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    Used value hit if you no longer have the factory tires/wheels

    Yes, my own experience tells me that aftermarket wheels lower the car trade-in price even if they are aftermarket wheels directly sold/re-branded by OEM. I would keep OEM to save the hassle of finding them again; and sell the tsportline at that time. I expect used “Tesla” OEM wheels would still...
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    Any great new tire choices to replace OEM 20”?

    I too recently replace Conti with Pirelli Scorpion AS +3. Even without the form, it rides much quieter than Conti in comparing both tires when new, better road manner, absorb bumps better and results in less vibrations transferred to the cabin at all speed.
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    What other EV SUVs have you considered?

    agree, I however care less on the iX exterior and interior because my model X isn’t any better :p, but the driving experience of iX is solid and quiet, it makes an EV fun to drive. iX drives like a sport car, X drives like an iPad on 4 wheels (I sometime wonder if the adoptive suspension is...
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    Reservation Transfer Technicalities

    the right way should be more like this: 1) Find someone “giving away/up” a reservation that you want 2) Put in an order for the exact same spec 3) Ask Tesla to do the reservation transfer 4) pay the current official price
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    Power Frunk on MX Refresh

    TeslaOffer (now EVOffer) would be my recommendation
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    Best interior color for Model X?

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    What other EV SUVs have you considered?

    Only those that can do 1 pedal driving and ready by 2022, so iX is probably the only one that I would consider
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    2022 Model X (Plaid) Energy Graph

    my legacy X running SW 2021.44.30.8, energy graph option is available on the top row similar to 3/Y
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    looking for electric frunk feedback

    have TO power frunk too on a 19 LR, use it almost every time the X was driven out. 12v is still not yet going out
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    Trunk stopped halfway when closing

    Yes, starts recently, although not sure if it is due to the weather, but it keeps happening especially after parking outside half day in a super hot day; and it is just some random outdoor supermarket parking lots and no where near my garage.
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    Parking Brake

    Did you try to follow the message “Press and hold Park button to reset”? Once you do that, a “P” sign will show up on the dashboard. Let us know how will it go after you do that.
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    automatic headlights, model X

    and real sun visors :P
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    Sunshade.. a needed accessory?

    Yes, it helps a lot because the AC in X is weak, and it should come with your X free of charge.
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    automatic headlights, model X

    X adopts some of the designs and components from Mercedes. for examples, auto brake hold, all the stalks, windows switches, and earlier version of air suspension are exactly the same as Mercedes. And the auto high beam too operates the same way as Mercedes by pushing the turn signal stalk toward...
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    Did you ever measure your Model X Cabin Noise

    Hmmm... how would Active Noise Cancelling reduce the noise? All my other cars have it and it in fact more of increasing the noise by raising the radio/music volume up when it senses the interior becomes nosier.
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    Model X Falcon Door Sensors Errors

    in my case, the sensor came loose and pointing downward, so it would always think there are obstacles (red vertical bar) even when nothing was next to the X
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    Did you ever measure your Model X Cabin Noise

    don't need a meter, I can easily detect it with ears by switching between X and other vehicles I own. And in particular, the road noise coming from underbody is significant louder.
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    "Tesla Offer" Models X (& S, 3, & Y) Powered Frunk Hood Group Buy?

    For frequent DIYers, it is like taking lego pieces apart and put them back :P
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    "Tesla Offer" Models X (& S, 3, & Y) Powered Frunk Hood Group Buy?

    as of 02-15-2021 the effort to secure a new group-buy powered frunk-hood discount for Model X is cancelled.
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    One Year, 17,500 miles in an MX Long Range +

    Agree, but unfortunately, not other EVs are near competitive and am patiently waiting for the next couple of years to see what's available in replacing the X
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    "Tesla Offer" Models X (& S, 3, & Y) Powered Frunk Hood Group Buy?

