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  1. acarlos1000

    2016.5 P90D to 2022 Plaid Impressions

    Oh wow, this is such a great post. Thank you very much. I have a 2016 90D and I love it. I made all the retrofit upgrades, Self Driving computer, and the MCU and it did make a difference. But the one thing that I am missing now is the range. How much more range are you having in real life when...
  2. acarlos1000


    I just got may MS back from the Service Center and it was also updated to the .92 version. I could not see any major differences. Did use AutoPilot and this is definitely not the silky smooth AP.
  3. acarlos1000

    Did Tesla make a weirdmobile? Comparison 3 BMW 3 dash

    One good thing on the M3 interior is that Tesla finally fixed the position of the cup holders and the doors finally have storage! Probably the center armrest will also have storage. IMO it is embarrassing that the Model S is a 100K car with no proper interior storage. But that is now fixed on...
  4. acarlos1000

    Unplug Dashcams before going to Service!

    I just recently dropped my MS in the Sunnyvale Service Center and at the new Santa Clara Service center and in both occasions when I picked up my MS, the DashCam was disconnected. But there was no sign of damage.
  5. acarlos1000

    Uber self-driving car flipped here in AZ

    Wow. Tempe Police: Self-driving Uber vehicle involved in rollover
  6. acarlos1000

    Hyundai announces IONIQ price in the US: $29,500 before incentive

    This will be interesting, I read some reviews on the Ioniq and it seems like a solid EV option Hyundai announces highly competitive pricing for IONIQ Electric in the US: $29,500 before incentive (under $20,000 in CA after) | Electrek - electrek.co Hyundai announces highly competitive pricing...
  7. acarlos1000

    Tesla Mobile App 3.0 Released

    Where is this feature? Open and Close the Garage door?
  8. acarlos1000

    First look with pictures at Tesla’s new mobile app

    Just updated the app, I have to agree that it is disappointing. Just a design Refresh with added support for TouchID. I wish it could include things like Trip planner on the app for instance. Here is the link to the iOS one: Tesla Motors on the App Store
  9. acarlos1000

    CA HOV White sticker

    I submitted my application on December 23rd and I just got the stickers on Feb 1st. :-)
  10. acarlos1000

    Firmware 8.1 by the end of January '17

    I agree that Navigation on Teslas is better than stock navigation on the majority of other cars. And manufacturers know about it and just decided give up and give owners the option to officially use their favorite apps via Android Auto and Apple CarPlay. I think there are just a few things...
  11. acarlos1000

    $500 PG&E Clean Fuel Rebate

    I applied on Applied 1/11, approved on 1/30 and got the check on 2/4
  12. acarlos1000

    BlackVue DS650-S 2 Channel Tesla Model S Install Walkthrough Video

    My MS90D was also built on the first week of December, with the same options, but your headline grill is much different than the one on my MS.
  13. acarlos1000

    IIHS 2016 EV/Hybrid Crash Tests - Video

    Would this mean that Tesla can issue a recall to adjust the seatbelts or headlights?
  14. acarlos1000

    P to look different than standard M3?

    I just did the Tesla Factory tour in Fremont last Friday, they really have one production line that builds S and X intermingled. I saw all types of variations of Xs and Ss being built, with Right hand side driving, Ps, Xs with 7 seats, 6 seats (did not see any 5 seaters) all in the same...
  15. acarlos1000

    CA HOV White sticker

    Is it possible that CA can extend the expiration beyond 2019?
  16. acarlos1000

    Autopilot for HW2 rolling out to all HW2 cars today!

