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  1. csrpenfab

    Window tinting.

    You can’t remove the factory rear tint. It’s in the glass, not a film.
  2. csrpenfab

    Window tinting.

    Correct and that was intentional. % is meaningless since different brands of film will vary in color and darkness. Mine is Xpel Pro+ in their medium darkness. Having them match the rears is all that matters.
  3. csrpenfab

    Window tinting.

    I had Xpel ceramic+ added to my two front windows. I just told my tint guy “match the rears”. He used a tint meter and it came out perfect.
  4. csrpenfab

    What do you put in the cargo compartments?

    I like it. It's light weight enough that I can simply raise the whole thing up to reach the front compartment. Their floor mats are great too.
  5. csrpenfab

    What do you put in the cargo compartments?

    I have the charger in the shallow compartment. The other stuff rides in the deep well to the rear. I do have a cargo liner, a LDCRS liner, and it's easy to hinge it up and access the compartments.
  6. csrpenfab

    What do you put in the cargo compartments?

    I use them to hold my weed, bong, duct tape, plastic tarp, rope, shovel, and a bag of lime! ;) Actually they hold my charging cable (never use it since I have a Tesla charger at home), puck kit for jack, tire plug kit, snow brush/scraper, and my bug-out bag of emergency and first aid supplies.
  7. csrpenfab

    Rear Cross Traffic Alert

    So true! Damn, my Porsche doesn't have a spare tire, no radar nannies/blind spot aids, not even a backup camera! I'm not sure how I manage to drive it without crashing into things!
  8. csrpenfab

    myQ WiFi Garage Opener - No Homelink

    I have two MyQ openers on my garage doors, but I simply attached the small remote to the backside of my screen using a 3M command adhesive strip. Opening a door is as simple as reaching on the backside of the screen and pressing the button. You can't see the remote hidden on the backside of...
  9. csrpenfab

    Recommended license plate frames

    I run the Weathertech covered plate holders on all my cars. I like the low profile stainless/black frame, covered fasteners, and lexan plate cover. Not cheap, but I have 3 of them that have moved from car to car over the last several years.
  10. csrpenfab


    Tough question since % of tint varies by your wishes and prices can be all over the place. For my MYP, I only tinted the two front doors. I simply went to my local XPEL shop and got their best ceramic tint and told them to match the front doors to the rear factory tint. It came out great and...
  11. csrpenfab

    Vendor Show Off Your Aftermarket Model Y Wheels

    I coated my Uber's with Avalon King when I coated the rest of the MYP. Seems to be holding up really well and the wheels clean up easily even with our winter muck of snow/mud/mag chloride on the roads.
  12. csrpenfab

    Curb Rash Repair

    I'm in the same boat. I got some rash on one Uberturbine wheel of my MYP and I ordered the Zink kit. Now it's in the 20's and far too cold to try and repair the wheel. Honestly, after I cleaned the wheel and removed most of the gouged material with some 600 grit, I hit it with a black sharpie...
  13. csrpenfab

    Model Y Mud flap or anything to prevent damage in Canadian snow

    I have the Tesla installed front flaps and rear fender PPF that came installed with the car. No issues so far with snow here in Idaho. Rear flaps are purely a cosmetic choice; all they really protect is the car behind you.
  14. csrpenfab

    Screen Protective Glass Necessary?

    Same. Really liking the Spigen matte protector for not showing fingerprints and cutting glare. Painless 2 minute install too.
  15. csrpenfab

    Headlights defaulting to auto high beam

    This morning on the way to work in the dark, I noticed that my "auto high beams" were on, and the high beams kept flashing on/off. When I got to a traffic light, I noticed that the highs were coming on and off, flashing over and over even with several cars coming in the opposite direction...
  16. csrpenfab

    Trunk Storage Bins Model Y

    The Tesla OEM bins fit fine on my 3/22 MYP. The lids fit nice and snug and I'm very happy with them.
  17. csrpenfab

    Model Y colour change after ceramic coat?

    I did two coats of Avalon King on my blue MYP. No major color change, just deep gloss.
  18. csrpenfab

    Keep Tire Pressure Sensors with New Tires?

