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    Advanced TSLA Options Trading

    Someone earlier on this thread was wishing for a stock split. Well, there you go, you got you split alright!
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    Snippiness 2.0

    Mswloco, China poor health standards and totalitarian regime first started the pandemic, covered it up and finally cocked some bs numbers to mud the waters and add insults to devastating damages and lost of lifes of our family and friends across the globe. Now, you are telling me that we should...
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    Model 3 inventories up -- any deals happening?

    I'm waiting for a model Y with some good discount and free SC for life.
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    Model 3 inventories up -- any deals happening?

    Quick! Stock up on Teslas before they run out!
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    Let's Not Lie: GM's New Ultium Battery Isn't Better Than Tesla's

    Battery seems decent. Not sure about the drivetrain efficiency.
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    Tesla chose to do what it does best: half-ass it

    I totally expect that Autopilot that uses the HW3.0 is and will be better performing than the version that runs on 2 HW2.5. The fact the hazards are only visualized on HW3.0 is a pretty clear indication of that. This is not about enable or disabled FSD like Tesla wants to make it sound and it's...
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    Tesla chose to do what it does best: half-ass it

    I guess I was not the only one that got screwed China Issues Warning To Tesla After Customers Complain Of Hardware Bait-And-Switch
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    Worth it to upgrade from LR RWD to P3D?

    Here is my opinion. The performance is not fun. It's actually boring. A Miata would be considered a fun car, not a tesla. It's very fast for sure but that's it. The driving dynamics are mediocre. The steering is numb and the suspensions actually suck. The are stiff without being sporty which...
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    P3D_Stealth gets Track Mode V2 too!

    Isn't this car a little too heavy for this kind of abuse? Tires and brakes must just go to hell... Why don't you just enjoy the FSD instead?
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    Passing Porsche and Lambo at Laguna Seca

    Do You have FSD? If you do turn it on!
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    I think I just wasted $7,000 on FSD?

    Tesla is rewriting the self driving software! That low percentage bet, expensive, ill- fated, evolving promise chance of feature-complete now is a real 0...and unlike normal donations this one cannot be tax deducted. Ouch. I've been cheated by Tesla too many times. The products might be...
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    Trade-In Valuation time

    I'm wondering if Elon matching policy is ethical. Carmax is possibly performing thousands of appraisals that solely benefit Tesla...
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    Tesla Did not honor my referral code

    Tesla solar referral didn't work for me and I'm still waiting for the system to be turned on after 3 months from the installation. Annoyed.
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    Impressions of the Model 3 and Tesla service after 2 months of ownership

    You have no idea what you talking about. I used to both and I got to know the tesla service department really well, not to talk about the Model 3 I didn't pickup because of paint defects... The Alfa hasn't seen any bay as of yet. Same number of miles on both... The quality of the construction...
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    Impressions of the Model 3 and Tesla service after 2 months of ownership

    I'll give you another two months and then you going to realize how unrefined and immature the driving dynamics of the M3P are. The suspension is stiff without being sporty and the weight just kills everything. The steering is just super numb. If you are in a cold region you will learn how sucky...
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    Maybe the Y will get air suspension....

    You rode the 3 and it was just fine... Maybe, just maybe, the suspensions and the driving dynamics in general are the model 3 weakest feature. Luckily this forum has somebody as knoledable as you to make the right calls...
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    I think I just wasted $7,000 on FSD?

    The real problem with buying a promised software today is the FSD is not a normal software license that you can install and use on different vehicles. It is linked to the car! If anything happens to the car, while waiting for the promised land you loose the "license" without ever had a chance to...
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    I think I just wasted $7,000 on FSD?

    You screwed up for a different reason. At best FSD is just a promise.
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    19" Model 3 Performance Stealth for sale

    Used Tesla Model 3 for Sale in Pepperell, MA - CarGurus
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    Vendor Selling 2018 Performance Model 3 **Pending**

    Did you track it hard?
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    Curb Rash-- it's so humiliating

    $500 or less buys you a new wheel. It's not the end of the world. Man up!
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    For AWD owners wanting a P3D-

    I like my M3 for the most part. I find the greatest weakness to be suspensions. It's stiff without being sporty. I"m not sure I will actually be able to live with it. My QV is much more compliant without being that stiff.
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    Some (possibly) new thoughts after a month with a M3

    Doesn't the TTS like every other Audi have the tendency to understeer? I wouldn't give it a 10/10...
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    Code complete, where art thou?

    Sadly Elon let us all down once again. It was promised for last year and yet we are dealing with this last disastrous bad update. I see cones everywhere. I'm not by any means surprised but got to say that Tesla is a bit of a mess in many different ways...
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    $2k boost upgraded Model 3 does 0-60 in 3.5 seconds...

    I see 4.04... where do you see 3.5?
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    New 2020- Frunk Poor Panel Alignment

    You can easily adjust it.
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    My ongoing Model 3 troubles since day one!

    just do the brexit
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    For AWD owners wanting a P3D-

    Stealth here and I see it
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    Disappointing traction control - is it me?

    If you have drive sport performance cars, and from your list it doesn't appear you have while delivering your pizzas, you wouldn't be complaining so much. Model 3 correctly behaves like a RWD sports cars and it drives in the snow exactly like one. Where is the big surprise? I got my first...
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    Who added FSD with their order?

    Hell no!
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    Software Gurus...estimate size of Tesla software development team

    Great thread! Perhaps Elon can shed some light.
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    Range/efficiency on P3D- less than anticipated

    I'm averaging 245wh/mi with my M3P- in cold Boston weather. 19" at 42 psi. Hold mode. Not using much heating, mostly heated seats. I would start by check your tire pressure. Tesla claims are spot on if not on the conservative side.
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    How do I find which AP hardware I have?

    Does your car recognize cones? If it does you have 3.0 otherwise you have 2.5
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    Discussion: Floor Mats in Model 3

    These mats are great! super light and perfectly fitted.
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    Discussion: Floor Mats in Model 3

    I got mine today too. One word. Amazing!
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    PPF - Do I Really Need It?

    I did XPEL on the full front of mine+ half hood + rear view mirror for $699. The installer came by my garage and did it in a few hours. I highly recommend him. Im in the Boston area.
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    Model 3 long range vs performance query

    I would like to find a beefier swaybar for the rear wheels
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    Favorite Floor Mats?

    Taptes 30% discount code TAPTES3DMATS99
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    Tesla offering free supercharging on Model 3's

    Also still waiting. 30 days and counting.
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    Service Center Disappointment

    I think we all need to be patient with Tesla service. I had a pretty good experience so far. I've been there twice. Only one issue so I cannot comment on the multi-issue limitation. Fabrice was my main person in Needham Mass SC. besides being really nice, knowledgeable and willing to help he...
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    How are the 3D MAXpider floor mats holding up?

    TapTes 3D All-Weather Floor Mats for Tesla Model 3 . deal right now for no logos 3Ds
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    Model 3 Mud flaps

    Yo You can safely drill new holes. Use a small bit to insure maximum grip.

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