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  1. bastrd_steve

    Pic of your Model Y.......RIGHT NOW!

    Shes A dirty girl
  2. bastrd_steve

    Pic of your Model Y.......RIGHT NOW!

    we got 12-13" overnight. Was stoked to get the track mode just days before. Turned down regen to 25%, 90% front wheel power. pilot sport all seasons got me home just fine. I’m sure winter tires would have been better!
  3. bastrd_steve

    Model Y Performance Track Mode has arrived as a Holiday Software Update: As seen on twitter!!!!!

    Was so stoked to finally get track mode! Especially with all the snow we just got! If for no other reason, just being able to dial down the regen is an incredible feature that should be available on every model. Regen and icy roads is dangerous.
  4. bastrd_steve

    Auto wipers swipe @ every streetlight...Cannot use Autopilot at night

    Nice try. Autopilot doesn’t allow you to turn off auto wipers or auto high beams. I'm also experiencing this issue. The oncoming headlights or overhead street lamps highlight any moisture or dirt or smudge in front of the cameras. I literally screamed in frustration this morning driving home...
  5. bastrd_steve

    Hakka r5 ev vs Michelin x-ice snow

    I’m here with the exact same dilemma. I booked an appointment at kaltire for Wednesday and chose the Michelin x-ice over the Nokian r5 strictly by brand and tire tread pattern. It looks like it’ll handle our wet Vancouver climate better. Snow and ice performance is actually secondary in my...
  6. bastrd_steve

    2021 Tesla Model Y Performance tastefully modified For sale - SOCAL

    Did this sell? Does anyone have any good side profile pics of a model y performance on the eibach lowering springs?? I’ve ordered unplugged sway bars to help with body roll. But also want less wheel gap. .6" and .8" doesnt sound like enough drop… really don’t want to spend the dough on coilovers...
  7. bastrd_steve

    New iPhone 13 Pro Max in a case does not work with the 2021 Model 3 wireless charging pad

    My 13 pro max charges about half the time. But barely charges. Just gets really hot. Such a bummer
  8. bastrd_steve

    Model Y lowering springs

    Still waiting… did you post somewhere else?
  9. bastrd_steve

    One thing you LOVE and DISLIKE about your Model Y

    Love: Acceleration, autopilot*, one pedal driving, no gas station stops when I’m late for work or want to just get home, keyless operation*, comfort, noticeable better build quality and sound "proofing" over my 2020. Dislike: Handling(my model 3 is so much more fun), autopilot* needing auto...
  10. bastrd_steve

    Pic of your Model Y.......RIGHT NOW!

  11. bastrd_steve

    Pic of your Model Y.......RIGHT NOW!

    yesterday was its first wash. today the headlights and tail lights are tinted. can’t decide if I want to put any emblems back on or not. Kinda liking it debadged…
  12. bastrd_steve

    Beware of issues If you sell car

    Wow! This has been on my mind too as I am considering selling my 2020 M3SR+. Thank you for the info as now I know this is indeed an issue. Please update this thread once you get it sorted out and good luck to you.
  13. bastrd_steve

    PPF or no PPF

    That’s Canadian dollars so… tack on 30% or so lol
  14. bastrd_steve

    PPF or no PPF

    Full coverage - $4600 plus full ceramic coating including wheels plastics and glass $1250
  15. bastrd_steve

    PPF or no PPF

    Lol. The shop did a really good job. The part I’m surprised about is how it’s unfortunately amplified the teslas orange peel paint. It’s just so glossy now! And hopefully it’ll stay glossy and not all swirl marked and rock chipped… otherwise what’s the point.
  16. bastrd_steve

    PPF or no PPF

    Was going to go with the full stealth treatment but decided to keep it glossy. Full PPF and ceramic coat… picking her up in a couple hours. Most money I’ve ever spent on something invisible… lol
  17. bastrd_steve

    Tesla Mud Flaps on MYP

    how are these holding up? They look great! Lots of bad reviews of different Amazon ones. I don’t want cheap crap that’s gonna fall apart
  18. bastrd_steve

    Pic of your Model Y.......RIGHT NOW!

    I’ve always excelled at spending more than I should. Hoping to die at an old age with millions in debt😜
  19. bastrd_steve

    Pic of your Model Y.......RIGHT NOW!

    Day one with the 22 model y performance. Looks good next to the old 20 model 3 sr+.
  20. bastrd_steve

    Money owed from Model Y delivery

    Tax laws changed in BC? Seen the change to used ev’s… I’m picking up my MYP tomorrow and as far as I know I’m paying 15% tax
  21. bastrd_steve

    PPF or no PPF

    Ghaaaaaaa! I’m picking up my MYP in black this week and I’m so torn. This thread hasn’t helped me decide at all! Lol. I agree with both sides. My experience with my M3 is that the paint is worst on the bumpers. I had 3 rock chips the day I drove it home. After a few more I had it repainted...
  22. bastrd_steve

    License Plate Question

    I believe the roof rails and rear quaters are steel… they are on the model 3.
  23. bastrd_steve

    Accepted Delivery of MYP 22' this weekend. Your thoughts on the fit and finish?

