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  1. Dorkiedoode

    For anyone who thinks ceramic coating isn't worth it

    you can layer on top of ceramic but not before ceramic. Everything must be remove and clean before applying ceramic.
  2. Dorkiedoode

    Is it possible to find a LR under $40,000?

    I might possibly do a trade in for a Y. No way I’ll sell for under 40 either lol.
  3. Dorkiedoode

    24 Months of Model 3 - How is Reliability?

    13 months @ 17k miles. Went to service twice, one for clicking noise in the rear axel which they remove and re-lube. Second problem was front brakes screeching like crazy at low speed braking, they also fixed that. All good now.
  4. Dorkiedoode

    M3 Auto Insurance - what are you paying?

    100/300 1k deductible $1600/year
  5. Dorkiedoode

    Model 3 clicking sound near the rear wheel area

    I too now are experiencing the clicking noise from the driver side rear... been hearing it for a couple weeks now. Going to make an appointment to bring it in. Hopefully they know what to do. Thanks for the info you guys post here, I’ll fill them in if they play dumb, and tell me it’s within...
  6. Dorkiedoode

    Tesla App - Controls / Start - What does this do???

    When I’m park in the drive way blocking someone in. I can just sit at work, start the car, and have them move it out. Awesome feature.
  7. Dorkiedoode

    What did you look at other than the 3

    Macan S. Got the 3 cause of AP and instant tq. Coming from a corolla S
  8. Dorkiedoode

    Severe problem with Auto Lane Changes

    5.15 here and still had issue this morning w/ ping ponging lane change
  9. Dorkiedoode

    Severe problem with Auto Lane Changes

    I’ve witnessed it yesterday on my drive. Then my wife told me it’s been happening many times when she was driving. Just updated to the latest firmware. Let see if that fixes the problem.
  10. Dorkiedoode

    Don't buy FSD for $2k more. [from 2019 - FSD upgrade not available for 2k at this time]

    Not paying the 2k cause by next year it’ll be 1k with the way things are going. I’ll just wait till it’s free lol
  11. Dorkiedoode

    Thank you Tesla for making a Autopilot affordable to more people

    Hold out on FSD, knowing Tesla, they might drop the price in the future.
  12. Dorkiedoode

    keep your key card with you at all times..

    i have two phones logged, so In that case I could borrow someone phone to call home and tell them to start/unlock the car.
  13. Dorkiedoode

    CA HOV Stickers

    Check cashed in Feb still no stickers yet...
  14. Dorkiedoode

    Free supercharging is currently enabled

    Mine said free instead of 6 month like before too. Hoping for 9 months to a year free would be nice haha
  15. Dorkiedoode

    People waiting at SuperCharger didn't take an open spot

    That place is horrible, I came there once, and the line was like 10 cars deep. Makes me happy to live in a location where there’s plenty of superchargers around. After seeing the line, I just said screw it, and drove back home w/ like 20% left.
  16. Dorkiedoode

    CA HOV Stickers

    I also noticed this. I saw a Model S at a supercharger with a red sticker and a new temp plate.
  17. Dorkiedoode

    Why did you purchase a Model 3 and what were your other options?

    I got a model 3 cause of the 10k. Plus I didn’t want to drop 70k for a Macan S.
  18. Dorkiedoode

    Puddle of water inside the trunk after rain!

    my trunk liner is currently looking the same as your second picture right now haha. since it's going to be raining tomorrow, i might have to wait till Tuesday to sun bathe it.
  19. Dorkiedoode

    Puddle of water inside the trunk after rain!

    Thanks, will do a test later. I’m currently trying to rinse it by hand trying to get as much water out as possible.
  20. Dorkiedoode

    Removing trunk carpet/liner

    So I lifted up my trunk liner this morning. Water is still there. Had a fan blowing all night long in the trunk too, but it only dried the top. Now I’m currently trying to rinse out as much water as I can by hand. My trunk liner was prefect before the water got in. Now it look all wrinkle like...
  21. Dorkiedoode

    Puddle of water inside the trunk after rain!

    So today in SoCal we finally had some rain. I took my Model 3 to a wedding event. After parking outside in the rain during the event, I came back, lifted up the trunk to grab something, and there’s a big puddle of water inside the bottom storage area. I’m going to be making an appointment with...
  22. Dorkiedoode

    My first Model 3 rebuild.

    i second the "how does it drive" question. does it handles like the normal Tesla?
  23. Dorkiedoode

    Phone as key - not great after 48.12.1

    mine works flawless, i have an iPhone X
  24. Dorkiedoode

    Do these swirls require stage 2 correction?

    you would need to start with a Ult compound with a medium polishing pad.
  25. Dorkiedoode

    Side Mirror Tinting

    Nothing as of yet, I do find it kinda dark and I don’t even have any tint on my windows yet (soon). I wish there’s a function to turn off the side mirror tint completely.
  26. Dorkiedoode

    90% the new recommended SOC?

    ever since I got the car, I always kept it at 90%
  27. Dorkiedoode

    Solution to saving energy in cold weather (no heater required)

    I’m glad I have free charging at work. Although it doesn’t get too cold here where I live but I still blast the heater like no tomorrow to keep the cabin warm.
  28. Dorkiedoode

    Is walk away lock via iPhone reliable for you?

