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    Does the parcel shelf reduce noise at all?

    does for me and I can actually hear the rear speakers now
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    Pictures Model Y performance on TE37

    i have a bronze almite set on order, still 5-6 months out but received the center caps yesterday. I can say the finish is really nice and much darker than expected. Dark almost black at night and a nice bronze during daylight.
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    Drafty Y

    One thing I’ve noticed as it gets colder is how drafty the MY is. Driving around town is fine but the faster I go on the highway the higher I need to set the cabin temp. Around town I’m at 71-72 comfortably. Highway 75 and even as high as 78-80 depending how cold it is outside. It’s as if I can...
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    NVX Boost Subwoofer upgrade - installed

    I did not. No rattles here
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    Holiday Update popped in this morning, fastest download in recent history

    I saw EQ setting when pressing the on screen volume button in the lower right corner
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    Holiday Update popped in this morning, fastest download in recent history

    same! really like the media control's new location. looking forward to the auto turn signals for lane changes and love the idea of changing fan speed while remaining in auto climate
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    What is this high pitched cricket like noise?

    I’ve recently started to hear this sound. August 2022 build. Roughly 5k miles. First month I’d hear it at exactly 74mph, not a mph above or below. Now it ranges from high 50’s to high 70’s. So is this something that will progressively get worse and worse or louder? It’s bearable for now but...
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    Purchase magnetic holder looks good

    looks great and i like the location. Are you worried the adhesive may leave a residue mark? That's my only concern, remember someone on this forum posted about it
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    "Squishy" sound during low speed <15mph - Performance Y

    Did you ever get this resolved?
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    Blocked pillar camera alerts

    Same here after 40.4.1
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    PPF installation recommendations for Chicago (northern suburbs)

    How far north? Check out Unlimited Auto Style in Highland Park. They've done tons of Tesla's for the north shore burbs like HP and Lake Forest. Had my tints done, perfect job, fast and fair pricing.
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    Cargo Cover

    The cover looks flat and doesn’t slope, this blocks a good portion of the rear speakers. One of the benefits of the stock cover IMO is the improved sound from the rear speakers.
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    Coilover Model Y

    Looking for a set of coils for the model Y
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    Politics - Quarantine Thread

    I love what Elon is doing. I’m going to order 5 more Y’s and an X
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    Installed! Austin MY C Pillars for Parcel Shelf

    Mine does too however the bigger seat (double seat) locks in flush if I push it all the way back but the smaller seat doesn't so I just keep the gap to keep it all even
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    dl_a175 / Cruise Control Not Available after 2022.36.2 Firmware

    updated last night to .36 and received notification "charging stopped...if unexpected, check Controls>Service>......." in the middle of the night. Went out to see what was going on and the car was charging normally. Strange, first issue I've seen after an update.
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    Replacing Springs (alone) on the 2022 Model Y

    check out the eibach thread. People seem to like the ride even better than stock. eibach
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    Installed! Austin MY C Pillars for Parcel Shelf

    Which SC did you order from? Thanks!
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    Brand new model y but random squeaking noise around the front wheel? *Video of the noise here

    I have this too but never noticed until this weekend driving along a building wall with the windows down. Here's a thread I found regarding the issue. "squishy sound" If you find out what it is please share.
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    Undercarriage cup

    you get work done recently? Looks like someone forgot to remove their lift jack pad. Just pull down on it and it'll come off easy.
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    NVX Boost Subwoofer upgrade - installed

    no, no need to touch the trunk liner for me. cabling ran under/along the riser that you remove to access the side panel
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    NVX Boost Subwoofer upgrade - installed

    I used the same bolt. Thanks for the suggestion c-bus. And yes disconnect the 12v.
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    NVX Boost Subwoofer upgrade - installed

    if anyone is looking to upgrade and wanting to get rid of a drivers side enclosure and sub, PM me.
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    High pitched whine on acceleration 2021 M3P

    Any update on a fix for this? Is it a ground electrical issue or a motor issue?
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    Regrets [Anyone regret trading in their ICE for their Tesla?]

    Sounds normal to me. I commute 70 miles a day plus picking up kids from school. Charge to 90% and I'm under 50% at the end of a day. But charging at 48A every night makes it easy. Love that I can sit in my car without the feeling of idling while waiting for my kids. No regrets but EV is not...
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    took delivery yesterday, should I request to fix this gap?

    So the speaker should fit above this tab? Now I'm thinking about fixing mine. Can you explain where you inserted the tool to take the speaker off?
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    2022 Model Y frunk water puddle

    i'm considering something like this to stop the water from entering TEFUN for Tesla Model 3 Y Front Chassis Cover Model 3 Y Water Strip Tesla Model Y 2022 Modification Accessories
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    Eibach Pro-Kit

    Can anyone confirm if the Eibach LR and the Performance spring is the exact same? Same part number?
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    took delivery yesterday, should I request to fix this gap?

    both my speakers are like that, thought it was normal. I doubt i get it fixed since both sides look the same
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    NVX Boost Subwoofer upgrade - installed

    You the man. I appreciate it!
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    NVX Boost Subwoofer upgrade - installed

    Where did you splice for the switch? The remote wire going from the LOC to the amp? Looks great. Any pop sound when switching the amp on or off? Where did you find the rocker switch? Thanks!
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    WTB 15mm spacers

    Found, thank you and thank you blacknsilver9!
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    Need to tighten connector on 12V aux battery

    oh man, sorry for all the trouble you're going through. Makes my black screen reboot seem trivial. Hope you get it back tomorrow fingers crossed
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    Need to tighten connector on 12V aux battery

    any update on this? Interested to see what would cause the issue. Just received my MYP yesterday and on the way home the screen went black and rebooted while driving.
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    MYP ‘22 aka The Vomit Comet

    Possibly an air pressure/buffeting issue? Ear pain/Pressure help
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    NVX Boost Subwoofer upgrade - installed

    I'm going to try it on a 2022, shouldn't be an issue with 15.5V as the amp can take up to 16V. I plan on tapping power from the Penthouse. Where is the best location to ground the amp?
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    WTB 15mm spacers

    Looking for a pair of 15mm spacers for MYP. Preferably Aspira. Thanks!
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    Illinois Waiting Room

    received the shipping/departed text on Saturday and just received text to schedule tentative pickup date for Monday or Tuesday next week.
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    Illinois Waiting Room

    Same here, all season tires are all I care about lol. You all run AS tires in chicago winters? Any feedback/experience appreciated.
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    Illinois Waiting Room

    Mine got pushed back 1 week to the same delivery window as you and I just got a VIN F531. No idea what the VIN numbers mean
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    Just edited order no edd change?

    wow i hope you're right, i'm debating adding the tow package. Wish the OP could update on how his EDD went
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    2-week delivery window

    did the local SA reach out to you? i'm in the 2 week window and received the trade in text but have not heard from any SA
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    Vendor Volk Racing / Gram Lights / ADVAN Racing Wheels - Authorized Dealer

    Danny, can't PM yet but wondering if you stock/expect TE37 in 20
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    Rim Question - model Y P

    appears like curb rash to me
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    Illinois Waiting Room

    same here, Aug 16-Aug 30, no VIN but received trade in text a few days ago
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    April 2022 Order Delivery Dates

    chicago here too. Ordered Model Y performance pearl white on 4/18 and received the trade-in text yesterday. Delivery date also changed to a two week window of Aug 16 - Aug 30.

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