    Absolutely no reason to replace them. I had a 13 year old BMW 5 series, and the tpms finally went dead. It was an easy fix with aftermarket sensors installed by my local tire shop. They don't even have to remove the wheel. Just break the bead and install the new sensor.
  19. csrpenfab

    Free roll in car wash mode

    Not a stupid design at all, and it’s required for safety on any car nowadays. My wife’s Audi Q5 does it as well. The car wash I use has rollers that drop down, so no skipping under your wheel. A quick stab of the brake and flick of the lever and I’m in D to pull out.
  20. csrpenfab

    Idaho Room

    I had a great first Tesla mobile service visit today. The frunk on my 2022 MYP was not staying in the raised position, so I scheduled a service call. The tech arrived in a Model S at the time slot given and he quickly fixed the problem. The ball end of one of the gas struts that holds the...
  21. csrpenfab

    cleaning bugs on grille area

    When I get bug build up, I take a few paper towels and soak them in my favorite no-rinse waterless car wash spray. Stick the wet towels onto the area, and let them dwell for a few minutes. Then simply wipe off the mess. It helps to have ceramic coating as well...
  22. csrpenfab

    Idaho Room

    Awesome and congratulations! That's great you got a year of connectivity! I only got the free month with my MYP delivered 3/22. I'm glad to hear your DIY with the Avalon King ceramic went smoothly (I told you it was easy! :)). Yes, it's a fair bit of work, but you just save yourself at least...
  23. csrpenfab

    seat belt irritating driver's neck in Model Y, remedy?

    Same here! I’m 6’ and the belt won’t do low enough to prevent gnawing on my neck.
  24. csrpenfab

    Wheel locks

    No wheel locks are provided.
  25. csrpenfab

    Blind Spot how to move position after latest update?

    1. Yes it remembers the spot you move the blind spot screen to. 2. After the update, move the screen up and you’ll have your phone controls with blinker on.
  26. csrpenfab

    Blind Spot how to move position after latest update?

    Great idea, but I don't think that's an option on the current update.
  27. csrpenfab

    Blind Spot how to move position after latest update?

    I got this update last week and love the relocation of the blind-spot camera. It took me a few tries to get used to dragging the window to the new location. Turn on blinker, grab window at the top where the little bar is displayed, and drag up or to the right. Works great. I've found I like...
  28. csrpenfab

    Mud Flaps (Again)

    Honestly, I'd wait to see if you get the "free" Tesla front flaps and rear PPF in your region. I didn't and I ordered a pair of the Tesla front flaps before my MYP arrived. Well, I got the free flaps and PPF so now I have a spare set if they ever get damaged. Rear flaps are a total waste in...
  29. csrpenfab

    Replacing screen protector

    Google is your friend! Lots of how to videos, with phone protectors, but the concept is the same on the large Tesla screen.
  30. csrpenfab

    Best Bug 'n' Tar options: Citrol, Mckees, Tarminator, etc?

    I'd vote for applying a ceramic coating to your paint to prevent the bugs from sticking in the first place. I get a fair amount of dead bugs on my front bumper during summer months, and they wash right off. DIY ceramic coating applied was Avalon King product.
  31. csrpenfab

    Vendor LDCRS Model Y Front Trunk/Rear Trunk/Rear Sub Trunk

    Just as good without the annoying "3-D Maxspider" logo. If you like Logos, get the Maxspider. If you like a clean look, get the LDCRS. I'm very happy with mine and don't see any difference in fit or quality.
  32. csrpenfab

    Any recommendation on ceramic, graphene coating?

    Avalon King for the win. After a lot of research, I ordered their product and had great results. I added a second bottle, IPA prep spray, and "booster" maintenance spray and it was still under $75. After coating my entire MYP (paint, wheels, glass), I still have enough left to do two more...
  33. csrpenfab

    Is it worth it to get PPF and/or ceramic coating? What is a fair price?

    Yes! Look up the Avalon King videos on Utube or go to their website.
  34. csrpenfab

    Is it worth it to get PPF and/or ceramic coating? What is a fair price?