    I tried Autosteer today on my way to the office and it worked perfectly on Stop and Go Traffic on the highway. See video below.
  17. acarlos1000

    Brand new Model S quality issues take months to resolve

    How busy is the Palo Alto one?, I heard a lot about how busy it is all year around.
  18. acarlos1000

    2.50.180 Auto Headlights Always On

    I just got the update yesterday. It was a sunny day in NorCal but the headlights still insist to be always on. So it did not fix the issue on my MS.
  19. acarlos1000

    Brand new Model S quality issues take months to resolve

    I just got my MS90D in December 2016. It has several little things that I want the SC to take a look. The closest SC is the one in Sunnyvale, so it concerns me that ppl are having a bad experience there. My car has a misaligned hood, front doors are hard to close, Side mirrors don't...
  20. acarlos1000

    BlackVue DS650-S 2 Channel Tesla Model S Install Walkthrough Video

    I probably did exactly what you did, I did not have the courage to cut the cable. I covered the cable with a white tape.
  21. acarlos1000

    BlackVue DS650-S 2 Channel Tesla Model S Install Walkthrough Video

    Check this photo of the piece behind the mirror, it can help you find the internal clips.
  22. acarlos1000

    BlackVue DS650-S 2 Channel Tesla Model S Install Walkthrough Video

    I installed my Dashcam I think in the same day that you did yours @BigTonyTones . I did run the cable to the rear camera thru the roof space and it was super easy. The hard part is really passing the cable from the headline to the boot. I spend hour trying to get the tip to pass the fuselage of...
  23. acarlos1000

    Pencil down vs hire from Volvo

    I do agree that Tesla is improving on their fit and finish, as they are gradually improving their software, battery technology and on and on. But there are some things that the auto industry has solved and are reliable on a lot of cars (much cheaper cars) and I still have problems on my MS...
  24. acarlos1000

    Pencil down vs hire from Volvo

    Does anyone really believe that Tesla should not improve their interior on the MS? I am not saying they will do it, because there is no competition to Tesla on this segment. But do you really expect this level of interior (not talking about the screens) at this price tag? I totally would expect...
  25. acarlos1000

    $750 Hitch option required to install bike rack?

    Thanks @Xenoilphobe I just installed the EcoHitch on my Model S and this is very handy. Did you had any issues when needed to repair anything under Warranty? Did you have to ever mention this law at a Tesla Service Center?
  26. acarlos1000

    Pencil down vs hire from Volvo

    I would say that the stream down of the 7 series features takes more like 3 years to show up on the 5 series, and the majority of the interior features don't get to the 3 series. The same I would say applies to the C / E and S Class. A a lot of the fancy interior stuff on the S Class never gets...
  27. acarlos1000

    Pencil down vs hire from Volvo

    Tesla poaches Volvo’s ‘Head of Interior Engineering’ to improve its interior quality "Electrek has learned that Anders Bell, Senior Director of Engineering at Volvo and the automaker’s ‘Head of Interior Engineering’ is joining Tesla in an equivalent role this month."
  28. acarlos1000

    All weather rear cargo mat 2016 refresh 60D

    That is the one I ordered, I don't think they sell just the large one.
  29. acarlos1000

    All weather rear cargo mat 2016 refresh 60D

    The Tesla All Weather Mats are made by WeatherTech, I bought the MS Mats from WeatherTech back in October and they fit perfectly. The difference is really just the logo. I actually removed the WeatherTech logos :)
  30. acarlos1000

    All weather rear cargo mat 2016 refresh 60D

    They were available a few days ago, and I finally ordered it on Tuesday night. But it was sold out on Wednesday.
  31. acarlos1000

    New owners, any issues with side-view mirrors?

    There is a thread on this topic already: Mirror not folding out completely
  32. acarlos1000

    EAP HW2 - my experience thus far... [DJ Harry]

    This is crazy, my other car has Adaptative Cruise Control and it automatically slows down when I there is dramatically slow traffic in front of me. I don't need to manually take control. I have an AP2 MS and never tried the TACC on an MS with AP1, so I thought all cars with ACC would behave like...
  33. acarlos1000

    Q4'16 Delivery Estimates

    Tesla Q4 2016 Production and Deliveries (NASDAQ:TSLA) Tesla (NASDAQ: TSLA) produced 24,882 vehicles in Q4, resulting in total 2016 production of 83,922 vehicles. This was an increase of 64% from 2015. Tesla delivered approximately 22,200 vehicles in Q4, of which 12,700 were Model S and 9,500...
  34. acarlos1000

    AP2/HW2 dashcam install?

