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  1. Bantam

    (Geo)fenced in...

    Some SC have SuC on site (Leeds) I use Leeds a lot to charge and my car hasn’t once gone into geo fence mode when entering the site to charge. Apart from when i arrived at site for a booked service so you are correct that Tesla has thought about it😀
  2. Bantam

    Battery depleted to zero at airport compound (Gatwick)

    As numerous other posters have already advised, the best way to save battery, is switch off Sentry Mode and STOP opening your Tesla App!!!!! and enjoy the rest of your holiday😎☀️⛱️
  3. Bantam

    FSD visualisations in the UK

    not particularly useful story but I thought amusing.. I was driving through Headingley the other week, for people who know the area there is a student tradition called the "Otley Run" where students like to dress up in fancy dress and go on a pub crawl along the Otley Road towards the Uni. I was...
  4. Bantam

    [UK] 2022.44

    Thanks George I had to stop watching it as his dirty car in the background was triggering me :) If the above rumours are true, then I wont be getting excited about this x-mas release:- I don't have a problem with the existing Nav. I thought ZOOM had died when lock down ended, I spend half my...
  5. Bantam

    Can’t remove charge cable!!!

    I'm no expert but, is there a way of shutting off/on power to the Podpoint EVSE (flipping the Fuse?), you never know a power cycle/reboot of the EVSE may help in releasing the locking mechanism.
  6. Bantam

    Solar Panels UK - is it worth it?

    My mid to long term plan is to get solar panels at home so have been keeping an eye on this thread, some really great info. At my work they have just finished phase 1 solar project that I have been keeping a keen eye on and the owner has posted some YouTube vids of progress and payback (after...
  7. Bantam

    [UK] 2022.40

    Contrary to my post I have quoted, I have just received 40.4.2 update and in the latest version of the app it looks like you get a link to the release notes of the software you are about to install (obvs for 40.4.2 the release notes are the same as 40.4.1 as its just bug fixes)
  8. Bantam

    [UK] 2022.40

    like in the car, it’s the release notes of the current software version installed
  9. Bantam

    [UK] 2022.40

    with the latest tesla app (4.5.0) and 2022.40+ installed in the car, no need to go out to the car to check the release notes just scroll to the bottom of the app and click release notes
  10. Bantam

    [UK] 2022.40

    to echo @Durzel reply above, I am on 2022.40.4.1 and yesterday over the M62 and back (Leeds to Rochdale), in very bad weather, the AP worked excellent usually get at least 1 phantom break with lorries. Also noticed I didn't get the usual warning about a lorry in the lane I was moving in to (i.e...
  11. Bantam

    [UK] 2022.40

    I got the Nav update last night version EU-2022.40-14215
  12. Bantam

    Tesco chargers now charging (money as well as your car)

    Indeed, I got one of these "surprises" last week, ParkingEye allege I was parking in the local Morrisons all day. Their cameras clocked me entering at 8.38am in the morning and then leaving 5.48pm that evening. What it failed to pick up was that I was there twice that day, so they failed to...
  13. Bantam

    Data shenanigans in the UK this morning?

    I have observed similar behaviour too (observed before the reports of no data connectivity on this thread), was going to post it in the 2022.28 thread but never got around to it.
  14. Bantam

    Charging screen question

    I have had my Model3 for 2 years and still follow MR M's shipping updates 🤓
  15. Bantam

    MYLR all season tyres

    I replaced my two rear OEM tyres (Pilot 4 sport) with the all season CrossClimate 2 earlier this month. So far so good, and much cheaper than the replacement Pilot 4 Sports I was getting quotes for.
  16. Bantam

    Phone key no longer working after update(s)

    Maybe worth updating the title of the thread if you are that concerned about non android users posting. FWIW, ordering a Key fob as a solution to the issue (as some people have suggested in this thread), is not an option at the moment as they are not available on the Tesla UK Shop.
  17. Bantam

    Phone key no longer working after update(s)