    Under $75 for the materials and supplies to do two coats of Avalon King ceramic on my MYP, and I've got enough left to do 2 more cars! Very happy with the results.
  35. csrpenfab

    What’s the consensus on factory mud flaps and PPF

    I got the front flaps and rear PPF on my MYP here in Idaho. My SA told me that selected "winter zones" get them gratis. What those zones are, I'm not exactly sure. I do know they work well so far! Rear flaps are really a non-issue since they're not protecting your car, but the car behind you.
  36. csrpenfab

    OEM Spoiler coming off on Model Y Performance

    Boise Idaho and the surrounding treasure valley area has more car washes than I've ever seen in a town. Likely due to the messy winter conditions. The "Rocket" branded wash a mile from my house is top notch, though not touchless. $35/mo for unlimited washes, 60 dry stalls with air hoses and...
  37. csrpenfab

    OEM Spoiler coming off on Model Y Performance

    Cringe all you like... It's a good quality car wash and with ceramic coating the paint is holding up just fine. My MYP is my daily driver, not a show car. I'd rather it be spotless clean 99% of the time vs. not having a few swirl marks after a couple of years. After many years of pricey car...
  38. csrpenfab

    OEM Spoiler coming off on Model Y Performance

    I guess I got lucky. My 2022 MYP sits in 100 deg+ temps all day at work, garaged at home, and goes through a tunnel wash with microfiber brushes weekly if not twice. In service since March 5, 2022 and rear spoiler is still rock solid.
  39. csrpenfab

    All weather mats MYP

    LDCRS on Amazon. Great fit and protection.
  40. csrpenfab

    MYP Updated Door Panels

    Front flaps and rear PPF only installed in “winter” climates. My Idaho MYP delivered 3/5/22 has them. I had a list of states from Tesla but can’t find it. Pretty much Northern States And Eastern States.
  41. csrpenfab

    Preventing and curing wiper chattering

    When I applied my Avalon King ceramic coating, I did all the glass. No issues with any wiper chattering, and I have no idea if the coating actually lasts on the glass, but it seems to bead water really well.
  42. csrpenfab

    Fix for rear seat belt buckles rattling against the side of the car

    Interesting that you taped the plastic. I simply wrapped a small piece of the felt tape on the buckle itself. Problem solved.
  43. csrpenfab

    Idaho Room

    I'm very happy with the Avalon King ceramic. It took about four hours to do a clay bar, Isopropyl alcohol wipe down, and applying a coat. I followed up a day later with a second coat over everything (paint, glass, rims). It was only $75 in materials and the results are actually better than my...
  44. csrpenfab

    Idaho Room

    Rocket is not "touchless" but they do have very nice microfiber brushes ( no harsh nylon bristles). For $39 a month for unlimited washes, it just works for me. Heck, the last step even does a nice job of applying tire dressing to the low profile 21" tires.
  45. csrpenfab

    Idaho Room

    I have a very nice "Rocket" wash facility about a mile from my home (Linder/Chinden) and I run my MYP through at least once a week. Sometimes it's 2x/week if the office tree sap monster attacks my car. I have the car ceramic coated (Avalon King DIY, 2 coats) and I haven't had any issues with...
  46. csrpenfab

    No PPF....Are you Happy?

    Same here. Just DIY Avalon King Ceramic. I run it through a good carwash with microfiber brushes at least 1x a week due to dust/sap at work parking lot. Still looks as good as new.
  47. csrpenfab

    Model Y 2022 Parcel shelf?

    Kind of my experience with every car I've owned with a rear cargo cover. Both my Audi Q5 and Lexus GX460 had retractable cargo covers. The result is this huge bar across your cargo bay that really screws up your capability to haul anything large. Both wound up stacked in a corner of the...
  48. csrpenfab

    Blind spot chime

    Negative. That "Blind Spot Warning Chime" feature has always been there. You do need to manually turn it on in the "autopilot" settings. It does not chime when you turn on your turn signal, but it will chime as you move into an occupied lane.
  49. csrpenfab

    Green traffic light chime now available without FSD

    Agreed! Always RTFM people!
  50. csrpenfab

    Door Ding/Bump Protectors for Model Y

    I just make sure to park far, far away from anything/anyone. If the wife is with me, I'm golden. She has a permanent handicap placard from a hip replacement, so I just park in a handicap van spot and have 6' on both sides of the car. Costco is the worst, since people are too damn lazy to walk...

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