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  1. WeazL

    Order placed. Need insight on options please.

    Yup! Thinking of pulling the upgrade switch myself later this year... ;) @JKC42, I too have the glass roof and have no reservations about it. It's a beautiful place to have a glass roof!
  2. WeazL

    2017 Oahu Meet-ups/Events

    I'll b e off-island. :(
  3. WeazL

    Hawaii: Model S, P85 - Performance

    I can attest that the owner has taken impeccable care of her and is as described. Buyer will be very happy with this vehicle!
  4. WeazL

    2017 Supercharger in Honolulu

    Fingers are crossed. :)
  5. WeazL

    Contact information and introductions

    Welcome to two new members. crikescrikes & pw1388.
  6. WeazL

    Bug found in last OTA update

    Thanks, Spleen. I'll have the SC take a look. Perhaps it needs the firmware flashed and reloaded. It's super frustrating as every time I'm on a call, if I try to adjust the volume, it instantly disconnects...
  7. WeazL

    Bug found in last OTA update

    Is anyone else having issues with phone connectivity? With one of the recent updates, if I try to adjust the volume using the scroll wheel, it instantly disconnects the call everytime.
  8. WeazL

    Hawaii Charging Stations/Parking

    This made my day, Papafox. Perhaps you have too much free time these days? o_O
  9. WeazL

    Hawaii Forum Moderation

    Mahalo, Nigel. Hope all is well in Sarasota!
  10. WeazL

    Merry Xmas and Happy New Year!

    Wishing you all a happy and enjoyable Christmas and New Year!
  11. WeazL

    Hawaii Forum Moderation

    Thank you both.
  12. WeazL

    CHAdeMO Adapter

    Yeah, I have one. Use it quite a bit. With HECO's current per session rate it's worth it for me. But if they switch to per kWh, I'm not so sure. But, I'd pay close to rack rate for the convenience of the quick charging. Once it ramps up, I usually get 152mph of range. I can go from 0 to...
  13. WeazL

    Hawaii Forum Moderation

    Hi Guys, Thanks for you patience. I've been non-existent since October, however I'll elaborate why in this post. I had received word that my mother had become ill while on vacation and admitted herself to an ER in California. Having talked with her for several days leading up to this, I knew...
  14. WeazL

    Contact information and introductions

    Please welcome Stoebs to the Hawaii Tesla Owners Forum!
  15. WeazL

    Tesla Firmware Update 8.0

    Thanks, will try it!
  16. WeazL

    Hawaii Forum Moderation

    Hi Guys, Life has thrown some curveballs at me and I have not been able to devote enough time to the forum as it deserves. I've enjoyed moderating greatly, and the admin have made things a lot simpler since I first took over. I was spending quite a lot of time moderating and reading posts all...
  17. WeazL

    Contact information and introductions

    Welcome to our newest member, coudhi!
  18. WeazL

    Tesla Firmware Update 8.0

    Waiting for mine too.
  19. WeazL

    2016 Meet Ups/Events

    I like this proposal.
  20. WeazL

    Contact information and introductions

    Tomorrow's the big day, Carl!!!
  21. WeazL

    Model X Sighted on island

    [Mod Note: Thread title changed to reflect Model "X" sighting and not Model "3".]
  22. WeazL

    2016 Meet Ups/Events

    I'm in, work permitting.
  23. WeazL

    Hawaii Tesla Showroom

    Yeah, I pulled in on fumes the other day to the SC before they opened and had to wait for them to open as they plugged the HPWC in to one of the cars outside (and of course the car locks onto it) and so I waited for 45 minutes....my only gripe to date of the SC...
  24. WeazL

    Hawaii Tesla Showroom

    It is the first 2-story Tesla showroom on planet Earth--right here in Waikiki! They will have vehicles on both floors--apparently there's some special tricks required to do this as the facility wasn't designed to put cars inside second floor shops. o_O
  25. WeazL

    Hawaii - National Drive Electric Week 2016

    Thanks for posting, nanimac!
  26. WeazL

    2016 Hawaii Meet-ups and Events

    You guys are too funny. :cool:
  27. WeazL

    Contact information and introductions

    It's worth the wait! :)
  28. WeazL

    Contact information and introductions

    Welcome, Jim! I'm jealous--love the options! {wiping drool off of my keyboard}
  29. WeazL

    Contact information and introductions

    Welcome Carl! Hang in there--it's well worth the wait!
  30. WeazL

    HAWAII - Firmware 7.1

    Looking forward to it! :p
  31. WeazL

    Hawaii - Let's Count Teslas!

    Right oN!
  32. WeazL

    Tesla Sightings in Hawaii

    MS's are are about a handful a day and MX's are a few a week for me.
  33. WeazL

    Hawaii - Let's Count Teslas!

    Completed, as requested. :cool:
  34. WeazL

    Hawaii - Let's Count Teslas!

    At this point, I have made multiple requests on behalf of the Hawaii members to resolve the table issue to the super-mods and Admin. However, given the recent forum facelift, the only person who can get this fixed at this time is doug, the Head Admin. Perhaps our voices collectively can get...
  35. WeazL

    Maui Navigation Map Needs Update

    The maps update automatically OTA. You'll see a notification on your screen after a map update letting you know that the update occurred. There's no way that you can manually tell the car to update. However, you could call the SC and ask them to check if you have the most current version of...
  36. WeazL

    Opti-Coat Installation

    I've not done it myself, but with a coating such as that, I personally would leave it to someone with experience.
  37. WeazL

    Hawaii 2016 Legislative Session - EV bills

    What are they claiming is unsafe about it? Could you describe the setup for us as well as their complaint and the 3rd party inspection?
  38. WeazL

    2016 Hawaii Meet-ups and Events

    What a nice group of owners/cars for the meet-up! Sorry, I had to w**k on short notice--comes with the job.
  39. WeazL

    June 2016 meetup

    Looking forward to the meet-up! I've been on vacation for the last three weeks and looking forward to getting home and driving my baby again. :eek:
  40. WeazL

    Contact information and introductions

    Several new members approved. Welcome to all!
  41. WeazL

    Hawaii - Let's Count Teslas!

    Now trying to work with one of the admin directly to get this resolved. Will post once I have more info.
  42. WeazL

    Placed my order..

    Welcome aboard!
  43. WeazL

    Want to rent a Tesla

    Alamo has 2 at their airport (HNL) location.
  44. WeazL

    Hawaii - Let's Count Teslas!

    I've put in another inquiry. o_O
  45. WeazL

    Hawaii Tesla Model S wishlist

    Yes, keeping busy. I browse more than I post right now, but work is beginning to slow down as summer creeps on. Summertime is traditionally slow, so I'll likely be more active. Hope all is well with you as well, Akikiki!
  46. WeazL

    Hawaii Tesla Model S wishlist

    Waze integration would be a nice feature. Doesn't seem far fetched since Google acquired Waze and the cars utilize Google Maps.
  47. WeazL

    Shipping a Tesla to Hawaii

    I've used both carriers. Pasha got an SUV here for me without issue. Two days ago I picked up a new executive van from Matson and it had damage. It was too big to fit in a container so it was roll-on. Generally I go with Pasha, but for the first time ever, Matson beat their price. Matson is...
  48. WeazL

    Hawaii Tesla Chargers

    I've heard about the superchargers too. :)
  49. WeazL

    Contact information and introductions

    Welcome! Thanks for sharing--wow it looks cold there!
  50. WeazL

    Model X has landed!

    I keep poking folks about the tables, but still waiting for an integrated forum update. Keep up the good logging!

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