    I have a iPhone 13 (IOS 16) and randomly have to unlock my phone before it unlocks my car (Doesn't happen all the time). I was going to bite the bullet and order a Key Fob from the Tesla Shop, but it doesn't look like they are selling the key fob any more on the UK Tesla shop. It doesn't even...
  18. Bantam

    Issues with camera calibration

    This sort of fits with my recent experience, I recently had my autopilot computer swapped out, so the cameras needed recalibrating. The status was sat at the "In Progress" stage for way more than 100 miles (non Motorway miles). As soon as I entered a motorway and got up to speed (70mph) the...
  19. Bantam

    BBC Fake News - Tesla ordered to recall more than a million US cars

    Ironically I clicked on this thread thinking it was gong to blow my mind :oops: 🤯
  20. Bantam

    [UK] 2022.28.X

    I received 28.1 today, (that’s 3 updates in a week!!) in the initial release notes that pop up after an update mine also didn’t mention alternative routes. Rather than rebooting I just closed the window (swiped down) went to software ->release notes and the alternative routes magically showed in...
  21. Bantam

    Smelly HVAC

    I was going to change the filters myself, but after looking at the CleverleyEV youtube vid (looks awkward to do) and realising my 2 year anniversary is due this month I ended up deciding to let Tesla do it as part of the 2 year service visit. £169 all in, for the service and parts (they also...
  22. Bantam

    Anybody have an X on order for the U.K.?

    I was in the Leeds SC last week as my car was in for it's 2 year service. There was a guy asking one of the staff about lead times for new Model X and S and the Tesla Employee didn't have a clue, he was suggesting possible 2nd half of 2023. I know it doesn't answer your question, but thought I...
  23. Bantam

    [UK] 2022.24

    I suspect more bug fixes, I doubt there will be any changes to the release notes. Looks like 2022.28 will be the next significant release where they have updated the Tesla Theatre Mode. 2022.28 news
  24. Bantam

    Elon buying Manchester United?

    Does this mean Man Utd will be champions in 2 weeks?
  25. Bantam

    Do new Tesla cars come with a Charging cable ? (not talking about the mobile connector)

    Plus if you get a tethered connection you are future proofing the EV point as your next car might not come with a type2 cable (a lot of other manufacturers don't include the cable as standard). Obvs assuming when you sell/hand back the car you leave the type2 cable with the Tesla.
  26. Bantam


    yep I agree something has defo been tampered with and it is very odd as I cant see how any of the recent feature releases would cause them to change the behaviour of the alarm sequence in the code.🤷‍♂️
  27. Bantam


    It could be related to opening the front left hand door, rather than the front right hand door when first entering the car after a long sleep. I note it didn't set the alarm off if I open the right hand door first. It wouldn't surprise me if they only do software UAT before release in a right...
  28. Bantam


    i updated to 20.7 yesterday went out this morning to load up the car for golf and had the alarm going off when i opened the door, not great timing 6.30am on a Saturday morning when the rest of the street tucked up in bed!
  29. Bantam

    [UK] 2022.16.x

    that’s spooky i’m on 16.3 and noticed it for the first time this morning too
  30. Bantam


    I like the sound of a handmade free phone, where can you get one of these? :p:) P.S by doing a reset, do you mean going through the process of pairing the device to the car again or doing a two button reboot of the car? I suggest trying both of these first, it worked for me in the past.
  31. Bantam

    [UK] 2022.16.x

    IIRC on when 2022.4.5 was released some owners were reporting they were not getting the update but instead was being pushed down a further variant of 2021.44, so was missing all the new shiny stuff in 2022.4.5. The way to get around it was to turn off Data sharing and hey presto they immediately...
  32. Bantam

    ecall and radar bug

    interesting, I've seen an increase in the amount of e-call failure messages on my Sept 2020LR over the last couple of months. Along with the e-call failure message popping up, visualisations stop working, the Satnav doesn't move, and none of the cameras work. I've given up reporting to Tesla as...
  33. Bantam

