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    Tesla Advisors? Delivery is Monday. Haven’t heard from anyone

    I usually get the short end too. They really need to improve the experience - it is turning a lot of people off. Glad the car passed your inspection before you picked it up. I hope it is trouble free for a long time. Congrats and enjoy!
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    Tesla Advisors? Delivery is Monday. Haven’t heard from anyone

    So, did they contact you and did you get the car?
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    Why do people always park next to me?

    And cars with 2 doors.
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    Michelin pilot super sport issues

    Wow, only 5k. They look slightly under inflated, and the driver side looks a touch more worn on the outside. Def have the alignment checked after getting new tires.
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    Seat Heater Selection

    What software are you running? The ability to add the seat heaters to the bottom bar was added a while back, I think in 2022.8.10.1. I have them visible on the bottom bar for the winter. Note: the passenger seat heater only shows up when there is someone sitting in the seat. Set the right...
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    No cabin heat, can/should car be driven?

    Same thing happened to me, the PTC heater went out in the middle of last winter. Car will drive and charge just fine, but you may be a little chilly. They should do a remote diagnosis soon to know what parts to order so they are at the shop when you bring the car in. In mine they ended up...
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    Mysterious Film on Tesla Windshields

    Maybe this thread will help? https://teslamotorsclub.com/tmc/threads/have-you-de-scummed-your-glass-yet.261701/
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    TeslaWaze updates (was: TeslaWaze is Done!)

    I also saw that crash/reboot in 2022.36.6, but the reboot part was fixed (at least for me) in 2022.40.4. The browser itself still does crash after 10-20 minutes though.
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    Sync agenda excluding colleagues

    There was another similar thread. There is no longer a way to do that. They may address it in a future update, but as of now you are out of luck. https://teslamotorsclub.com/tmc/threads/filtering-calendars.257405/
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    MCU2 Upgrade - Car images missing and door handle stuck in

    What version of software are you running? I would try the power-off reset and see what happens.
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    Da, Da, Da, Da Sound comes and goes

    Did you by chance try changing air flows to see if that changes the noise? (ie: change to bottom only, dash vents, etc.)
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    Palm frond fell thru Liftgate glass

    2016 MS. Maybe they removed the speaker to cut costs in the later model?
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    Palm frond fell thru Liftgate glass

    I had to get the liftgate latch actuator replaced in mine which involves removing a lot of the trim. After fixing it I tested it fully before leaving the lot and yes, they did mess up the alarm that beeps when you press the button to close the lid. Two hours later it was fixed... I hope you...
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    Maps: no more supercharger display all the time?

    I had the same issue. Installed 2022.36.5 yesterday and it was working again. Got 2022.26.6 today and it is still fixed.
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    Navigation History

    Unless you have disabled it your phone (both Android and iPhone) may have the data. Might want to check there too.
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    help needed w totaled MS 100D - poll

    Take the money and buy something else. Not worth the hassle, time and money it will take to repair, and in the end still have a hobbled car.
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    IRO DashCam - Model S AP2 unboxing

    Interesting experience. The unit I got a about 3 years ago from Cityracer was recognized right away by the Luckycam software. Since then I have tried a few other apps, including the IRO app, and none of them work. Sounds like they may have updated the firmware in the camera. What was the...
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    Tesla CCS1 Combo Adapter Available in the U.S.

    No need to randomly check the webpage. You can randomly check the app instead. :) Click on service and it is right at the top.
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    Interior door handle trim

    More car info would be helpful. From Tesla EPC: For a Model S 2012 - Jan 2021, Front left door. DOOR TRIM DECOR ASSEMBLY WITH PULL CUP INNER TRIM - LEFT FRONT 1051387-00-A
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    Constant beeping after software upgrade??

    Tesla needs to do better on this stuff. Meanwhile, you should open a service ticket in the app. They often do remote diagnostics to see what is wrong with the car and quite often will respond if they find anything. They may even push a new update if there is one available to see if that helps...
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    Tesla CCS1 Combo Adapter Available in the U.S.

    No room for a CCS connector. They will add hardware module to the car which will allow the car to charge using that CCS adapter. I believe they already do that in Europe.
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    Tesla CCS1 Combo Adapter Available in the U.S.

    And they mentioned "Tesla will be adding retrofit eligibility for Model S and Model X vehicles and older Model 3 and Model Y vehicles currently designated as requiring a retrofit. Please check back in early 2023 for availability." I have my hopes up for that.
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    Tesla Model S Wrap

    Could be footwear and drying towel related. Can you try different shoes and a different type of drying towel?
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    What is happening to my paint?

    Do you take it to an automated car wash with brushes or rags? My wife used to do that to her car and it turned out the same way after a few years. I handle the car exteriors now.
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    AP1/MCU2 - no colorizer

    Yup, same. Currently on 2022.24.8. No colorizer, no tire pressure on the service screen (but it does show up in the app), and cannot uninstall games. The only one I was interested in was the tire pressure.
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    Should I sell my Model S for a used Model X?

