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  1. ColoradoMike

    Inaccurate Navigation

    I will bite on this one as it has DEFINITELY happened to us just about every single morning/afternoon/evening.... 2022 M3LR The route we propose is from our house to go to Walmart. It is MAYBE a 4 mile drive. Yet every time the navigation systems take us all the way down the hill...make...
  2. ColoradoMike

    Electricity Cost Spikes

    Here in Colorado where I live we have a WHOPPING rate of $0.109 per kWh.....not complaining at all!
  3. ColoradoMike

    Sentry Mode (yes or no)

    It all depends it seems. So when our vehicle is parked in our garage (from off work to driving to work) Sentry mode is disabled. However, where we park it is a very nice feature to have. So approximately 9hrs per day it is engaged. Definitely not 24/7 but something we appreciate.
  4. ColoradoMike

    Windows opening automatically

    At first I thought it was my wife or myself hitting the window button....I will have to look into this. Doesn't happen all the time but with 5k miles on the car it has happened enough that I will keep a closer eye on things!
  5. ColoradoMike

    what do you do in an accident if the car is disabled?

    Very informative! I had no idea about the "pyro fuse"....took me a bit to find the video you mentioned so here is the link!
  6. ColoradoMike

    Wheel Sensors Failure

    Not certain what model year you have on your 3. We installed new aftermarket wheels and tires for our winter setup. We elected to provide our own Tesla TPMS sensors that we purchased from MODEL+...
  7. ColoradoMike

    Sentry Mode (yes or no)

    Not sure on wall power when connected. Like you we leave Sentry Mode off while at home.
  8. ColoradoMike

    Sentry Mode (yes or no)

    I never considered that aspect of being "awake" all the time! For us, we both liking having it on all the time but I can totally understand now how it can eat up battery! Thanks!
  9. ColoradoMike

    Sentry Mode (yes or no)

    WOW! I did not realize that Sentry Mode was such a major issue. Not for us. We use it everywhere aside from our garage. It is also kind of funny to see a fellow TESLA owner pull up and do some sort of a dance in front of our car. Makes a bad day better when we see someone "dance"! It is...
  10. ColoradoMike

    Navigation volume keeps resetting?

    Its weird as you can go in to the menu and adjust the Nav Volume but even when that was done it still seems to be random. The dealbreaker for us a bit ago is when Waze was giving me directions (on the phone only) and "Helga" our Tesla name for navigation was silent. I went it, can recall the...
  11. ColoradoMike

    Navigation volume keeps resetting?

    Same thing here with ours. "Helga" tends to stop altogether or comes back with a vengeance! Not sure why it happens but it definitely a "thing".
  12. ColoradoMike

    Recommendations on how to fix this tiny rock chip on the paint?

    You are in the arena of Price vs Quality..... Thanks for the video it makes thing better for my suggestions. 1. Tesla Touch up.....or Dr Color Chip... Dr. Color chip does a good job but here is what their website says....see pic below 2. Wet sand and try and match it with either Tesla or...
  13. ColoradoMike

    Heated steering wheel weak

    I will chime in....our heated steering wheel is SUPER hot then calms down a bit.
  14. ColoradoMike

    Another question: Blue liquid under M3

    To the OP.....interesting situation! We had a similar issue this past week. I chocked it up to windshield fluid that happened to go onto the floor. We have a garage floor mat that is only used for our Model 3. It hasn't happened in about a week but so far no issues. Good to know that this...
  15. ColoradoMike

    Tesla SSD coming February 2023

    I guess I am confused. I understand the SSD stuff but our TESLA "stick" simply works and we haven't had an issue.....yet ;)
  16. ColoradoMike

    Best, most informative, funny and crazy posts/threads of 2022

    Since it is winter time here in Colorado....THIS POST IS FOR THE WIN! @UncertainTimes absolutely perfect! For folks in warmer climates.....just disregard this but funny just the same :)
  17. ColoradoMike

    Who will be the new TWTR CEO?

    I will be more than happy to take on the role of CEO.
  18. ColoradoMike

    Gotta Rant! Windshield chip...NOT a Tesla problem...PSA

    Yup. Good insurance and they will do what is required. Is it a SAFETY issue....no...it is not in our line of sight for traffic or the road. Is is UGLY....HELL YES! Will see what happens. We have had to replace our windshields several times over the past 3 years. IT SUCKS! BUT.... I...
  19. ColoradoMike

    Nail in tire 🤬 is it repairable?