    Charging for terraced houses

    I live in a Victorian terrace, with no off street parking and have a charge point fitted, the difference for me is that the road/path outside our house has never been adopted by the council (Council did offer to adopt years ago, but the street voted to decline the offer as we would lose our...
  34. Bantam

    [UK] 2022.12.x

    2022.12.3.16 arrived for me last night too (updated from 12.3.2). I assume something must be wrong with 2022.16.x for them to pause this version and revert to 2022.12 branch increments .
  35. Bantam

    [UK] 2022.16.x

    IIRC this usually means you need to connect to a WiFi network for the download to begin.
  36. Bantam

    Auto Cabin Temperature Control Safety - Do you use it?

    I started vented the windows but soon stopped the practice when I discovered that insects were getting trapped in the car, which started setting off the over sensitive alarm (neighbours were not too happy 😊)
  37. Bantam

    Charging cable recommendations please?

    i bought my 10m type2 cable from ev cable shop no complaints about quality and service
  38. Bantam

    Alternatives to a tesla *gasp*

    With the exception of the new BMW grill I'm not one for getting hung up on looks. They have just announced they will have one on display at the Goodwood festival of speed this year. Cant make it down this year but would of been good to have a poke around up close.
  39. Bantam

    Alternatives to a tesla *gasp*

    What few reviews I've seen online, I'm interested in the Fisker Ocean, due out in the UK mid-2023. Lease is due up on my Model 3 sept 2024 so hopefully by then all the teething issue will have been ironed out.
  40. Bantam

    Nav/Map update EU-2022.12-13877

    too right, you don't want to get lost on the moors and make sure you stay on the roads...
  41. Bantam

    [UK] 2022.16.x

    Thanks @goRt good to know. Just on this and other threads its mentioned Map updates have been offered for install, which I incorrectly assumed meant they had an option to accept/defer the install :)
  42. Bantam

    [UK] 2022.16.x

    After reading this thread I checked TeslFi and I received the Map update last week (09/06), never received notification so it must of happened without me having a say. Do you not get alerted when a new Map update is available? I cant remember seeing a alert in the car when I got into drive on...
  43. Bantam

    Window washer fluid low

    Over the years I have collected a fair few different half full bottles of washer fluid, my solution was to get a box of these keep a few bottles in the bottom boot area (in a plastic bag in case they leak) when I get the alert that washer fluid is low (not often) just pull into a petrol station...
  44. Bantam

    Snippiness 2.0

    If it was you that was driving, your response above does not surprise me😤
  45. Bantam

    [UK] 2022.16.x

    Doing 14mph in a multi storey car park, while taken a picture on your phone, seems to be a bit excessive:eek:
  46. Bantam

    Rumour of free premium for leases cars ending

    yep the few times I have had to speak to them, they have been very responsive. I guess the Thread title needs to be updated from Rumour to Confirmed :(
  47. Bantam

    Rumour of free premium for leases cars ending

    I'm afraid not, I only see the premium connectivity option as per @Mhk29 posted above. Apparently I was the first person to query his with my particular lease company (ElectricAuto), so I was their test user for getting it working, so I expect anyone else who has leased via ElectricAuto may also...
  48. Bantam

    Rumour of free premium for leases cars ending

    Quick update on the above.... after a few emails back and forwards with the guy at my lease company and after their purchasing dept manually turned on the subscription service on my account I now have access to the subscription page in the app
  49. Bantam

    Rumour of free premium for leases cars ending

    I lease via ElectricAuto (part of ZenAuto), just had a response back from them in regards to my query about this and they said Tesla have advised them they plan to make it available the app from the 25th April to subscribe. At the moment I can only see the option to purchase accessories. this...
  50. Bantam

    EV running costs starting to look expensive?

    I'm stuck on the standard rate for the Foreseeable. As @PITA points out without a smart meter you have no chance of getting an EV/off peak tariff. I have a smart meter fitted, but it cannot get a WAN connection, something about the network they use in the North of England to send meter...

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