update is here

    Got 16.2 the other day. Things are normal.. well normal as in apparently i still park a semi in my garage. Lol
  10. msanborn08

    Pathetic mileage

    Seems high. Here are my stats after a road trip from Richmond VA to Chicago. I drive my P like it should be driven on many occasions (ie, every drive). Was doing 75 pretty much the entire time.
  11. msanborn08

    DIY tire rotation

    Tesla service says to use a 2 post LIFT to remove any wheel / do a tire rotation. Of course, the 2 post lift section then mentions to use pucks under the lift points. Just a FYI for the 2% who want the "official" way this should be done. I think a trustworthy jack and a puck is fine for...
  12. msanborn08

    A Must Have Detailing Accessory

    I use the 80v greenworks blower (750 cfm) and it works great. Keep in mind i have a ceramic coating on so that makes it so the water just runs right off. Takes me maybe 5-8 minutes to get 99% of the water off then mop up the drips with a micro (mirrors, door jams, rear). On non coated cars, its...
  13. msanborn08

    FS: Model Y Uberturbine Wheels, Tires TPMS

    Exactly. In the market for some, even ok with the color but price is a bit high bud. Sorry.
  14. msanborn08

    Tesla HRPT 2023?

    I see one person posting videos on YT on doing the hot rod power tour. My parents have been going for years and I did it in my 2018 Charger in 2018. Anyone currently on the tour and anyone else thinking of going next year? Of course no idea where it will be next year yet, but never to early to...
  15. msanborn08

    Any way to display all superchargers along my route?

    And the route planner likes to say you won't make it anywhere unless you can arrive with more then 10% and will reroute you at all cost. I preplan using ABRP then just hop from charger to charger skipping as many 150kw ones as i dare. At each charger i use the in car nav (look for the waypoint...
  16. msanborn08

    Any mud flaps effectiveness or efficiency tests?

    I installed some from Amazon A-Premium 4 Pcs Mud Flaps Splash Guards Fender Mudguard Compatible with Tesla Model Y 2020 2021 2022 Front and Rear and they made a huge difference. Not 100% solved, but way better nothing and the look ok.... I mean for mud flaps on a "performance" car. I also go...
  17. msanborn08

    My 1 year, 6k update - 21' MYP (sarcasm required)

    Just got done with my first long-ish road trip and have clocked a whole 6k miles on my almost year old 2021. Overall, best car ever, yet the worst? Is it just me or do others think the MYP have amazing drivetrain only to be held back by, ya know the car stuff its bolted to? - Everyone...
  18. msanborn08

    What is the best solution for Black Tesla Emblems?

    My 3rd wash and the rear T cracked part way off at the top. Got these as a replacement.
  19. msanborn08

    Deciding on Touch Up or PPF

    Im interested in hearing what people are doing that subscribe to the paint chip option. I bought both the Tesla touch up kit and a kit from dr color chip (turns out that they are the same) and they both are next to useless. At this point and thanks to the poor design choice of letting rocks get...
  20. msanborn08

    Tips for not getting rear-ended

    I think that is the problem. I'm pacing the car in front of me, along with looking ahead at reasons to stop and unless someone is doing something dumb, I'm only lightly in the green for regen in most stopping situations. I had 83k miles on my original front pads on my last car I owned for a...
  21. msanborn08

    Tips for not getting rear-ended

    I have only 473 miles on my MYP and this is my first Tesla. I have been driving a stick shift car for most of my life so getting use to feathering the accelerator was super easy to get the hang of. The problem I have is that I feel like I've almost been rear ended maybe a half a dozen times...
  22. msanborn08

    Any MYP Owners Running Stock?

    I'm thinking about squaring up my ubers if I can find someone who wants to sell me just their rears. Other then getting some winter wheels and tires, I like the look and the handling is fine.
  23. msanborn08

    First detail - Finding lots of issues..

    Just a little update. Was able to spend another few hours working the paint over the past few days. At this point all of the painted surfaces have their first pass on them. I also completed a dark room inspection and was able to mark a few more areas that still need some final hand work. The...
  24. msanborn08

    Recent White MY/MYP Deliveries - Paint Match?

    I have the blue and it even has a slight color difference. Most people probably couldn't tell, but this is exactly why I didn't buy white even though that would have been my first choice.
  25. msanborn08

    First detail - Finding lots of issues..

    Got the car last week and of course wanted to drive it around and enjoy it a bit, so I have 93 miles on it (had 3 when I drove it off the lot). I knew that once I started my detail the car would be parked for several days, but as I am discovering ~12-15 hours into my detail job, this is going to...
  26. msanborn08

    Recent MYP Delivery Estimates

    Just a quick report for you all. Just picked up my Blue MYP and the panels are perfect, has bio defense mode and drives great. Outside of a ton of polishing compound all over, very pleased. Worth the wait my friends.
  27. msanborn08

    Bulk PPF Sources?

