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  1. Caloncho

    'clunk' sound when descelerating

    Hi all, Since last week I have a clunky (imagine throwing a heavy bolt into a metal paperbasket lined with paper towel) sound when the gas pedal is released and regen engages. There also may be a slight clunk when regen is switched back to accelerating. Not loud but noticeable. Opinions...
  2. Caloncho

    The New Evannex Kangaroo Pockets for Model S?

    Done installing. Look good to me.
  3. Caloncho


  4. Caloncho

    About time to unveil the D and something else

    yes, the letter D printed on the announcement artwork uses the same font as the P as in Model S P85 another datum is that the Model S car pictured on the announcement, behind the half-opened garage door, is hidding something just above the hood (or is it?) now there could be, as "leaked" by...
  5. Caloncho

    MyTesla phone app - can't connect

    Tesla (iPhone) app working this afternoon :smile: I can go back to park at DD, get me a large coffee, get confy on a table overlooking the car, play quizzUp, patiently wait until some teenagers get really close, calculate timing/response.... and then honk the horn :rolleyes: (it never gets old)
  6. Caloncho

    Miss the rumble of a mighty engine? AM radio to the rescue!

    really? I'll definitely try it (hope you are not pulling my leg)
  7. Caloncho

    Tesla LIED to us! (I maxed out a dyno in my car)

    so cool 2,000 lbs torque, really? so cool!
  8. Caloncho

    Help Planning! Long Island-Tupper Lake NY... trip

    Thanks, @GardenStateTSLA, I appreciate great info !
  9. Caloncho

    Center Console alternatives and cupholders.

    just ordered the GM cupholder from Amazon I plan to industrial strength 3M tape it (or velcro it?), for the kids to use in the 2nd row will post pictures when ready
  10. Caloncho

    Taking apart the side mirror assembly - looking for help

    wow, @flodrab, I wish somebody in NYC could do my side mirrors like that! To the detailers I went it seemed really hard without taking them apart (and they did not know how to). Cheers! Cal
  11. Caloncho

    Help Planning! Long Island-Tupper Lake NY... trip

    Thanks ya'll for your much appreciated comments and tips! :smile: Cal
  12. Caloncho

    EZ Pass Transponder Advice

    I ordered ( and installed) a license-plate-mount EZ Pass transponder. Did not want the risk of a windshield-mount transponder not transponding in a rainy day or when I am in a rush.
  13. Caloncho

    Roll-up leather dog paw and luggage scratch protection for rear bumper

    nice looking lab there! I also carry a (heavy) wheelchair in and out the trunk and risk the rear bumper how wonderful it would be to be able to buy such a protective apron :smile:
  14. Caloncho

    Headlight Eyelashes Accessory

    :eek: horriful
  15. Caloncho

    National network of approved installers for after-market Model S mods

    Hey Artsci, I think the 'approved installers' is good idea. I would definitely use them.
  16. Caloncho

    Help Planning! Long Island-Tupper Lake NY... trip

    Hi fellow teslarians, I have to go (roundtrip) from Long Island NY to Tupper Lake NY, and stay there three days. :crying: Getting a mild case of hypo-range-o-phobia already, specially traveling with a 10 year old kid. Specially because Tupper Lake is in the middle of the Adirondack forest...
  17. Caloncho

    Road noise at highway speeds coming from wheel wells

    @zapped, sorry for the lengthy delay I did not have the inside of the doors hushmatted, but instead inside the trunk by the sides, wheel wells. Maybe is a DIY if you know where exactly to install it. The material itself is just peel and stick, but I had it professionally done because I guessed...
  18. Caloncho

    North Atlantic Tesla Club ?

  19. Caloncho

    Should one tip at a carwash?

    it is advance insurance too, imho, unless you plan to never return I am sure they remember me (or at least the car?) because I tip well; I love to supervise their work on my car, and my car gets better service than the cars of the non-tippers (but otoh they save 3 dollars anyway...) and, on a...
  20. Caloncho

    Frunk Dent (Frustrating...)

    at the car wash I have to be extra careful to close the frunk myself as soon as they finish cleaning and detailing it there is a high susceptibility for dysfrunkia due to the design, I reckon, hope it is corrected in future versions of the MS and ideally that we can retrofitted to our "older"...
  21. Caloncho

    Should one tip at a carwash?

