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  1. steveho

    stupid question but do all tesla model x have ludicrous mode

    No. I have a performance without Ludicrous. it was a 10,000 option for my car, and could have been added after purchase for a while. That upgrade is no longer available.
  2. steveho

    Bluetooth Audio streaming volume problem

    At first I thought it was a problem with the android operating system, changing volume based on stream content. Then I thought it was the podcast app that I was using. I contacted the support for the app, and they responded quickly that the app does not change the phone volume in any way. Now...
  3. steveho

    Winter Shock : 800kWh?

    When you're pulling juice (on the energy graph), while stopped at a stoplight.
  4. steveho

    Winter Shock : 800kWh?

    Fellow minnesotan here: Yes 700-800 is normal for short trips. You need to warm the battery to have less range loss. When I first start (from cold without charging), I can burn 2000wh/mi and it'll drop to around 700wh/mi. A longer drive say 20+ minutes, it'll drop to 500wh/mi. I set my car to...
  5. steveho

    Just placed an order for a Used p90DL

    I purchased a used P90D (non-L) Signature. Yes I have had some issues with the vehicle, but nothing that has left me stranded anywhere, and the warranty has taken care of everything so far. It's going in again for 5 or 6 issues next week, but that's fine, it's part of owning a signature.
  6. steveho

    Just placed an order for a Used p90DL

    That isn't quite true. The Ludi option was in the Tesla Shop for a while at a cost of $10k. They would replace the fuse (1600a), and some harnesses, and enable it in software.
  7. steveho

    3 issues with my P90D X

    The motorized spoiler goes down about half way at around 45mph. It then raises back up at around 20mph. So it could be that. #3. I had the same problem. They adjusted my hood latch and didn't have to replace it. This was just 2 weeks ago, and it's been working fine.
  8. steveho

    Lifespan for tires on 22" rims on Tesla Model X P100D

    Spirited driving with a Model X P90D, and I got 17,000 out of my Contisilents (rear). The rears were 5/5/5/0. Front had more life, but I chose to replace all 4. Currently running WRG-3 for the winter, and will get something else when spring rolls around.
  9. steveho

    Model X 90kWh battery pack degradation

    Here's my data point. Today I drove 150 miles, and it consumed 56kwh. I started with 90%, and ended with 8%. So I used 82% of the battery for 56kwh. This gives me a total capacity of about 68kwh on my P90D.
  10. steveho

    What is this noise? Sounds concerning

    No. The service center can fix that if you want. grinding noise after plug in
  11. steveho

    What is this noise? Sounds concerning

    That's the louvers for the heating / cooling system. A little plastic nib is rubbing against the housing. You can find a thread on this in the "S" forum.
  12. steveho

    Tesla Model X Crash - Aftermath Video

    I do have that as well. Yes, $212.
  13. steveho

    Tesla Model X Crash - Aftermath Video

    Ok, I have 250/500 bodily injury, 100 property damage, underinsured /uninsured motorists 100/300 coverage and my company does not have unlimited rental coverage. My rental coverage is $40 per day / $1200 per occurance, so 30 days. Collision for me is $500 deductible, and $250 deductible for...
  14. steveho

    Tesla Model X Crash - Aftermath Video

    My premium is $399 per 6 months. Not bad.
  15. steveho

    Totalled my S today....so I confirmed my Model 3 First Production order

    I picked up an even less dashcam and so far it has worked fine. It's Anker Roav C1 on amazon for $69. Then I also got the Anker Roav C2 for $49 for my wife's car. So far so good.
  16. steveho

    Tesla moments

    I parked at a gas pump because I don't have windshield washer fluid in the car, or it is freezing. I suspect it is freezing and I had the service center drain it and refill with the appropriate fluid. Anyway, it was not working, so I stopped at the gas station and all the other spots were taken...
  17. steveho

    Tesla Model X Crash - Aftermath Video

    You know, i've been thinking along the lines of that since the insurance companies are wanting to do repairs to vehicles, they should be required to give us the option of buying us out. Then they could complete the repairs and sell the vehicle off at a later time. Once they figure out that it'll...
  18. steveho

    POLL:How Many 3's Got Delivered in Q4

    1024 delivered, but 2560 produced.
  19. steveho

    Buying Model X, Need some Advice please.

    is your 10A charging at home at what voltage? Is it 3 phase or just split single phase?
  20. steveho

    Tesla Model X Crash - Aftermath Video

    Couldn't agree more! Accidents can happen but I have been saying for decades that 90% of the "accidents" are actually "crashes" that were for the most part avoidable. Whether it is putting down the phone, or driving slower on ice/snow, or checking the condition of one's car before driving...
  21. steveho

    Winter Mode

    Totally agree from Minnesota's perspective. Today with temps at 0*F, i would want range mode ON with full cabin heat available. For my short 9 mile trip, range mode OFF was wasting Kwh because I know when I get to the destination 9 miles away, the battery is going to get cold again anyway. So...
  22. steveho

    Totalled my S today....so I confirmed my Model 3 First Production order

    I was in an accident years ago with an uninsured motorist and I have Ameriprise. I hit the guy in a t-bone fashion because he turned left in front of me. My pickup truck (at the time) had a damaged bumper hood and lights and grill, but that's it. Airbags did not deploy. His car, on the other...
  23. steveho

    While Teslas fail at "Cars and Coffee"

    I went to our local cars and coffee and whenever i did the light show, i had about 30 people gathering around to watch. I spoke with about a hundred people about electric cars that morning. At the end of the show, a Huracan pulled up next to me. The father (and son) got out and said "My kid is...
  24. steveho

    Model S winter tire experiences

    I also agree with this disagreement. It is pretty easy to get any car/tire combination to slip and slide. I drove the MS with Xice3 tires last winter and on snow it's pretty good, but on ice, it still slides, not as much as all seasons, but it does in fact slide. This year I have a MX, but when...
  25. steveho

    Model S Celebrities

    That must be the new official Tesla Wave to other tesla drivers?
  26. steveho

    How to add a HEPA filter to your non-Bioweapon facelift Model S!

