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    Wiki Sudden Loss Of Range With 2019.16.x Software

    I have another affected car - 2012 P85. Interesting thing is that this happened while I was out of town, so my car updated the day before I left and then sat plugged in to my HPWC in the garage for 11 days. I have TeslaLog metrics showing it bleeding off charge from my 90% at 219 to what appears...
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    Adjusting Volume Wheel Drops Call

    Wondering if anyone else has experienced this issue: I have the volume mapped to my left scroll wheel. When on a call, if I adjust the volume with the wheel it will drop/hang up the call. Using the screen works properly. I was suspicious of it thinking I pressed the button, but that is not the...
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    Main Screen keeps rebooting by itself?

    At least 6 times in 30 minutes this morning. Until today, this hasn't happened to me. On hold with Tesla, but I will probably hang up as I have better things to do with my time.
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    Ability to buy Tesla Warranty via website gone?

    I was recently in for a master charger replacement as well as a repair for my AM/FM/XM no longer working. They "only" charged $200, but I have been in before and not been changed at all. I have 70k miles. It seems to be very inconsistent. Off-topic rant: To be honest this last service visit...
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    Tesla Stainless Steel Tumbler Discontinued?

    Hi Folks... Sorry if this seems silly, but I am trying to figure out who makes the Tesla coffee tumbler they used to sell at SC's. I have 2 of them with broken lids and would love to figure out how to get a replacement. This is what they look like...
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    Model S Hot Wheels and Matchbox group buy

    I'm in for a few (5-10 depending on pricing).
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    Refurbished Wheels

    I can't speak to anything besides my experience with this Ebay vendor (No affiliation), but I purchased a refurb 21" wheel from them when one of mine cracked and it has been fine so far. power-wheel on eBay
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    Crack in 21 inch factory wheel

    I had a similar experience with cracking my front right 21" rim heading up a particularly bad stretch of the Altamont Pass in Livermore. I did replace the rim with a new one I already owned, but also had the cracked one repaired so it can live at home as a spare. I used Team Three Wheels in San...
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    How many potential buyers worry about roadtrips?

    This is a great solution! My parents put a 14-50 in their garage when we got our Tesla and they are always excited when we come use it. Total cost was around $250 since it was right at the meter. We have used it a number of times to pick up an hour of charge while dropping off the kids when...
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    Strange SC behavior at Harris Ranch today

    I was at Harris Ranch on Thursday and Sunday night this weekend and noticed a cone blocking off bay 2A both times. 2B worked just fine. Does anyone know when 2A will be back in service?
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    Sudden Bluetooth issue (Model S-5.6 firmware, iPhone 5-7.0.4)

    Another vote for a possible Pebble related issue. I had the longest, interference free call I've had in a while yesterday with my pebble in airplane mode. Seems like this issue began when the pebble started to use the BT LE protocol. I wonder if this ties into Tesla doing LE things for future...
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    Unusual behavior: automatic lowering after leaving vehicle

    Yes, I also have noticed this and was wondering why this is happening. It appears to be a 5.9 thing.
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    Tesla Pebble App Now on Pebble App Store

    Same issue on my iPhone 5S. I used the app store to send an email to the developer... Hoping he can get it working, as I too would find this one of the best uses of my pebble!
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    Older Teslas limited to 90kW Supercharging

    I agree - while Mr. Guillen's email confirms what we had suspected, it really doesn't address the larger issue of communication. To me, it actually looks like we were not told about this to help secure our purchases before the end of 2012. What other "surprises" are in our cars which will...
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    Older Teslas limited to 90kW Supercharging

    Thank you, ckessel. It seems to me that the only folks who have made comments suggesting us early owners are "entitled" are those who are not affected. I have no doubt the opinions would be different if they found out their cars were affected by a similar type of issue based on the luck of when...
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    Older Teslas limited to 90kW Supercharging

    I just did as well and mentioned my service visit as well as sending my Service Report document.
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    Older Teslas limited to 90kW Supercharging