    Hoping to get my MYP this weekend (delivery date seems to be holding, fingers crossed). I am already set on my prep and other supplies to do the ceramic coat considering I have already done this on my previous two cars. I am thinking about laying down some PPF beforehand on the front bumper /...
  28. msanborn08

    VA State Waiting room

    They send a text.. you could maybe try your RN number in this url.. tesla.com/schedule/RN(rest of your RN number)
  29. msanborn08

    Current Delivery Times

    And the basically useless 7 seater can get heated seats but still no cooled seat option. Priorities...
  30. msanborn08

    Current Delivery Times

    Can you let us know your VIN range? I'd like to know if my 225xxx has a high probability of having this as well.
  31. msanborn08

    Recent MYP Delivery Estimates

    Got a Vin today, picking up 7/23. 225xxx. Fingers crossed and hope everyone else is getting theirs soon too.
  32. msanborn08

    Current Delivery Times

    Woke up to a blue button and a vin. EDD says 7/17 - 7/23. 225xxx
  33. msanborn08

    Recent MYP Delivery Estimates

    My EDD was pushed to September.. hoping that is a glitch.
  34. msanborn08

    Current Delivery Times

    Got a EDD update.. September now. Even got a text saying they are waiting on a VIN.. lol. Tell me something I didn't already know. Might just put my order on hold until Texas with the new cells are operational. Whats another 3-4 months at this point? Not to mention, I'll be getting the car...
  35. msanborn08

    Current Delivery Times

    Back to just 7-11 weeks for me today... Drove by the local SC last night just to take a peek at what I'm waiting for and NOT A SINGLE car of any model on the lot that didn't have a customers plate on it. Pretty depressing.
  36. msanborn08

    Rain - reverse camera

    On other cars when I ceramic coat the paint I put some on the cameras also. It helps, but it will not completely solve the issue.
  37. msanborn08

    Do you think Tesla is limiting the MYP's launch performance to not compete with the M3P

    Yes, from a DIG I agree. But based on the Dyno pulls I've seen they give you more power down low (MYP) then it flattens out when compared to a M3P. For that reason I suspect that there's more left on the table I also think that because they increased the battery pack on the newer models. So just...
  38. msanborn08

    Do you think Tesla is limiting the MYP's launch performance to not compete with the M3P

    I ordered MYP because I wouldn't order a MY unless it was.. Personally I think the MYLR is strange looking without the lower stance and larger wheels (IMOP, it resembles a off-road beach buggy). But, I'm also the same person that bought a Contour SVT, Neon SRT, a Caliber SRT and Charger SRT...
  39. msanborn08

    Watching and waiting for the doomsday clock to reach -0

    I've been watching my EDD soonest date change every day for 2 weeks. This journey started out as 7/10 - 8/3. As each day passes, the soonest date in the range continues to increase (today its 7/21) while the latest date remains static (8/3). As we all sit a wait for our cars and watch the EDD...
  40. msanborn08

    Current Delivery Times

    Same here, so it's nice (well not nice considering we don't have our cars) to hear another MYP order with a similar EDD. Fingers crossed 🤞
  41. msanborn08

    Recent MYP Delivery Estimates

    I have not seen anyone comment on accepting a MYP yet. My delivery date keeps creeping up each day. Today it's July 20-Aug 3..
  42. msanborn08

    VA State Waiting room

    Fingers are crossed for all of us of course, but I suspect mid to late Aug. maybe even September is more realistic.
  43. msanborn08

    VA State Waiting room

    Every day for the past week my soonest date has increased by a day, but the latest date has remained mostly consistent ( July 19 - Aug 3 at the moment ).
  44. msanborn08

    MYP HP and torque charts.

    Can you confirm the battery pack size?
  45. msanborn08

    Order photo changed

    Just was doing my daily check on my order and the cars preview looked a little strange. I actually needed to check a screenshot I had from before to make sure I wasn't crazy. The new phone shows more of the front, the mostly a side shot.
  46. msanborn08

    CA DMV failing Tesla car for behind the wheel drive test

    Seriously? When I had the many standard (stick shift) cars, I hardly ever used the brake at all other then at a stop light. I understand that Tesla's are a little above and beyond that, but car control is still car control.
  47. msanborn08

    Recent MYP Delivery Estimates

    Changed from just 6-10 weeks to July 10-30 today. Anyone else seeing a update? Kinda surprised considering it is going to be the start of Q3 tomorrow.
  48. msanborn08

    VA State Waiting room

    Woohoo. Now says July 10-30 again not just 6-10 weeks. Maybe the end is in sight after all even though I don't trust it anyway.
  49. msanborn08

    Took Delivery...Unhappy with Panel Alignment

    Yup. No way I leave without the car being unlocked for me and at minimum driving around the lot. If it's raining, they pull it inside or reschedule.
  50. msanborn08

    Took Delivery...Unhappy with Panel Alignment

    To me this is unacceptable, but that is how Tesla plays the game. They try and force you into thinking that you need to accept delivery on your phone before you can even sit in the car. Of course you willingly play into that game because you just spent 2 months waiting and here is your chance to...

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