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    Tesla wireless phone charger

    I read that it supports fast charging but you have to plug it into a cigarette lighter, is the charging pretty descent?
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    Brake Caliper Decals

    I bought mine from RPM Tesla
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    Gen 1 Center console insert, Trunk organizer and motion sensor lights

    I didn't actually post pics of the trunk organizer originally, so I am trying to do a better job now. $250 for everything, you pay shipping or if close to Raleigh, NC, we can arrange a pick up.
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    Few pieces to sell Gen 1 Model S parts (evannex center console, teslarati motion lights, and cubby )

    *UPDATE* The cubby is sold. I have the following things available: Evannex center console, black with black leather Rola 59001 M. O. V. E. Rigid base trunk base RPM Tesla motion lights Would love to let it all go for $250 plus whatever your shipping would be. I’m in the Raleigh, NC area so if...
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    Few pieces to sell Gen 1 Model S parts (evannex center console, teslarati motion lights, and cubby )

    I sold my 2013 Model S and I want to sell the remaining parts I have in my house! This is the first time I am posting on the for sale site so if you have any issues viewing the pics, please let me know. I also have a Rola 59001 M.O.V.E. rigid-base trunk organizer for sell. Would prefer to let it...
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    Sound dampening project & comparison of P85+ vs P85D Loaner

    I think this is a project I want to go with especially since I changed my back tires to Falkens. I have never taken the molding off my car before excuse the question if it is weird but what what made you chose the pieces and places you went with in soundproofing your car? Why not just slab a big...
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    Trade in experience/ advice of a ICE for your Tesla

    I didn't want to deal with the hassle of someone trying to haggle me down on pricing so I took my 2011 CTSV to CarMax first because I heard that Tesla lowballs you. I had an "ok" deal from Car Max but then decided to see what Tesla thought. Tesla actually ended up giving me $500 more than Car...
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    I am now officially part of the family :)

    Congratulations, what weird cars have tried racing you (in Mexico of course!) so far? Pick-up trucks were my challengers all the time!
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    Vendor Tesla Veteran's Special Project Gets Refreshed For 2017

    Thank you, too bad there are no positions available in North Carolina!
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    Tune in Podcasts and 8.0 - Unusable

    I barely use my tune in now because it never finds a podcast for me. Even using your iphone can cause issues like I'll find the episode I want to listen to, press play on the phone, lock it so I don't have a bright light shining in my face and it stops. I have open up the phone again and press...
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    Maximum GB Size for USB Flash Drive

    I use the super small 64 GB thumbdrive in mine. If I make a change to the songs and then plug it back in, it takes a little bit for it to sync with the car.
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    P85 vs P85+ Driving Differences

    I had to take my plus car in for a sun roof repair and I was given a non-plus as a loaner. To me, it felt like I was being blown all over the highway at higher speeds (loaners can only go 80 mph but I squeezed a few more!) and I did not like that. Other than that, it really didn't seemed that...
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    Tesla Cubby Light fixture found...

    Wow, it is interesting how people feel certain ways when you try to tell your experience with a product and/ or sellers. Never been on heroin or known anyone who has so I don't really know how to take your comment, but I will continue to tell the interested people about my experiences. Thank you.
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    Tesla Cubby Light fixture found...

    I just received my cubby light from RPM Tesla. I contacted them on May 27th about getting one and was told that one would ship out to me on June 8 when they were available and I was happy with that timeline because I was in Cancun enjoying some Miami Vices. Funny thing is, I received an email...
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    Puddle Lamps

    I contacted a forum member here named Norm and purchased a set that he made personally. They are direct for the most part, you have to drill (dremel) a little of sides to get them to fit if you do not want to remove the door panel. Best experience, great person to work with, responds to...
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    Calipers -- Black with red text or Red with silver text?

    I like the Black with red letters but I will be going with a little more color, so I'm picking the red caliper with silver. To spice things up, I am going with reflective lettering just for an additional pop. I considered going with wrapping the calipers in a reflective red but I don't want to...
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    Red Brake Calipers or covers for MS 90d

    MGP® - Caliper Covers with MGP Engraving (Full Kit, 4 pcs) I'm going to get my painted because I am not a fan of the huge fake caliper look but this is with Carid.com.
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    Glass Roof Flaw?

