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  1. HeloCaptain

    Many show rooms closing… Now what?

    Sales tax payments are determined by the state in which you take delivery AND the state where the vehicle will be registered. For example - our first Tesla was purchased via a store in MA. It was a Model S inventory vehicle in FL. I explored FL sales tax laws online and found that FL charges...
  2. HeloCaptain

    Charge stops at 89% instead of 90% and 99% instead of 100% Problem?

    See #1 and #7 at Model X will not charge to set limit to understand our concern.
  3. HeloCaptain

    Charge stops at 89% instead of 90% and 99% instead of 100% Problem?

    I agree with SilverSp33d3r. 7% to 10% should be fine. Driving in cold weather with heater and heated seats ON will get it down pretty quickly.
  4. HeloCaptain

    Charge stops at 89% instead of 90% and 99% instead of 100% Problem?

    I would expect it to work with a 240V NEMA. Main thing is to start with low charge, then take it to 100%. Not a good idea to leave it at 100%, so if you can time the charge to finish when you have a drive planned, that is best.
  5. HeloCaptain

    Charge stops at 89% instead of 90% and 99% instead of 100% Problem?

    See #7 at Model X will not charge to set limit
  6. HeloCaptain

    Battery no longer charging to 100%

    Model X will not charge to set limit
  7. HeloCaptain

    Model X will not charge to set limit

    I had a scheduled Ranger visit Dec 21, 2018. The appointment was actually to install a replacement part, which, as it turns out, is a shop only operation (ranger should not have been sent for this part replacement [wiring harness], though the error was the fault of Tesla's Ranger scheduler not...
  8. HeloCaptain

    Scheduling Service Watertown and Dedham Online is a Mess

    I recently had an intermittent problem with my X trunk. As I already had an appointment scheduled for annual service, I made several videos, using my phone, to record the failures. Fortunately, when the service center could not reproduce the failures, I showed my videos, which motivated them to...
  9. HeloCaptain

    Do you trust the navigation charging schedule?

    In cold weather, do not expect the estimate to be accurate. I'm in NH with a X100D. Last year, left Lincoln, NH Supercharger in very cold weather for roundtrip to Newport, VT. Car said 18% available at end of round trip. I actually had to stop for 1 1/2 hours at a Chargepoint to make it back to...
  10. HeloCaptain

    Mobile App 3.8

    On my X, climate (heater) has to be ON. Seat option appears a few seconds (~5) after heater is turned on. iOS Tesla app 3.8.0 Vehicle 2018.48.12.1
  11. HeloCaptain

    Politics - Quarantine Thread

    A benefit of living in California?
  12. HeloCaptain

    Model X will not charge to set limit

    Done. Ranger in 2 weeks. Have you heard or read of a similar issue (just wondering what possibilities might be).
  13. HeloCaptain

    Model X will not charge to set limit

    2017 Model X100D, manufactured June 2017. V 2018.44 641a0dc I was at a Supercharger and set the limit to 95% (prepping for a long drive in COLD NH weather). After two hours, charge terminated, displayed CHARGE COMPLETE, but only had 88%. The last 4% was at 3kw or less. Subsequently, on a...
  14. HeloCaptain

    Unexpectedly purchasing an M3 for delivery on Tuesday

    Walk in use of referral code not a problem. I purchased Model S in March 2017. In December 2017, wife and I stopped by a service center/sales center. They had a Model X on display. Wife took a seat in it, asked if we could test drive an X. Yes. Returned from the test drive, wife said, "Let's...
  15. HeloCaptain

    Tesla’s First 400 kWh Of Free Supercharging For Model S & X Ends

    Oops. You are CORRECT! This senior citizen misread the date of purchase as 2016. SORRY for the confusion.
  16. HeloCaptain

    Tesla’s First 400 kWh Of Free Supercharging For Model S & X Ends

    Yes. Free supercharging stays with the car, even to a new owner.
  17. HeloCaptain

    How much for a set of bumpers? Considering street parking instead of $300/month garage

    In SFO, you can expect to be keyed as well, so plan on a paint job. Too many haters in that toilet of a city.
  18. HeloCaptain

    Advice Needed on Selling... Tax Credit

    Buy the S and take two credits (if your tax situation permits that amount of credit). I purchased an S in early 17 and traded it in for an X in late 17. Received both tax credits = $15000. total. You don't have to keep the car for any specific time to claim the credit. Comments relate ONLY...
  19. HeloCaptain

    Looking for Tesla Luggage

    See #8 at Tesla Carry-on Hard Shell Luggage
  20. HeloCaptain

    Changing fm radio stations?

    My experience is that if you have any "favorites" selected, the steering wheel buttons will only rotate through the favorite selections. If no favorites are selected, it will seek.
  21. HeloCaptain

    What goodies to expect with delivery?

