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    Is your dog afraid of the Model X?

    I had forgotten that I had posted this. Over time, my sweet dog decided that the X is fun and she hops right in whenever I open the gull wing door. Ruby Rose, time and pleasant destinations might be what it takes. I’m not a vet or behavioral psychologist, but I wonder if associating the car and...
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    How long does a Powerwall support a home during a power outage?

    We unfortunately couldn’t use Tesla PW (their gateway is limited to 200A and it would have required a few hundred feet of trenching), so we installed two Sonnen batteries (2x16kw). Switchover time seems to be longer than PW, as digital clocks go to flashing 00:00. I was home once during an...
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    Powerwalls for whole-house backup in NE US winter?

    We are installing 2 Sonnen batteries (2x16kw) that will work with large solar array and 8w generator. I expect to survive any outage without pipes freezing, and probably comfortably. Our Boston area geothermal (vertical closed loop) sees 50 degree underground. Sonnen is not the cheapest...
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    Upgraded Backup Gateway

    Well, it might be expensive, but Tesla: 1. Couldn’t tell me when I could have it 2. Felt they needed a big trench from garage to utility room 3. Could only promise backup of a small subset of my needs and specifically nothing in my garage 4. Could not backup my geothermal Whereas, Sonnen is...
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    Upgraded Backup Gateway

    Yes. That’s why I reluctantly canceled my order and went with a Sonnen battery solution.
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    Is your dog afraid of the Model X?

    She has never been inside the X, so no unpleasant experiences, and is around it all the time in the driveway. I will try using a treat, although that's tricky since we have her on a restricted diet (allergies).
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    Is your dog afraid of the Model X?

    I have a large dog, 95#. She doesn't mind going in my wife's Range Rover or the kids' Volvo, but she digs in her heels when I try to put her in my Model X. I wonder if there's a sound at a frequency I can't hear? The "step up" is not an issue for her, and she needs much more human pushing to...
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    19" wheels & all-season tires

    I'm going to put my 20" performance tires back on my P90D X in the next few weeks, but am curious if anyone found a 19" summer/all-season alternative that works for the X. I much prefer the ride of the 19" on NJ's potholes. I'm disappointed to have to "waste" a set of rims eventually when the...
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    How's the A pillar visibility?

    There is one intersection near home that is really awkward in the X. It is a relatively steep downhill, with the main road going off to the right, and my path home being a slight left. The temptation in other cars, with better visibility, is to take the left without much slowing down, traffic...
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    any regrets on cost?

    Gregkeys, you probably won't like what I say here, but here goes: I don't think that a car as expensive as the X should be bought by a family that can't write a check for the purchase price. If that's not something you can do, buy a CPO S, or a lower-priced new S (with tax incentives). I love...
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    Tesla Auto Pilot kept me safer than ever today

    I believe that you can only set it for 5mph faster than the posted speed on non-divided highways. On divided highways, you can exceed that. Strangely enough, I go slower when on AP. Without it, I can't stand the tedium of driving, so I speed. With AP, I remain calmly attentive, unstressed, and...
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    Undercoating ... Coming from ICE....

    I dunno. When I brought my X into SC complaining that the accelerator pedal creaked when moved and needed some lubrication (or so I thought), SC reported that debris had accumulated next to the titanium plate and was causing the creaking. I don't know, but they removed the debris and the noise...
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    On fence choosing between Model X and Mercedes GLS

    Not a huge thing, but in NJ, in addition to no sales tax, you also don't need inspections (AFAIK, you do in some states), discounted EZpass tolls, and HOV lanes. ETA: if you use any tunnels, especially the Holland, the air is wonderfully improved with the HEPA filter.
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    Model X Test Drive Report

    I reluctantly came to the same conclusion with my wife. She loves her Supercharged Range Rover, whose price all in ($100+ Sales tax + gas + oil + etc) is roughly equal to my XP90D ($132-$7.5). She is glad that I love my X, but she isn't ready for an electric vehicle, and wants another Rover. It...
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    X owner claims unintended acceleration caused accident

    Uh, I know what you meant, but clicking the TACC up would be for a right turn. More seriously, I had an S loaner for only a week, and it took me a while to reorient as to which stalk was which. Some things really should be standardized. Why not have the go pedal to the left of the brake, for...
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    Wiki Model X Reset Techniques

    This reminds me of the Dick Van Dyke show or perhaps the superstitious actions of tech support in the (very) old days whose first recommendation was to "defrag the disk." For you youngsters, trust me.
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    New Model X squeaky brakes...normal?

