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  1. Lephturn

    What's the EV life like when Model 3 is the only car and drives 40k+ miles a year? Spoiler Alert, very long experience sharing

    Agreed. There are multiple free or very cheap level 2 charging options in most cities. I can get a free l2 charge at the grocery store, very cheap or free at all but one shopping center, and free at dozens of locations in this mid sized Canadian city of just over 1 million people. I only use SCs...
  2. Lephturn

    iPhone 14 Pro Max in Model Y

    I I just got my iPhone 14 Plus - 6.7” screen - tossed it in my Sept 21 M3SR+ and chargers fine. Will try a cheap case and update with results.
  3. Lephturn

    Rear ended. CarFax and reduced value with insurance?

    Why doesn’t her insurance cover repair when she admitted to hitting your car? This repair could be much more expensive than you think.
  4. Lephturn

    What's the EV life like when Model 3 is the only car and drives 40k+ miles a year? Spoiler Alert, very long experience sharing

    Starting an ICE uses fuel in a way that is not efficient so although it may help some in traffic with many long dead stops, it won’t be that much better. It also puts a lot of additional cycles on the starter and solenoid, and I would expect increased wear since engine parts don’t have good...
  5. Lephturn

    iPhone 14 Pro

    It is a new phone and the hardware ids have changed. Delete the phone from the car first, and make sure you delete it as a key. Then sign out of the app, uninstall the app, force close everything just to be certain, fully shut down the phone. Wait 30 seconds and the start up the phone. Install...
  6. Lephturn

    Lv 1 vs lv 2 charging.....not your typical question

    I live in Ottawa Canada. It has to be below -20c for the car to not charge much at all or to very slowly lose charge. Even at that point, if you plug it in with a warm battery after driving you will get a decent charge until the battery cools down too much. It was only an issue for me on the...
  7. Lephturn

    Theatre mode bug

    Had the same issue today, Theatre screen was blank. This fixed it!
  8. Lephturn

    Mobile Connector GFCI Tripped

    The GFCI breaker may not be in that outlet, it just needs to be on the circuit. Unless it is on a dedicated circuit the GFCI breaker could be on another outlet on the same circuit as the outlet you plug into. Unplug the wall plug from the mobile charger and the re-seat it firmly. If the mobile...
  9. Lephturn

    Opinions: Model 3 w/o Home Charging or Garage

    I got my M3SR+ in Sept 2021. I live in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada and my son started downhill ski racing this past winter. I used my M3 in snow and very cold conditions as low as -34 Celsius. I parked outside all winter and only had 110v 15 amp wall plug (standard GFCI outdoor outlet. The RWD...
  10. Lephturn

    Charging keeps stopping.

    I suggest two things. 1. With the mobile charger disconnected from everything, disconnect the plug adapter piece from the rectangular mobile Charger block and re-seat it firmly. Make sure it fits flush and snugly. 2. With the mobile connector unplugged, clean all 6 connection points...
  11. Lephturn


    It will only do braking for no/low regen if you enable it in each car.
  12. Lephturn


    I have the same model and year. I got the regen brake assist and green light chime in 2022.20.6. You have to turn both on. Both are nice features. The regen bar at the top of the screen will show green for regen and grey for brakes applied with regen brake assist. It works well.
  13. Lephturn

    2021 Model 3 LR vs 2020 Performance

    I would go with the 2021 LR. In addition to everything above - I much prefer the black trim over the chrome.
  14. Lephturn

    Estimated charge time way off

    Along with adding a “ precondition now” button in the app and having it notify when it is preconditionEd and ready.
  15. Lephturn

    Supercharger - Ottawa ON

    Good think I checked here, I assumed it would be open now. Well that sucks. We really need one in the south end.
  16. Lephturn

    Discussion: Tesla Vision system for Model 3/Y

    Are you on a multi-lane divided highway? Vision only is worse at night but I haven’t had many problems on divided highways, especially with other cars in view.
  17. Lephturn

    Is it stupid to buy new car but delay FSD purchase?

    That's what I did to stay in range of the rebate here in Ontario when I bought my M3SR+ in September. Good thing too because the price has increased so much that there is no Tesla that qualifies for the rebates at all now. In terms of FSD, I plan to pay for that only when I can actually use it...
  18. Lephturn

    Change in Battery Preconditioning with Recent (Christmas 2021) Update?

    I'm in Ottawa, Canada with temps down to -25 sometimes. Precondition it to avoid the snowflake. If you have to drive it with no chance to let it precondition for 15 minutes, the key is to drive slower if you can, use more acceleration, and then stop for a coffee or something. I've found that if...
  19. Lephturn

    Range Loss Over Time, What Can Be Expected, Efficiency, How to Maintain Battery Health

    The take-away for me is that for my Sept. 2021 M3SR+ (not LFP) the thing I can do to impact degradation is to manage SoC that it spends the most time sitting at idle with a lower SoC. That means I use scheduled charging so that it charges to the SoC I need before I drive it. If I don't need...
  20. Lephturn