    Unless you are itching for something new, the extended warranty sounds like the better option.
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    IRO Dashcam for AP1 doubts and questions

    You can get it here: IRO Dashcam for Tesla Model S AP1
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    AC Air Flow Lessens After Some Time

    I have the exact same issue, all four seasons. Starts out fine, then after an hour or two, very low air flow. Been to service 3 times - no trouble found. It is annoying on long trips. There is another similar thread with no resolution: Weak air flow. Happened on MCU1 and now on MCU2. Best I...
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    iPhone Contacts Not Downloading

    On the iPhone, check the bluetooth settings for your car (click the circled "i" next to the car connection) and make sure "sync contacts" is selected and shows green. HTH
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    New Tire Purchase

    Having just replaced my tires yesterday, I am fresh with thoughts on that. I put about 7-8k miles per year on my car. I would prefer longer range. I want to go further between charges. At about the 3 year mark (for me anyway) the tires harden a bit and start to get louder with a harsher ride...
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    Latest firmware

    And what is in the releases here: Tesla Software Update Release Notes - Latest Tesla Updates
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    No street names on navigation

    Out of curiosity, do the street names appear if you zoom in a lot?
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    Mounting a License Plate Bracket/EZpass

    Interesting - I have the internal wedge type of transponder (not sure how else to describe it). The only place I can get mine to work reliably is the semi-rounded black area to the right of the inside windshield camera (they made the spot just for it) with the thinner part of the wedge against...
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    Screen leaking fluid bubbling

    Also add some BMW iX and i4 models to the avoid list (NHTSA 22V541000) due to fire hazard, and MB EQS with HV battery failures leaving people stranded, apparently due to software issues that can only be updated at a service center, not OTA.
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    Tesla colorizer not working on 2014 Model S

    FYI - Just installed 2022.20.08 - still no colorizer, although it is listed in the release notes.
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    2020 Tesla S Driver side door gap at window

    I have something similar happen - occasionally (maybe 3 times in the past year) when closing the door it will separate a little towards the back. I give it a good whap with my palm and it reseats. I think the clips got loose when I had the handle replaced. I will ask them about it one of these...
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    Issues Connecting to Wi-Fi

    Another thing to try is to connect your car to the phone hotspot (if hotspot is enabled on your phone). You can keep the phone out of site in the console. I have done that a few times. You can also connect and drive around if necessary while it downloads, although you may have reconnect to the...
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    Tesla colorizer not working on 2014 Model S

    2016 refresh with AP1 and MCU2, just installed 2022.20.7. No colorizer at all - not above the name (I pressed all around just in case it was not visible) and not in the toy box.
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    Tesla colorizer not working on 2014 Model S

    I have a 2016 refresh with AP1 and MCU 2. Got the 2022.20.6 update yesterday, no colorizer even though it is in the notes.
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    Spotify Recurring Login Issue

    No idea, but what version of software is the car running?
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    Battery Range 2016 90D

    I have the same car, except in white. Could one of the brake calipers be frozen and stuck rubbing against a disk? That would affect actual mileage.
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    New Update

    I had 2022.16.0.02 and then rapidly received 2022.16.0.3, which affected Spotify for me (It lost its place when the car went to sleep), but couldn't drive the car on a trip as it went into service to fix the trunk latch. While in service 2022.16.1.1 got pushed. I installed it after I picked it...
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    IRO Dashcam for AP1 doubts and questions

    I have the same dashcam. Did you push the reset button and hold for several seconds? Do you see the IRO camera in the Wi-Fi settings on the phone? If yes, have you tried forgetting the IRO network on the phone? Doing that should prompt the phone to ask for the password.
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    2015 Model S - MCU2 Upgrade - Controller help

    You don't have two ports under the center arm rest?
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    2015 Model S - MCU2 Upgrade - Controller help

    Correct - both of those did not work for me either. Note: the Logitech has a small switch on the bottom which needs to be in X position in order for it to work In the car. It is very easy to accidentally move it when putting it into the glovebox. I have done that on several occasions - the 1st...
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    2015 Model S - MCU2 Upgrade - Controller help

    I have a 2016 S refresh. Most controllers didn’t work for me either, but the Logitech F310 wired works fine.
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    TESLAA will not connect

    Are you using a VPN on the phone?
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    Yay climate controls back on launcher on 2022.12.1

    On my 2016 you can get the passenger seat heater back by putting climate control into split mode.
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    Map zoom level refresh MS

    When I set the map zoom using a voice command on a pre- refresh MS, it seems to stick for a while. Maybe give that a try?
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    Magically disappearing 4 year/ 50k Used S Warranty

    I had the same issue. I opened a service request for a few weeks in the future and asked them to fix the warranty dates. A week later it was showing correctly in the app. The service appt wasn't updated so I ended up canceling it.

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