    I may be mistaken, but I think you have the filter in backwards. Usually the metal wire side goes on the output side of the filter. It's there to help support the shape of the filter so that it doesn't get sucked into the furnace. It looks like you have the metal wire side towards the intake...
  27. steveho

    Any adverse effect to xmas easter egg?

    The biggest downside to running the christmas show is the people that gather and take up more time. it's like never ending :)
  28. steveho

    Finally! Chrome Delete!

    Now the wheels!
  29. steveho

    Tesla Model X Moments

    Model X story. I was holding an event at a local home showroom (I'm a real estate agent), and afterwards walking to my car, some of attendees asked about the MX. So I opened the doors and showed them and talked with them about the car. A few minutes. Then these two women came quickly strolling...
  30. steveho


    I feel that the monopost has more that can go wrong with it than the manual seats. Plus 7 vs 6. So the 7 has more room for things since the middle folds flat. I had a ladder plus a bucket of tools, and a backpack and a camera bag in the 6. The ladder barely fits diagonally (folding W ladder) and...
  31. steveho


    Note that I found the driver side middle row slides much further forward for ease of access to the third row. The passenger side doesn't move much at all, unless you manually move the seat forward. That being said, I would much prefer the new 7 seater than the old 7 seater. The ability to fold...
  32. steveho

    Model X appreciation post

    Here's mine. P90D.
  33. steveho

    Owners delivery stories, photos and first impressions

    That's the way I took delivery of my S (which i have now sold). I walked around the car and signed for it. Later I discovered a few things and brought it in to fix. I had the flapping sound at 60mph which was a loose rubber thingy, and the headlights needed serious aiming. Plus a buff mark in...
  34. steveho

    Model X appreciation post

    Delayed again. It was supposed to arrive on 9/14, then on 9/18 (monday), but it actually arrived on 9/20. We had an issue come up with the car and we are working through the details. Should take delivery today.
  35. steveho

    Model X appreciation post

    Sold my S last week. I am supposed to take delivery of my X today.
  36. steveho

    Remove 6-Seater Rear Center Console

    You mean like my 2011 Toyota Sienna. 7 passenger, with snap in 8th seat.
  37. steveho

    My non-PUP has puddle lights

    My ambient light harness had power. I did not have the LEDs in the doors, nor any way to turn off the power. So if you add LED strips to the doors, and plug them in, in theory it should work, just you wouldn't have controls on the touch screen. This however may change at any time.
  38. steveho

    WTB: 22" OEM wheels and tires for Model X

    ZachBreck- I am getting an X with silver 22's and would prefer 20's.
  39. steveho

    Tesla moments

    A tesla moment to add. First, I have a S 60D, so not exactly a P85D or anything, but 0-60 in 5.2. I texted one of my past clients that I could stop by and show them the tesla as she referred me to a couple other clients and they've been in the tesla already. So I head over to their house and...
  40. steveho

    How to calculate how many miles of range based on kWh?

    About 45-50. 13,200 / 270 = 48 miles. That's assuming you drive about 270 wh/mi.
  41. steveho

    IIHS Small Overlap Front Crash Test (2nd Attempt): Only Acceptable again.

    If that's true, and it had that much of a difference in the Model S, then how did the other cars REALLY do? If the other cars had a slightly different approach angle, would they have been "acceptable" instead of "good?" If so, then the test is invalid. Perhaps they really need to do each test...
  42. steveho

    Tesla Model X Moments

    Like in the movie iRobot!
  43. steveho

    Model X75D 6 seat config Trade feeler

    I thought of the same thing as I also have a loan on it. Was wondering if i could resecure the loan against a new vin? Not sure if they do that.
  44. steveho

    Another round of how much will it cost?

    Forget it, it's totalled.
  45. steveho

    Model X75D 6 seat config Trade feeler

    Hey, I'd rather have an X. I have a S 60D that can be upgraded to 75D. Mine is December 2016 build, with 99xx miles on it. It does have EAP actviated (AP2), but not FSD. Blue exterior, black interior. What do you think? Here's my details: Tesla Model S 60D built November 2016, delivered...
  46. steveho

    Guess how much the damage cost to fix...

    I'm sorry, i think it's totalled. Might as well buy a new one.
  47. steveho

    Tip: How to open your charge port with a key fob

    A minute and a half video for something that can be summed up in just a few words? I totally agree, just post the words.
  48. steveho

    Minivan or MS... Can't decide!

    If you have the space for a 240V breaker, you can do 30A or 50A. There should be virtually no difference in the panel. Cost may be slightly higher for 50A as you need thicker wire, but even that should be a minimal difference. So if you have room for a 240 double breaker, there is no reason to...
  49. steveho

    Minivan or MS... Can't decide!

    Note that you need a double breaker slot for the Tesla because you need 240V. So if you are maxed out, and the only one left is a single breaker, that's only 120v. You may be able to double up some lighting circuits and free up another breaker slot for the 240V one you need for the tesla. It...
  50. steveho

    Puddle Lamps

    See post #38 in this thread.

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