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  1. rw99

    Comparing solar quotes and wondering about installation experience

    Good timing on this topic for me... about to start requesting quotes for a solar install + battery in Calaveras county. I have this type of system (Tesla) on another house here, installed maybe 16 months ago. I haven’t kept current with Tesla products and pricing, but of course I’ll get a...
  2. rw99

    Model X: New 22" Onyx Black Turbine wheels/tires, SF Bay Area

    The wheels have been sold.
  3. rw99

    Model X: New 22" Onyx Black Turbine wheels/tires, SF Bay Area

    Referral reward for sale: a complete set (4) of never-used 22" Turbine wheels for your Model X. Color is Onyx Black. Mounted and balanced tires are brand new Pirelli Scorpions. TPMS and center caps are included, of course. $2800; located in the East Bay and on the Peninsula during the work...
  4. rw99

    New 22" Onyx Black Turbine wheels/tires, $3000, Bay Area pickup

    I'll hit the <refresh> on this...
  5. rw99

    New 22" Onyx Black Turbine wheels/tires, $3000, Bay Area pickup

    I just picked up my Referral Reward from the Service Center: a complete set (4) of brand new, never-used 22" Turbine wheels for your Model X. Color is Onyx Black. Mounted tires are new Pirelli Scorpions. TPMS and center caps are included. Pricing is firm; located in the East Bay and on the...
  6. rw99

    Can solar plus powerwall run the home during extended power outage

    I’m very curious about this “mismatch” topic... I have a little over 10 kW solar and will be installing a single Powerwall (referral reward). You’re implying that I’d need two PW installed to prevent shutdown when the solar is generating more than 5 kW...or should this discussion be in kWh...
  7. rw99

    Model X smash 'n grab, Dublin, CA...

    This is a PSA for NorCal owners, regardless of model. Last night somebody bashed in the front passenger window and grabbed a gym bag. Our X was parked outside Target (and not that far from the entrance) in Dublin; the incident occured around 9:30 PM. No other nearby cars were broken into...
  8. rw99

    Signature HPWC for sale, Bay Area, $400

    The HPWC has been sold, thanks, Jay! Rich
  9. rw99

    Signature HPWC for sale, Bay Area, $400

    Surprisingly, not yet...
  10. rw99

    Signature HPWC for sale, Bay Area, $400

    No, but thanks for offering.
  11. rw99

    Signature HPWC for sale, Bay Area, $400

    I'm selling a referral reward HPWC, unopened in its box, $400. Cash or PayPal only; I'm available in the East Bay during the evenings and some weekends. Also available M-F in South San Francisco. No shipping. Thanks, Rich
  12. rw99

    MBA student researching car owner market -needs your input

    Too late to change the survey now, but you’ll likely encounter owners of several “enthusiast” cars: not investments, but driven for fun... idle and unused cars that would only be rented if extreme insurance and client vetting occurred. Good luck with your project!
  13. rw99

    Referral reward Powerwall: any recent deliveries?

    Good info, thanks. Were you able to order it as soon as you qualified? If not, when did your order go in the “system”? :D Rich
  14. rw99

    Referral reward Powerwall: any recent deliveries?

    If you ordered a Powerwall via the referral reward program, I'd like to know how long you waited for delivery. Thanks in advance for your info, Rich
  15. rw99

    V9: cars invisible when directly to the side

    Halloween feature! Brilliant!
  16. rw99

    Unpopular Opinion: I love the bottom-half UI in V9

    Well, thanks for bringing an insulting flavor to the discussion. Much appreciated. Perhaps the largest portion truly do prefer having their user interface dictated to them, with no customizable features. Enjoy.
  17. rw99

    Unpopular Opinion: I love the bottom-half UI in V9

    Listen, outside of the rear-facing camera debate, what we're saying here is that configurability by the owner is what's preferred by the largest proportion of users. Simple logic. In your grocery store analogy, what v9 has done is to make us shop at separate stores for our produce, dairy, and...
  18. rw99

    Petition to demand "camera on top, media player on bottom" be retained in UI

    Give me flexibility in my UI configuration!
  19. rw99

    Unpopular Opinion: I love the bottom-half UI in V9

    Have it both ways, configurable by the owner of the vehicle. Like it used to be. The UI should be flexible, when possible.
  20. rw99

    New blind spot monitor!

