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  1. Seven7

    Supercharger - Venice, FL

    Agreed, there is no room for chargers in the Brewburgers parking lot and any chargers there would be perpetually iced.
  2. Seven7

    Vero Beach V3 Charger

    I think they might be talking about the Wawa at 9050 20th street in Vero Beach Vero Beach, FL SuperCharger Open
  3. Seven7

    Supercharger - Lakeland, FL

    The parking lot size reminds me of the Sand Lake Rd Location in Orlando and I'm thinking they might use the eight parking spots all the way to the north.
  4. Seven7

    Supercharger - Clearwater, FL (V3)

    You can call law enforcement and they can leave the ICE a ticket. Statutes & Constitution :View Statutes : Online Sunshine
  5. IMG_20180912_122347751_HDR


  6. Seven7

    Why will you need a Cyber Truck?

    Because I refuse to drive a minivan :D
  7. Seven7

    Poll- Res holders, would you have made the deposit if $1000?

    Yes, I thought it was going to be a $2,500 deposit, but I would also be ready to pay the whole thing up front including sales tax if I thought I would get it five minuets faster. :) Tri motor with FSD RN1127494xx
  8. Seven7

    Real World Sighting! Cybertruck driving in West Los Angeles

    Can't wait to get mine!
  9. Seven7

    Who has ordered?

    In for a triple motor stainless steel bullet proof four wheel drive truck with FIVE HUNDRED miles of range. It's going to look great with a Tavor hanging in the back window. :-)
  10. Seven7

    Tesla Cybrtrk

    No problem, I'll be more than happy to put my money down on one tomorrow and wait. Tesla is AWESOME!
  11. Seven7

    Anyone else's mobile app failing to connect to the car?

    Working fine here. Maybe you could try restarting your phone.
  12. Seven7

    Taycan Takedown

    I just built one on their website, $212,000.00 and that didn't even include ceramic brakes. No thanks Porsche :D
  13. Seven7

    Tesla and Hurricane

    If you get into the EYEWALL of a category three or above hurricane you will probably get some damage to your house if it was built before 1992 when the building codes changed after hurricane Andrew. What you will lose in most hurricanes are trees, especially if they haven't been trimmed...
  14. Seven7

    Taycan Takedown

    I just don't think Porsche is serious about fully electric cars. Tesla has been building fully electric cars since 2008, Porsche just started, who do you want building your car? No thanks Porsche.
  15. Seven7

    Massive Explosion Damages Plantation, FL Supercharger

    These superchargers are open again, thanks to Tesla for their quick action on this.
  16. Seven7

    Plantation, FL Supercharger Expansion [Now Operational]

    Superchargers are open again, thank you Tesla for quick action on this!
  17. Seven7

    Supercharger - Plantation, FL

    The superchargers in Plantation have reopened. Not my video
  18. Seven7

    Fit & Finish Issues - Which ones would you ask to be corrected?

    Congrats on finding a now discontinued volt. There is no way would I ever buy another GM vehicle and the now discontinued volt is a prime example of GM discontinuing EVs and sometimes even crushing them. If GM had stuck with the EV1 this country would be better off, but what did GM do?, they...
  19. Seven7

    On the attack

    Salespeople gonna salespeople, not sure about Oregon but it's a normal thing in Florida.
  20. Seven7

    Homelink Garage Door Opening no longer included with Premium Interior Package

    The Volt was such a nice car, so SAD GM discontinued it after they spent a fortune developing it.
  21. Seven7

    Free Ludicrous Upgrade for Existing Owners

    LOL, Lexus and BMW never gave me anything other than repair and "routine maintenance" bills. :-)
  22. Seven7

    Mildly worried about the deposit

    Well just how much do you think it will cost to build one?
  23. Seven7

    Electric Pickup Roundup: Musk Says Tesla Truck 'Not Like Anything Else'

    I would absolutely buy that truck. I'm worried that the Tesla truck will look like a ModelS with the back hatch removed.
  24. Seven7

    AP just sent me under a truck

    I thought that it only gave you the front camera, not side and fender cameras as well.
  25. Seven7

    AP just sent me under a truck

    That's a very good question, or did the OP have a go pro attached to the front fender just for this?
  26. Seven7

    Mildly worried about the deposit

    <---------------- Not worried If anything I think the 2020 Roadsters will be out quicker to bring a very profitable product to market.
  27. Seven7

