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  1. GolanB

    The horn no longer works on my Model 3

    I just had my horn assembly replaced free of charge under a warranty repair by the mobile service team. It looks like it would have cost about $130 according to the original estimate had I been on the hook for the bill. It took about 20 minutes to replace. The tech told me that they had quite a...
  2. GolanB

    Replacing Rear Glass after Stress Crack Formed

    Wanted to add an update to this thread. I've now had my rear glass "backlight" replaced twice under warranty repair due to stress fractures during the cold winter months. Today I also had my windshield replaced for the same reason, a total of three glass replacements since owning the car - an...
  3. Out Of Service Super Chargers - Brooklyn Museum

    Out Of Service Super Chargers - Brooklyn Museum

    7/10 Super Charging Stations Working at Tesla Super Charger - Brooklyn Museum | only 2 are marked out of service when 7 are actually out of service
  4. GolanB

    Tesla Superchargers | Brooklyn Museum | Out of Service Stations

    Came early this morning to get a head-start on the day, and spent ten minutes trying to find a supercharging station that works. I attempted 6 of them before I spoke with another Tesla driver here who showed me that only the stations marked with a Star are actually energized. This location has...
  5. GolanB

    Quick question about hauling long items?

    I have these installed already and have used them mostly to haul luggage for road trips. When we sold our Model X, space became more of an issue. I would have tied them to our roof rack had I not been able to fit them inside. It turns out these base moldings weren't in stock, so my contractor...
  6. GolanB

    Quick question about hauling long items?

    Tomorrow I’ve got to pick up some mouldings from the local home improvement store. They are 96 inches long and I’d like to know if they’ll fit inside with the rear seats down, through the rear trunk and across to the the center console in the front of the car? Thanks.
  7. GolanB

    Software Update Not Downloading

    Oddly, I’m having the same issue. Car is situated in the same WiFi hotspot zone as it usually is. I tried a number of things, including establishing a mobile hotspot, rebooting, shutting down, etc. I’ve had the update notification for software download - connect to WiFi for over 30 hours. I may...
  8. GolanB

    Range Loss Over Time, What Can Be Expected, Efficiency, How to Maintain Battery Health

    I’m seeing about a 10 mile decline over one year and 8500 miles according to TeslaFi.
  9. GolanB

    I remember when...my 3 would open without me having to open the app on my iPhone

    I thought so too but found that this changed the responsiveness of the car to my phone when approaching the car.
  10. GolanB

    I remember when...my 3 would open without me having to open the app on my iPhone

    Check your location privacy settings on your phone and make sure the app has access to your location at all times. For good measure guy can delete the key association and the App and reinstall both. If this doesn’t resolve the issue open a ticket with support.
  11. GolanB

    Things my wife said about Navigate on Autopilot tonight

    My wife rarely compains about my driving, although she does frequently complain about the temperature being too cold in the cabin - she likes it at 78 degrees or higher. At this temperature, she generally falls asleep within 15 minutes of being on the road. I've taken sharp curves at over 2x...
  12. GolanB

    Things my wife said about Navigate on Autopilot tonight

    In five-years time, we'll be reading titles like "Things AP said about my wife's driving..." ;)
  13. GolanB

    Is the Server for the Tesla mobile app down?

    Same. Appears to be a systemwide issue. TeslaFi hasn’t gotten data for several hours either.
  14. GolanB

    Vehicle not "waking up" so charge port won't release

    This seems to happen to me about 25% of the time. Like some others on the thread, I open the rear passenger side door. On rare ocassion, I needed to enter the App. I also noticed that if my permissions were set too restrictively on IOS (for example, not giving the App permission to know your...
  15. GolanB

    Autopilot suddenly disabled

    Here was the process I went through with Tesla to correct the instance I had in the past - I documented it in the post below: AP disengaged while driving - Radar Failure (release 2019.8.3)
  16. GolanB

    Autopilot suddenly disabled

    This is a bug. I’ve experienced this in the past and worked with Tesla to correct it in one specific place that this would occur almost 2 out of 3 times. They resolved the issue in an update but it seems to have resurfaced (with less frequency). Immediately after the issue, autopilot and auto...
  17. GolanB

    Can my Dashcam get me out of this speeding ticket?