    Our family is on both sides of BSM preference: my daughter uses the camera view to visualize blind spots, and I'm an old-school mirrors-and-a-glance driver. But I've tried the camera view, and I think it's a great option... you just have to commit to a new technique. I agree: if the car next...
  21. rw99

    2 Powerwalls for whole-house backup

    Interesting! Is your backup a whole-house setup, with AC included? Was the AC operating when your power went out?
  22. rw99

    PG&E NEM true-up: yearly energy? or combined 12-month $$ total?

    Thanks, all... great input and encouraging discussion. Can I also mea culpa a post with faulty arithmetic? Jeebus. To set the record straight, 600 minus 500 equals 100. Thank you for not beating me over the head as was deserved. I need a weekend!!!
  23. rw99

    PG&E NEM true-up: yearly energy? or combined 12-month $$ total?

    OK. So in October, let's say I produce 600 kWh. And we use only 100 kWh. You're saying that I get retail rate for the entire 600 I generated? Or just the 150 that matches what was consumed? If it's the latter case, then that excess 500 kWh in my favor is converted into very little money...
  24. rw99

    PG&E NEM true-up: yearly energy? or combined 12-month $$ total?

    I'm not worried... just disappointed. By this method, PG&E gets to immediately monetize the summer imbalance at high grid rates (including on-peak, when we spend weekdays there). Our unoccupied days of production in the off-season are pissed away as each monthly balance is monetized to me at...
  25. rw99

    PG&E NEM true-up: yearly energy? or combined 12-month $$ total?

    Sorry for this simple question, but my searches have been fruitless. My system is installed on a cabin that sees typical seasonal use. High, on-peak summer usage that requires significant grid energy. Many days unoccupied during the rest of the year, with very low energy consumption. Just...
  26. rw99

    Another death in a Tesla (Castro Valley, CA)

    Sorry to hear this news, and condolences to his family. That's my local road, a fairly heavily-traveled (during commute hours) twisty route with some uneven/rough sections of pavement. When traffic eases up, it's a fun road to run "at speed"; I wouldn't be surprised (given the distance...
  27. rw99

    Venting about my Tesla Energy Solar + 2 PW install issues

    OP, you’re confident that you’ll receive the SGIP? I chickened out, because I REALLY don’t want to get stuck with full cost for two Powerwalls. I’m midway through my own install, and I’d say it’s been a similar experience. Clearly, leadership in the TE organization is ineffective at achieving...
  28. rw99

    TeslaWaze updates (was: TeslaWaze is Done!)

    Well, fack :(
  29. rw99

    Gateway range and two separate inverters...

    Apologies if I'm misunderstanding how this system is supposed to operate, but I'm curious if I'll have a problem. My solar (no PW, yet) install has panels on the main house and also on a detached garage about 40 ft away. There's an inverter on each building, and even if I position the gateway...
  30. rw99

    Wall charger installer for SF Bay Area?

    Paul at EVCharge4U. My HPWC install required the addition of a new panel, which added to the cost... in total, including permits and inspection cost, it came to about $2600. They spent a significant amount of time on the installation (HPWC outside garage wall, new panel inside garage wall) and...
  31. rw99

    Model S/X: Spare Parts Availability Issues

    Subscribed. Our X needs a bunch of front quarter and wheel parts... Rich
  32. rw99

    Model 3 Track Day: Laguna Seca

    In the past, a couple of us running Vipers delivered morning refreshments to the sound booth and chatted for a bit. Not kidding. Serious 911 guys will tack on an exhaust deflection pipe. They can be mild to OMG in design. 911 Exhaust by rw99 posted Mar 6, 2018 at 8:09 AM Most commonly...
  33. rw99

    Model 3 Track Day: Laguna Seca

    Very cool; thanks for sharing. I'm impressed with the 3's laps. Not surprised with the brake wear, as track use is obviously waaayyyy outside the engineered purpose. Also: kudos to you for the 1:42 in your GT4. Well driven. Rich PS: a hearty YES to burning down the sound booth! GBMB2945...
  34. rw99

    Explaining power delivery to auto enthusiasts.......

