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    Powerwalls wouldnt turn on after toggling switch.

    Thank you! Wow that was just last week. Timely topic and good info. Real life scenario would be if you have an extended outage and drain the powerwalls overnight, you are kinda screwed. Unless that built in buffer keeps it alive and there is sun the next day.
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    Powerwalls wouldnt turn on after toggling switch.

    I installed a whole home surge protector today. Turned off grid breaker, then turned the switch off on both powerwalls. Took about 10 min to finish up the wiring. Started by turning back on the powerwalls. Nothing happened, no green lights, no clicks. Waited about 5 min still nothing. I then...
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    Getting Powerwall 2s to charge after power outage

    Tried 3 times already. Grid charging is restricted for me. Latest call was last week. 3 calls, they wont budge saying its determined by my interconnect agreement re the ITC.
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    Will California and West see Storm Watch in the next few days (2022-12-29)?

    Yup, my stormwatch would only charge to 99%. I wish there was a setting to keep it only during off peak though. I forgot about it and was Stormwatching til 6ish. My grid charging is still restricted, ill try to call them again tomorrow..
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    Powerwall uploads to grid, ignoring my Reserve setting and despite "Self-Powered" mode

    Try making the change from another phone/ipad.
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    Happy Winter Solstice

    Cool, i get to join the fun. 9.1 KW Roof. 30.0 12/20 and on track to beat that today. SF Bay Area, CA
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    Substancial under performance with solar roof

    Unless something is wired wrong, i think you are in the minority. From what ive read and heard, Tesla’s estimates are pretty conservative and most if not all people report exceeding it. How does it compare when you run it through PVwatts?
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    Are curved roof tiles normal?

    Yup, mine is kinda wavy too. The new gutters hid a lot of it though. I was way more self conscious of it initially, but I hardly notice it now.
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    (Another) Gutters Thread - Roofer Saying Not Allowed to work on Solar Roof?

    Pm’d you a recommendation. They did our solar roof in Hayward and i am Very happy with the results.
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    I went Tesla solar today!

    Congrats! You made the right choice. There are a lot more success stories than people with issues.
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    Powerwall not discharging unless in "off grid" mode

    Have you tried “selfpowered” mode?
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    11/1/2022 Check Your Connection message

    Not that message, but the app has been sluggish for the last month. Ill open it up and the flow is blank. Ill either wait 10 seconds or swipe to the car and back a few times and itll pop back up. It is also slower to show changes in energy usage. Before when i turn on an appliance, the usage...
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    how to disable vehicle charging during grid outage?

    Save 100% for home
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    Very low production 7.6 system with powerwall +- is inverter configured right?

    Not saying that you should do this, but if you have the “switch” i posted, try turning that on to see if anything changes. Mine was actually On by default and i was exporting for a few days before i found it. (In self powered mode, it wont export until powerwalls are full).
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    Anyone else have solar, home, and grid disappear from APP?

    This has been happening to me for about a week or 2. It seems sluggish and i have to go back and forth between the car to get data to show up.
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    Tesla string inverter has coolant leaking on the day-1

    Mine had a few drops on day 1. I tightened the allen key on what I presume is the fill port and no longer leaking.
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    Flies coming into house after Solar Roof

    I bbq’d today and finished it in the oven. House smelled (wonderful) and over the course of 2 hrs, I killed 8 flies. I noticed under the eaves there are small gaps which i will caulk. The ridge vent is new and runs the whole length of the house. I dont know if there is a screen for that. Ill...
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    Flies coming into house after Solar Roof

    Weird, but the number of flies that come into the house has gone up significantly. Especially on hotter days and when cooking something fragrant inside. Any ideas on the source of entry? Ridge vent? microwave vent? I havent been in the attic yet to see anything.
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    Tesla Solar Roof + Powerwall Electrical Saga

    Am i missing something? To charge at 48A you need a 60A breaker AND respective wiring, 4AWG (copper). The 40A breaker should have tripped to protect the wires, which look suspiciously small (sorry, i cant tell from looking).
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    Solar Wiring into Main Panel