    Model 3 SR+ LFP Battery Range, Degradation, etc Discussion

    It seems to me that in the middle row, right most, it shows much faster degradation at .5c while 2C seems like the optimal charge rate. Or am I reading that wrong? Probably doesn't really matter much since I don't have a DC fast charger capable of 2C in my home or anywhere easily accessible...
  21. Lephturn

    lightweight wheels model 3 performance 0-60 testing

    I'm not solving anything, just speculating on why what we are observing may be true. Guys that dramatically reduce weight, and unsprung and rotating weight at that, do not see the increase in performance that they expect. Something is limiting that and I am speculating that it may be a G force...
  22. Lephturn

    Range Loss Over Time, What Can Be Expected, Efficiency, How to Maintain Battery Health

    Hey there - Ottawa here as well! After reading this thread I have learned that time spent at higher SoC is what matters, after calendar aging. Various graphs and what not posted here show a step at about 57% SoC. I work from home and don't drive a great deal, so I am now aiming at 55% SoC when...
  23. Lephturn

    Range Loss Over Time, What Can Be Expected, Efficiency, How to Maintain Battery Health

    I managed to read through just about every page of this great thread. I have a Sept. 2021 M3SR+ with the early 21 battery pack, not the new LFP pack. I will summarize what I have learned. 1. Most capacity loss is due to calendar aging, although higher ambient temperatures and higher average SOC...
  24. Lephturn

    Model 3 SR+ LFP Battery Range, Degradation, etc Discussion

    I know I'm off-target here - but for NCA packs (I presume that is what I have in my Sept. 21 M3SR+ (I know it is not LFP) this indicates that keeping the pack between 40-60% SOC leads to vastly improved number of cycles, while LFP packs go the other way and last much longer with 20-80 and 0-100%...
  25. Lephturn

    lightweight wheels model 3 performance 0-60 testing

    You left out "at different states of charge". That is the reason to use G for a limit. That likely makes it much easier to ensure that cars in the real world meet or exceed the efficiency and acceleration statistics that Tesla publishes. The mainstream media is super negative on Tesla and will...
  26. Lephturn

    lightweight wheels model 3 performance 0-60 testing

    It makes sense to me that they limit it based on Gs. That way you get consistent acceleration at different states of charge. Some of these cars will have different battery packs with different chemistries, energy densities, and hence weight. By limiting acceleration to 1G they can get similar...
  27. Lephturn

    Model 3 SR+ LFP Battery Range, Degradation, etc Discussion

    Good to know. I'm in Ottawa and ski in Quebec weekly. Thanks!
  28. Lephturn

    Reservation number

    How much pre-order fall-off are you building into your model? The $ to pre-order a Cybertruck is so small that I suspect the % of pre orders that actually take delivery will be much lower than with the Model Y pre orders. Add to that the very long delay and that may further reduce the % of...
  29. Lephturn

    Tesla Ottawa - For real this time

    We could really use one in the S/SE end of the city. Nobody wants to go downtown just for that. I'm surprised there isn't one somewhere close to the 417 on this side of the city. 417/Hunt Club would make a lot of sense and would be usable by those driving through as well as those in the South...
  30. Lephturn

    Reservation number

    I calculate mine to be 577,378 - but I am in Canada anyway so chances are I'll be in the first year after the first one arrives in Canada. Dual motor AWD, not tri-motor, but I suspect that will be the first one they produce, not the tri-motor.
  31. Lephturn

    Reservation number

    Remember those numbers are, we think, for all Tesla reservations, and in addition to that this is $100 not $5k. That means the number that will drop out at crunch time will be significant.
  32. Lephturn

    Discussion: Tesla Vision system for Model 3/Y

    So sorry to hear about your M3 :( Glad you are OK and hope everyone walked away unhurt. You won't need to wait for the next gen hardware, just software 10. The beta that comes out on Friday (10.2) should be the integrated stack that is both the city and highway autopilot in one stack. This...
  33. Lephturn

    Tesla Ottawa - For real this time

    The good news is that the delivery process is very simple and quick. They put the registration in the glove box and you just check in with one of the service people. go out and check out the car, and then when you sign the contract they reboot the car and you drive away. I recommend spending a...
  34. Lephturn

    Discussion: Tesla Vision system for Model 3/Y

    Maybe I need FSD to get that option on non-highways? I just have a model 3 SR+ with no FSD at this point. I'll try setting the auto pilot to only 5 kph over the speed limit in case my adjustment above is considered too high. This is a Sept. 2021 M3 SR+ that still has version 2021.11.103 on it...
  35. Lephturn

    "Acceleration Boost" option, discussion as to which models and how much quicker

    50 hp is a whole different thing in a pure electric car where all of that extra HP and torque is available instantly at any RPM.
  36. Lephturn

    Discussion: Tesla Vision system for Model 3/Y

    THat goes up or down 1km or 5km with a flick. What I am asking for is for the vision system to read the change in speed limit and automatically adjust. When I am on a road with an 80km speed limit and enter a 50km zone I want it to automatically drop from 88 to 58 without me having to do...
  37. Lephturn

    Discussion: Tesla Vision system for Model 3/Y

    My first Tesla and just picked up my M3 SR+ last week. I immediately drove to Montreal (2 hrs) and back and have tested out autopilot on both divided multi-lane highways and country roads. One thing that seems to freak out the vision only system are motorcycles while in a turn. Especially if the...

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