    My X's brakes squeaked for a long time, but it eventually went away. I use standard regen, and pride myself on seldom using "old fashioned" brakes, so I think that's what happened. All fine now.
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    Really bad glare from windshield

    It only bothers me during the day, so I wear polarized sunglasses. If it bothers you at night, I guess you could get clear polarized glasses made; there are polarized lens filters made for photography use, so I don't think it's impossible.
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    Thoughts on Prepaid Service and Extended Warranty

    @ecrsail, I hope that they honor that sale when push comes to shove.
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    Cargo Capacity or Thereof

    It was air. My son has to take drug tests for his summer internship and both kids aren't too much into smoking anyway. I gave it up ages ago; I decided that anything that made me think that the Moody Blues were awesome couldn't be good for me. Youngsters who have never heard of the Moody Blues...
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    Cargo Capacity or Thereof

    Picked up my son at college a couple of weeks ago. I should have taken photos, but I brought him, his GF, two of her bags, and a slew of items for him including a hockey bag (in the frunk) and hockey sticks (we have 6 seat option). I warned him that what didn't fit would be burned, since I...
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    "Daddy, it's like we're famous!"

    I second what you said about AP. I'm usually a moderately aggressive driver, not because I can't stand being outpaced, but because I don't much care for the mundane details of staying in the lane, paying attention, keeping a proper distance from the car in front of me, etc. Yesterday I drove...
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    Is it just me or..

    Yeah, it's a simple operation until there's a rain followed by freezing temperatures. Shortly after I got my X, that situation presented itself. I was able to climb in the trunk and worm my way forward. There is nothing to pull on when the doors are, literally, frozen. Obviously engineered in...
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    Tesla Model X Moments

    I recently exhibited mine at an EV event. Most people were respectful, but I wonder about parents. One wanted to allow their youngster into my car holding a cotton candy cone. Others wanted their kids in the driver's seat (as you know, it's easy to "turn on" a Tesla and then move the car --...
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    Model X service plans

    I couldn't find it online either, but I called, and Tesla said to order it from my local SC. As you can see, it's for a model X.
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    Model X service plans

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    Air suspension

    We have never taken the Range Rover off road, but my wife's Supercharged Range Rover with its thicker glass and air suspension is both quieter (when coasting) and "smoother" than our X. I much prefer the X, but . . .
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    Model X service plans

    I'm not sure about the filter replacement cost. It is yuge; yuge I tell ya. Full disclosure: I paid for the 4 year plan.
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    How would you like to see the Auto Pilot improved?

    I don't know about my head touching the driver's window, but I already set my mirror to show nothing of my car (I know it's there, I don't need confirmation, I'm sitting in it). However, some people find it unsettling to view an "untethered" mirror (possibly the same ones who find leaving the...
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    How would you like to see the Auto Pilot improved?

    I can't help but think that this was a case of TM's reach exceeding its grasp. They probably figured they'd have cameras rather than side mirrors, and when that plan went pear shaped, decided that F it, we'll fix it in the next generation. When I read the last sentence I quoted, my tired eyes...
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    Thoughts and concerns on our new MX

    @goneskiian, I thought I had missed a memo about break in place of brake. It's all over, almost as much as loose in place of lose. Andy has lots of company; sorry Andy, don't want to single you out. As far as range and braking, I assume that Tesla factors in regenerative braking when it...
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    How would you like to see the Auto Pilot improved?

    Precisely. That's why I expected Tesla to lead the way in notifying me of someone coming up on me in an adjacent lane. But, you want me to rely on the mirrors and turning my head, and in another breath tell me that' it's not a complete solution. The X has a tiny view out the rear, even with a 6...
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    How would you like to see the Auto Pilot improved?

    I find the lack of Blind (get it, BLIND) Spot capability to make the X less safe, in certain situations, than the other cars my family owns, and HAS owned for multiple years. Yes, I turn my head, but of necessity I am turning it away from the front of the car and at my age, I don't turn as...
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    How would you like to see the Auto Pilot improved?