    I will RESPECTFULLY DISAGREE with some of the posts. I can only go by the picture the OP sent. IF and ONLY IF, it is not penetrating the sidewall.....GO FOR IT. IF it is penetrating the sidewall replace the tire....and the other side depending on mileage.
  20. ColoradoMike

    Gotta Rant! Windshield chip...NOT a Tesla problem...PSA

    Yup....I think that is the only way to fix it. BUT I doubt I would have a person drill into an intact windshield! AGAIN....not a TESLA issue that I believe but something we MAY have to live with. I will update you all on the status. The damage was from something that hit the windscreen. It...
  21. ColoradoMike

    Gotta Rant! Windshield chip...NOT a Tesla problem...PSA

    Ok so the line on the Freezer is the "chip" in between the layers.
  22. ColoradoMike

    Gotta Rant! Windshield chip...NOT a Tesla problem...PSA

    The STORY CONTINUES!!! The Chip is NOT a Chip! It is IMPACT damage that somehow caused the "in between glass" to "chip". Very strange. The hood took the initial impact and then hit the windshield. Get this....ZERO defects on the windshield.....HOWEVER, in between the windshield and the...
  23. ColoradoMike

    Gotta Rant! Windshield chip...NOT a Tesla problem...PSA

    THIS IS BY NO MEANS A TESLA ISSUE! Hi Folks! Winter Season here in Colorado and we got the DREADED windshield chip! 4k miles on it. No matter what we do each winter it happens. This one was something I didn't want to happen but, as always, it does in the winter! It happens to our other...
  24. ColoradoMike

    New Model 3 wanna be owner - need tips before ordering

    WELCOME! For your situation an SR would be fine. I will say this when it comes to charging. MY OPINION ONLY! We went through a HUGE debate on a NEMA 14-50 outlet and eventually ended up installing the TESLA Wall charger (HPWC I guess?). It ended up being just about the SAME price for us to...
  25. ColoradoMike

    Santa Mode without the song?

    Randy my wife still likes it but it is super loud! Thankfully it only goes on a couple of times then back to normal blinker sounds. It is really funny watching the cars show up as Reindeer!
  26. ColoradoMike

    Santa Mode without the song?

    BINGO! WE did this very thing the first time and the song only played the first "setup" time! Funny! My wife loves it and I do to! Thanks @Randy-12
  27. ColoradoMike

    Santa Mode without the song?

    YOU SHOULD! We purchased ours in August of this year but did not drive it until September. I saw a video from @saraJawesome on YouTube that had it being displayed. I will report back when I can get the song to stop playing. Tried it last night for the Holiday update...however it kept playing...
  28. ColoradoMike

    Santa Mode without the song?

    Will Try That! Thank you!!!!!
  29. ColoradoMike

    Santa Mode without the song?

    This is most likely the most basic question for people who have owned a Tesla for a bit. S, 3, X, Y...... I want to surprise my wife with the SANTA mode but when I have tried it, the song plays! How do I stop it from playing yet allow her to see Santa and Reindeer (along with the jingle turn...
  30. ColoradoMike

    I wouldnt buy a Model 3 again

    THANK YOU @jjrandorin
  31. ColoradoMike

    I wouldnt buy a Model 3 again

    I suppose why your original post was deleted, I think so, is it is better served in another section on the forum. I TOTALLY respect your reasons for "getting rid" of you vehicle.
  32. ColoradoMike

    I wouldnt buy a Model 3 again

  33. ColoradoMike

    I wouldnt buy a Model 3 again

    OHHHHH NO! The Supra was, entirely honest, one of the BEST CAR I and my Wife has owned! 1. I hear you on the rattles and noises. I am HYPER sensitive to them to the point where I make my wife figure out where a noise is coming from. We havent had that issue "yet" with our 2022 M3LR. 2...
  34. ColoradoMike

    I wouldnt buy a Model 3 again

    I have to agree with the point with reliability! The first car I actually PAID for was a brand new 1989 Toyota Supra Turbo....how I miss that car! EXTREMELY reliable and performance (at the time) was fun! So I have to comment on your points: 1. Now granted we haven't owned our 2022 M3LR...
  35. ColoradoMike