    Comparisons with ICE torque delivery should be careful to stipulate methods of aspiration; natural aspiration typically yields the aforementioned lag to peak torque delivery, as do centrifugal blowers, and larger turbos that need some time to spool. But the positive displacement (twin screw)...
  35. rw99

    Anyone try B.A Design works speakers/sub upgrades?

    Looking forward to pics; thanks for posting. Do you have the standard or UHFS/Premium sound system in your X? Rich
  36. rw99

    Am I underthinking this?

    Hey, neighbor! All of the economics revolve around actually GETTING the SGIP rebate. I'd look into WWhitney's post above, where qualification for the Large Storage program might be achievable. I have little confidence that you can count on getting the SGIP rebates for an install of 1-2 PWs...
  37. rw99

    New referral program... cross-referrals for vehicles still OK?

    I'm a solar customer, and I've referred several new customers for Model S/X purchases over the last few months, using the code that Solar City provided. (That MX in my profile pic is my daughter's :D) Now that there's a new program beginning Feb 1st, does anyone know if solar customers still...
  38. rw99

    Checking for referral credits...

    It looks like awards tracking is all done via the Tesla site and app, and not via MySolarCity. My daughter is the official owner of our Model X, while I'm the one buying the solar system. All referrals (and they've all been for vehicle customers) have been done using my referral code, not...
  39. rw99

    Checking for referral credits...

    Thanks. My app doesn't have a "Loot" box. I wonder if that's because my system hasn't been installed yet?
  40. rw99

    Checking for referral credits...

    Hi, all... How do I track MySolarCity referrals that I've made? Apologies if I'm missing an obvious link... Rich
  41. rw99

    Auto pilot and Motorcycles

    AP1 in my X tends to ignore them, I think... commonly, the speed differential is 20+ mph when riders lane-split during my commutes. They'll pass by, and I'll see them in the display as they continue past me in traffic. So the X does know what they are, but it's not clear to me if it knows this...
  42. rw99

    Is there a electrical reason for two+ PowerWall 2s vs PV system size?

    Very curious about solar-friendly heat pumps... can you recommend any, specifically? Thanks, Rich
  43. rw99

    Surprising new AutoPilot Behavior

    I noticed this "mimic" behavior this morning and wondered the same thing. In slow-n-go commute traffic, my AP1 X seemed to position itself in the lane as per the car ahead (at slow speeds). This would actually be pretty useful for my driving, as many cars in the far-left lane on my highway...
  44. rw99

    Powerwall problems - No help from Tesla so far

    Tomi, you're making me re-think a PW2 installation :confused: Sorry to hear about the problem. Please keep us updated; it's frustrating to hear that a vanilla setup doesn't work as it should. Rich
  45. rw99

    Powerwall 2: Installation

    Great info; subscribed.
  46. rw99

    (NorCal) Solar and PG&E: Pull the trigger now?

    Excellent information. Thanks!
  47. rw99

    (NorCal) Solar and PG&E: Pull the trigger now?

    Hi, all... I'm looking for your opinions on an home install that Tesla Energy is currently designing for us. I know many of you have done your full due diligence on the economics of your systems, many of which are also in Northern California... as a solar newbie, I'm hoping to get feedback on...
  48. rw99

    Blog Update Pushes Model S 100D to 0-60 MPH in 3.6 Seconds

    While on the broad topic of acceleration... our 2016 X is VIN 001356, a P90D. An old web article that I just found mentions that the 0-60 for this spec is supposed to be 3.8 seconds. Is that correct? Q2: I assume there's no "uncorking" available for our X. Right? Thanks in advance...

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