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  1. AuKirk

    Ocean City MD getting HPWC's

    What a great thread... I was excited when I saw this article today, but I guess the Telsa community is already out front on this. Three Locations Selected In OC For Electric Vehicle Charging Stations We spend most of the summer in North Ocean City, so I am really hoping they get a CHAdeMO...
  2. AuKirk

    random chitchat

    Delete thread... I have come to the conclusion that I must have been imaging things... most likely the notice was for the iPhone iOS update to 9.1. I could have sworn it said Tesla and 7.1 (hence this thread)... however, clearly I was wrong and there is a notification in phone settings that...
  3. AuKirk

    random chitchat

    Got notification of 7.1 update last night I am starting to question my Saturday morning alertness, but I had an alert on my iPhone this morning saying Tesla software update 7.1 was ready to install. Since I knew I had to leave the house in a bit and wanted to check what is in the update, I...
  4. AuKirk

    12 year old safer in rear or front seat?

    It is always safer to sit in the back... I even tell my wife she should sit back there. However, realistically, we don't drive around with adult passengers in the back and your son is going to want to sit up front. As long as he is large enough and tall enough to be properly restrained by the...
  5. AuKirk

    Any integration foreseen with brand new Apple Music?

    Since posting this earlier this month, I have taken delivery and can confirm that my assumption was completely wrong. When you choose the phone as the music source you need to select music on the phone, as the touch screen does not show different local music that is available. Kinda sucks...
  6. AuKirk

    What Apps Are Open On Your MS Screen/Dash

    Just picked up my Model S 85D, and love it. Looked to see if there was a similar thread, and didn't see one. Wondering what people keep up on their screen on a day-to-day basis and what they have on their dash screen? I imagine I will keep the top screen with the music app, and the bottom...
  7. AuKirk

    Model S Order & Delivery Tracker

    The Good/Great News: I am scheduled for delivery next Friday, 9/25! The Bad/Frustrating News: The construction of my rear porch and driveway are way behind schedule. They were supposed to be done and have the driveway paved by 9/1 when I ordered the Tesla and had the HPWC installed, but they...
  8. AuKirk

    Model S Order & Delivery Tracker

    I sent you a private message with the electrician... however, I am in Towson, so not sure he would travel to Odenton. The electrician charged $600 to install the HPWC, and I had him run a second line for a 14-50 outlet in a different location of the garage as a backup (and in case we get a...
  9. AuKirk

    Model S Order & Delivery Tracker

    Got an email this morning from my DS that production is complete and the vehicle will be en route to Rockville in the next 2-3 days. He indicates we are on track for "late september or very early October" delivery (despite the website listing 10/7-10/21).
  10. AuKirk

    Long time lurker, Just placed an order for a 90D!

    Unfortunately, that makes a lot of sense. The "late September" date was displayed on the website before/during the ordering process, so they wouldn't have known where it was being shipped to. Certainly hoping is closer to 10/7 than 10/21.
  11. AuKirk

    Model S Order & Delivery Tracker

    Mine ends in 4066, so we have a few other siblings between us on the production line! Very similar... Model S 85D, except Midnight Silver Metallic Paint, regular black seats, minus Smart Air but added UHFS My Tesla HPWC is shining a bright green light at me in my garage now, after the...
  12. AuKirk

    Long time lurker, Just placed an order for a 90D!

    My delivery estimate also bumped back two weeks since the MX announcement. Originally late September projected when ordered 8/20 and now the delivery estimate is 10/7-10/21. It has been in production since 9/2
  13. AuKirk

    Model S Order & Delivery Tracker

    My timeframe seems to be shaping up to be longer than others are describing... ordered 85D on 8/20 with an estimated delivery of late September... confirmed 8/27... entered production around 9/2 (not sure exactly)... as of 9/10 it is still In Production, but I noticed that the estimated delivery...
  14. AuKirk

    I saw my car on the 405!!