    I wouldnt buy a Model 3 again

    @PACEMD I literally spit my OJ out! I too have a Yota! Mine is a 2019 TRD OR Tacoma and the "infotainment" system is horrid! You are 110% correct when you say that Toyota hasn't kept up pace with tech. Hell I HATE our 2017 Porsche Macan S infotainment. I really do love our 2022 M3LR....as...
  36. ColoradoMike

    Model 3 - LR AWD Waiting Room

    HAHAHA! I figured it was Ultrasonic Sensors but had to google it myself! I love the USS on the car....especially for parking in a tight space.
  37. ColoradoMike

    Model 3 - LR AWD Waiting Room

    @ZZ118 I wholeheartedly agree!
  38. ColoradoMike

    Driver profile not always working

    Similar issue.
  39. ColoradoMike

    Pricing regrets?

    Zero regrets for our 2022 M3LR. We purchased it for what we felt worked for us. 80 to 120 miles per trip and if works flawlessly even with the snow and cold temps. We installed new wheels and snow tires for the season and it hasn't failed us yet! I do have a home charger and our rates are...
  40. ColoradoMike

    One more totaled or not? How to fight insurance? [OP reports totaled 12.19.2022]

    WOW! I am not an insurance expert but to me it looks totaled. I am simply happy you are OK! Not an ambulance chaser by any stretch of the imagination, but make sure that if you have any health issues related to the accident you document them and see a doctor. Again thankfully you are OK!!!!
  41. ColoradoMike

    Best Winter Tire Set

    Sorry for not seeing this. Try looking up Model+ in google. You will come up with MODEL+ Look under Programs then Model 3 wheels and then you should see the link for the TPMS sensors. MODEL 3 Wheels & Accessories
  42. ColoradoMike

    Windows not going up - auto reversing down

    I will chime in as well...take it for what it is worth. We have had a couple of times this has happened over the past couple of weeks. WE have a "tiny" but annoying issue that after the wind noise happened on the driver window it still happens. I have re-calibrated it a TON but to no...
  43. ColoradoMike

    Oops, driving car in icy condition and car slipped on ice and hit a curb hard

    @ay221 correct The argument goes back to several things. 1. Drive within your limits 2. Ensure your vehicle has what it needs for the conditions. 3. DON'T push it. Not directed at you @ay221 but tires have limits. For us Coloradans....things change on a moments notice. I know EXACTLY...
  44. ColoradoMike

    Oops, driving car in icy condition and car slipped on ice and hit a curb hard

    Thanks for posting the Tesla Cam stuff! tldr BUT WE purchased our car in August and the first thing we did was get DEDICATED snow tires and wheels. Not entirely sure what happened but it seemed like the OP was on stock tires. Below is our Winter Setup. Cheapest "cool looking wheels" coupled...
  45. ColoradoMike

    Increase in home electric bills

    We are at $0.109 for charging at any hour through our CoOp...... Yes WAY less than a ICE vehicle. It works for us as a Daily Driver.
  46. ColoradoMike

    How long do rotors and brakes last?

    This "Could" happen on any vehicle. Try some AGGRESSIVE Braking for a bit and I think that your issue might be resolved.
  47. ColoradoMike

    How often should I check the air in my tires?

    I personally check tire pressures every couple of weeks on ALL of our vehicles. TPMS is a NICE feature but is susceptible to a ton of issues...as @jjrandorin stated, it is up to you to figure out your "tire pressure checks". For us, I check them every week or so, overkill perhaps but I am used...
  48. ColoradoMike

    Model 3 - LR AWD Waiting Room

    @SpeedBird23 Sorry for the delay. Had to find some of MY posts. You are NOT the only person that encounters issues and never feel badly for posting the "negatives". TONS of folks are happy with their delivery and probably do not take a ton of time looking at them or even making a comment on...
  49. ColoradoMike

    Model 3 - LR AWD Waiting Room

    @SpeedBird23 Glad you got your car! You should NOT settle! My wife and I went through a bit rejecting our first M3LR and in the end when our new one came it was GOOD but not GREAT. Have the service center fix the issues that are noticeable to you.....(IMO all of your issues are NOT...
  50. ColoradoMike

    Model 3 - LR AWD Waiting Room

    CONGRATS!!!!! If I recall, we didn't get an automated text. Our local Tesla folks sent us both a direct message, via text, and asked us when we would like to take delivery. They were great and allowed us to delay the acceptance date as both of us were working and needed to BOTH be there for...

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