    It does not exist. You are not "notified" electronically of a car in your blind spot. Period. You could use the rear camera, if that doesn't make you nauseous, but that isn't where you naturally look when changing lanes. Blind spot notification should be on the mirror or in the direction of...
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    How would you like to see the Auto Pilot improved?

    Related, although a bit off topic, but Blind Spot Detection is a glaring defect. My kids' Volvo can do it well, my wife's Range Rover can do it well, but I'm ashamed that my Tesla is third best in my household. They should disable lane change until they fix this. I brag on the car all the time...
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    Thoughts on Prepaid Service and Extended Warranty

    @elguapo, The SC rep broke it down by year, and while I don't remember the details, the 4 year plan was a lot more than the 3 year plan (ie, some substantial additional work is done in the 4th year). I remain undecided about an extended warranty.
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    Thoughts on Prepaid Service and Extended Warranty

    Funny. I was told to speak with my local SC (Springfield, NJ), did so, and purchased a 4-year prepaid plan using a credit card.
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    Install a 40 or 50 amp line for NEMA 14-50 outlet?

    Wow, FlasherZ, what a useful FAQ! Thanks a lot. I'm going to forward it to my electrician, so that he can learn a thing or two.
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    Install a 40 or 50 amp line for NEMA 14-50 outlet?

    I'm not trying to hijack this informative thread, but my question is related and this appears to be where the electricians hang out. If OP wants me to start a separate thread, please say so. Situation: I've installed a 14-50 and am using it almost nightly. We will be selling the house in 1-3...
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    Key No Longer Inside - Car Will Not Restart

    Me too. I took an extra key fob and batteries with me, just in case, but it appears to have been caused by a software bug rather than a real fob issue (based on the sudden prevalence).
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    Looking to buy a Model X....

    I LOVE my Model X. Even my wife is considering buying one; she hasn't been before we got it. Some odds and ends require fixing; I have no doubts. Regrets? Yes, I wish that I'd had it sooner.
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    v7.1 (2.15.50)

    My X is at SC because yesterday I simply couldn't get the driver's door to latch. Tried everything they recommended on the phone, they drove out to the parking lot where I was to give me a loaner S. My mobile app tells me they applied the update, and they also mentioned a firmware update
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    Experience with Ultra High Fidelity Sound

    I did not go for the Ultra High Fidelity option, but I've been very pleased with the sound of the standard installation. I'm not usually a singer, but the nice acoustics in the vehicle have me doing so, which I guess is one step beyond the Linn test of whether it makes you tap your foot.
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    Model X winter experience?

    While it would not have helped today (the doors were literally frozen, not "software-frozen"), I think that's a good idea. This morning, it turns out, was caused by two things: physically frozen doors caused by rain followed by 25 degree cold, and a software update/install with a USB data...
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    Model X winter experience?

    I can't speak to snow performance, but this morning (unseasonable 25 degrees in NJ) and after a software update that affected doors, only entry to car was through one FWD that still opened; others seemed frozen. Fwiw, that's a time when old-fashioned door handles were missed. I rebooted twice...
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    Model X Minor Improvement Wish List

    I agree with your wish list. I would add a better Blind Spot indication and detection reliability. My family has a Range River and a Volvo, and both make it clear that there's something that will be unpleasant if you move to an adjacent lane. The indication is where you'd be looking (the...
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    How many people got a "problem-free" Model X?

    Mark Z, I'm going to have to wear that low on my face to block the reflections of my pasty white arms holding the steering wheel. Or get a tan. Or wear dark long-sleeved shirts. It sounds comical, and I will probably get used to it, but I did honestly find it distracting, and not in the good...
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    How many people got a "problem-free" Model X?

    Vin 24x was picked up less than 24 hours ago. So far: DS pointed out a cosmetic flaw his manager discovered, barely visible and will be fixed when parts arrive. All doors open and close reliably and consistently. Road noise is a bit higher then expected, might be because Range Rover engine...
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    What to say when asked how much your X costs...

    I don't have mine yet, but I've been asked... One response is "I'm doing penance for years of owning Range Rovers." What I usually say is that it's difficult to figure out, with tax credits, much cheaper 'fuel" and maintenance, safety, no sales tax (in NJ), etc., so I figure it's actually...

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