    Forensic investigators can use video to determine speed by measuring the distance between known markers on the road and the speed at which you see them go by in the video. If you could get that analysis done I think it would resolve your question of speed. At the very least, if you can show...
  18. GolanB

    Note to self: Don't leave sunglasses in Model 3 during the summer

    I have yet to place tint on my vehicles, although its common. Although it doesn't weigh too heavily on my decision, I try to get as much sun as I can get during the Winter months and went with removable screens. We used to have screens that extended from the bottom of the windows on our...
  19. GolanB

    Note to self: Don't leave sunglasses in Model 3 during the summer

    I left a pair of prescription sunglasses on top of a microfiber cloth inside the center console. Apparently, I closed the lid on top of the frame. I came back a few hours later, and the frame was bent almost half an inch in height between the temples. I ended up using a hair-dryer to correct...
  20. GolanB

    Can someone use their car nagivation system to help me?

    Keep in mind another point you may not have thought of, which is that your time is also important. If I was not able to charge at home, I'd be spending an extra 20-30 minutes a day supercharging. In the course of a week, that can add up quickly. I'd much rather be home with the kids (or...
  21. GolanB

    Longest "beta" software ever?

    Pretty short time on the evolutionary scale of things. ;)
  22. GolanB

    Caution: Driving while firmware is updating

    I'd file this as a bug for sure; there are at least two problems going on here. The first is what would appear to be a message backlog or a dependency problem starting the update, and the second is that the Tesla did not check to see that it was in operation before launching the update process!
  23. GolanB

    Request for Comments on Real World Charging Rates for Diagram

    Forum members, I've been in contact with the author of this helpful charging rate diagram via email, which was last updated in July of 2018. He sent me the following note, asking for input so he can update his chart. I'll pass along your comments to him.
  24. GolanB

    2019.24.4 & Auto Pilot (not good)

    Cops weren't as pleased with this fellow. Daredevil driver's reverse joyride has LAPD investigating
  25. GolanB

    Learned something new today.. thanks Mercedes...

    The problem starts from the top-down. We've seen several executives and CEO's leave recently because of (CO)2 emission scandals and the inability to keep up with the EV disruption. I guarantee you that eventually, you'll find salespeople (even at Mercedes) jumping on the EV bandwagon as they...
  26. GolanB

    Cabin overheat protection doesn't work

    Some folks have reported warping and bubbling of their dash and other related issues. I've seen my car approach 140 degrees internally when sitting in direct sunlight, and adhesive tends to weaken its bonds. If you can keep the temperature down in the car, its going to increase the interior...
  27. GolanB

    Cabin overheat protection doesn't work

    I have noticed that keeping Cabin Overheat protection on keeps the car from sleeping (it wakes up every 20 minutes). I've moved my car underground during the day while at the office, and I'm considering getting a windshield cover (already purchased non-OEM screens for the top and rear glass)...
  28. GolanB

    Average Tesla Response Time when Reporting Problems at SC's?

    I reported my first Tesla SuperCharger issue over a month ago (33 days) in Tannersville, PA. Apparently, stall 1A would not begin a charge at all, while charging on 1B I experienced wildly fluctuating SC rates. It would oscillate up and down over and over throughout the charging session...
  29. GolanB

    Performance not getting 310 miles promised

    I came back from a camping trip last week where I ended up burning about 50 miles of range more than I anticipated (I bailed, and camped out in the car with the AC on due to the high humidity). The result was an estimate of arriving under 10% estimated range to the SC about 75 miles away. I...
  30. GolanB

    2019.24.4 & Auto Pilot (not good)

    These are exactly the kinds of roads I *love* driving on myself. Don't want to share them with AutoPilot ;)
  31. GolanB

    Cabin overheat protection doesn't work

    What indications do you have that it is not functioning?
  32. GolanB

    Performance not getting 310 miles promised

    Unplugged Performance did a pretty in-depth study of drag on the Tesla Model 3: Independent Aerodynamic Study of Tesla Model 3 by Unplugged Performance
  33. GolanB

    5GHz WiFi connects but doesn't work?

    Yep; 5GHz works very well in closer ranges, but you'll need to fall back on 2.4GHz if you're out a greater distance.
  34. GolanB

    OK who is this?

    I haven't been able to find a more recent version of this chart, but its helpful to understand common charging speeds, and types.
  35. GolanB

    OK who is this?

