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    Octopus Energy, including Intelligent and go

    Sorry if this has been asked before. I woke up this morning to find my car didnt charge and to be fair i didnt check for a schedule last night. This morning i told the all to have the car ready by 9am and its giving me a 1hr slot to charge on the app, would this be at the peak rate or kff peak...
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    Wiki Everything you wanted to know about Intelligent Octopus But Were Afraid To Ask

    Thanks for the update thats great news. Apologies for missing the original post, have read all the faq’s now and your info is also useful.
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    Wiki Everything you wanted to know about Intelligent Octopus But Were Afraid To Ask

    Sorry if this has already been asked but if i switch from Go to Intelligent Octopus. Am i able to use the 6 hour window for other appliances (dishwasher etc) whilst my car is not connected? Or only when the car is connected? Also if i switch now will i be locked in on the current rates for next...
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    M3 SR+ 18” Recommend Tyres

    Mod please deleted, as already posted.
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    M3 SR+ 18” Recommend Tyres

    Can anyone please recommend what tyres to go for to replace 18” Michelin PS4 Sport’s as i’m now due to replace all 4 for my 2020 SR+ (24k mileage so far). Am I better off sticking with PS4’s again? Or are there any alternatives? I did see a few people recommend Vredstein Quatric Pros but not...
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    Model 3 (18”)- Tyre Replacement Recommendations

    Can anyone please recommend what tyres to go for to replace 18” Michelin PS4 Sport’s as i’m now due to replace all 4 for my 2020 SR+ (24k mileage so far). Am I better off sticking with PS4’s again? Or are there any alternatives? I did see a few people recommend Vredstein Quatric Pros but not...
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    Autopilot - Not Avaliable (most of the time)

    I have the basic autpilot and have had my M3 for nearly a year covering 12k miles. Over the last couple of weeks i noticed that autopilot is rarely avaliable, the icon doesnt appear even when on roads that have clear lane markings. When it does work, its very intermittent and will flash red...
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    When this baby hits 88mph...you’re gonna see some serious S%#$

    Recently discovered the back to future easter egg, so cool it includes all the little details like location and date. This has to be the coolest easter egg on these cars IMO, but whats your favourite?
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    Recommended Jack and Puck

    My 6 month SR+ has just passed 6,000 miles and my tread depths are 3-4mm on the rear and 4-5 on the front. Looking to do a tyre rotation to even the wear. Could anyone recommend a reasonbly priced decently quality Jack and Puck please? Many thanks
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    What did you do to your Tesla Model 3 today?

    Fitted the Abstract Ocean dashboard wrap in Matrix black to replace the wood finish. Not 100% perfect, some overlap but pleased overall.
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    Hansshow audio sr+ harness install

    Does anyone know if the Version F kit includes the DIY Harness? (to activate the front speakers). Thinking of getting the DIY kit first and then saving up for the Version F kit but if version F includes the DIY then i’ll just hold off for now. Also i have the Sept 2020 build so no rear parcel...
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    Underbody Cover peeled off

    HI All, Yesterday I was driving through the country lanes, carefully drover through flooded areas and over branches, today I noticed that some fabric was hanging underneathe the car located by the two rear wheels in the center. I had to pull part of the fabric off as it was hanging by a few...
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    Zappi Smart Charging & Lights

    Hi all I’ve had my Zappi v2 for several weeks and still havent got the overnight smart charging working properly. My problem is to do with the timed charging. I’ve set it to charging between 00:30 - 4:30 and every time i select timed even when i use the fast, eco or eco+ mode it just doesnt...
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    Still have premium connectivity on SR+

    My car is 6 weeks old now and premium connectivity is still working. I’ve checked my account and credit card statements but cant see i have been charged. Does it auto renew after the free trial? as i don’t want to pay for it. If it does, can anyone give me some instructions so that i can...
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    What car smelly/fragrance do you use?