    I was the person who just had my car in yesterday at the SC and had it noted on my repair report that I had the older cells and this was the cause of the 90kw limit. Concern: Customer states when using supercharger, Tesla will not charge over 90khw, please inspect and advise, concerned of...
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    Older Teslas limited to 90kW Supercharging

    I've also sent a note to my service rep in Fremont to have the SC question added to my service list - I'm scheduled to go in on Monday to have the recurring right-rear motor hum evaluated (on drive unit #2 already) as well as a few other things (buzzing ambient lights have a fix yet for us early...
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    TuneIn Radio Problems

    Bumping this back up... Anyone heard about a resolution from Tesla? Was hoping 5.8 might resolve, but no such luck.
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    Solution for amateur radio operators? Impossible to use magmount antennas in a Tesla

    Dying or not, I have a lot of fun with it! I have a Kenwood D71a under the passenger seat with the control face mounted with a gooseneck coming from under the console cubby. Works great! More info here and happy to answer more questions...
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    Anyone have a VHF/UHF transceiver in their car? If so, any RFI problems?

    As much as it pains me, I put a Diamond NR770 on a K400S mount on the lower left edge of the hatch near the brake light. It isn't the best for RF, but was the least visible and is easy to remove. Using a FT-60 at full power with no issues... I am looking to put a 8800R or Kenwood V71a in...
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    Firmware 4.5

    Quick update - tried the second remote and it works fine. Seems like the update only affected one of them - the last one used? Who knows...
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    Firmware 4.5

    I installed 4.5 (.48) this morning and the buttons on my remote are no longer locking/unlocking the car, nor do the frunk/trunk buttons work. Walking up to unlock (auto-extend) and walk-away lock are working fine, as are the iOS app and the controls on the screen. Replaced the battery in the...
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    Total Mileage Thus Far

    Just over 13,000 miles since Dec 7th. Averaging about 350 Wh/mi. Loving every minute!
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    Model S Technical / Mechanical Issues

    I have the same fan noise. It started sometime around when I got 4.4. Initially I thought it was caused by the higher temps as summer nears, but it doesn't ever seem to stop. I called service in Fremont and all they suggested was that I bring it in, so it is on the list for my first service visit.
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    21 inch tires and replacement after 12-15,000 miles

    +1 Lolachampcar... I don't understand how my slow commute in traffic burns through rears in under 10k miles when others get 2x that.
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    What is the range after a full charge supposed to be? (85Kw)

    This seems like a big change. I still get 241-242 after a standard charge and have 10,100 miles on it. My watt/hr average for all 10k miles is 349.
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    Regen Efficiency

    Thanks :redface: - that makes sense... maybe it was more that suddenly lifting off the accelerator vs a gradual movement took a hit like sudden braking. It also might have been an attempt to make me feel better about needing tires every 3 months :mad: I am going to try changing to low regen for...
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    Regen Efficiency

    Just to muddy the waters a bit, I'll toss this out... While regen recaptures energy back into the battery, it also causes increased tire wear which contributes (according to my service manager in Fremont) to the rear tires on the 21" rims only lasting 6-8k miles. At $700/pair, I am reasonably...
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    Supercharger - Harris Ranch, CA (18 V2 stalls)

    I will be at the Harris Ranch SC this Friday and Sunday. Anyone know of any alternate locations nearby with 14-50 outlets available? I'm concerned about a long line this Sunday afternoon and will only need to add about 50 miles to make it home so a 50amp outlet would be better than a 2 hr wait...
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    Charging in Monterey, CA

    Thanks everyone! It looks like our motel is near one of the garages with a few EVSEs. Hopefully I can sneak in late at night and get charged up! If any other MS owners want to meet up during Car Week (August 14-17) let me know... Aaron
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    Charging in Monterey, CA

    Hi Folks, My wife and I always make the annual trip to Car Week in Monterey every summer. We are planning to show the MS at the Italian Concourso this year (non-Italian section, of course) and it looks like the charging options are pretty limited in the area. We'll top of at Gilroy, but we do...
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    How much is electricity in your neck of the woods?

