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  1. DogtownTX

    to get a garage door opener on the screen, $350!?

    Tailwind works great for us. Relatively inexpensive, no monthly, and now has Apple HomeKit integration if you use that.
  2. DogtownTX

    Supercharger - Katy, TX - Katy Freeway

    Anyone have experience with the car wash at this location? Does it use the chemicals that cause the black metal trim to stain?
  3. DogtownTX

    New Owner. App disappointment

    If you're a Spotify fan that has never heard of Waze you'll be in heaven. Sadly if you're a CarPlay or Android Auto fan you just have to take that one on the chin. I've looked into the Hannshow screens, and the latest one (9" Linux) is getting there. But they still need to iron some things out...
  4. DogtownTX

    One thing you LOVE and DISLIKE about your Model Y

    Love: Most things. Dislike: No Apple CarPlay.
  5. DogtownTX

    Phantom Braking - Fixed.

    Have to agree, I'm on 2022.8.3 and it's 99% better. I had a 2 lane road as part of my commute where it would 100% phantom brake when passing an 18-wheeler. I went on a 180 mile roundtrip a couple weeks ago. It was mostly two lane highways, including the commute stretch, and it never PB'd when...
  6. DogtownTX

    Model Y wireless phone charger doesn't work with iPhone 13 pro max

    I have an August 21 build MYP and haven't had any wireless charging trouble, this is the case I’m using… Spigen Mag Armor Compatible with MagSafe Designed for iPhone 13 Pro Max Case (2021) - Matte Black...
  7. DogtownTX

    No test drives available for 100 miles?

    I ordered my MYP before driving one (had driven friends M3 so was 99% sure of the purchase). The earliest test drive I could find was around a week before it was delivered. Crazy business model they have, but seems to be working so 🤷‍♂️
  8. DogtownTX

    Phantom braking in my new Model Y

    Oncoming rigs on two lane highways are the #1 cause of my phantom breaking events, had one drop me from 65 to 45 quite suddenly this weekend. #2 cause is some combination of shadows on the road and slight inclines.
  9. DogtownTX

    Purpose of holiday update?

    This year I think the mass update was to primarily to appease the NHTSA.
  10. DogtownTX

    What do yo do for a flat tire?

    I bought this from Griot's Garage. Similar to what Tesla used to keep in stock. Fits in the shallow area below the hatch floor, along with the travel charger...
  11. DogtownTX

    Is There Anything Odd About MY Front Suspension That My Normal Mechanic Can't Handle

    Does the car track straight with your hands off the wheel? If so, it’s not the steering alignment, it’s the centering of the wheel. When I made that distinction clear to my SC they dropped the alignment charge and fixed the misaligned steering wheel for free.
  12. DogtownTX

    Thunk, clunk, pop, “scrape”?

    My SC sent a message the day before. Basically said when I arrived a tech would drive around with me to confirm the noise. If confirmed they would keep and fix it. If not, take it away and keep monitoring, no charge. Because this one (clunk/thunk) was 100% reproducible on mine, he was able...
  13. DogtownTX

    Uberturbine Touch Up Paint

    Shows up tomorrow, might have time to give it a go this weekend.
  14. DogtownTX

    Uberturbine Touch Up Paint

    Went ahead and ordered it, will share the experience here.
  15. DogtownTX

    Uberturbine Touch Up Paint

    Anyone try Touch-Up Paint for Tesla Model Y Uberturbine Wheels for touch up paint? Wife curbed the MYP and looking for something to patch it. The shops in H-Town I've emailed have ghosted me so looking for alternatives, thanks!
  16. DogtownTX

    Fun with the horn and Santa Mode

    Uncheck Santa Mode, then check ' Spread the cheer' or whatever, then re-check Santa mode. We were cruising the mall this weekend spreading cheer and it got quite a few looks, mostly good. :D
  17. DogtownTX

    Thunk, clunk, pop, “scrape”?

    For me it made sense to get it fixed by Tesla. 1) They're on the hook to fix it, and if the cure is worse than the disease, that will be their problem. 2) I would rather, if the battery pack/cover is going to impact the frame, that there be some buffer, rather than metal on metal. Also, since...
  18. DogtownTX

    Thunk, clunk, pop, “scrape”?

