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    Replacing Rearview Mirror?

    Fwiw, I replaced mine with a one of these microMIRROR — InoKinetic I still have the original, which I always found excessively huge. I admit the micro mirror is a bit on the small side, it just barely covers the headrest-headrest view, but what more could you want? There are other options from...
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    Charging the Roadster

    I glanced at your debug photos, while not an expert, I don't see anything that makes me think you have a bad cell or bad brick. The yellow cable is somewhat infamous for failing, specifically the GCFI module which is part of the plug that goes into the wall. If you press the buttons on it does...
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    Do I risk bending my trunk panel if the right side won't latch?

    A decent painters tape is exactly what I was going to suggest.
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    Console/IPod connector

    That's a USB-A socket (1.1 or 2.0), as you'd find on a motherboard for laptop. It just happens to be at the end of an extension cable. That is almost certainly where the iPod connector for the dock would have plugged in.
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    How to turn off the “Maintenance Service Required” message

    Tap on a blank part of the screen in the car 5 times, enter the pin (people are weird about posting it here, so I'll respect that). Assuming you want to reset the service reminder: Once in the Diagnostic Menu, press on "Controls". Then, click once on "Update Service Dist.". Now, it will be...
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    Roadster parts for sale

    Interested in the black charge cable, DM'ed.
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    Butterfly Doors for Roadster

    I don't know why you'd want to, but my understanding is the doors are the same as a Lotus Elise S2, do any of those kits should just work.
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    Least expensive way to ship wheels?

    Weirdly, I got a nasty up charge from UPS for doing that. They indicated the item was improperly packed. I suspect TireRack has some kind of special agreement with UPS...
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    Least expensive way to ship wheels?

    If you don't care about speed, you should be able to use Greyhound/Traiways. You'll have to have someone pack them, and drop them at the bus station, then pick them up from a bus station. I've moved large car parts that way before, its slow (and takes an unpredictable amount of time) but it is...
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    400v Controller upgrade - GS Technology

    I'd also be interested in a group buy, assuming that ends up being a thing.
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    Caution - Annual Service - Car power-down - GPS issue

    Happy I could help, glad it worked out for you. Not that I think anyone particularly cares, but there are three ways to deal with the problem: Right click on SNSRXCFG_330 and select "Run as Administrator" (have to do this every time) Right click on SNSRXCFG_330, select Properties, select the...
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    Caution - Annual Service - Car power-down - GPS issue

    You can also cheat and run the updater in an XP VM with the serial port passed through, which is what I did to grab that log from PortMon. I definitely had some weirdness under W10 if I didn't run SNSRXCFG_330 as Admin. I tested again to be sure, if you don't run SNSRXCFG_330 as admin...
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    Caution - Annual Service - Car power-down - GPS issue

    Yup. I've more or less confirmed the above with Portmon. The command that swaps it into update mode appears to be "$PGRMO,,G" (transaction 2459), after that the system swaps into what looks like Garmin's binary protocol. Some traffic goes back and forth, and then it up bauds to 115200 (TR#...
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    Caution - Annual Service - Car power-down - GPS issue

    Let me do some testing with the spare unit I have, I'll update later tonight. What I believe should happen is: SNSRXCFG_330 connects at 4800 Commands the unit into update mode Requests the location of the update Requests the location of the update app Starts the update app with the update file...
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    Soft top cable broke

    Yes, this is what I did some years back. They've been perfectly fine, if the cable breaks they should be quite easy to rebuild.
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    Caution - Annual Service - Car power-down - GPS issue

    Did my GPS update yesterday. I constructed the cable to connect to the unit itself using the parts listed in this thread. I'd also ordered a spare unit in the event I wasn't able to get the update to work/something went wrong, etc (that shipped with the newest firmware, 4.40/20191007). In the...
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    Help - Need to borrow security lug nut key from local SoCal owner

    Assuming it hasn't gotten lost, there should be a card in the tool kit that says which number they are. It may also have been moved into the manual. Mine was wrapped around the lock tool.
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    Help - Need to borrow security lug nut key from local SoCal owner

    I believe there are 8 different lug lock patterns, do you know which you have?
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    HELP - need service and Tesla App problem

    As of a few weeks ago I was still able to reach a human by calling (877) 798-3752 and smashing on some buttons. Pressing 1 will get you to a human at Emergency Road Side Assistance. I suspect they can route you from there. I consider "car not working" a reasonable emergency.
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    Roadster EVSE cable

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    Looking for 2010 roadster owners manual pdf

    There is a more or less complete set here.
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    Roadster Charger

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    Powertrain Problem Service Required

    Stefan is correct. I'm working through this currently. First thing to try is just disconnecting, contact cleaning and reconnecting the fan connector on the bottom of the PEM. That said, my experience is the PEM fans last about 2 years, I'm on my third set ...
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    broken soft top tension wire

    My one complaint, and its a minor one, is that the thickness of the ends can make them a little more difficult to fit properly in the A and B hoop slots. Related, you might consider shrink tubing or tape wrapping the ends to keep them to keep them from rubbing against the hoop slots. I haven't...
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    broken soft top tension wire

    I replaced mine with these, unlike the originals you can readily replace the cable. They also have the advantage of being a bit more robustly designed. Should that auction disappear, the magic search term is "VX220 Lotus ELISE EXIGE Soft Top Roof Cable adjuster tensioner Opel Speedster". I paid...
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    Nitron Street series shocks