    My car is now about 6 weeks old and the new car smell has now faded away. I know some people werent a fan of the smell but i actually liked it. Can anyone recommend a smelly considering we don't have traditional air vents. Many thanks
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    Camera(s) blocked or blinded

    Thanks all, won't bother for now. I did notice one of the cameras (can't remember which one) had condesation under the glass, but the other one didn't. Is that something I should expect or get it looked at under warranty (once i can get a pic of it next time for proof).
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    Camera(s) blocked or blinded

    Moderator comment - thread renamed from "Left door pillar camera blocked (country lanes)" Hi All, i've noticed a few times now when driving in the pitch black that I get an error message: Left door pillar camera blocked I was wondering if anyone else has had this issue? I presume this isnt...
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    Questions about selling my SR+ (70 plate)

    It was mainly for the heat pump, I'm not fussed about the other changes. If its just a small price bump then i may consider, but as you say probably not worth the hassle, so just exploring potential options. Ahh that's because I did loads of road trips (Snowdonia, London and Cornwall) as I had...
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    Questions about selling my SR+ (70 plate)

    Ohh no i didnt know about that. Do you have to call them or fill out a form for the trade in quote?
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    Questions about selling my SR+ (70 plate)

    Hi All, I’ve had my SR+ for about 5 weeks clocking up just under 3k miles ans the car is still in new condition (minus a bit of kerb rashing on one of the wheels). With the refreshed models available from December, i was wondering if its worth the hassle+financial loss of going through selling...
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    Water Leak Issue (in Frunk)

    I’ve cleaned the car (M3) for the first time today. Was looking under the hood and noticed a bit of water here and there. So I decided to lift the plastic cover which covers the filter and battery etc. I then noticed that one of the connections on the battery had a bit of car wash liquid on...
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    Mattress Recommendations for Model 3

    Can anyone recommend a mattress that is reasonably priced (up to £200)? Hoping to test out camp mode soon :)
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    "70" reg crew

    Just got my reg and its BK70 ... Added bonus, the last two of the letters match my initials, and the rep said the team would of tried do that on purpose which was nice of them :) This is for collection from Birmingham on 14th September. Anyone else been given a BK70 reg?
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    Does the SR+ still come with Software Locked Heated Rear seats?

    As per title, is this still the case or have they removed the rear heated seats now? Also if they still do issue them, how much does it cost to unlock? Many thanks, Michael
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    2019/20 Orders and Deliveries [closed]

    I know they advise to collect alone, but did anyone go up with a friend or family member? i think i’m going to be too excited to properly inspect the car with all the excitement.
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    "70" reg crew

    For anyone who collected from Birmingham (Small heath highway). Can you talk through your experience? e.g. - Is it all contact free or do you actually go and see a rep inside the building? - Do you get any refreshments and get to see a presentation like how it was pre-covid (that you may have...
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    2020 Shipping Movements

    I’m supposed to collect on the 14th @ Birmingham, was tracking the RCC Asia for the last couple of weeks. Gutted i will now be waiting even longer :(
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    White Model 3 Owners - Stonechips

    Hi All For those of you with a white model 3 that you have had for several months or longer and dont have ppf. How is the front of the car holding up to stone-chipping? Are you seeing allot of stone chips? as i know the paint is meant to be a very thin layer and underneath the primer or body...
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    Switching to Octopus Go (from British Gas)

    Hi All, I was wondering if I can get some clarification/advice for switch over to Octopus go. As I understand I will need to do the following: 1. Firstly ask you kind members for a referral code :) 2. Place my order for Octopus Go, but as I understand as I currently have a British Gas smart...
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    Fallout Shelter - Awaiting Update...

    Is it possible that there isn't enough onboard storage for fallout to install, but that the car doesn't display the correct message to confirm this? I saw a youtube video about someone mentioning that they couldn't install all games due to limited memory (not sure if this is true?). Also does...
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    The Model 3 - 2020 Q3 Order Thread

    Is home delivery only available in certain locations ? if so presume this comes up when ordering? Or is it something you have to request?
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    When does final invoice appear?