    Ooooh... I really like that color. (Same as mine is going to be in a few weeks)
  15. AuKirk

    Picking up my 85D in 3 hours! Can I get a few glances at these lease details?

    I have an 85D on order and I asked about this issue on "what happens if the vehicle is totaled and the insurance payoff is less than the cost of getting out of the lease"... here is the answer I received: Therefore, you do not need to buy Gap protection through your insurance company, which is...
  16. AuKirk

    Piano Black Rear Console Sold Out... Wait or Get Obeche?

    My 85D with black leather and piano black interior is in production, hopefully arriving later this month. I definitely think I need a rear console to provide my son with cup holders. It is rare that I drive with three people in the back seat and am willing to pay the "premium" price for what...
  17. AuKirk

    Any integration foreseen with brand new Apple Music?

    I do not (yet) have my model S, but to answer the original poster's question about Apple Music, I think this can be done through the big touch screen if you add the songs you want to listen to to "My Music". I am fairly certain you can select and play music that is loaded locally on the iPhone...
  18. AuKirk

    Scalding Hot Door Handles!

    I don't imagine there is any plan to address this... it certainly is a well documented issue, yet it appears the new Model X is maintaining the same chrome handles.
  19. AuKirk

    Questions about Model S lease

    This has been a very useful thread.... I have a Model S on order that I am planning to lease. This will be my first lease, and the biggest factor is definitely the "hedge". However, it is not so much a hedge against Tesla not being here in three years or the car falling apart, but rather a...
  20. AuKirk

    Wired "review" of P85D, and I'm tired of reviews focusing on the 0 to 60 time

    It seems like many of these reviews grossly misrepresent the cost of the vehicle. I understand that they are reviewing the P85D model specifically, but it is important to understand that adding that "P" adds at least $20k to the cost. It would be nice to see the reviews discuss the entire...
  21. AuKirk

    Tesla Charging at Apartments?

    What is the cost for a condo/apartment building to install a charging station? We have a vacation condo we are at 2-3 months out of the year, and plan to initiate this discussion with them over the next few months. I don't imagine they will go for putting a 220v plug (even if I pay for the...
  22. AuKirk

    Should I wait to purchase used 85D since Model X release is just a month away?

    I have never leased a vehicle before, but the unique nature of the Tesla and the inevitable enhancements over the next three years are really making me strongly consider it. Although it will cost a little bit more in the end, I don't think I will feel as much regret if some new feature comes...
  23. AuKirk

    Should I wait to purchase used 85D since Model X release is just a month away?

    This is not the thread I want to see the week I pulled the trigger on an 85D that will be final in three days. Damn internet rumors....
  24. AuKirk

    What's your 90%?

    Newbie question (waiting for delivery)... Why do you set the charge to 90% when charging at home overnight? I know the last bit takes the largest but is it bad for the battery to go to 100%? If these are the 90% numbers, can you still fill it up to 100% if you are planning to go on a longer trip?
  25. AuKirk

    Range Estimate

    This is a great thread... Thanks for sharing. I recently ordered an 85D and can't wait. However, (at least right now) I can't imagine convincing my wife to take the Tesla on a road trip and stop every hour or two for 15-30 mins. Especially after years of pushing her to go 3-4 hours between stops...
  26. AuKirk

    Distance to Service Center an Issue?

    It's not so much the SUV size, but the gas-guzzling aspect that I think we need. Long-distance travel via Supercharging stations doesn't seem ideal.
  27. AuKirk

    Distance to Service Center an Issue?

    Thanks for all the responses... all good advice. I am definitely not a complainer, but I have had my service center within 5 miles of my house for as long as I can remember. In my mind this has stuck out as an issue while researching Tesla, although it doesn't seem to be widely discussed on...
  28. AuKirk

    Distance to Service Center an Issue?

    New to the forum... While researching the Tesla Model S, I can't seem to find clear information about the need to actually go to the service center. I am about 50 miles from the Washington, DC area service center in Rockville, but can't imagine making the 1+ hour trip each way to service the...

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