    What I saw in the video and what @RyMY and @Nrvna76 describe is exactly what mine was doing. Thunk felt or heard, turning over bumps or inclines. I took mine in for service, they 'fixed' it with foam on top of the HV battery. They had to drop the battery to do this. I haven't felt or heard a...
  19. DogtownTX

    One of the downside of success...no test drive

    Ah don't worry about it, all the test drive did was confirm my decision to order the car :)
  20. DogtownTX

    How can Boombox sounds be disabled?

    Unplug the speaker.
  21. DogtownTX

    steering wheel misalignment right off the lot, along with really bad paint defect

    My steering wheel was misaligned, but the wheels weren't. Never seen that on a car before. It tracked straight and didn't pull but the steering wheel was most definitely not pointing north as the car rolled true. They fixed it under warranty with no grief.
  22. DogtownTX

    Phantom braking so bad I want to return my car

    I love most things about my MYP, but TACC isn't one of them. Very disappointed in it vs. previous vehicles. I had zero phantom brakes in many many years and 1000's miles of use of other brands dynamic cruise. I naively thought all the basic (non-FSD) tech would be at least as good as a Mazda...
  23. DogtownTX

    Thunk, clunk, pop, “scrape”?

    Got the car back today and the 'thunk/clunk' is gone. They dropped the battery and added foam around the HV battery top cover. They also fixed a driver seat squeak, kind of like a cricket chirp, that was fixed by adjusting the lumbar hardware. Will keep an eye on it, but for now, mischief...
  24. DogtownTX

    Thunk, clunk, pop, “scrape”?

    Not when new, about 2.5 months and 2500 miles in I first noticed it. It's very easy to replicate when turning right going up an incline, a ramp or even over a speed bump while turning right. I heard it at other random times as well, always when turning. They replaced the stabilizer bar and...
  25. DogtownTX

    Thunk, clunk, pop, “scrape”?

    I had these same similar symptoms, clunk/thunk that can be felt and heard when turning up an incline. It's at the service center now for this. They diagnosed and are replacing the front stabilizer bar along with the left and right stabilizer links.
  26. DogtownTX

    Recall: Model 3 and Model Y Front Suspension Lateral Link Inspection

    My car definitely has something loose in the front suspension that’s been getting worse over time, taking it in Friday, but it’s not showing as part of this recall. Started as an audible ‘thunk’ that could also be felt in drivers side floorpan when turning up an incline. Now this happens when...
  27. DogtownTX

    Extremely fragile top glass roof - Model Y

    Kidding aside, I'm surprised that sort of impact would cause a break. I've accidentally hit auto glass pretty hard with solid objects and never had a crack. Wonder if it's the nature of such a large glass area?
  28. DogtownTX

    Homelink usefullness vs regular garage door opener

    The tailwind includes a sensor, not dependent on your opener for open/close status.
  29. DogtownTX

    Homelink usefullness vs regular garage door opener

    Second the tailwind, works like a champ. Nice bonus that the app shows door open/closed and also let's you open/close via the app. And for less than $80 or so? Worth it.
  30. DogtownTX

    MYP 2021 range: ~190 miles on a 90%-charge. Normal?

    My anecdotal contribution. My round-trip to work is right at 60 miles of 90% 50-75 MPH driving. It's flat terrain, but hot down here in Houston so A/C definitely cranking. When I get back home the MYP says I've used 80 miles. I charge to 80% (240 miles of range) and get back with 160ish...
  31. DogtownTX

    Is anyone using Tesla’s Model Y Trunk Storage Bins?

    Installed the factory buckets today. High quality and very nice OEM fit and finish.
  32. DogtownTX

    DYI front PPF kits & cost

    I'm thinking I'm going to order the full front Xpel kit. Around $450 vs $1650 installed. Plan is to watch all the YouTube, then start with the easiest pieces and move to the hard ones, so hood, bulbs, fenders, mirrors, bumper. Still undecided.
  33. DogtownTX

    Best interest rate via Tesla financing?