    Did they write on the panel label what that breaker is for?
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    Seeking tips for getting support

    I would schedule the inspection. Are you still up and running?
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    Tesla Solar Roof + Powerwall Electrical Saga

    Do you know what wires those go to? Looks like there is a fair amount of corrosion and could be old work?
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    What is actual PV size of [my] solar roof

    Got my NEM2 agreement today and the Solar CEC-AC rating shows 9.998352 kW. I ordered a 9.14 kW system (as shown in my Tesla acct). Is there a way to see what I actually have?
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    Installation Done - Solar = Grid, House = Powerwall?

    jjrandorin answered it. I guess this setting is only available with a tesla inverter. But it shouldn’t be exporting a significant amount to the grid if your powerwalls are not full. Mine does export a tiny amt every once in a while for a second or 2.
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    Installation Done - Solar = Grid, House = Powerwall?

    Mine was set to YES initially. I changed it to No and inverter will turn off now once powerwalls are full.
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    "Do Not Add New Loads" update

    Having my city inspection done today and I spoke to the Tesla guy labeling everything. He said he has the sticker but it's not a requirement. So of course I said please skip that one. Success! I explained I want to add a Tesla wall connector and he said I own the system and can do whatever I...
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    Solar ROOF scheduled for installation!! NCal

    Shes alive! Replaced the inverter, took about an hr. Slow drip from the coolant port, i tightened it with a hex key and all good. Running AC, dishwasher, clothes washer, and car charging (from 110v atm). Happy as a clam.
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    Powerwall died? DC Stage Fault

    Thats horrible! Are we at their mercy? They have been doing installs left and right around me. Seems like this should be a priority.
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    Solar ROOF scheduled for installation!! NCal

    Thx, ill update when/if it gets fixed
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    Solar ROOF scheduled for installation!! NCal

    I wish it were complete. Have an appointment this Monday to replace the inverter. No output yet.
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    Solar ROOF scheduled for installation!! NCal

    Big thanks to this forum for getting me through this journey. You guys are amazingly helpful, especially @Vines , @holeydonut , and @jboy210 !!
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    Solar ROOF scheduled for installation!! NCal

    That is the microwave vent
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    Solar ROOF scheduled for installation!! NCal

    Well i chose the pictures in order, but they ended up jumbled. Timeline was just as planned, 1 week start to finish*. Bad news is the inverter is malfunctioning. When they connected all the strings, it wouldnt run. But they tested each one individually and they worked. Workorder for a new...
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    Will I need a panel upgrade?

    What i would do is order your system and when they come out for the site survey, let them know that you need another panel for more space. They will make note of that. When they submit the plan for permits, ask for a copy of it. If its included, it will be listed. If its not, contact your...
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    Solar ROOF scheduled for installation!! NCal

    90% done. Going to wrap it up monday.
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    Will I need a panel upgrade?

    Exactly right. No extra charge. I “think” the extra panel wasn’t actually necessary and the could have just gone straight to the gateway. But i have been hinting to them all along that i need space to add EV charging and my house subpanel is full. I doubt i had any influence on their design though.
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    8 alerts showing at the same time

    Nice! I just went through my invoices. They never installed that filter for me, maybe ill have them give that a shot next time. Hope that fixed it for you.
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    Will I need a panel upgrade?

    I thought he was going to do a “line” tap. But now that i think about it, im guessing its Service—>metermain—>loadcenter—> house subpanel
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    Will I need a panel upgrade?

    9.14 roof. Yes its 100amp in the meter main. They side tapped that and connected it to a 200amp box next to the gateway. That has a 100amp breaker feeding my subpanel inside. Whole house backup
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    Will I need a panel upgrade?

    Your meter main looks exactly like mine(same color stucco too). I think your setup would look very close to mine. Tesla is on my roof as we speak installing.
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    Solar ROOF scheduled for installation!! NCal

    gotcha. I must have been looking at old posts/reviews talking about firestone
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    Solar ROOF scheduled for installation!! NCal

    They are using this FT underlayment vs Firestone

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