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  1. Mark Petersen

    Wiki Charging Providers

    Polen EcoMoto
  2. Mark Petersen

    Plugless Power for Model S wireless charging

    Hi what is the time frame for offering a wireless charge pad for EU (240v 3 fase)
  3. Mark Petersen

    One motor per wheel: pros/cons

    Mercedes also have a prototype with 4 motors
  4. Mark Petersen

    European SuperCharger rollout updated

    hi take a look at this list of Charging Providers also if you see any that are missing please add them
  5. Mark Petersen

    Does any one make Type 1 adaptor To type 2 EU

    if you need the oposit using a EV car in the US you need this cable J1772 to 62196 Type 2 Extension Cord 32A for Electric Vehicle EV Charging in Type 2 Cable Connector for Sale Type 2 Charging stations, Cables and Adabtors - Tesla Motors Club - Enthusiasts & Owners Forum
  6. Mark Petersen

    CHAdeMO Make/Model Review — Using with a Tesla

    so how do know witch FW the adapter has
  7. Mark Petersen

    Firmware 6.2 poll to say when you got it

    Do any one know the current location of Elon, so I can point the car in the right direction I have already aligned the wheels so the logo is shown correctly do any of you know what we need to say is our prayers, to ensure an sucessfully update
  8. Mark Petersen

    Firmware 6.2 - Navigation for non tech package?

    my guess is that it will work the same way as it display distance to the nearest supercharger in the location menu (simple GPS straight line calculation) and when the distance to the nearest charger become within f.x. 10% of the current max range it will warn you as this is to be updated every...
  9. Mark Petersen

    Personal observations from a Roadster owner who got to test drive several S Models.

    also the range indicator has 2 options where the "rated" is extremely unrealistic I would like for tesla to enable that you can select average range, as shown in the energy graff
  10. Mark Petersen

    CHAdeMO adapter wait frustration

    $8 for a full charge that is cheap here in Denmark I have to pay $0.77 per kWh at any public CHAdeMO / Type 2 station :cursing: but at least I can charge for free at work :tongue:
  11. Mark Petersen

    Wiki Charging Providers

    Please feel free to add any missing country / providers Austria Intercharge Belgium Intercharge Canada VERnetwork Electric Circuit Denmark Clever E-on Clean Charge Estonia elmo France kiwhipass Intercharge sodetrel-mobilite Autolib Germany RWE...
  12. Mark Petersen

    European SuperCharger rollout updated

    no it is not from tesla it is just a general saying for be patient
  13. Mark Petersen

    European SuperCharger rollout updated

    later, when we have time take it easy it will come when it come
  14. Mark Petersen

    CHAdeMO Adapter

    the problem is probably more related to public charging where you often have to park nose in or parallel I know of several locations where it is impossible for me to charge, simply because i can't legally park in a way where the cable will reach
  15. Mark Petersen

    CHAdeMO Adapter

    hmm interesting bit of information in the manual for the CHAdeMO Adapter wonder if they plan to move the charging port on the Model X or III
  16. Mark Petersen

    Upcoming FW upgrade to "positively impact" essentially the entire fleet

    also it would be nice it they added support for vector based maps (non earth view), so zooming do not require loading of new map titles and if they added support for 3party charging networks and POI Complex icons - Google Maps JavaScript API v3 Google Developers
  17. Mark Petersen

    what does E mean on signal strength indicator?

    Just be happy that is not showing G (GPRS) as that's even slower :scared:
  18. Mark Petersen

    Maserati couldn't do this

    lol try ask any smoker way they smoke and they will tell you they they like the taste and if you ask any ex smoker they now hate the taste and smell I believe the same will true about gas cars in 10-15 years everyone will wonder way we didn't notice the stench, and how loud the cars was and we...
  19. Mark Petersen

    Wiki Type 2 Charging stations, Cables and Adabtors

    Here is a list of links to where you can find Type 2 Charging stations, Cables and Adapters Charging cables: Type 1 -> Type 2 J1772 to 62196 Type 2 Extension Cord 32A for Electric Vehicle EV Charging in Type 2 Cable Connector for Sale Type 2 -> Type 2 Shop Tesla Gear Mennekes, Type 2, 3...
  20. Mark Petersen

    EU spec Supercharger

    if I remember correctly the 400v network in norway is different than the rest of Europe I believe they primary uses a Delta configuration where most on Europe uses WYE configuration If I remember correctly tesla 3phase 400v onboard charger is designed to uses a WYE configuration...
  21. Mark Petersen

    European SuperCharger rollout updated

    hi, just heard that the service center in Århus, Denmark will get 6 SuperCharger this month, if we are lucky they will open today I will try to get my boss to take a photo of them later today Find Us | Tesla Motors
  22. Mark Petersen

    Can a Model-S Charge from a backup battery directly?

    as I see it you have 2 options (easy or difficult) the easy solution is just to use X deep cycle 12v batteries and a 120v or230v DC-AC inverter and charger, and then just connect the UMC and set the max amp to what the inverter support this can be done with off the shelf products today, but the...
  23. Mark Petersen

    Harris Ranch is getting first battery swap station

    wonder how long before someone do's this
  24. Mark Petersen

    CHAdeMO Adapter

    Except that the module Tesla uses in Europa is 3 phase Forcing Tesla to have 2 diffrent modules The could just use the EU version is the US at is support both 1 phase and 3 phase charging
  25. Mark Petersen

    Have you slept in your car?.... be honest...