    Yes, several people have installed a Dashcam on the new MS with AP2 hardware. I did it myself last weekend. Here is the thread with photos Blackvue DR650GW-2CH Install
  35. acarlos1000

    Blackvue DR650GW-2CH Install

    I think the cable is on the way of the connector on that side, The real trick is to get the cable from the car headliner on the rear to the trunk door. That took me several tries, because I wanted to have a super stealth installation, but the connector is too thick and the clean solution would...
  36. acarlos1000

    Sub Zero package required when going to Tahoe or colder place? 3 days left

    I am in the Bay Area as well and drive to Tahoe regularly. I also skipped it, and did not miss it so far.
  37. acarlos1000

    2.50.180 Auto Headlights Always On

    Same problem with my MS, headlights are always on, I have to manually turn them off.
  38. acarlos1000

    Mirror not folding out completely

    I do have the problem with my passenger side mirror and I thought the doors were just harder to close. But it seems like it shouldn't be that way.
  39. acarlos1000

    Blackvue DR650GW-2CH Install

    I read your post and I had the same problem as you. The plug would not pass from the side of the boot to the center, so I just left it there. But I am super interested to know if your approach of rebuilding the plug connector will work. If it works I will do the same. I hated leaving that cable...
  40. acarlos1000

    Blackvue DR650GW-2CH Install

    I just finished installing a BlackVue 650S 2CH on my MS AP2. The front camera is super easy to install, I cut the power cable that came with the Dashcam and adapted it on a PC power cable. My MS had 3 cables on the adapter up in the Mic grill, the combination that worked for me was the Black...
  41. acarlos1000

    Mirror not folding out completely

    Interesting, I got my MS by mid December and I also got the doors (both driver and passenger) to be too hard to close. I though it was the normal for MS, maybe not.
  42. acarlos1000

    What's your 90%?

    My 2 weeks old MS 90D gets 265 miles at 90%.
  43. acarlos1000

    Cargo organizer

    I bought this one here for my MS. Fits perfectly. Rola 59001 M.O.V.E. Rigid-Base Trunk Organizer Amazon.com: Rola 59001 M.O.V.E. Rigid-Base Trunk Organizer: Automotive
  44. acarlos1000

    Mirror not folding out completely

    That would be super useful. I am also interested.
  45. acarlos1000

    Mirror not folding out completely

    I am having the same issue on my 2 weeks old MS 90D. The passenger side mirror doesn't unfold completely and when I push the fold/unfold button a few times it extends fully. When it does that I can hear a noise when it is extending like something is too tight. I am taking note of all the little...
  46. acarlos1000

    Has everyone received the lastest software update?

    If I am not wrong the Auto High/Low Beam works when you are driving with the High Beam and the MS detects another car, them it auto,automatically lows the light beam. I still need to test this.
  47. acarlos1000

    Torklift Ecohitch

    Hi @RobW2428 yes, the hitch receptor detaches when you don't need to use, and no one can tell you have a hitch in there. About your question on Range, I have no idea what would be te impact on range.
  48. acarlos1000

    Has everyone received the lastest software update?

    I also got the 2.50.180 this afternoon, it adds some other features, beyond Speed Assist like: Auto low beam headlights Auto high beam headlights Auto-dimming touchscreen B instrument cluster Side collision warning. Same as 2.50.114 and 2.50.178
  49. acarlos1000

    Vendor It’s Electric! The EcoHitch and Tesla Relationship

    Alright, I just got home from the shop that installed the @Torklift Central EcoHitch on my MS. For those that are looking for someone that has experience installing these on Teslas in the SF Bay Area, I recommend Luis at the Midnight Trailer in Redwood City. He is super careful and did all of it...

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