    Of course I tip. Exactly as you are supposed to tip at the restaurant. I take the Tesla to a hand wash joint ("FiveCorners the Original Hand Wash", at the Hillside/Marcus/Denton intersection), New Hyde Park NY. The guys take special care of my car -because I tip well- and dress the tires with...
  22. Caloncho

    Road noise at highway speeds coming from wheel wells

    @Zapped, I did not take photos during the install (and I know the risk, no picture = no hushmat) but it is true, lol. They installed a lot of it in all the problem areas reported in the forums (vg. wheel wells). I can point you to the HushMat manufacturer website. To me it is a great product...
  23. Caloncho

    Road noise at highway speeds coming from wheel wells

    The car we test drove at the mall (first model S driving experience) was a P85 with 20" tires. The car was very loud at highway speeds, I don't know why. We chose 19" inch Primacy, then liberally added HushMat to all areas suspicious of transmitting road noise into the cabin. Result is great...
  24. Caloncho

    Gen 3 with covered wheel wells?

    personally, prefer the look of the 4 tires without covers
  25. Caloncho

    Tesla moments

    Todd, I seriously consider TM should send you a surprise gift (a tesla sports jacket or something like that) for being such a proper Tesla Ambassador. The interview came out great. Can you upload the interview to YouTube? The love we have for our cars (their technology, how much fun it is to...
  26. Caloncho

    Model S: Clever Vanity Plates

    @aaron had it made at my local car-graphics shop. you want one?
  27. Caloncho

    Craigslist Volt Ad

    perusing craiglist items for sale (automotive section, yesterday) I found someone is selling a Volt and, well, you go ahead and read this..
  28. Caloncho

    From Orange to Chrome

    chrome?? gotta luv an educated forum!
  29. Caloncho

    Wiki Model S Delivery Update

    what a crazy feeling it is the night before delivery date ! I can still feel the goosebumps when recreating the feeling... congratulations on your new super toy !!
  30. Caloncho

    Tesla moments

    no way to dodge that one
  31. Caloncho

    Lighted Tesla T for nosecone

    @artsci, did you know the front lighted T can survive the car wash?
  32. Caloncho

    Hi Caloncho, it's me, you.

    Hi Caloncho, it's me, you.
  33. Caloncho

    Where to get brake calipers painted red (or any other color)?

    @SteveWandthelongnumber, yes and yes, the only difficult part (for me) was to cut apart each 'tesla' word from the small sheet, they come on (very very close to each other) btw, the name is caloncho
  34. Caloncho

    Quality accessories from Abstract Ocean

    @pete, I received the (black) silicon fob plusher home, it rocks! I just love it !
  35. Caloncho

    Random Model S sightings

    spotted a white ms getting tinted and red-center-capped in Long Island
  36. Caloncho

    Where to get brake calipers painted red (or any other color)?

    updated photo of painted calipers with the stickers (that arrived today) just installed, on top of the stickers I applied a clear coat of high-temp spray paint, see for yourself
  37. Caloncho

    Model S: Clever Vanity Plates

    just installed the new plates
  38. Caloncho

    Reply to Thread red button problems

    @everybody guys please continue the red button's technical, philosophic, semantic and linguistic nitpicking on this very location. It has really eliminated the need for late night melatonin for at least three of us forum users.
  39. Caloncho

    Where to get brake calipers painted red (or any other color)?

    I got mine through GLOBAL 1 GRAPHICS [email protected] (No conflict of interest)
  40. Caloncho

    Photos of first test of rear lighted T on car

    @brianman, you so funny :smile:
  41. Caloncho

    Carbon Fiber Skinning Project

    love the look of the carbon fiber sans-red
  42. Caloncho

    Where to get brake calipers painted red (or any other color)?

    @artsci, I had my calipers painted in my small local auto detailer shop. Charged about two hundred buckaroos but worth every penny. Painter was extremely carefull to get a brilliant tesla-red color. My calipers stand out now. Decals to be applied as soon as they arrive (according to tracking...
  43. Caloncho

    Rear carbon fiber trim on my whole car: photos

    Hey Artsci, your ride looks very cool!
  44. Caloncho

    Mobileye 560

    Personally LOVE the Mobileye. Added it for safety not coolness. It is as loud as it is supposed to be. It's saving your life! Of course the loud beep could be replaced with viable options like an extremely brief 220v jolt on the butt delivered by the seat? Well, to tell the truth I added it for...
  45. Caloncho

    Prolong battery life strategies

    @SeattleRock congratulations on your order! I was told during delivery to try and keep it over 20% and under 90%. in real life my battery stays between 50% and 80% most of the time.

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