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  1. randygts

    Supercharger - Manahawkin, NJ

    The one in Cape May Courthouse is at a shopping center, with an Acme Supermarket and other restaurants and shops. It is very busy, often with 4-5 of the 8 stalls filled. It's a 3-5 minute drive from the Parkway.
  2. randygts

    Supercharger - Cape May, NJ

    Several of the chargers at this supercharger are charging at lower rates -- 63kW max -- no matter how much range you have when you plug in. Some of the chargers are fine. I have called Tesla Supercharger support each of the last two weeks to let them know. The 2nd time they claimed they had...
  3. randygts

    Supercharger - Elwood, NJ

    Stopped by on Tuesday. There were a bunch of workers there -- hopefully working on the transformer. I didn't have time to stop and chat but just took this photo. Hopefully we in the final countdown for this.
  4. randygts

    How to stop charging with the new iPhone app?

    how do you change the font in the app?
  5. randygts

    How to stop charging with the new iPhone app?

    That may be but I'm just trying to understand why it doesn't show the amps and miles per hour of the charging. I'm adding a screen shot here. See how it only shows "24+ hours remain". I want to know how fast it's charging so I'll have a good estimate of how charged it will be when I pick it up...
  6. randygts

    How to stop charging with the new iPhone app?

    On the image above, where is says 1 hour 5m remaining, and shows the amps and the charging speed, mine right now only shows "24+ hours to remain" and doesn't show the amps or speed. Anyone have any thoughts on that? I left it at a repair shop and they are plugging it in overnight and was hoping...
  7. randygts

    Supercharger - Maple Shade, NJ

    If you are willing to cross the highway (there is a light there) you can get great wings at Jay's Elbow Room.
  8. randygts

    Stalls blocked by Tesla Owner

    This is what it says in the guys ad: "There are 4 Tesla Superchargers located downtown Indianapolis on Capitol Ave, Fishers, Carmel and Beech Grove. Charging is free to you at all of the Superchargers however you need to pay for parking at the downtown location." Then he also mentions this...
  9. randygts

    Supercharger - Marlton, NJ

    I would agree with that. There are 12 stalls here, and I don't think it's going to be very busy. I talked to the security guard that other day, and he said those cars were employees. Once the site is live, and especially if the use is heavy, he expects that employees will park in different...
  10. randygts

    Supercharger - Marlton, NJ

    Stopped by last Thursday. Everything looks in place but the electricity is not turned on yet. May be working by now, and if not, should be soon.
  11. randygts

    Just left the Dedham MA SC - People were loosing their *[email protected]

    Your post cracks me up and I'm in the same boat as you. Selling my MS today (and it's my 2nd one). Delivery date of 12/8 for my M3 P (we'll see if they actually deliver it that day!) I was convinced from driving an M3 a few times that it supplants the S as the best car ever made in volume. Your...
  12. randygts

    No more rear facing jump seats....

    Does anyone know whether you can get the jump seats to add to an older Model S. I have a 2015 that I am selling, and a prospective buyer wants to get those seats. Is that possible? Where would he buy it?
  13. randygts

    Supercharger - Deptford NJ

    Anyone see any progress here?
  14. randygts

    Supercharger - Deptford NJ

    anyone had a chance to go by there lately? any signs of life?
  15. randygts

    Destination Charging problems

    I did reset 3 or 4 of the 6 that didn't work correctly. Also told one of the employees at each site. It just still seems strange that this happened at two different locations two days apart.
  16. randygts

    Destination Charging problems

    Anyone having any problems with Destination Chargers? I have used them over 50 times without a problem before this weekend. At two different hotels (Hotel Californian in Santa Barbara, and Hyatt Regency in Indian Wells) I have had this exact problem. You plug the cable in...for a brief second it...
  17. randygts

    Supercharger - Woodbridge, NJ

    Can you guys stop this childish argument and get some more recent pictures?
  18. randygts

    Solutions to some of the common Tesla issues:

    I have confidence that the car won't turn off when hit 0. Having done it several times, in the old days when SCs were few and far between, I have gone 3-5 miles a few times on 0, and if I had to guess, you could probably go 10 if you had to.
  19. randygts

    Tesla Service Centers - Philly area

    I have had two Model S going back to early 2013, when they were in Norristown. I have always found the manager, Nick, to be very helpful and customer solution focused. Maybe you need to reach out to him, let him know your concerns, and give him an opportunity to address them. (I'm assuming you...
  20. randygts