    It was a pilot; and was early. I read about it several months back. I’m assuming it will resurface with more EV adoption.
  36. GolanB

    Is This The Loneliest Supercharger In The U.S.?

    Once a month or more, the local super charging lot requires an $18 enterance fee, to be paid upfront due to special events at the Brooklyn Museum or Botanical Gardens. Won't find a single Tesla there.
  37. GolanB

    OK who is this?

    Lately, we've been vacationing at AIRBNB's - We generally ask the owners if they've got plugs accessible from the outside, and if we can use them. I'll check TeslaFi afterwards to see how much I've pulled, and then offer the highest US rate (which is .24kWh) and pay them back. On our most...
  38. GolanB

    Pressure Washer Choice

    +1 on the SunJoe SPX3000. I've owned mine since 2015, and haven't had any issues other than the original Garden Hose Adapter was made out of plastic (now metal) and eventually wouldn't hold a seal and would fall off. I use 40% nozzle - initial run to take off dust and debris, hit it with a...
  39. GolanB

    Cargo Container - Thule, Yakima, Other?

    Thanks for the feedback so far - please keep it coming! One thing that just occurred to me is that I may be able to get away with using an Amazon Basics Rooftop Cargo Carrier Bag since we're just packing clothing, and various odds and ends (not skis, snowboards, etc.). These bags are...
  40. GolanB

    Cargo Container - Thule, Yakima, Other?

    Thanks for the response. I found a Fellow Model 3'er with the following configuration yesterday while visiting Bear Mountain. They were using a SeaSucker Monkey Bar Rack, and Rhino Rack Storage Container. I think the configuration works, but I chose in the end not to go with the SeaSucker...
  41. GolanB

    Keep Climate On --Does it work?

    I left my car on from 1:30 AM until around 7 or 8 while camping last weekend. Temperatures were above 85 at night and humidity was over 95 percent. Add 25 loud campers who were unable to sleep and I escaped to the car for some respite ;) I got this warning a couple hours in, but climate system...
  42. GolanB

    Cargo Container - Thule, Yakima, Other?

    I went ahead and ordered the Tesla Roof Rack today, and my next order of business is to find a solid Cargo Container to mount to it. Has anyone had any luck mounting Thule, or Yakima storage containers to the roof of their Model 3 - using the Tesla Roof Rack System? - I realize that these...
  43. GolanB

    Outside temperature accuracy

    Yesterday during the heat-wave I saw one of the highest recorded temperatures on my Tesla (104F Outside, 133F Inside). I enabled cabin-overheat protection and its now keeping the cabin around 100 degrees. I'm already using sun screens for the top and rear windows, and will probably pick...
  44. GolanB

    Underbelly Damage?

    13K sounds more like the lions share cost towards replacement of your main battery (not the 12V). Hopefully you'll get a detailed estimate, and can share back here. If it were me, I'd have another service center provide an estimate as well if you were suspicious that you were not getting...
  45. GolanB

    Outside temperature accuracy

    From what I understand, the temperature sensor is located near the passenger side wheel well behind the front bumper. Someone had posted this video earlier of a front pumper disassembly and claimed it could be found here.
  46. GolanB

    Keeping Model 3 clean in hard-to reach places

    I've been using a silicone blade for cleaning the windows - I usually don't need to use them on the outside after a proper washing, but I do use them on the inside when they need to be cleaned. You can find them on Amazon for around 12 bucks - some merchants will sell 4 for that price. Most of...
  47. GolanB

    Keeping Model 3 clean in hard-to reach places

    In a video from earlier this month, @DirtyT3sla posted about his experience cleaning out dirt accumulation that formed above his aero shield in the rear of the Model 3. In his case, he removed about 15lbs of dirt (buildup from a year worth of driving across 6 miles of dirt roads a day) - and in...
  48. GolanB


    If I had to hazard a guess - Tesla has the incorrect purchase date assigned in their database for your VIN and has been running semi-frequent batch-processes between this and the supercharger database. When you complain, they fix it in the supercharger database, but not at the source, so it...
  49. GolanB

    Whining Noise - While en route to Supercharger

    Although its been about two months since the battery conditioning feature en route to superchargers was released, I just noticed for the first time (possibly because I didn't have music playing) that there is a very distinctive high frequency whining noise coming from either the inverter or the...
  50. GolanB

    Perfect beer holder

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