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    $1,000 to powdercoat a set of wheels?

    suggest you shop around and dig further. a place in ontario CA quoted me $75/wheel for simple colors.
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    CA Waiting Room

    that's odd. try giving your SA or Buena park a call. LR White/black interior, 5 seat, no FSD, no tow, 19" wheels
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    CA Waiting Room

    Finally got my vin today 259xxx. Ordered on 5/11 for MYLR. Scheduled to pickup @ Buena Park this Sat. Fingers crossed for a hassle free delivery..
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    CA Waiting Room

    consider yourself lucky. Ordered on 5/5 and similar build, and now my EDD saids 9/1-9/15. this is beyond frustrating
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    CA Waiting Room

    on the right side of the page if you are using a computer. Below "your model Y" - Order #
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    CA Waiting Room

    Ordered on 5/5 for a white/black LR, no tow. EDD went from 8/4-8/21 to 8/1-8/21. no VIN yet. go figure.. :rolleyes:
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    CA Waiting Room

    On my 3rd tesla here. ordered on 5/5 for a White DM no FSD. No VIN assigned up until today. Called the sales guy and was told to check on the website for the EDD. The dates kept changing on me and it's currently showing 7/28-8/17. Never been so frustrating and the sales advisor is useless.
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    CA Waiting Room

    placed an order on 5/5 for a LR and paid deposit on the same day. SA said my profiles wasn't not completed until 5/17, wtf? whatever that means. Anyways, website today is showing a delivery date of 7/3-7/23.
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    Model Y 6400 mile road trip

    curious if you know how much you spent on supercharging for those 6.4k miles. I don't drive long distances very often, but I did from LA to Sacramento once and I found its more costly to drive a tesla than a hybrid when it comes to $ paid for energy/fuel.
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    Model Y 6400 mile road trip

    curious if you know how much you spent on supercharging for those 6.4k miles. I don't drive long distances very often, but I did from LA to Sacramento once and I found its more costly to drive a tesla than a hybrid when it comes to energy paid.
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    White seat painting

    May be you will find some inspiration from the vid below. No, I have never done this to my car, but I have seen people spray painted leather shoes with an air brush. Looked alright.
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    Autopilot FSD beta in a few weeks says Elon Musk

    read between the lines... "capable"..
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    UK Repair cost on a Model X!

    I don't have the part #, but the shop charged my insurance company $1120 for replacing the rear bumper. This is a reputable shop but known to be expensive. I remember seeing $350 somewhere for the parts but I could be wrong. Hope this helps.
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    12v battery must be replaced soon

    My 12v battery died at exactly 20 months. Tried to get Tesla cover it under the warranty but Tesla refused and stated that I have aftermarket parts installed (power trunk). If this applies to you, you are better off going to your local automotive store, or go all out and get a light weight...
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    Great story on QC out of China, something the US needs to take notes on

    So why won't they address the problem right from the start? cost issues? space issues? heritage??
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    Railcar of Model Ys? burns

    this is nuts! imagine it's on a boat going overseas...
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    Trade SR+ for AWD Decision

    If providing heat is a concern then you might as well go with the Y since it has the heat pump. In regards to your cons - low speed safety sound can be removed auto dimming mirror can be swapped. Ultimately, it all comes down to the financials. If you can afford it, do it!
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    1 million miles battery retrofit for old models

    I remember the first gen roaster had a battery upgrade. So this makes the upgrade for the old model X/S a possibilty, but the question is when.
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    Any recommendations for e-scooter for frunk?

    here you go. I don't know if this will fit in the frunk, but it sure will fit in your trunk in the lower compartment.
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    Has anyone done the ceramic coating to the white seats?

    It just helps to keep your seats clean and easier to wipe off. Apply these the same way you would apply on your paint. Different company has a different but it's generally the same stuff. Try looking on amazon or google.
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    Has anyone done the ceramic coating to the white seats?

    strongly recommend ceramic coating if you have white seats. cleans up easily. any brand would work
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    How is Tesla gonna prevent looters?

    How about a next level "keep summer safe" system;)
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    Vstar: Model 3 Assassin kit

    some resemblance?
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    EAP to FSD - bite the bullet now or risk it?