    Tint the windows. Problem solved… new problem created depending where you live and what the laws are though. But it’ll look cooler too 😜
  24. bastrd_steve

    Pic of your Model Y.......RIGHT NOW!

    so painful! Like being away from loved ones lol. How’s the stealth ppf holding up? I’m considering doing the same when my MYP shows up. It’s that or a colour change to satin or nardo grey… I can’t decide!!! Good thing I got till July to figure it out… 😭
  25. bastrd_steve

    Pic of your Model 3.......RIGHT NOW! [model 3 pictures thread]

    I went with the eibach pro plus kit with sway bars and I couldnt be happier with the performance/handling improvement, but was displeased with how far off the amount of drop was from the advertised drop. The rear barely dropped at all, 3/8" I believe. And the front dropped 1/8"more than...
  26. bastrd_steve

    Pic of your Model 3.......RIGHT NOW! [model 3 pictures thread]

    Just washed her and put the summers back on. itll probably snow now!
  27. bastrd_steve

    Contemplating about switching MY LR order to MYP

    Better not be black!… that was mine! LOL
  28. bastrd_steve

    Model Y Performance wheel change

    With those wheels on your MYP,(is it MYP or PYM BTW? I’ve seen it both ways here ) there’s really no reason it shouldn’t get similar range to the LRMY. with the exception of how heavy your right foot is. Im even more interested in knowing if it’s the weight or the wheel width or the profile of...
  29. bastrd_steve

    Model Y Performance wheel change

    So how’s the range/efficiency?
  30. bastrd_steve

    Contemplating about switching MY LR order to MYP

    Wait… those arent shopped! How did you do this??!
  31. bastrd_steve

    Contemplating about switching MY LR order to MYP

    Wow. All that photoshop wizardry but you couldn’t be bothered to crop the pix?… lol
  32. bastrd_steve

    Cabin Area

    I am currently a model 3 owner and only drove a MY once. I believe there is only more headroom. I heard they actually moved the front seat forward a bit to give the rear seats more legroom. Although the MY seats are higher than the M3 so… I’m sorry I really don’t know for certain. When I drove...
  33. bastrd_steve

    Full matrix headlight functionality just approved by NHTSA!

    I’m a big fan of high end lighting and have always regarded Audi to be the leaders in automotive light tech. Somehow I had no idea what ADB was and had to do the google thing. Hopefully this feature will be enabled soon cause its damn cool! As I get older I’m finding it harder and harder to see...
  34. bastrd_steve

    Tow hitch bike rack for model y

    oh yeah?… how’s that working out so far? Lol jk jk
  35. bastrd_steve

    Tow hitch bike rack for model y

    Found this info on the bike rack I was planning on using for a 400km bike trip this summer. our bikes all weigh roughly 30-35lbs so I’m guessing this isn’t gonna fly. Would probably be fine but risking damage to the new car and the roughly $30k in bikes, I think we’ll have to take my buddy’s...
  36. bastrd_steve

    Contemplating about switching MY LR order to MYP

    You keep the price it was when you placed the order… as long as you don’t change ANYTHING. If you make a change, you get hit in the nether regions with the new price. My build went up $5k if I wanted to change the colour From black to grey(now a free colour choice). The only place in the world...
  37. bastrd_steve

    Tow hitch bike rack for model y

    How can this be?! 160lbs max weight!?! I was planning on transporting four bikes occasionally!… the only reason i got the hitch actually is for bikes! Lol. Confused how tongue weight differs from a bike rack.. It can pull 3500lbs (supposedly) surely it can hold more than 160lbs!…?
  38. bastrd_steve

    Finally, MYP welcome home 😃

    Wait… heated wipers!? Also, are the rear windows double? Also, looks f*$kin sweet ! Also that’s my new motto… life’s short, do what makes you happy
  39. bastrd_steve

    2 Model Y or Ioniq 5?

    We currently own a 2020 M3SR+ that we bought new and love. I sold my 2017 F150 in November and we leased a 2021 Mazda CX-9 cause we couldn’t commit to two EVs. Well that was a mistake cause we both only want to drive the Tesla. So it’s getting miles racked up. So the Mazda is going. So the hunt...
  40. bastrd_steve

    2021 MYP spaceX with yoke 😲

    Looks like he’s bought every nick nak add on he could find... Looks gaudy to me but, to each his own I guess.
  41. bastrd_steve

    Contemplating about switching MY LR order to MYP

    Lucky you live in the USA so there’s no charge for the change(ie. new pricing). I’m in Canada and I wanted to change the colour on my MYP order, $5k CDN upcharge/new pricing. I personally think the Performance is a no brainer for the price difference. Added bonus of getting it sooner! How much...
  42. bastrd_steve

    Minimizing Whr/mile

    Hello rock chips…
  43. bastrd_steve


    I currently only enjoy my M3fp (fake performance) and her slimmer butt. But my MYP is due before summer 🤞 Can’t wait to stare at it!
  44. bastrd_steve

    New iPhone 13 Pro Max in a case does not work with the 2021 Model 3 wireless charging pad

    Having the same issue after switching to the 13 pro max. Wondering if any of the aftermarket chargers can be fit to the 2020+ model 3/Y and if they would charge…?
  45. bastrd_steve

    Hello everyone i have a question about the referral program.

    My SA said he would add my friends referral but never did. Neither my friend or I received the “incentive". I emailed Tesla back and forth several times about the issue and the outcome was 🤷‍♂️ Too bad. The only reason I even contacted Tesla before purchasing was to get more info on a trade in.
  46. bastrd_steve

    Eibach Pro-Kit installed (2020 LR)

    Don’t get me wrong. It doesn’t look horrible. Rough measurement from wheel arch to tire is 2” rear, 1-3/8” front. Vast improvement over stock. But lower in front and higher in rear than advertised. Thankfully it wasn’t the other way around!...
  47. bastrd_steve

    Eibach Pro-Kit installed (2020 LR)

    thank you. I didn’t think it would change with this work, but wasn’t 100%. Yes, same part number. The installer did say that the rear springs were almost identical in length to stock, so now I’m wondering if the wrong ones were packaged at eibach... would be just my luck.
  48. bastrd_steve

    Eibach Pro-Kit installed (2020 LR)

    Oh. No bump stops were harmed in the lowering of this car.

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