    Actually, be sure to add about 20% to what the car says you need to recharge for charging overhead. That is about what i have been experiencing over the last 5k miles on my MS.
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    SFO Long Term Charging Options

    Awesome! I will park there next time. Do you know if a space can be reserved ahead of time?
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    Phone App: iPhone/Android app

    Update: So now, after going off the grid for 24 hrs, I was able to connect with the app again this morning. It looks like the car woke up and phoned home? Even Tesla thought I wouldn't be able to connect until I manually woke the computer up by opening the door when I got home. Wish I...
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    Phone App: iPhone/Android app

    Called Support and they were able to tell me the car went into sleep mode about 4 hrs ago and 4.2 never made it to the car ("It got stuck"). Tech thought this was a bug in 4.1 that caused it to sleep even though it wasn't supposed to. Guess I will be app-less until I get back to her on Friday...
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    Phone App: iPhone/Android app

    I don't have that on, as I have been checking in on the car all week with the app since I left town on Sunday. This is the first time is hasn't connected. Worried about my baby :)
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    Phone App: iPhone/Android app

    I am also having the issue with both the Android and iOS apps not connected anymore. I have been traveling all week and the car is parked at the airport, so I know it hasn't been touched (at least on the display :) ). I had 4.1 installed when I left with sleep mode turned off. I wonder if 4.2...
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    SFO Long Term Charging Options

    I arrived at long term parking at SFO this morning hoping to park at 1 of the 4 110v outlets in the garage. What I discovered was 3 Volts and one Prius in the spots. Only 2 of the cars were hooked up to the outlets. I had airport parking officials give me unofficial permission to park nearby...
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    Key fob cracking on top

    It is funny this came up, as I was thinking the other day just how worn my keyfob was starting to look after just 2 months. It took years to get that much wear on my old Acura fob. I can see that the buttons are showing and my fingernail catches on the edge where the buttons showing. I suspect...
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    Firmware 4.2

    +1 - 4.1 has been great for me @ almost 4500 miles.
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    Switched 12v power line to tap into?

    It has... Check out this thread: http://www.teslamotorsclub.com/archive/index.php/t-10710.html
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    Switched 12v power line to tap into?

    I actually made a hole through the "firewall" just to the left of the drain hose you will see when you take the frunk apart. Worked well since I needed to pass so many wires through for the laser detectors and radar unit. For power, I used the glove box light fuse. I like to keep it powered...
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    California DMV - Plates & HOV Stickers

    I just put mine on and used a sheet of screen protector film for a tablet device. Found some clearance sheets at BestBuy for $8 each. So far, so good!
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    Is Tech Package worth getting?

    Unfortunately, the tech package on the MS doesn't solve this problem until they (hopefully?) link the keyfob to driver profiles. I still need to cram myself into the seat after my wife drives the car to change back to my profile on the touchscreen.
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    Audio: Speaker rattle

    Add me to the list with front passenger speaker rattle... I only seem to hear it on AM radio. When I had it in for service, they tightened things up, but 10 minutes down the road I heard it again.
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    Model S Technical / Mechanical Issues

    Too funny to see all of these responses to weight! I told her about this thread and she just laughed. She and I have made a solid effort to get into/stay in shape for the past year - part of that is not looking/caring about the scale and just judging based on how things fit and how we feel. I...
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    Model S Technical / Mechanical Issues

    LOL - Being that she ran 19 miles on Sunday and does CrossFit 5 days/week I know she is very PROUD of her weight! And she could easily kick my butt and take my toys away :)
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    Model S Technical / Mechanical Issues

    We have been having a problem getting the car into gear - well, actually only when my wife is driving. It seems the car doesn't sense her in the seat? She is small, but I wouldn't think 135lbs is too light to trigger the sensor. Has anyone else had this issue? It seems she has to get up and sit...
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    Plugging in to a Locked Car

    I do this daily at work. We share an old converted HPC (j1772). When I get there, I put the adapter in the charge port and once the other car is done, they plug me in. Charging starts immediately. Aaron

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