    Looking for P90DL

    Do you have some pics to post up? Here's a non ludi P100D, old version battery with 50 miles 2019 Model S | Tesla
  28. Seven7

    Used Delivery Experience

    I wonder if it would be better to just to go to Phoenix and get it ? Save the cost of getting it delivered and spend some of that getting it detailed when you get it home.
  29. Seven7

    Vendor Chrome Delete for Model 3 S & X

  30. Seven7

    I see my old P85D on Tesla's used inventory

    I'm sure it was something very minor, like under $500 as mentioned in the car fax report. I'll bet the former owner didn't even get it fixed since there was no damage.
  31. Seven7

    I see my old P85D on Tesla's used inventory

    I certainly understand that, years ago my wife had a Saturn and that car most certainly WAS in a bad wreck and it never showed up on car fax.
  32. Seven7

    I see my old P85D on Tesla's used inventory

    Well, that's news to me, but damage less than $500 could be anything.
  33. Seven7

    I see my old P85D on Tesla's used inventory

    Maybe, but it was dropped off in Ft Lauderdale (Dania beach) be myself on 3/20, and it's in West Palm Beach now, so, it hasn't gone far.
  34. Seven7

    I see my old P85D on Tesla's used inventory

    No, nothing like that. I bought the console from Tesla and they put it in. Only warranty work was a charge port. I bought a Model 3 and while they are awesome cars, I gave it to my wife cause I just like the Model S better. YMMV :-)
  35. Seven7

    I see my old P85D on Tesla's used inventory

    It's about the same as when I traded it in mileage wise and it was traded on 3/20, I doubt it has been sold and returned. I think someone has made a mistake on listing as having been wrecked. Still has the dark ceramic window tint in the pics.
  36. Seven7

    I see my old P85D on Tesla's used inventory

    It's listed as having been in an accident and I don't know why. I never wrecked it and it's never been body work repaired while I owned it. It still has the Tesla center console I had Tesla put in and looks like the new tires I put on it before it went to Tesla are still good, I had this car...
  37. Seven7

    Stalls blocked by Tesla Owner

    Just opened the charge port on a 2019 by pressing the charger handle button while the car is locked. Charge port changed color from light blue (white) to dark blue after plugging in. All done while car was locked and the fob was out of range.
  38. Seven7

    Before you purchase a Tesla...know this.

    I'm skeptical that dealers of ice vehicles will be interested in servicing pure electric vehicles.
  39. Seven7

    Maybe It's Me, but Too Many Snarky Posts

    The area I notice the most combat in is the Model 3: ordering, production and delivery. Not sure why, but it seems to bring out the hostilities.
  40. Seven7

    Before you purchase a Tesla...know this.

    1) In the few times I have called the service center in the last six years I have always received a prompt answer. 2) Prompt email reply are the norm here. 3) The one time I need service right away a ranger was dispatched to my home the same day. I have been driving Tesla vehicles for the...
  41. Seven7

    Why we are returning a car that we love from a brand we deeply respect

    The doors would be very hard to close. I doubt it's a bent frame.
  42. Seven7

    Serious Price FIxing SCAM new M3 Long range

    Agreed, they have taken care of stuff like this before. I have plenty of experience with Tesla in Tampa and they have always been first class.
  43. Seven7

    Dodge Demon 1/4mi 9.6 @ 140 - 0-60 2.3sec

    I wonder if he pre heated his pack before he beat these two demons.
  44. Seven7

    What does a referral code do for the buyer and the person providing the referral code?

    Why buy any gas at all? You'll have to excuse me for not wanting to go out of my way to spend $75.00 on something I no longer need or want.
  45. Seven7

    Tesla Wall Charger only pulling 40 amps, that right?

    I'm not sure, but can you adjust the charge from the main screen, under charging? ETA: What charger do you have in your car?
  46. Seven7

    How reliable is your Model S?

    My model S cars have been reliable, the only problem I've had with my 2013 P85 was the drive unit replaced, but even that wasn't something that left me stranded, it just got noisy and service changed it out in about three hours. Not bad for three years. 2013-2016. My 2016 P85D had no issues...
  47. Seven7

    question re: 2016 P90DL pricing

    Having driven an autopilot one P85D for the last three years, I can tell the OP there is nothing wrong with an autopilot one car. All cars depreciate.
  48. Seven7

    question re: 2016 P90DL pricing

    I would think around $65k to $75k depending on the miles

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