    I have selected NO as I have only taken a nap while SuperCharging it realy need 2 more option, "sleep while charging" / "nap while SuperCharging"
  26. Mark Petersen

    Firmware 6.1

    Posible bug in 6.1 When I start the car, I can't activate the high beam until after 30 or so Can anyone confirme if this also exits in 6.0 My guess it is somehow related to The new auto High beam feature on The newer models, min is a P85+ From 2013
  27. Mark Petersen

    Firmware 6.1 - For Classic Model S

    that is because they are testing how patient the drivers are, how long before you call and complain that you have not received 6.1 :tongue:
  28. Mark Petersen

    Gas stations are dangerous!

  29. Mark Petersen

    CHAdeMO Adapter

    Nope The do't know whos cat it is until it is released
  30. Mark Petersen

    CHAdeMO adapter wait frustration

    A diffrent reason for the 43Kw may be related to the chargers AC connection as that May only be a 400v 32a 3phase (44Kw)
  31. Mark Petersen

    European SuperCharger rollout updated

    I belice this video show how the french operates How to get a permit
  32. Mark Petersen

    CHAdeMO adapter wait frustration

    Hi Hirohiy can you take a photo next time, and post it with the brand / model name of the charging station new treasure hunt find all Tesla verified stations :-)
  33. Mark Petersen

    CHAdeMO Adapter (coming this winter)

    Kia Installs First 100 kW CHAdeMO DC Fast Chargers In Europe great, now we just need someone to try this with the Model S and the ChaDeMo adaptor and see how fast we can charge (when available) as I recall Tesla do not charge at 500v but at 400v resulting in 80Kw (400v*200a = 80Kw) well it is...
  34. Mark Petersen

    High Amp J1772 or HPWC - Economics vs Standards

    Hmm atleast Tesla did the right thing in Europe, modifying the Type 2 connector to support 135Kw as we do not need any adaptor when using a public AC charging station also a 22Kw charging station start around $1000 and almos all public charging stations are 22Kw some of the old ones are 11Kw and...
  35. Mark Petersen

    What's your 6.0+ car name (if you are willing to share?)

    INVALID or NULL have not decided on witch to use
  36. Mark Petersen

    Firmware 6.0

    We'll the problem is that the username is easy to guess or find as it is just you e-mail address Also with a bit so social engendering you can probably get a user to provide it Finding tesla users you just have to search some of the forums tesla,TMC, local ev forums, charging provide apps and...
  37. Mark Petersen

    CHAdeMO Adapter

    For the Japan release did it come with a manual or any instructions ? If it did can you please post them here on the forum
  38. Mark Petersen

    What's your 6.0+ car name (if you are willing to share?)

    l33t Sparky The Batmobile The Beast
  39. Mark Petersen

    CHAdeMO adapter wait frustration

    Can you also post how heavy it is And if the online manual has any special instruktion For how to use it
  40. Mark Petersen

    ICEing at SCs and how to handle it

    I belice that with proper roadsigns and not just tesla's home made design If the Signe is identical to a public "no parking - except charging" we would see less Icing As just having a sign that say "tesla supercharging" will not mean any thing to most peapole This is especialy a problem in EU...
  41. Mark Petersen

    Burning Man 2014

    Try to locate/contact one of the solar power camps as they may be able to help wit charging Also remember that the dust is extreme fine clay and Basic, to clean the car you need to add a mild acid It is not uncommon that yow will see fine clay every time you wash it for several years to come I...
  42. Mark Petersen

    Current status of Firmware 6.0 ?

    Also in manny countries it is illegal to be able to watch tv/video while driving Thereby making the car illegal to operate
  43. Mark Petersen

    PlugShare now optimized for the Model S

    Hi Jordin Can you please add a option to create charging providers Where we can put information on : contact (phone, e-mail, website, address ) Pricing (list pricing options) payment (member cars, credit card, phone,...) Charging group (if member cars can be used on other networks) And then...
  44. Mark Petersen

    Question about charger

    Hi The key word you are looking at is "J1772" that mean that you just need to use you adapter that came with the car Other Important information is the 200v 30a you just multiply them 200*30=6000 with result in 6Kw Meaning that a single charger will be fine as it is less than 10Kw
  45. Mark Petersen

    Security implications from setting your home address in the Nav system?

    Well if they change the home / work location to be part of the user profile As Well as max speed / max kw We can just make a valet profile
  46. Mark Petersen

    Firmware 5.9

    I wish that they in 6.0 add an Hill hold indikator as i knever know if it has activated or not
  47. Mark Petersen

    European SuperCharger rollout updated

    I talked with the service center in Copenhagen And they confirmed that they are in the progress of installing 2 public supercharger out in front Right now I can see that they are digging what look like a new power line
  48. Mark Petersen

    Firmware 5.9

    Hi With regards to the different behavior with hill hold My guess is they are using the breake light sensor to detect when to activate it On old cars the breake light is controlled by a small switch that is mounted on the breake pedal Some time it need to be adjusted for when it activated So if...
  49. Mark Petersen

    Interesting night at the Supercharger

    I think some of this lack of understanding of charge time Could be lowered if the car would show a graphic that illustrated charging time |10%|20%|30%|40%|50%|60%|70%|80%|90%|100%| |5. |7 |10. |12. |14. |16. |18. |20. |40. |60. | And if you have entered a destination in the gps...
  50. Mark Petersen

    Help design a pedestrian warning noise for a Tesla

    Wonder what the requirements for the sound it self is As we can either go for a so high pitch sound that almost nobody can hear it Or for a realy low pitch sound that is hard to located My vote is for white noise

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