    You will not be disappointed with TeslaOffer’s X power frunk and their support (of course, at HK time zone); from my experience, Warren usually responded 1st and would escalate to Raymond when your problem can’t be figured out, Raymond appears to have more product experience than Warren, but...
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    T Sportsline Model S 19" TST Flow Winter Tire Set

    did not fit your X, is it because of the tires? I somehow think the wheels would fit.
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    T Sportsline Model S 19" TST Flow Winter Tire Set

    No, S wheel will not fit Y because the bolt patterns are completely different.
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    3 years on, I have decided to move on from my beloved X

    Good to know, and better not having a long trip during holidays as you would frequently visit the superchargers with long waiting lines.
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    Model X tread separation

    may not be tire problem but down to minimum tire thread as X has notorious inner wear problem. The tire thread on the damage passenger side is almost bold, it would be interest to see how much tire thread left on the driver side.
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    Extension Cord

    Using a stationary or mobile charger in a 3 cars tandem garage isn't convenient and challenging to arrange parking space as the X has to be parked at the same spot near the charger, with a UL certified 30' extension cord, it allows the X to be parked and charged at any one of the 3 spots. So...
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    3 years on, I have decided to move on from my beloved X

    Very well said, I too had hard time deciding, but the noisy cabin, useless sunvisors, silly cup "cardboard", no rear armrest, etc. things just add up, and if the X7 that I wanted to purchase was not taken by another buyer right before I signed the contract, I would not be ended up with a 19...
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    Tesla Model Xmas dance & light show - Easter Egg

    It was never removed, I literally used it on my 19 LR yesterday
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    3 years on, I have decided to move on from my beloved X

    OP, good observations on the X, I was almost getting the X7 too.
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    2021 Q7 vs X ?

    Rivian R1S?
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    Vendor Tesla Model X tire service jack pad adapter

    Took a picture from Amazon, it shows 1 on a lift point. so why would you suggest 3 on each lift point?
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    Vendor Tesla Model X tire service jack pad adapter

    Any reasons to choose these over what's selling in Amazon?
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    2020.40.4.5 Update Increased Range

    Check the last letter on the label behind the front passenger wheel
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    What is the proper way to swap the wheels on the X?

    reset TPMS by selecting 20" size from the info system
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    Automatic doors and kids - Safety concerns

    It is annoying, and i disabled it the day my X was delivered.
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    Tesla Model X 22" TSV Flow Forged Tesla Wheel

    excited to see these until I noticed that both 20" and 22" look to be significently heavier than the OEM, range will be suffered.
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    Feeling Cheated

    Mine had low tire pressure the day they home delivered my X, unbelievably the deliver guy drove from SC 40 miles away and did not even pump up the air with the low tire pressure warning on the dashboard all the time.
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    Problems with Used Model X delivery

    Well said, and stop calling it CPO, rather, it is an used car with factory warranty.
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    Cream vs black and white interior

    it was an easy decision to make when I got my X because I have black and cream on others cars in the garage
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    Front windshield UV protection clear tint

    still debating, in the mean time, I use the front windshield sunshade that comes with the X. What bothers me the most is the sun comes into driver and/or passenger front windows (even with tint) where the visor in X is lame and useless because it can not be used to block the sun like the...
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    2020 Model X LR+ cabin noise

    Having a MB GL550 sitting next to my 19 LR, I could forgive the lack of sound isolation materials throughout the interior/exterior of the car, thiner glasses, thiner body panels, reduced control buttons, etc. to reduce weight in exchanging longer range. But the noise level is significant, an...
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    Tesla model x 20x9 20x9.5 wheels

    Darn it, only if you were in N Cal. GLWS!
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    Just pulled the trigger

    Tesla used to and only price match CarMax but recently changes the policy to stop doing so.
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    Just pulled the trigger

    I purchased a 19 LR from Fremont used inventory and was assigned to a used car specialist based in CO. I decided not to trade in because Tesla’s trade in value wasn’t even fair. Surprisingly that it only took me 6 days from placing the order to have it directly delivered to my home.
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    Model X 2019 Raven Sound Deadening Doors Project

    You are not alone, came from a Mercedes GL550, and yes, X is so much noisier and the ride is much harsher. (reason that I still keep the MB). I somehow think other than battery and mechanical improvements, there are sacrifices for simplicity of exterior/interior (i.e. less buttons, less plastic...
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    Skipping Software upgrade

    This is so truth, rarely a software company did not allow you to decline/cancel/re-schedule/skip one or multiple versions of updates. Nor any roll back option being made available in saving owner a trip to SC.
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    Skipping Software upgrade

    Ever since owning my 19 X LR, I have always updated to the latest software version when it becomes available to my X. However, I witness significant amounts of complains about 28.5 (in particular, key fob not detected); and therefore plan to skip 28.5 until the next update becomes available...
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    Pre Owned Order Experience

    My temp plate will be expired tomorrow. No sign of license plate. 62 “business” days since taking delivery in early May,
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    TMX Raven Owners - Any Quality Issues?

    19 LR Raven, no significant improvements on 1 and 2 that you were asking

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