    Car was delivered today, here was the process I used to get the 1.24 over 72 months. Hope this helps someone... - Applied for Tesla financing during ordering process - Approved for 2.49% / 72 months - Learned about 1.24% from DCU - Applied for DCU Savings Account, signed up with one of their...
  34. DogtownTX

    Current Delivery Times

    My checkout day on this thread is today, thanks for all the info and support! Car was delivered this morning, everything looks great except the rear spoiler is lifting, put in a support request. Final stats below, will also post my experience in the finance thread with getting the 1.24...
  35. DogtownTX

    Recent MYP Delivery Estimates

    Congrats! Love the look of the red. Just got the call from my Delivery Center confirming the drop off at my house for 10 AM tomorrow. Getting real.
  36. DogtownTX

    Current Delivery Times

    My VIN to 'Schedule Delivery' text was 7 days here in Texas.
  37. DogtownTX

    Recent MYP Delivery Estimates

    Time hasn't moved so slow since I was a teen a week before Christmas when I knew I was getting a Super Nintendo. 😂 Prior to having a delivery date I was fine, ever since, pretty sure the clock has slowed. T-Minus!
  38. DogtownTX

    Best interest rate via Tesla financing?

    You have to submit your MVPA which is a multi-page PDF (4+ pages). DCU won't use the 1 page order agreement, even with a VIN on it, at least they wouldn't for me.
  39. DogtownTX

    Current Delivery Times

    Great advice, the Wall Connector was the only accessory I ordered before getting a VIN, and if I had waited it would have been out of stock when I needed it. So if you know you want it, get it ASAP. If plans change they sell very easily due to that same scarcity.
  40. DogtownTX

    Houston Waiting Room

    Yeah, I would have preferred to pick it up, and when I ordered they said I was outside of the delivery range. But something's changed and now they want to bring it to me, which is fine, I have to work Thursday so this will be easier. When I test drove they had 5-6 cars in the pickup lane so...
  41. DogtownTX

    Houston Waiting Room

    Not a 7 seater, but am just waiting for my delivery appointment this coming Thursday, it's a home delivery from the Westchase location. Went to test drive last Friday and they had a MYP there for me to drive that was the same specs as mine except white interior. I had this appointment setup a...
  42. DogtownTX

    Current Delivery Times

    Exactly. And if you look at the full name of the MYP in the order details the LR is in there... "Long Range All-Wheel Drive Performance"
  43. DogtownTX

    Current Delivery Times

    Just got the Schedule Delivery text, chose the earliest date I could, 26-Aug. Says it's going to be home delivery, but we'll see, when I ordered they said I was too far from Tesla store for that. 🤷‍♂️
  44. DogtownTX

    Current Delivery Times

    Going on 6 days with no call here. Looks like the 888 number can just forward you to the local Sales/Delivery center, so that may be what happened to you.
  45. DogtownTX

    North Texas waiting room

    Called today 888 number today and I think I was routed to the local delivery center. The guy I spoke with said it was in transit with an ETA of Monday Aug 23. He said once it arrived they would call/text with the delivery dates. The timing of that would be dependent on any transportation...
  46. DogtownTX

    North Texas waiting room

    Good question, I received my VIN last Wednesday, also in Houston, and I haven't heard from anyone about setting up a delivery date. I called the 888 number last week the day after I got the VIN and they said it would be on a truck by yesterday. Going to call again today to see what the current...
  47. DogtownTX

    Texas MY Waiting room

    And now back to Aug 21-27. I called Tesla 888 number a couple days ago and was told it would be on truck Monday (tomorrow). So hoping some of you other Houston folks are on that truck. Not counting any chickens until I'm sitting in the thing, too many stories of VIN's disappearing to get too...
  48. DogtownTX

    Texas MY Waiting room

    EDD bumped out to Aug-23 to 29 from 20-26. VIN on Aug-11. Can’t wait.
  49. DogtownTX

    Current Delivery Times

    Congrats! I got my VIN around 9:30pm central. By the next morning it had updated.

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