    All jokes aside, I think the real question to ask yourself is 1- how long do you plan on keeping the car and 2- what is $4k worth to you? If you already think you are "biting the bullet" already then why bother? Do you believe in 3-5 years the FSD package will really allow you to take a nap on...
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    How I bought my Tesla Model 3 Dual Motor for free

    lmao, I couldn't have word it better :D
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    Budget Track Package for a Daily Driver (Under $4k)

    With 4k budget, IMO you are better off with the following: New tires, lowering springs, race pads and sway bars. Now you have a track ready daily driver.
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    How I bought my Tesla Model 3 Dual Motor for free

    There is a misconception where one thinks "I paid off my mortgage early and and I saved XX in interest." This is true if you have a fixed income, or climbing some kind of corporate ladder and have some set of compensation schedule. If you are entrepreneur at mind, or know how to invest, heck...
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    Nardo Grey Mode 3 looking for Bronze Wheels Setup

    Gray is considered a "cold" color and bronze is "warm". These typically dont go together. If you are gonna get new wheels, might as well shell out a little more for something functional (such as forged wheels) If you just want a different color to match the wrap, then might as well paint the...
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    Alignment- Where and $ ? Suggestions

    About $80-100 at tire central
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    Decent Door Dent - What Am I Looking At $$?

    Definitely try PDR. It should be no more than $150 You can try removing the paint transfer yourself first
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    model 3 dual motor long range/range

    Yes, the #s work out on paper, but..... I just don't get over 230 miles in range in the real world. I'll send a screen shot when I have one.
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    model 3 dual motor long range/range

    yes. you will get no where close to the stated range. I am averaging 260wh/mile and I'd be lucky if I can get 230 of total range. This is for a performance model.
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    Wrapped the inside of my steering wheel matte white

    looks great! flows real well with the interior. Nice job!
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    Choosing between new M3P and new 75D

    If you decide to go with the Y, you are always extend your lease and just pay the regular monthly until you get your hands on the Y
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    Vendor Suma Blind Spot Side Mirrors

    Thanks for the info! My main purpose is to get rid of the dark mirrors, so I can see better at night. The wide angle view is definitely a plus but not a must have for me.
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    Vendor Suma Blind Spot Side Mirrors

    I am debating between these non-blue and blue tinted mirrors. I have 35% tint on the driver/passenger side and the OEM mirrors (auto dim) are just too dark at night. Can anyone with windows tint and the blue mirrors provide some insight? Is it going to be too dark as well?
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    Group Buy for Power Trunk/Frunk Liftgate! (Round Two 10-23-19 to 10-27-19)

    I have a couple sets available and located in SoCal. PM me if interested.
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    20 inch Wheels in Practice

    Yes, there will be a noticeable difference between the 20s and 18s. and yes, you can swap out the 20s on the P3D with an AFTERMARKET 18s. Just not the OEM 18s. Given the road conditions and the fact that you will be driving in snow, I would recommend swapping out for a set of 18s.
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    RPM Tesla front bumper apron applique

    I don't recommend it. it's impossible to make it look right unless you have the pros do it. you are better off using new a roll of film and knifeless tape
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    CA state EV credit

    My friend, married couple and filing jointly, bought 2 tesla and received the state rebate for both cars. You should be safe unless your income exceeds whatever limit they have it on the program.
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    OK who is this?

    speechless.. I can only say - nice chrome delete..
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    VS Forged VS08 installed

    How much did you pay for the wheels?
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    TeslaCam - How big of a flash drive is best

    Anybody tried the wireless USB drives? This will save the hassle of pluging and unpluging https://www.amazon.com/SanDisk-200GB-Connect-Wireless-Stick/dp/B01N4TEVHA/ref=sr_1_3?keywords=wireless%2Bdrive&qid=1554921992&s=gateway&sr=8-3&th=1
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    Has Any P3D+ Owners Gotten Carbon Fiber Spoiler?

    FAIL! Tech came today to install my spoiler. He appeared to be a noob and his hands were shivering as he taped down the template onto my trunk. I immediately knew this was accident waiting to happen. The center portion of the spoiler was not flush and you can probably fit a penny in there. Gonna...
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    Has Any P3D+ Owners Gotten Carbon Fiber Spoiler?

    Got a call today to schedule the mobile tech for next Tuesday. I specifically asked if the fitment issues on the spoiler have been addressed. The rep said they now have the updated version of the spoiler and should have no fitment issues. Fingers crossed...
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    Has Any P3D+ Owners Gotten Carbon Fiber Spoiler?

    For the S/X, you can ask the service center to change your car icon to show a black wheel. Not sure about the 3.
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    People who went from an S to a 3, how do you feel about it?

    It really depends on what your priorities are or what you are looking for. When taking the families out, I prefer the S/X over the 3. It's quieter, smoother, roomier. If it's just myself, then I would take the 3. It's more nimble and better handling.
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    Sentry Mode

    why not just honk the horn? it will be much more audible than playing music at the max volume.

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