    I have the pano roof on a 13 P85+, the edges of my front glass seemed to be bubbling although you could not feel them. Took it in, it was a day fix. They replace the whole front glass. Got the car back and at first, there was enough wind noise to sound like I had a window cracked and the top had...
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    Puddle Lamps

    Thanks gents for the assistance. I ordered mine and they should be here today! I believe they are the same ones that were shown on the Teslatap so hopefully his step-by-step will apply for me.
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    Puddle Lamps

    Is there a link for the proper type ones?
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    Puddle Lamps

    Also, where are some places that you guys are getting these from?
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    Puddle Lamps

    Man, I cant see!
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    Tesla moments

    I got a new one this morning (moment that is)! I pulled up to the gym at around 5:20am, which means no real lighting. While I was getting my gym stuff together in my frunk, a woman in a SUV pulls up behind me to give me light. I thanked her and told her I didn't need it, I was almost done. After...
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    Superhero Car

    I felt some way playing the Superman theme in my car the other day!
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    A Few CPO Questions...

    I personally used the ev-cpo.com website. It is maintained and managed by a fellow tesla and forum member here. It is like an excel spreadsheet and you can filter out exactly what you are looking for. Another great thing about it you can click on a description of the vehicle and view it exactly...
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    Plasti dip side skirts and front lip

    I really like this! Man, if I had a white car with the dark wheels, I would definitely go for this! I was looking into doing something like this, do you have to mix the black and the gloss together or do you spray the black first, then use the gloss afterwards?
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    Plasti dip side skirts and front lip

    That looks really good! What was the price to get something like that done!?
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    Tesla moments

    You should have agreed to it, I would have love to see the response they had looking underneath!
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    CPO Delivery Timeline Normal?

    It really is! I have never gotten such a nice used car ever! They are really attentive during the time of inspection, I never had a dealership go over the car with you (that thoroughly at least) and willing to fix the tiniest thing you could possibly nit pick on. So I just went through the...
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    Tesla moments

    Urgh! First world problems! lol
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    Tesla moments

    So I am amazed by all the different range of comments I have read about the car on this post. I just got my car this weekend and I am absolutely loving it! I have had a range of mix reviews from a brand new Volvo owner giving me the thumbs up as I were pulling out my garage to someone trying to...
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    An Update to our Supercharging Program

    When I read the title of this post, my heart just sank, "I just got this pre-owned and I got to pay now!?" So relieved now.
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    Tesla moments

    That last one with the priest seems like the start of a great joke!
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    Model S carbon fiber rear diffuser?

    Very nice look, are there pictures of your diffuser installed on a vehicle?
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    CPO Delivery Timeline Normal?

    That is excellent, congratulations! Did you trade in a car to them? If you did, what was the process? I will be trading in my CTSV to them.
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    CPO agent AWOL, how should I proceed?

    I think that is the norm with Tesla, no one to talk to! It took me a little bit to contact my guy (Brent Spreavey). If you can't talk to your person, contact their team. I am in the process of buying a CPO and I had to make contact with them (numerous times) to get the ball rolling.
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    CPO Delivery Timeline Normal?

    Ok.....here is my update.....I just called Tesla and called to someone in their delivery team and the car is here already! It shipped from the Florida location to Raleigh, NC this weekend and they said I should be taking delivery of it either later this week or next weekend the latest. Although...
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    OPT7 LED headlights

    I'm still new (so new, I don't even have the car yet!), what type of headlight housing does the Model S have, projector or something else?
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    CPO Delivery Timeline Normal?

    Is this all with conversation through your delivery experience specialist (before and/ or after) or is that on/ about conversations with the pre-order guys?
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    CPO Delivery Timeline Normal?

    Man, they make such a great vehicle, but definitely need to improve on the business portion. Maybe its because we are going for CPOs...I hope someone with a little more experience in this area chimes in.
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    CPO Delivery Timeline Normal?

    I hope not! I put a deposit down last week and haven't been contacted by my Delivery Specialist yet so I keep on brothering my pre-order guy. I was given a timeline for my region and distance (car is in Florida and I'm in NC) of 3-5 weeks, he said it should take 4 weeks. For what I heard and...
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    Tesla moments

    No, just incredibly smart! Wow, I need to troll (meaning just look) Tesla website more!
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    P85+ Black on Tan Nappa Leather - loaded - March 2014 build

    Nevermind...I finally found one!
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    P85+ Black on Tan Nappa Leather - loaded - March 2014 build

    She is a beautiful car and I would definitely it off your hands if this sell came up around November (that is when I will be in the market to buy one :sadface: ) - of topic, did you ever review the light harmonic speakers?
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    Considering a CPO

    I appreciate the correction, I never knew what they stood for, must have overlooked it in my greed and thirst! I apologize, I wasn't trying to bust you out
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    Considering a CPO

    yes to both, my threshold is 75K. Although I'm assuming they would be extremely fun, that is a bit more car than I'm willing to pay for right now. I would definitely have to wait for time to chip away at those prices more.
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    Considering a CPO

    I have a question as well. I am in the market for buying a CPO as well (will be officially ready in November). I may just go the Tesla pre own special route but looking at the Ev-CPO spread sheet is what thrills me while I wait. Looking at the spreadsheet, how do I determine by looking at the...

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