    Traded in Model S for an X on sales floor (12-17). Verbally commented that prior "luxury" car purchases always came with some kind of swag. A person that I think was a sales manager gave me a T-Shirt and a baseball cap. On scheduled visit to have a wheel replaced, salesman gave me another hat...
  22. HeloCaptain

    Phone Distracted Driver on Autopilot Slams into Firetruck

    "It’s not known if the Autopilot system was engaged during the crash."
  23. HeloCaptain

    New England Meetup - Boston Metro West - Saturday May 12th 2pm

    Michael, It is looking like a probability of rain. I'll probably try to make it again, but assume rain would cancel the meet?
  24. HeloCaptain

    My first long(ish) distance road trip with Auto Pilot

    My former S with AP2 and current X with AP2 both sound(ed) an audible alert when the auto steer disconnects.
  25. HeloCaptain

    Supercharger - Hickory, NC

    Strange that Teslarati still isn't showing the Hickory Superchargers.
  26. HeloCaptain

    Is this normal? (Destination chargers)

    Probably not properly set up at install. Report malfunction to hosting business so they can have the installer correct the error.
  27. HeloCaptain

    Am I screwed for going 75D rather than 100D?

    Just curious - Factory order or inventory?
  28. HeloCaptain

    Am I screwed for going 75D rather than 100D?

    My first Tesla was a 2016 S75D, so a little more range the X75D. That said, If you charge up to 80-90% each night, you will be okay. The only time you should have range anxiety is when you have very cold weather move in, which should not be too often in your area. A potty stop at a Supercharger...
  29. HeloCaptain

    Vendor TeslaSpy.com - Know your tesla

    It is working okay now, though the entry method seems to have changed. Simple effort now. Thanks
  30. HeloCaptain

    Vendor TeslaSpy.com - Know your tesla

    I tried to enter a name in the pop up "Tag" entry, but it doesn't seem to allow me to enter any text?
  31. HeloCaptain

    Maine Resident and Mass Tax

    If Dedham is the store that is going to receive your car, then I suggest you phone them and inquire about delivery to ME. It may add a day (or days) to your actually gaining possession. You may want to consider going to the store to inspect it though, just in case there are any visible issues...
  32. HeloCaptain

    Charging installation inside or outside of the garage?

    Depending on where you are in SoCal, if you get cold weather in the winter, that will have a significant negative impact on your home charging, especially when outside. The protection offered by a garage, even if unheated, is quite significant.
  33. HeloCaptain

    Maine Resident and Mass Tax

    I purchased my [inventory] model X from the floor at the Dedham, MA store. I was told I would have to pay MA sales tax if I picked it up there. They delivered it to my home in Manchester, NH (no sales tax in NH). The truck/trailer that delivered my X also had a Model 3 that was being delivered...
  34. HeloCaptain

    Bought Inventory Model X, delivery is taking longer than est. 14 days.

    Our first Tesla, a Model S, was purchased via Tesla store in MA. We took a flight to West Palm Beach (from Manchester,NH) and had a wonderful drive home. Model X (inventory - showroom) eight months later was on the floor in MA. Delivered to our NH home (avoiding MA sales tax). If your schedule...
  35. HeloCaptain

    Teslas in Canadian Weather

    I live in New Hampshire, so I'm next door. Winter cold will cut range as much as 50%. That is the only negative feature from my perspective. Other features are all positive (handling, preheat, too fun to drive, etc).
  36. HeloCaptain

    Long Trip immediately after pickup - Go ahead or avoid?

    I purchased my first Tesla (S75D) from inventory (March 2017). I live in NH. Airline to West Palm Beach, FL for delivery. Departed delivery to Key West. From Key West, took a casual drive home, with a lot of little diversions. Never had any issues, never had any range anxiety, used AP after the...
  37. HeloCaptain

    Nav volume issue

  38. HeloCaptain

    When the Enhanced Autopilot Honeymoon is Over?

    I drive with a couple of fingers placed comfortably at 7 o'clock or 5 o'clock and that seems to maintain the needed torque to avoid alerts to grab the wheels. The key to understanding this is that the car wants TORQUE on the wheel, not pinch pressure.
  39. HeloCaptain

    Navigation voice not working (volume is not muted)

    The nav volume is controlled by tapping the speaker symbol toward the top left of the center nav screen. There is an x next to it, which mutes sound when tapped. If you already know this, I apologize.
  40. HeloCaptain

    Navigation voice not working (volume is not muted)

    I'm not sure if this will help, but just in case: make sure the service center turned "service mode" OFF [CONTROLS; SETTINGS; SERVICE & RESET].
  41. HeloCaptain

    Musk Says ‘Major Navigation Overhaul’ Coming in 2018


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