    Yes, iPhone X.
  29. Dorkiedoode

    Fog / moisture in left tail light housing

    Take it to service and get a new tail light.
  30. Dorkiedoode

    Curb Rash

    My gf curbed the left rear like 8 inches long driving through a Starbucks after a week of owning the car. I was going to upgrade the 18s to an after market 19s. This incident definitely put a stop on the upgrade real quick.
  31. Dorkiedoode

    Software Update Notification

    I’m still stuck on 44.1... :(
  32. Dorkiedoode

    Buying used Model 3?

    @44k used, get a new one. im not a fan of accident car. my lexus got rear ended at 10mph and it was 12k to repair. i cannot imagine how 40mph would look like.
  33. Dorkiedoode

    Kids: Potential Tesla customers?

    same here in San Gabriel Valley...
  34. Dorkiedoode

    Due Bill question

    Don’t wait for them, they will never call. Once you schedule an appointment, they will call/email you and ask for pictures. I waited for them for a week and no one has ever reached out when I had a due bill.
  35. Dorkiedoode

    Zero Emissions Paper Plate

    Took delivery at Marina Del Rey too and they didn’t have any zero emission plate available.
  36. Dorkiedoode

    LTE issues

    Happened to me while I was heading back from Westwood to San Gabriel valley, it was out for a good 40mins during freeway traffic.
  37. Dorkiedoode

    Suntek HP window tint

    Ceramic will reduce more heat
  38. Dorkiedoode

    Financing through Tesla?

    It was a bit of a struggle when I went through it. It was my first time and it got pretty annoying cause my Owner advisor never respond to any email. But in the end, I got the loan check 30 min before the bank close and 1 day before delivery. I was so close to pushing back delivery due to not...
  39. Dorkiedoode

    Financing through Tesla?

    Shop around, the lowest credit union here is 1.99 @ 60m w/ 800+ credit
  40. Dorkiedoode

    Model 3 Tint Thread

    This remind me of my teen days, I was at 15% front and limo back. I Love the darkness. But now a days my eyes are not like back then anymore and I need to see if cop is behind me lol.
  41. Dorkiedoode

    damaged 19 inch rim on my model 3 any one experience?

    Here in SoCal it only cost 100-125 for a mobile guy to come to you and fix. Does a wonderful job too.
  42. Dorkiedoode

    Model 3 Tint Thread

    $175 is the lower end film. Anything $300+ is the better film.
  43. Dorkiedoode

    Unfriendly S & X Owners

    i drive a M3 and i can tell you that no attention to anyone while im driving. when i park at a stop light, my eyes lock straight onto the light. there are time i like to glance around if im going on a road trip.
  44. Dorkiedoode

    PSA: Exiting through passenger door confuses the car

    Yes if the sensor sense it, it’ll turn.
  45. Dorkiedoode

    Help me: Buy a Used Model 3 or Used Model S?

    i have a 18 340i and i got a brand new M3. new improve battery, similar size to the bmw, handles great. model S is nice but it's kinda big for me and i only like the highest end model S, which i cannot afford lol.
  46. Dorkiedoode

    Tinting Rear Window

    i have two of my cars (not tesla) tinted on the side at the moment cause my back tint was defective and i had to rip it off. i can tell you that it does not look weird because you can't see the back window by looking at the side and no one has ever ask anything. by if it just my personal opinion...
  47. Dorkiedoode

    Payment In Addition To Financing

    Awesome, thanks for the info @ivan801
  48. Dorkiedoode

    Payment In Addition To Financing

    I’m picking up this Saturday too but I haven’t gotten my purchase agreement sign by Tesla yet. Who is suppose to sign it? My OA went a wall 3 days after placing my order. The DA in Vegas is currently helping me right now. He submitted a PO request but haven’t gotten back to me yet. Not sure how...
  49. Dorkiedoode

    What is best financing rate now?

    Do they ask you to do auto pay or create a checking account with them? I’ve been getting quotes from a few places and the lowest one require a checking account and auto pay for 3.24%...
  50. Dorkiedoode

    Original Purchase Price of Car replaced by Model 3

    Our new M3 is replacing my gf 2007 Toyota Corolla S LoL. I would say its worth about 3-4K at trade in but decided to pass it down to her dad for coffee meet up.

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