    Supercharger - Green River, UT

    Worked fine for me today, despite the NAV saying it was temporarily unavailable. Called Tesla before heading here and they said it was intermittent power issues.
  21. randygts

    Tesla Seatbelt Recall Event this Friday 12/4 in Cherry Hill, NJ

    Yes, it is official. Here is the notice from Tesla: TESLA Seatbelt Safety Inspection Event Date: Friday, December 4th 8:00am – 8:00pm Location: 1810 Chapel Avenue West, Cherry Hill, New Jersey 08002 No appointment or RSVP is required, simply look for the Tesla van and tent when you...
  22. randygts

    Tesla Seatbelt Recall Event this Friday 12/4 in Cherry Hill, NJ

    TESLA SEATBELT “RECALL” EVENT When: Friday, December 4th 8:00am – 8:00pm Where: Parking lot at 1810 Chapel Avenue West, Cherry Hill, New Jersey 08002 (call Peter Spirgel at 856-816-8855 if you need directions or have questions). TESLA HAS REQUESTED THAT WE HOST A SEATBELT RECALL EVENT ISO...
  23. randygts

    Any way to determine latest car location?

    Thanks for the responses. That was it. I did not have Location Services allowed for the app. All is good now.
  24. randygts

    Any way to determine latest car location?

    I have a much less technical question and hoping someone can help me out. When using the Mobile App, and you click on the location tab....clearly you can see where your car is. (with the red arrow) However, It thought you used to also be able to see where you (or more specifically, the phone)...
  25. randygts

    Supercharger - Norfolk, VA

    Still taped up as of Monday morning 8/31. The folks at Nissan of Norfolk were welcoming with their charger.
  26. randygts

    Supercharger - New Jersey Turnpike Rest Areas - Molly Pitcher & Joyce Kilmer

    Stopped by both rest stops yesterday. Not much has changed from the previous pictures. This is what Joyce Kilmer looks like, which is more or less the same as the picture posted last week. I'm guessing they are waiting for inspection/permits/etc.
  27. randygts

    Supercharger - Auburn, AL

    Pjfranks - With all due respect, what "things" are you talking about? I have been NJ to BOS, NJ to FLA and now NJ to NOLA, and have stopped at about 30 superchargers. This has to be among the worst locations I have ever seen. And no excuse, given that is was just built six months ago. It's...
  28. randygts

    Supercharger - Mobile, AL

    Thanks for the updates Ed. If we want to stop overnight in that area on our trip from NJ to NOLA, is there a place in the Gulf you would recommend?
  29. randygts

    Supercharger - New Jersey Turnpike Rest Areas - Molly Pitcher & Joyce Kilmer

    Great news! Latest update from the Turnpike Authority -- They were notified that Tesla plans to begin installation on the charging station at the Joyce Kilmer Service Area on Monday.
  30. randygts

    Supercharger - Mobile, AL

    Thanks for the updates Ed. I'm driving from NJ to NOLA for Jazz Fest next month and will be in that area on both the 22nd and 27th. Hopefully they will be up and running by then. Worst case -- I make two stops at Bensons!
  31. randygts

    Supercharger - New Jersey Turnpike Rest Areas - Molly Pitcher & Joyce Kilmer

    Not sure what you are seeing is any evidence of construction. I reached out to the Turnpike Authority to see why construction has been delayed and here is his response: "Tesla is actually doing the installations themselves, so they can probably give you a better idea of their timetable. My...
  32. randygts

    NEXT UP: Supercharger Network in SOUTHEAST

    Wondering if someone who travels the southeast can help me out. In April I am planning to drive New Jersey to Nashville to New Orleans and back to New Jersey (through Atlanta). I have a 60 and have driven up and down the east coast with it. I am mostly concerned with two legs of the trip: New...
  33. randygts

    Recreating the NY Times Road Trip - Feb 15-17, 2013

    Awesome job guys! i would have loved to join you buy me MS doesn't get delivered to South Jersey until next week. Kudos!
  34. randygts

    Model S Delivery Dates and Sequencing

    Delivery scheduled for next Tuesday - February 26 Moorestown, NJ ----------------- 60kwh, 19, pano, air, supercharger, black/grey/lacewood Seq# 7,289 Signed pre-MVPA: 1/10/13 Delivery window: Feb-March VIN: 4734 2/5/13 Scheduled Delivery Date: 2/26/13
  35. randygts

    Model S Delivery Dates and Sequencing

    Got my VIN the other day. Probably on the same truck as yours.

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