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    Windows not going up - auto reversing down

    Thank you all so much! I sat in the car with my son in the passenger seat and rebooted it (two thumbs). After the car came back up I asked him to mess with his window switch. I said move it all the way up and all the way down. He did that a few times and then I tried it from the driver seat and...
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    Windows not going up - auto reversing down

    Anyone notice this after 2022.40.4.1? The front passenger window will reverse back down if I’m holding it up or auto-up. This just started happening. The only thing I can seem to do is a bunch of short pulses up. Then it won’t reverse back down.
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    Inaccurate current transducer causing bad solar generation and home usage numbers

    I was wondering about the ripple too and finally realized it's just my fridge kicking on and off. That's not normal? Maybe I need a new fridge... haha My grid data from Tesla is very close to the utility data, it's just my solar and home usage that is wrong. I can live with it though 🙂
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    Inaccurate current transducer causing bad solar generation and home usage numbers

    Has anyone seen something like this with their system? You can clearly see that the "home usage" increases and decreases with the solar production when I wasn't home. I have narrowed this down to the current transformer overestimating solar production by 5-10%. Confirmed it with my own...
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    Very strange service center experience center with odometer - did I get someone else's eMMC daughter board?

    Alright so I'm not the only one this has happened to. It doesn't appear to be too common but I guess it's possible that it happens more than we think. As long as the SC doesn't mess up the odometer most people wouldn't know.
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    Very strange service center experience center with odometer - did I get someone else's eMMC daughter board?

    Here's what the invoice says for the mcu: Concern: Customer has bulletin for emmc. please do media control unit health check to determine eligibility. Performed Touchscreen health check and found meets replacement requirements. Removed and replaced internal circuit board. Successfully...
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    Very strange service center experience center with odometer - did I get someone else's eMMC daughter board?

    First of all, I want to say my expectations of Tesla service were very low based on everything I've read here. I'm posting this thread to ask if you guys agree with what I think happened, and if you think I should do anything else or just leave it be. Long story short - I dropped off a car...
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    To MCU2 or not to MCU2?

    Is this true, can anyone else confirm it? I'm about to purchase a 2016.5 90d. It has AP2 and I was a little bummed when I found out I won't get dashcam without also paying $10k to upgrade to FSD
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    Tesla homelink

    Was this a remote that came with your garage door opener, or did you purchase it separately? If so, where? Thanks.
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    Single outlet meter recommendations?

    I have a kill-a-watt and it's great if you are going to be nearby. I also have some smart plugs and found out that one of them happens to have energy monitoring. I bet many of them have it. Here's the one I have that works well: Kasa Smart Wi-Fi Plug with Energy Monitoring – Kasa Smart Also...
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    Today is the shortest day of the year... how was your production?

    Has anyone ever seen the energy generated in a day jump afterwards? Mine said 21.7 when I checked at sunset then when I checked it a while later it went down to 20.4.
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    Today is the shortest day of the year... how was your production?

    Yesterday, 4.08kw system in Southern CA.
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    Powerwalls inside or out for longevity?

    I just had a powerwall installed outside in a climate that sounds very similar to yours. Last night I performed an off-grid test. By the morning my powerwall was about 35% and 35 degrees. I had read about an issue in the past where the powerwall will not charge if below 50 degrees when the...
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    Questions about recent solar installs

    CA 4.08kW/1PW system ordered 9/5, installed 12/10. 12 340W panels with a solaredge inverter and power optimizers on each. From my recent browsing on the forum, I believe my advisor was much better than most. Probably not the MOST knowledgeable, but regularly responded to emails within 1...
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    Question re Tesla app: No "Advanced" mode listed.

    I had backup and self powered right after the install, afternoon of 12/10. Advanced option showed up this morning, 12/12.
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    Post Your Tesla Solar Layout

    I posted the initial layout on page 25 and asked for an updated layout. Tesla said it would take 2-3 weeks. In the meantime, a home assessment was scheduled and I explained the changes I would like to the assessor. Within 3 hours after the assessment I received an updated layout. This layout...
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    Tesla Solar Panel - My experience in Los Angeles

    M3SRdude, Did they actually send you an updated layout the same day you asked for a change?? I asked for a change (moving 6 panels) and my advisor told me it would take 2-3 weeks. Currently 10 days and counting...
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    Post Your Tesla Solar Layout

    I appreciate it. I was thinking about getting either... 1. More total generation (all south facing) 2. More generation during 'peak' hours to feed back to the grid (not shaded during summer peak hours) Maybe the changes won't end up making a huge difference though. I'll check it out.
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    Post Your Tesla Solar Layout

    Thank you. I sent a 1-page pdf with that photo and my 2 preferred layouts, explaining the shade. The shaded side of my house is facing directly West. My advisor has been very responsive and forwarded it to the design team the same day. The photo was taken on 9/5 at 6:06pm, so I believe that...
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    Post Your Tesla Solar Layout

    Here's my initial layout from Tesla and my two preferred alternatives due to the afternoon shade of the 2-story house next door.
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    Incentive for installing solar + powerwall together reduced?

    Anyone think they are getting ready for some changes on Battery Day?

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