    Got delivery text on 14/08 to collect on 14/09 (SR+ Vanilla from Bham). Just wondering when the final Invoice will likely appear? Note: I’m paying in full Many thanks
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    Returns policy

    When i returned mine, there was no quibble, they didnt even need a reason or checked if i had a test drive or not (which i didn't anyway). Worth emailing them for peace of mind as at least then you have something in writing.
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    2020 Shipping Movements

    With RCC Asia on the move, does this mean that those of us have yet to be matched will be matched today possibly? (I ordered Basic White SR+).
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    Model 3 - Neighbour(s) reactions - Stories

    Hi All, those of you with Model 3’s, out of curiosity how did your neighbours react when you first got your model 3? Any postivie/negative reactions? Please share your stories :)
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    EV Grant - Can this be used on a second vehicle

    Not at all, there were a few reasons but the main one was i found out at the point of having my wall charger installed that I was on a looped connection and that it could potentially cost 10k plus to get it de-looped. At the time in panicked because I only had a few days to return or keep and...
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    Existing Inventory and getting matched

    Thank you very much @kyleandreece Is it the service center I call to do this? Or a general number? If you do have any numbers, would be much appreciated. Many thanks.
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    Existing Inventory and getting matched

    Hi All, I can see that for the last 2 days they’re are existing inventory for SR+ and Performance which states they are in transit. Just wondering does that mean the order I placed will get matched since they may have excess stock on the current ships? Is it worth calling up the service center...
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    Can I progress an old order for a model 3 SR+ (at a reduced price £37,980)

    Thank you very much. Have just checked and the order agreement is now showing (+ i was asked to fill out delivery details, drive license etc). The amount showing for the SR+ is £37,980 (instead of £40,490). What is interesting (or may cause a problem) is that the Government grant is showing as...
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    EV Grant - Can this be used on a second vehicle

    I thought so to, but it allowed me to order using same details as before. Maybe there is a delay and they will cancel eventually.
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    Can I progress an old order for a model 3 SR+ (at a reduced price £37,980)

    Thanks all for the info and advice, really hope this works :) I have just submitted the £2000 deposit, does anyone know how long it will take roughly before my order page gets updated? (From the pay £2000 deposit screen which it is currently on).
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    EV Grant - Can this be used on a second vehicle

    In regards to the £3000 EV grant. I was wondering, would I be eligible on a second Tesla? Just to further clarify, I bought a Model 3 in November 2019 but returned it within a few days, so not sure if i’ve lost the grant or not? If anyone can confirm or advise further please? Many thanks
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    Home Charger Issue - Home is on Looped connection (shared supply)

    Thanks for the info @fancealot I might try podpoint again in that case. In terms of de-looping, is it correct that they dig up your driveway to de-loop and also neighbours? If so, did your neighbour mind? Many thanks,
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    Any Smart Installers that let you order prior to getting a delivery date?

    I have just placed an order for a Model 3 and after running into issues last times (as i'm on a looped supply). I'd like to see if i can get it done allot sooner rather than waiting for the last minute. Previously I used PodPoint (and was refunded in the end as i ended up returning my 1st Model...
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    Home Charger Issue - Home is on Looped connection (shared supply)

    Hello All, Last year I purchase a Model 3 SR+ (November 2019) and near the time of delivery I had a PodPoint engineer come out to install but was told at the time that they could not install as I'm on a shared/looped connection (meaning a power cable goes from the street to my home and then...
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    Can I progress an old order for a model 3 SR+ (at a reduced price £37,980)

    Thanks all. Its the same spec as my new order so going to give it a go. Will be happy to lose the £100 if i can get the previous order honoured. Fingers crossed.
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    Can I progress an old order for a model 3 SR+ (at a reduced price £37,980)

    Hello all, Yesterday i put in an order for a SR+ putting down the £100 deposit. After logging into my account, i saw a second order for a model 3 and realised this was an order that i never progressed last year (never put the £2,000 deposit down), however that order is still there with the...
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    Has anyone returned their Tesla?

    I have the SR+ and absolutely love it. My only problem is the range as i’m doing about 70 miles commute every day and its costing me 140 miles in range, believe this is mainly because of the weather, i have the heating on auto set to 25 and heated seats on low. my concern with this is that at...
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    Direct Line - Unable to provide proof of insurance

    I’m collecting a model 3 tomorrow and have just taken out insurance with Direct Line (via the telephone), however I wont get proof of insurance for several days as it will come via the post. I haven't had any emails come through to confirm either so panicking a bit now as I wont be able to...
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    Charging off Mains - long term

    Not yet, might be in a years time as its in the pipeline.

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