    Nah, 6K USD is right. I did some poking around the archive, that's the earliest version (2013) it caught, last copy was 2016, same price. I suppose its possible the from factory option was less expensive..?
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    Wiper fluid/sprayer issue

    Windshield washing woes continue. The pump had ceased pumping, I removed it and got it working again. Some comments if someone else needs to do the same. Various photos. With these tricks this is probably only be an hour job, if that. - The scrivets (plastic trim screws) that Tesla used on...
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    Help - can not start or move Roadster

    Any FW mismatch will keep the car from shifting into gear. I had a somewhat similar situation. You should be able to put the car into tow/push (free roll?) mode from the VMS, once its in that mode you can move it by hand. Its heavy but doable. If the VMS won't let you get into that mode there...
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    Simplified Roadster Lift Adapters

    I'm interested as well. It sounds like you're making some changes from the designs we've already seen posted here..? If thats the case do you have some renderings/photos you can post?
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    OVMS - 2G being turned off in US by AT & T

    H20 GPRS (ATT&T) is dead here outside Syracuse, has been for about a week. I guess I'll be looking into T-Mob as I must have working OVMS before I store my car for the winter... BTW, for the folks wondering what Tesla's built in VMS uses: its AT&T while it has a 3G capable SIM, the TELIT...
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    Is there a substitute TPMS tool???

    If anyone is curious, here is the info about it from last year. Tesla part number: 1013547-00-A Description: TOOL, TPMS, ROADSTER and MODEL S Status: Distribution
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    Is there a substitute TPMS tool???

    I believe Mt. Kisco has one, which is probably your best bet..?
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    Transparent Roadster Top

    The stuff I used is designed for marine decking applications, I expect it'll be fine (I've used it in similar applications previously). Its also quite similar in final consistency to what I removed... If it isn't I'll certainly try that.
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    Transparent Roadster Top

    I too have had an issue with my new Visium top, installed it about 2 months ago. Everything was fine up until yesterday when the passenger side door seal detached while I was driving. Looking at the glue job its pretty clear they're not using a sufficient amount of adhesive, not doing a good job...
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    Wiper fluid/sprayer issue

    I too suffered the scourge of tank crud -- ironically after having Telsa service supposedly clean the system last service. I discovered this morning, after an unfortunate bird pooping incident that the washer was totally plugged. It was a smeary mess. I ended up doing the following: Hand...
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    Alternatives to Tesla's hardtop storage bag?

    Its not just a $250 bag, its a $250 bag with nearly $60 in shipping (at least it was to here). That said I did buy one recently. And it did come in a huge box...
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    Tessie won't start

    Out of curiosity, were you charging when it happened? Do you have an OVMS, and if so did it throw a bunch of errors beforehand? You could also dump and check the logs...
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    Tessie won't start

    I have a 2.0 actually. My issue was a rootfs version mismatch rather than the kernel. That likely explains the different error code and number. The fix is to take it in and have them reflash the VMS. I suspect you can get the car started and moving by disconnecting the two bulk connectors on...
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    What did you park next to? (Or what makes the Roadster look tiny?)

    931 at a local Cars and Coffee yesterday next to my buddies 57 Bug, as well as a 356 and a brand new GT3RS.
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    WTB: Roadster Hardtop Storage Bag

    Looking to pick up a Roadster Hardtop Storage Bag. Please drop me a message if you have one you'd like to sell. Thanks! I'm also open to suggestions for an alternative bag. I've poked the Lotus stuff a bit but haven't found anything that looks as nice.
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    Roadster Buyers' Guide

    There are some copies of it at various dates in the Internet Archive.
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    Where to get an decent sim card for OVMS?

    Reasonable to be upset about that. I was asking because I was wondering if H2O was doing something similar to what ATT's GoPhone service did a few months back to OVMS users (forced us to high rate plans) -- which it appears they're not (yet). You're correct, H2O does use ATT's network.
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    Where to get an decent sim card for OVMS?

    A bit off topic, but any indication as to why H2O deactivated you? I've been on them for a few months now, since the ATT prepaid debacle...
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    Rebooting the computer

    Assuming it's a 2.0 you can pull fuse #13 and the aux battery fuse (listed as a 30A?), or disconnect the aux battery. It's possible just waiting for the car to sleep is sufficient, but I doubt it. This is a guess from the wiring diagrams, sadly there are a number of other fuses that are...
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    Replacing the Blaupunkt unit

    I really disliked the NX-5000 that was in mine, and replaced it with a much simpler JVC unit, its quite easy, I talked a bit about it here. No ill effects after replacement.
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    New noise after shutoff.. (The Cooing)

    Quick update, was a PEM fan bearing. Sadly they had to replace the entire fan assembly. Previously I had the dual motor, dual fan arrangement. I opted for the newer dual fan single motor system. This upgrade involved swapping the rear sway bar as well, which means I now have the adjustable one...
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    Passenger air bag - No Longer Available

    Apologies, I stand corrected.
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    Passenger air bag - No Longer Available

    Given that its a passenger side air bag, and the Roadster doesn't have one of those, I'm going to guess its for the Model S. Also the poster frequently has Model S parts for sale...
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    Journey to the center of the Roadster UMC

    Added some more photos. Believe the programming header pins out as follows: (J1) is silkscreened on the board. | 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | (J1) 1 = CPU Pin 12, ICSPCLK 2 = CPU Pin 13, ICSPDAT 3 = CPU Pin 14, VSS 4 = CPU Pin 1, VDD 5 = CPU Pin 4, MCLR Confident this is correct, as it matches up to...

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